David Shearer

Labour lies and lazy media just repeat it

Yesterday David Shearer made the following statement about the price of milk:

Shearer said Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy had some explaining to do, as it was “all looking a bit too cosy”.

It was “perverse” that Coca-Cola was more affordable than fresh milk, at a time when child obesity and diabetes were causing major problems in the health system, he said.

And Fairfax ran this headline:


What a shame that Aimee Gulliver couldn’t use the internet before she banged out her rehash of Labour’s press release.

I can, howeve,r and it took me just a few seconds to establish that David Shearer is lying, or being deliberately deceptive.   Read more »


“Leaked review contains a glistening turd” – Phil Quin

Labour’s Gould Review got leaked… and Phil Quin has had a read of it and he doesn’t mince words.

The Gould Review was a carnival of navel gazing. A joke.

Media attention has focussed, predictably, on disunity blah blah.  A complete sideshow. Cunliffe suffered no more caucus dissension than most other leaders in opposition, and significantly less than David Shearer who was shafted up hill and down dale. The bullshit about the Anyone But Cunliffe faction has never been properly refuted, ironically because its alleged members are too loyal to defend themselves. “Unity above all” is a catch-cry of the despotic. Anyway, I won’t win that argument.

However, the leaked review contains a glistening turd, namely the proposed Vetting Committee for the Labour list. Here it is without embellishment:

“One of the most criticised aspects of the last election was the process for selection of list candidates. The existing arrangements cannot be justified in terms of democratic practice or effective outcomes.
First, any Party members who get the support of 10 financial members of the Party should be able to nominate for consideration for a list position.
Second, nomination should be initially vetted by a central Vetting Committee appointed by the NZ Council. The Vetting Committee should consist of three experienced Party members who are not current members of the NZ Council or a Member of Parliament. The role of the Vetting Committee is to verify that the nominee qualifies under the rules, and to select 60 nominees for referral to the Moderating Committee that will allocate the place on the list to the nominees. All electorate candidates should also nominate for the list to ensure that candidates campaign for both the electorate and the Party. It was apparent in the last election that some electorate candidates did not campaign for the Party vote. The Vetting Committee should be aware of and give consideration to the Constitutional obligation for the Party list to reflect the diversity in the community, in particular gender, race and the regions.”   Read more »

How much longer has Angry Andy got? 12 months?

Roy Morgan came out last night.  In short, National up 3% at 54%.  Labour down to 25.5% (Greens and NZ First down also).

This poll was taken after ponytailgate, and before the budget.  Some budget details were already known, but not the increase in benefits.

Every time the left and the media go troppo on a National issue, they over-egg the pudding and end up driving voters back to National.

Labour was rejected by the electorate during the election at 25.5%.

At this stage, Andrew Little is adding no value over David Cunliffe and taking away value from where Phil Goff and David Shearer left Labour.   Labour, once again, have failed to capture the public’s imagination with their latest union muppet.

They did have some help from the man that poo-fingers everything he touches.  I’m talking of course about Martin Martyn “Wrongly Wrongson” Bradbury.   Donkey deep in Dirty Politics, he got a National Government elected with an increased majority.

As an encore, he returns with ponytailgate and pushes National beyond their election win, and plummets Labour back down to their worst election loss over seventy years.   Read more »

Heart Foundation responds to Shearer’s shabby attack

The Heart Foundation has responded to David Shearer’s shabby attack on them.

Mr Shearer,

With respect to your comments about the Heart Foundation Tick, we’d like to correct you on a couple of points. You say the science has moved on and so should the Heart Foundation. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear we have. In May 2014, we announced the introduction of Two Ticks, which has a sugar criterion for categories such as breakfast cereals and yoghurt. Two Ticks helps consumers easily identify the core foods for a healthy diet. Two Ticks foods are required to meet stricter nutrition criteria than foods with the single Tick, looking more at the food as a whole rather than focusing on specific nutrients.

But we haven’t stopped there Mr Shearer. In March this year we announced the re-introduction of a sugar criteria into relevant categories of the Tick Programme. This move was based on robust scientific evidence backed by new guidelines from the World Health Organisation. All of this information is readily available on our website. We’d love to meet with you and your advisors to talk you through the evolution of the Tick Programme, as well as all the other great work we’re doing in the heart health field.   Read more »

Labour returning to the nanny state that was so unpopular last decade

It looks like Labour can’t really bury their nanny state predilections.

shearer  Read more »

Opposition on wrong side of public opinion again

Andrew Little came out against our troop deployment to Iraq, the Greens attacked it, Winston opposed as well. The left wing blogs claimed that we were re-invading Iraq despite the fact we were invited by the Iraqi government.

And they were all on the wrong side of public opinion…again.

A strong majority of New Zealanders support the Government’s decision to deploy 143 troops to Iraq to train the Iraqi Army in its fight against Islamic State.

Many of the Kiwi troops have now reached Iraq, where they will work alongside Australian forces at a United States base in Taji.

In a Herald-DigiPoll survey 57 per cent of those polled agreed with the decision to deploy the troops; 34 per cent did not. Support for the deployment was particularly strong among men. Two-thirds of the men polled supported it compared to 47 per cent of women. Support levels were similar across all age brackets.    Read more »

Politicians promote Free speech – within limits (H/T to Len Brown)

What the hell is going on with the National Party?  Seriously, I’m starting to wonder if I’ve woken up in a parallel universe, because I actually agree with Labour here

Labour says it’s outrageous for the Government to tell its MPs not to attend Falun Gong celebrations next week.

Foreign affairs spokesman David Shearer says the email from Foreign Minister Murray McCully’s office warns ministers and MPs of the Chinese embassy’s “sensitivities”.

“Not only that, it also states the embassy will be monitoring the events and is likely to make an official protest if any politicians or `other officials’ attend,” Mr Shearer said.

“It’s outrageous to warn MPs off attending events. New Zealand has a proud history of free speech, freedom of religion and an independent foreign policy.”

What on earth is Muzza McCully smoking to be telling his colleagues not to attend functions?   May I remind him of the National Party’s values?   Read more »

The benefits of foreign investment

There were campaigns trying to prevent Shanghai Pengxin from acquiring the Crafar farms. Politiciand from David Shearer and Phil Goff to Winston Peters interfered as well. Then there were the legal battles from people trying to prevent the sale of the decrepit Crafar farms to Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin.

Winston Peters also famously slurred their name in one presumably drunken rant in parliament.

But all the naysayers are being proved wrong as Shanghai Pengxin has literally plowed millions of dollars in to the farms to turn them from dogs to diamonds.

ONE OF the biggest achievements of the Shanghai Pengxin renovation of a former Crafar dairy farm near Hamilton is peace with the neighbours and community.

A while back, Jason Colebourn who manages the Collins Rd property for Pengxin’s sharemilker Landcorp, says he wondered if the local customary wave was a one-fingered salute, so often did he get one when working on the farm whose environmental calamities helped spur the collapse of the 16-farm Crafar dairying empire six years ago.

Colebourn moved onto the farm one year into the receivership of the Crafar farm estate and for two more years until the sale to the Chinese company was finalised, the Collins Rd property would remain an eyesore.

Pengxin has bankrolled the Collins Rd farm resurrection for $1.72 million and counting.

Colebourn and his five staff have supplied the brains and brawn to turn what was by all accounts a train wreck into an operation which this season will produce 365,000kg milk solids and is  turning a profit for its owner.

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Sour grapes

The Fox and the Grapes

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei complained that she was overlooked by Angry Andrew for a position on the Intelligence and Security committee because of her sex. She had no proof of this claim apart from the fact that he gave the job to someone else.

He said that he didn’t choose her because he wanted someone with … ‘skills, understanding and experience’  which in her mind implied that she did not have these qualities. Certainly no one would raise an eye brow at his decision to appoint David Shearer given his background in international relations and aid. After all he did spend nearly 20 years working for the UN, managing the provision of aid to countries including Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq.No one could say that Andrew Little gave the position to some one less able and experienced than her. In fact the opposite is true as she has no international experience at all. Nothing, nada, nil, zero, nought.

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Why didn’t Shearer do this when he was leader?

I like David Shearer, he is a thinker…and sometimes he really says some very good things.

Why on earth he didn’t do these sort of thing when he was leader.

The impression that the Labour caucus and union movement had David Shearer’s balls in a rat trap when he was leader grows stronger by the day.

He is showing a streak of independence now.

There’s no doubt that New Zealand has a poverty problem and many of our children go to school without breakfast. That hinders their learning.

At the moment, charities and corporate sponsors are stepping up to deliver free food to poorer schools for those children.

Is this the best way to address the problem? I used to think it was.

But last year I visited Yendarra School. It serves a decile 1A community in Otara, making it one of the poorest primary schools in the country – yet they have said ‘no’ to government food hand outs.

Why? Because Yendarra has worked hard, in partnership with their families, to develop a school culture that values good nutrition. And, they’ve achieved healthy lunches for 100% of their children: fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and milk.

You can see the wellness in the children’s faces. Obesity levels are down, and the ability of the children to concentrate on their work in class is up.

If they can achieve those results in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in New Zealand, I believe any school should be able to do it.

That’s why I’m looking for all political parties to support my Food In Schools Bill that will come before Parliament in the next few weeks. Through many conversations with parents, doctors, teachers, school principals and schoolchildren themselves, I have become convinced that free food solves nothing.

I now believe that each school community should be resourced to find and deliver its own long-term food solutions.

We should be supporting schools to teach children the lifelong skills of self-sufficiency, nutrition and gardening that our parents and grandparents knew well. Somehow those skills seem to have skipped a generation, but our children deserve to have a chance at self-reliance.

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