Here’s no surprise: John Key will vote for a Kyle Lockwood flag


Prime Minister John Key says he will be voting for Kyle Lockwood’s black and blue version to be the alternative national flag.

The Silver Fern (Black, white and blue) was Mr Key’s personal preference over the similar red, blue and white version by Mr Lockwood, he told reporters today.

A Melbourne-based architectural designer, Mr Lockwood has two of his flags in the final five flags heading for a showdown with the incumbent ensign.

The postal ballot to rate the five options takes place between November 20 and December 11. … Read more »

Why the RSA must vote for the Koru instead of deface their ballots


The RSA is encouraging people to invalidate their votes by writing “we support the current flag” on their ballot paper.

That’s despite several RSA branches coming out against it.

Devonport RSA president Chris Mullane said he’s disappointed to see the RSA promoting a boycott that no one will notice.

“And that’s based on payback not only from members, but also from other members o[f] the public.”

He said it’s not a good look for the RSA to encourage voters to undermine the democratic process.

“Invalidating your vote in the first referendum achieves nothing, it does not send a message to anybody because you don’t know why people invalidated their their votes.”

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A story from behind the Media Blackout in Australia

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.08.49 pm

I recently wrote about the Media blackout in Europe and shared a story from a local in Germany telling us what is happening in their towns and villages now that they are outnumbered by migrants.

Today I am bringing to your attention another story that has been ignored by both local and international media. Reclaim Australia and their permitted patriotic rallies have been heavily covered by media and most of the coverage has been negative trying to smear the Mum and Dad protestors who have never before been involved in Political activism as far right extremists and racists.

In stark contrast a non permitted rally being held by Muslims in Hyde Park in Sydney that required hundreds of police has had no Media coverage at all. They were calling for the implementation of Sharia law in Australia which is an extremely newsworthy story. Sharia law after all means no equality, brutal barbaric punishments, no freedom of speech or religion and no democracy.

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Would you support a Prime Minister who is a devout Muslim?

A devout Muslim is a practising Muslim who believes that Mohammad is the perfect man whose actions should be emulated and that Islamic law, the Sharia is Allah’s law and is therefore perfect. The devout Muslim does not support democracy or equal rights as to do so would be against his religion.

Image #: 21630241 Dr. Benjamin Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH) REUTERS /JONATHAN ERNST /LANDOV

Presidential candidate Benjamin Carson.” A Muslim shouldn’t be elected president,” by Hope Yen, Associated Press, September 20, 2015: Photo REUTERS

In America, Presidential candidate Ben Carson has made the statement that” A Muslim shouldn’t be President” and it has brought out all the haters. I think a better statement to make would be to pose the following question: Why would a devout Muslim want to head a democracy that is the antithesis of Islamic law? That would be like a Vegetarian wanting to become the head of the Meat workers Union. It doesn’t make sense unless there is a hidden agenda.

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A response to the Herald editorial on Election broadcasts

Yesterday the NZ Herald editorial supported TVNZ’s contention that election broadcasts should cease.

NickK at No Minister wrote to them about their editorial and makes valid suggestions:

In your editorial of Friday 15 May you said that democracy would be better served if election broadcasting restrictions went. I congratulate you for taking this stance and implore you to keep it going.

The Broadcasting Act 1989 contains archaic and restrictive provisions that prohibit political parties from spending their own money on TV advertising either during an election period, or outside of it.

Instead, parties must go cap-in-hand at election time to a body that uses a convoluted formula to decide how much money each party can spend on their TV advertising. Many parties have complained on this unfairness over many years. It severely punishes smaller parties, and Act has been particularly critical of it.   Read more »

Face of the day


Jordanian Pilot Muath Al Kassasbeh

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Leftie’s lament

Michelle A’Court is taking the election quite personally

I believe we are living in dark times.

Happily, I suppose, I know a lot of people who feel the same way.

We do not show up in the polls, which suggests I am part of an invisible group made up of Everyone I Ever Meet.

If I was a spin doctor, I would congratulate myself for sticking so consistently to my tribe.

There is probably a lot of truth to this but, got to tell you, our dinner parties are fun.

Several times in past weeks I have crawled under the covers and literally wept actual tears about the state of our democracy. Many people will find that ludicrous. I do not mind. Read more »

Another angry reader emails

There are so many I am only picking the best now.

corrution a

Elected local government officials have a sworn duty to protect not only our democracy, but also the framework of that very process that achieves democracy, transparency and accountability.  The process & framework are there to ensure no one is enabled, or is capable of perverting the very “rules/laws/code of conduct/ethics/framework” for their own personal, corrupted benefit.

Subverting and “gaming” bureaucratic frameworks and processes, checks and balances that then allows & encourages further tenure & questionable behaviors from the dodgy individual – and all with unchecked productivity/spending from the same dodgy person – can only translate to hopelessly compromised Councillors also, or some might say, political corruption.

And in years past, that “further enabling” by compromised Councillors, who chose not to stop the enabling of a corrupt official, would be seen as political corruption and even treason upon the Nation.    Read more »

Herald Editorial on Green Taliban hijacking of referendum process

The NZ Herald gets it right again…this time on the Green Taliban and Labour’s hijacking of the referendum process.

Every registered voter by now will have received postal ballot papers for the referendum on asset sales. Most voters will probably ignore them, quite reasonably since the Government, equally reasonably, will not act on the result. The Government already knows most people do not like asset sales. It also knows it put its sales programme to voters at the last election and won.

Yes it did, something the opposition is still trying to litigate. There have been four other referendum and all have ben ignored.

But this one is different in one respect. Previous referendums were initiated by groups outside Parliament, they were genuine citizens’ initiatives.

This one was initiated by the Green Party. A democratic device designed to give a voice to citizens outside the House of Representatives has been co-opted by citizens who already have a tax-funded voice in the House.

Not only that, the Greens used some of their parliamentary funding to pay people to circulate the petition. All this because they failed to get their way in the House. They have discredited – not to say corrupted – the citizens’ initiative, reducing it to a second serve for privileged players.   Read more »

Are unions interfering with your democratic right to vote?

I’ve received a rather concerning email from one of our readers.  If this is anything but a misguided local initiative, it needs to be exposed

Had a phone call this morning from a mate who works for NZ Post in a provincial city (not here). The word going around his smoko room was that someone from the union suggested it could be a good idea if some referendum papers were “not delivered”. These of course could then be opened, voted on, sent back, and the “No” vote fattened. They are banking on people not bothering to ask for replacement papers if theirs do not turn up.
He suggested that I get the word out to my mates that if anyone doesn’t receive their voting papers they should contact the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. All deliveries should be complete by the end of next week (mine arrived in the PO box this morning).    Read more »