The astonishing stupidity of Rachel Smalley

We’ve looked at the retarded nature of Rachel Smalley before. She is perhaps the most annoyingly sanctimonious and solipsistic commentator around. Who can forget her ticking off NASA for naming a spacecraft after an eminent scientist, confusing his name (Kepler) with Kevlar and remonstrating that it isn’t a good look to name a spacecraft after bullet proof vests? Of course, she never lets staff in the NewstalkZB newsroom forget that she is the “only serious journalist” in that organisation.

I was looking forward to her column this morning as much as I looked forward to other lefty commentator reports, but who knew she could be so utterly disdainful of the democratic process.

Referendums have their place. Should a country change its flag, for example? That’s a good use of a referendum. But on the issue of E.U membership, an issue of such profound economic importance, why let ‘Jo public’ decide when some among ‘Jo public’ will be ill-informed, politically ignorant and have little understanding of the impact of their vote on trade, on policy, on Britain’s constitution, on the country’s legal framework, on national unity, on a million things.

That’s not democracy. That is political stupidity.

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A rare moment of clarity on the left

I caught the tail-end of a conversation on Twitter yesterday about the presidential primaries in the US, and the mathematical impossibility of Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination.

The case was being made (by New Zealanders, though I’m sure the same conversation was happening bigger and louder in the States) that given Bernie “cannot” win at this point, he should withdraw and instruct his supporters to back Clinton.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that the people saying this were Clinton supporters. And I doubt they’d be saying the same of her if the situation were reversed. And it’s possible this wouldn’t bug me as much if I weren’t a fan of Sanders myself.

But it does bug me. Not because I dislike Clinton and not (only) because I support Sanders: because it speaks to a ridiculous, undemocratic sense of entitlement from some people of the left which I’ve seen far too often.

I get where it comes from. We all fervently believe we’re on the side of good, we all have a firm conviction that if we ran the world things would be rainbows and sunshine every day. And god it’s frustrating to see things go bad because the other team are in power instead. It feels like if there were any justice in the world, our team would always win every election in a landslide.

But to be a real democrat, to believe that democracy is the best way to choose who leads our government, requires a degree of humility. Knowing that you have to put the work in. You have to convince others of the merits of your case. You don’t make the decision: they do. Sometimes it’s not the one you want. Read more »

Good, online voting axed

I’m not a fan of online voting.

Local Government minister Louise Upston has axed a plan to have online voting in eight council elections in November .

Councillors in Wellington, Porirua, Masterton, Rotorua, Matamata Piako, Palmerston North,  Whanganui and Selwyn had voted to offer online voting as an option. And Local Government NZ was actively promoting it as a vehicle to boost participation as recently as January. They have now been over-ruled.

It was always pitched as a “trial” – presumably to make it less intimidating from a PR perspective – but it was going to be the real thing: Online votes in November would have been legal and binding. It would have been better termed a pilot.

“Security testing has been planned but has not yet occurred. Without seeing the results of testing we cannot be confident the systems are secure enough, and the trial could not be authorised,” Ms Upston says. The system needs more work, she says.   Read more »

How the Republicans will steal the election from Trump


via Imgur

via Imgur

Political commentator Roger Stone, an advisor to the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and a close confidante of the Republican frontrunner, has been to every Republican National Convention since 1964 and has worked the floor in every convention since 1972, including for Ronald Reagan in 1976, the last time there was a contested GOP Convention. “So let’s just say I know the ropes,” he declares in an exclusive piece for Infowars. He also states that GOP insiders “have found a way to lie, cheat and steal Trump” out of the presidential nomination.

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Pimping the Peonage part three

Peonage is another word for servitude and subjugation. We have always had a Pimping the Poor series and this is part three of my Pimping the Peonage series given the number of articles promoting the Muslim culture subjugating women in our New Zealand media.


Call off the pitchforks and the flaming torches; a small group of women from a barbaric cult have done something nice.

Using the media to soft-soap the image of a gang or cult is not new. When I lived in Kawerau the Mongrel mob was the main gang there. I saw them out in public every single day, wearing their gang insignia and intimidating everyone they saw with their dirty and menacing appearance.

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Australian defence force caught promoting Sharia law and the removal of democracy

Australian, Islamic Navy Uniform

Australian, Islamic Navy Uniform

The  Australian defence force has been caught out promoting information about Islam that attacks the Australian way of life. It had been up for a year before it was noticed by reporter Mike Smith. How many other government websites and educational websites contain links to ‘information’ about Islam that contain these kinds of anti-democracy, pro-sharia law views? This is creeping Sharia. This is Islamisation in action.

“Democracy is a system that is contrary to Islam” is one of many  inflammatory quotes from the website.

The ADF through its website has been promoting the overthrow of the Australian Government to its Islamic Members until it was uncovered by journalist, Mike Smith.

“Muslims should only be part of a democracy if they are prepared to destroy it.”…This was openly stated on a link from the ADF— Q&A page for Muslim members. (Listen to Ben’s 3 Minute Summary)

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Should democracy have restrictions?


It is a very interesting debate. My Dad always said that Democracy planted the seeds of its own demise because it allows freedom of religion and freedom of speech. By allowing all views we allow views that are anti-democracy and therefore leave our democracy vulnerable to destruction.

On Kiwi Blog there has been a great debate about immediately restricting Muslim immigration in order to try to keep the population that follows Islam under 2%. Islam is a complete political system dressed up in religious clothing that unlike other religions poses a serious threat to our political system once the numbers are high enough to cause change. Ironically Muslims in Western countries are very good at using the freedom they find there to agitiate for Sharia law and an Islamic State.

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Here’s no surprise: John Key will vote for a Kyle Lockwood flag


Prime Minister John Key says he will be voting for Kyle Lockwood’s black and blue version to be the alternative national flag.

The Silver Fern (Black, white and blue) was Mr Key’s personal preference over the similar red, blue and white version by Mr Lockwood, he told reporters today.

A Melbourne-based architectural designer, Mr Lockwood has two of his flags in the final five flags heading for a showdown with the incumbent ensign.

The postal ballot to rate the five options takes place between November 20 and December 11. … Read more »

Why the RSA must vote for the Koru instead of deface their ballots


The RSA is encouraging people to invalidate their votes by writing “we support the current flag” on their ballot paper.

That’s despite several RSA branches coming out against it.

Devonport RSA president Chris Mullane said he’s disappointed to see the RSA promoting a boycott that no one will notice.

“And that’s based on payback not only from members, but also from other members o[f] the public.”

He said it’s not a good look for the RSA to encourage voters to undermine the democratic process.

“Invalidating your vote in the first referendum achieves nothing, it does not send a message to anybody because you don’t know why people invalidated their their votes.”

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A story from behind the Media Blackout in Australia

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.08.49 pm

I recently wrote about the Media blackout in Europe and shared a story from a local in Germany telling us what is happening in their towns and villages now that they are outnumbered by migrants.

Today I am bringing to your attention another story that has been ignored by both local and international media. Reclaim Australia and their permitted patriotic rallies have been heavily covered by media and most of the coverage has been negative trying to smear the Mum and Dad protestors who have never before been involved in Political activism as far right extremists and racists.

In stark contrast a non permitted rally being held by Muslims in Hyde Park in Sydney that required hundreds of police has had no Media coverage at all. They were calling for the implementation of Sharia law in Australia which is an extremely newsworthy story. Sharia law after all means no equality, brutal barbaric punishments, no freedom of speech or religion and no democracy.

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