If maps kill people…

The screw loose useful idiots of the left wing are desperately trying to prove that a map made someone kill some and therefore the gun was vicariously in Sarah Palins hand.

This is the image they say put the target onto Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords:

Sarah Palin PAC map

Now to use their correlation, that maps kill people, then we can similarly hold the Democrats responsible for killing their own representative because this mp is from their own Heartland Strategy:

Democrat Heartland Strategy Map

Democrats use "bulls eye" targets extensively in their political graphics. This map shows states Democrats want targeted. Arizona, which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords represents, is surrounded by these targets.

As you can see the Democrats have “killed” their own with their map. This argument is of course ludicrous but it is the argument that the nutters at The Standard and other left wing sites are trying to pull….that somehow maps cause people to kill and that therefore puts the gun into the hands of the map creator or owner.

We can now re-write the old saying that guns don’t kill people, maps do.

The only person responsible for this terrible killing and attempted assassination is the insane person behind the trigger, no one else. It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise. And I don’t even care what his politics are. He is just plain nuts thinking shooting people is going to solve anything.

I know one thing for sure though. He is not a Tea party supporter…in one of his videos he is shooting up and then burning a US flag. Patriots don’t do that…ever.

What does $16 get you?

A few coins for a tax cutSixteen bucks a week tax cut! That is what Labour has delivered after nine years in government.

Let’s take a look at what that gets you. Remeber with your tax cut you can only choose ONE of these per week.

Petrol: 8 litres! Whoopee (drive real slow to make that last)

Meat: 750g of Sirloin

Chicken: Tegel chicken whole size 22 plain

Milk:12l home brand milk blue top standard

Bread: 4 loaves of tip top up sandwich bread mighty white

Cheese: 1kg (not 2) mainland cheese block tasty

Marmite: 3x500g

Butter: 3x500g (better spread it real thin)

Oh god, this is getting depressing and to think this is the best those numpties could do after nine long, hard years. As you can see Michael Cullen’s tax cut when applied to essentials gets you fuck all and not much else.

Basically if you want a toasted sandwich you have to buy the cheese in week one and then the butter in week two and the bread in week 3 all without putting any petrol in the car!!!