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Can we stop the lying about possums and Tb now please?

One of the reasons that we are told about why we need to carpet bomb our forests with 1080 is that we need to protect our dairy industry from Tb.

And it is a fair enough reason, if it is true. Surely we can’t risk dairy for some little Aussie imports who carry it?

And most of us would agree. But what if we are being lied to?

5862 (2015). Richard Prosser to the Minister for Primary Industries (18 May 2015): How many, if any, possums were dissected to look for Tb for each of the past ten years, and of these, how many were found to have Tb?

Hon Nathan Guy (Minister for Primary Industries ) replied: TBFree New Zealand (previously the Animal Health Board) have been carrying out necroscopy surveillance of possums and other wildlife since 2007. In the 2007/2008 year 4871 possums were surveyed with no Tb infections found, in 2008/2009 13,874 surveyed with 9 found, in 2009/2010 23,339 surveyed with 6 found, in 2010/2011 17576 surveyed with 1 found, in 2011/2012 25,103 surveyed with 9 found, in 2012/2013 18,682 surveyed with 12 found, in 2013/2014 10,930 surveyed with 17 found and in the 2014/2015 year 9,838 possums were surveyed with no infected possums found.

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Is Andrea Vance miffed she wasn’t invited on the helicopter?

Andrea Vance has her knickers in a bunch over the use of a helicopter by Nick Smith to take some of the family members of Pike River victims to…and here’s the kicker…places that can only be reached by…yes your guessed…helicopter.

No-one is objecting to the source of funds.

Bernie Monk not only says its ok, he says it’s necessary

Andrea Vance needs to report what the news is, not what she would rather it was.

Cabinet minister Nick Smith has chartered another helicopter for television cameras – this time using tax-payer cash set aside for the families of the Pike River victims.

Last year Smith used $6344 of Department of Conservation money to send up a chopper for a photo opportunity with ministers Peter Dunne and Te Ururoa Flavell.

Today he was back on the West Coast for a press conference about the future of the Pike River mine site.

Families of the victims want a walking track and visitor centre to mark the place where 29 men died in 2010.   Read more »

Firm caught hazing Thar loses licence

Earlier in the year I wrote about a helicopter firm that was busted on video hazing Thar. I released the video (viewed nearly 9000 times) at the time along with details of the complaint…a story the media ignored.

Well, now that firm has lost its licence to hunt on Conservation lands as a result of the ensuing investigation.

A company has lost its hunting permit after illegally hunting thar on conservation land in the South Opuha area.

Department of Conservation’s Eastern South Island services director Andy Roberts said Ashburton company Station Air’s permit to do aerially-assisted trophy hunting was terminated after a breach of the permit conditions.    Read more »

Who is the Minister of Tourism again?

Who ever it is he needs to start addressing the brand damage to New Zealand that 1080 is causing.

The latest warning about eating trout from streams and rivers in a catchment that has been bombed with 1080 has gone global.

Anglers in New Zealand are being warned against eating trout caught in certain areas of the country. This is due to widespread pest control measures undertaken by the government, involving 1080 (‘ten-eighty’) poison pellets being dropped aerially in ‘blanket bombing’ of poisoned baits into around 25 large areas of New Zealand’s South Island, including extensive areas around Otago, South Westland, Murihiku, Taranaki and Waikato, totalling well over 500,000 hectares.

In an effort to prevent rodents, in particular non-native possum species, from impacting upon native bird, lizard and insect populations (possums are also suspected carriers of TB), the Department of Conservation (DoC) has a history of dropping the poison into particularly vulnerable areas, and the baits also drop into waterways where the poisons are consumed by invertebrates and crayfish, and get into the aquatic food chain.  Read more »

Bullying by Fenton “Jong-Un’ Wilson

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has refused to respond to a LGOIMA request about Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullying external stakeholders.

This is typical of the kind of cover up the dodgy council run. They refuse to give out information until they are made to by courts or the Ombudsman.

Fortunately even when the dodgy council won’t release information it is possible to get it from other sources.

In the case of Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullying Radio New Zealand reporter Peter Fowler there was clear public trail of the bullying.

They abused Peter Fowler in person, then threatened to complain, then put out a press release before Radio New Zealand had a chance to respond.  Read more »

Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Ctd

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson


Earlier this week I received a response to my OIA requests from the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional council. They claimed that they didn’t have to respond to the questions I asked hiding behind a dodgy interpretation of the law after breaching their statutory obligation to respond in 20 working days.

What they are trying to hide is exactly what needs sunlight shined on it. Remember this is a council who’s staff and chairman don’t give important information to sitting councillors, and have bullied and threatened any and all opponents to their dodgy socialist dam.

To: The Office of  the Ombudsman

Re: Hawke’s Bay Regional Council failure to respond to LGOIMA Requests


Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to complain about the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s failure to respond to the LGOIMA requests (overleaf).

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council failed to respond to these requests within the statutory time limit. They failed to offer me the opportunity to pay for the cost of obtaining the information and have refused to comply with the law.

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Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council


Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

On the 12th of June this blog started sending a series of OIAs to the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

As readers will know the council has a legal obligation to respond with in 20 working days.

What happened was the coverups and deceptions at the HBRC continued.

They sent a dodgy email back saying I had to refine down my requests, basically so they could continue hiding their bullying behaviour.

Then they delayed responding until well outside the statutory deadline. Here is the response.

Dear Mr Slater


This email is in regard to the s10 LGOIMA requests received by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (the Council) between 11 and 24 June 2014. Please consider this notice of the Council’s decision on those requests pursuant to s13(1) of the Act.

In accordance with section 17A (2) of The Act Council considers that the information requested (a total of 7 requests) made during the above timeframe and all within a 10 working day period, relate to the same or similar subject matters, that being the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme, Tukituki Plan Change 6 and/or HBRIC Ltd. Therefore, Council has decided to treat all seven of those requests as a single request.   Read more »

Nick, stop being a dick

Nick Smith is getting all pus-faced and threatening legal action.

It shows he has been got at…and very unbecoming of a minister to resort to throwing around threats of legal action.

You either sue or don’t sue, you don’t whine about thinking about suing.

Conservation Minister Nick Smith has rejected allegations of political interference, after he was accused of “bullying” Fish and Game into pulling an advocacy campaign for cleaning up rivers and lakes.

Smith said he was considering legal action against Association of Freshwater Anglers president David Haynes, who made the allegations.

Haynes said Smith was highly critical of Fish and Game over the course of a Fish and Game Council meeting, held in Wellington this month.

“Nick Smith is very good at talking at and over people I think, and he was wading into them and they sat very quietly and listened to what he was saying,” Haynes told Morning Report.

“From my perspective they were very clearly being castigated, it could be construed as political interference – this was about telling Fish and Game to wind their neck in.”

The allegations were centred on a series of billboards, which called for greater protections to keep rivers and lakes clean.

Fish and Game is an independent organisation, which collects its funding through fees for fishing and hunting licenses.

It has statutory obligations to oversee fish and game management and ensure effective management of the country’s sports fish and game resources.

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Can you help DoC in Arthurs Pass?

After yesterday’s revelation that Cam is a Greenie too (just not Green Taliban), I feel I can finally come out as one and not be in fear of being paid this week.

Public service announcement:



Kea had “crossed a line in the sand” – bloody winged Saddam Husseins


Stuff has a story about large numbers kea that have moved into Kaiteriteri.

They are annoying the locals.

One photo shows kea attacking a solar array on someone’s roof.

Pesky kea are again bothering homeowners in Kaiteriteri, a seaside town in the Tasman district, and the message from authorities is that humans have to learn to co-exist with the curious birds.   Read more »