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Not content with killing Kiwis, tourists are now killing Keas too

Tourists taking to our road is a huge concern, especially in the South Island, where they seem to mix up their left and right because there is so little traffic to remind them they are on the wrong side of the road.  As a result, many tourists and some Kiwis come to grief every year.

Not content with reducing our population, tourists are now also killing endangered birds

Two young kea have died after suspected car surfing at Deaths Corner in the Otira Gorge.

The Department of Conservation said both birds suffered head injuries from similar incidents in the past week.

Senior ranger Chris Stewart, from DoC’s Arthur’s Pass team, said the parrots were known for landing on cars and picking things off, but sometimes when the cars took off the birds stayed put.

“When the car gets going, they are really in trouble,” Mr Stewart said.

It was not the first time kea had been seen car surfing in the area, however an unusually high number of birds had been congregating at the Otira Viaduct lookout this year, he said.

It’s where all the easy food is to be had.   Plus, those tourists are mighty fun.   The alternative is to go sit high on a ridge somewhere looking at beech trees.

“They are 1-year-old, teenagers, still having fun.”

They also seemed to copy each other.

“[Car surfing's] a bit of a problem.”

There was little DoC could do about it, other than educate people to not encourage the birds around people and their cars, Mr Stewart said.

Stupid feral kea car surfing.

Let them die.

It’s called natural selection.

South Island.  Road deaths.  Natural selection.  Hmmm.


- Laura Mills of the Greymouth Star

1080 to protect birds? Really?

Weka eating 1080 poisoned carcass

Weka eating 1080 poisoned carcass

Last week the Nick Smith said there is no evidence to suggest 1080 kills birds…I don’t know how he knows that but anyone who has been into a bush area after a 1080 drop will tell you that there are no birds, no sounds, nothing but death.

However now scientists are planning on boosting 1080 drops…to protect birds.

Scientists are supporting the Government’s plan to use targeted 1080 drops to protect native birds from an expected rat and stoat plague.

An abundance of beech seed this year is expected to cause a population explosion among stoats and rats in forests.

Under the “Battle for Our Birds” predator control programme, announced by Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith last week, the Department of Conservation will treat up to an extra 500,000 hectares of conservation land with aerial 1080 application this year and next, should predator numbers increase.

The additional 1080 drop will increase the area of public conservation land treated for pests from 5 per cent to 12. The work is budgeted to cost $21 million over the next five years. DOC’s annual budget is $335m.   Read more »

The fight back begins

Had enough of killer cows? …the fight back has begun near National Park.

Shooting Killer Cows

Shooting Killer Cows

Ruapehu authorities have started shooting cattle roaming on the state highway near National Park.

Seven have been killed so far in a joint operation this week by the Ruapehu District Council, the Department of Conservation and police. A helicopter was used.  Read more »

Ship of Fools project asked to remove DoC endorsement

The Taxpayers Union has got themselves another scalp. This time it is the Ship of Fools project led by warmist Chris Turney.

It seems that their claim of support from the Department of Conservation was…well…a lie. Further, they have been asked to remove the logo of DoC from their website.

shipoffools-doc Read more »

Another government agency backs away from the Ship of Fools

Yesterday we blogged about the Department of Conservation backing away from their “supporter” status as revealed by the Taxpayers Union.

Commenters pointed out however that on the AAE Spirit of Mawson website the claims of official sanction by the Department of Conservation at odds with their now public position:


It seems either Chris Turney and his project are lying or the Department of Conservation is lying. Either way it isn’t a good look.

But things aren’t getting any better either. Anthony Watts has revealed that another government agency is distancing themselves from Turney’s Ship of Fools expedition.

Australian Antarctic Division head Tony Fleming says they’ll make efforts to recover the cost of #spiritofmawson rescue

From radio 666 ABC in Canberra, Australia, full audio follows.

Tony Fleming, director of the Australian Antarctic Division tells Louise Maher the AAD wasn’t linked to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition despite an implication by the expedition head that he had an “official stamp of approval”.

The expedition was brought to a halt when its ship became trapped in ice, stranding the 52 tourists and scientists on board.

A Chinese ice-breaker which went to its rescue of the Russian ship also became stuck in the ice. The ship’s passengers were airlifted to an Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis – which is due to reach Hobart in about a fortnight.

Tony Fleming says the AAD will make efforts to recover the cost of the rescue which set back their own missions.

Listen to the audio:

It would certainly appear that Chris Turney is being extremely economical with the truth. If he has misled people in this manner what else has he misled people over?

As Jordan Williams from the Taxpayers union says:

So what’s going on? Are the Australian scientists or DoC fibbing? Or it is a case of the right hand of DoC not being aware of the left is up to? Is it just a coincidence that the Australian equivalent of the Ministry for the Environment was mistakenly included as a ‘supporter’ with our own DoC?

Wait and see? Or demand more answers…maybe there is taxpayer cash propping up the Ship of Fools after all.

From my perspective it looks like Turney may well be fibbing.

Has Chris Turney lied about his support by institutions?

Chris Turney and his now infamous Ship of Fools are looking more and more foolish as evidence mounts as to the real purpose and backing of their little trip of fancy to the ‘ice-free’ waters of the Antarctic.

When this debacle unfolded people started rummaging through their website. One page, that of their supporters, raised alarm bells.

It appears that taxpayers funds may have been used to promote this little warmist holiday camp on ice.

The Taxpayers Union followed up by contacting the New Zealand organisations listed and found some pleasant news…for taxpayers…and not so pleasant news for Chris Turney.

Following the well publicised case of global warming scientists being stuck in record pack ice in Antarctica (ironically the expedition was intended to study the dwindling sea ice) and the efforts to rescue them, the Taxpayers’ Union began enquiries late last year to find out precisely how much taxpayers’ money the NZ Government “supporters” listed on the exhibition’s website had contributed.

It appears that thankfully New Zealand taxpayers’ haven’t forked out the huge amounts feared. In fact, it appears that the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) is claiming at least one ‘supporter’ it doesn’t have…

The expedition’s website lists expedition supporters the Department of Conservation, Landcare Research, and the University of Waikato.

Despite asking the AAE leader (via email and his very active twitter account), and the media contacts at the University of New South Wales, no one would tell us how much kiwi taxpayers had contributed via the three agencies.

On 1 January we lodged Official Information Act requests with DoC, Landcare and the University of Waikato.

To DoC’s credit it responded by 8 January, stating that DoC were not participants in the expedition and therefore the information (i.e. what financial and non-financial support was given) does not exist.   Read more »

39 whales die on farewell spit, Gareth Hughes wants to send navy to chase Japs over 4 Minke

rat faced cunt


Here we go again, the self appointed spokesmen for the entire country: The Green Taliban. RFC Gareth Hughes wants the HMNZS Otago to dick around wasting time watching the Japs and learning how to catch whales. If anything, we should be sending them to sink the pirate ship that flies the jolly roger, the Sea Shepherd. Should he be focusing on matters more close to home though?

One of the world’s so-called greatest whale traps has claimed another pod.

Thirty-nine pilot whales washed up on Farewell Spit at the top of the South Island overnight, and none of them could be saved.

Almost every summer, a pod of whales is left stranded at Farewell Spit.

In the latest incident, the 39 long-finned pilot whales could neither escape by themselves or be rescued.

The Department of Conservation had spotted the pod yesterday afternoon, but stopped monitoring them when it went dark. Read more »

A Ship of Fools

Andrew Bolt continues to discuss the farce of the climate scientists trapped in sea ice and the ensuing cover up by media who are no longer referring to the ship of fools as scientists or climate propagandists like the Guardian reporter and film crew. Instead they are now ‘tourists’.

The farce: warmist scientists and reporters sail to Antarctica to find signs of the global warming they claim has changed that continent since Douglas Mawson explored it a century ago. Instead, they find sea ice when Mawson didn’t and their ship is locked in.

Be clear about the joke here. This Australasian Antarctica Expedition was meant to scare us about global warming changing Antarctica, causing melting instead of all this damn ice. As the expedition leaders said on their website:

… there is an increasing body of evidence, including by the AAE members, that have identified parts of the East Antarctic which are highly susceptible to melting and collapse from ocean warming… We are going south to …  determine the extent to which human activity and pollution has directly impacted on this remote region of Antarctica.

Now to the media cover-up.

Note the Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage this morning. It has a reporter on the third ice-breaker to go to the expedition’s help, only to be driven back by thick ice. There is no mention in her stories of global warming, the trapped mission’s quixotic quest or how stupid those warmists now look. There is no mention that sea ice around Antarctica has steadily increased over the past three decades, contrary to what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits its climate models predicted.   Read more »

Did Nick and Doris conspire on this?

The dodgy socialist dam is relying on dodgy socialists in Wellington giving away land to get around the law.

A legal loophole could let the Department of Conservation swap away 23 hectares of Ruahine Forest Park, to be flooded as part of a proposed Hawke’s Bay dam project, without consulting the public.

Internal briefing documents show DOC advised Hawke’s Bay Regional Council that a concession to flood a section of the park was unlikely to be granted. Instead, a way around that would be a land swap, which was its preferred position, it told the council.

Under the Conservation Act, DOC cannot exchange conservation land for private land unless it has been downgraded to stewardship land. Before any conservation land can be reclassified, it must go through a public consultation process.

But DOC spokesman Rory Newsam said in this case, Ruahine Forest Park had never been “formally gazetted” as conservation land – though it was “deemed to be managed” as conservation land.  Read more »

John Key needs to take more notice of the dodgy socialist Dam

The dodgy socialist dam is going to cause John Key massive problems if he doesn’t start paying a bit more attention. He could start by asking Nick Smith directly:

Did you tell the Department of Conservation to tank a 34 page submission to the Board of Inquiry two days before it was submitted and submit two paragraphs instead?

Then he might need to revise his statement from New York.   Read more »