She had to call her Ahmadi best friend an infidel to get a Pakistani passport

This is a post written by a Muslim woman who is best friends with a Muslim from the Ahmadiyya sect. The Islamic country of Pakistan does not recognise the Ahmadiyya as true Muslims so she was forced to make a choice.

If you are a conscientious , or if you don’t live under a rock, it is hard to ever forget or ignore the kind of infuriating discrimination and shameful persecution that members of the Ahmadiyya community suffer in our country.

You console yourself by thinking, “at least I personally don’t discriminate or persecute”.

And, if you’re outspoken, you think, “I won’t and don’t ever let it happen in front of me”.

But then, there is a point in time when you are forced by the lottery of birth, and the Constitution of Pakistan, to become party to the state-sponsored discrimination of Ahmadis.

This is the time when you go to perform a simple act of citizenship: get or renew a passport.

The last time I got a passport back home, I was able to duck the question: you know the one right at the end where you have to sign to attest to the accuracy of all information on your application form — and that Ahmadis are infidels.

Passport application form. —Photo by Manan Ahmed Asif
Passport application form. —Photo by Manan Ahmed Asif


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The race and gender that earns the most in America despite discrimination

People of which race and gender earn the most in America, do you think? If your answer is white men you would be wrong. Now ask yourself, which race and gender is most likely to be discriminated against when it comes to getting a university education in America? If your answer is black women you are not only wrong, you are not even in the ballpark. Black women are now the most educated group in America.

This morning, the Pew Research Center released a new report on how Americans are paid by race and gender — and boy, are there some bombshells for those interested in our nation’s wage disparities…

1. America’s top earners are Asian men

…All groups trail white men in earnings — except Asian men. They made 117 percent of what white men earned in 2015:
Last year, average hourly wages for black and Hispanic men were $15 and $14, while white men pocketed $21 and Asian men made $24.


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Face of the day

Entitled Muslim Sues Boss For Telling Her 'No Hijab,' Judge Gives Her Nasty Surprise

Judge Juliane Kokott (pictured) not only ruled against a Muslim woman’s demand to wear the hijab at work, she also issued some good news for European businesses.

After 10 years of fighting a legal battle to be allowed to ignore company rules a Muslim convert was told by today’s face of the day Judge Juliane Kokott,that not only was the court ruling against her discrimination case, but that all companies in the EU can ban Muslim employees from wearing headscarves as long as they have a rule that states that workers must refrain from religious and political symbolism. This is a fair verdict as it treats all religions and political affiliations equally.One rule for all is as fair as it can get.

The headscarf ban “may … be justified in order to enforce a legitimate policy of religious and ideological neutrality pursued by the employer,” Juliane Kokott, a German advocate general at the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg, said in a statement on Tuesday (31 May). Kokott said G4S was right to have a no-symbol policy “because of the special nature of the work which G4S employees do” and because Muslim scarves or other religious paraphernalia would have “a defining impact … on the image of the firm.”

Kokott added that businesses must first establish “a general company rule” that bans religious symbols of any kind, adding that it must be “proportional” to all ideologies to be fair. Since Christians and Jews would not be allowed special rights in the workplace, Muslims should adhere to this rule just like everyone else.

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Brave Iranian women continue to fight oppressive gender laws


Rules on ‘Islamic dress’ for women are enforced by police in Iran. In this picture, two policewomen warn a woman (centre) about her hair and clothing during a crackdown on skirting of the law in 2007. Majid Saeedi/Getty Images

Most of us believe in religious freedom but few of us would support a religious legal system of government. In Iran the government has removed people’s freedom to practice or not practice the religion or non-religion of their choice and instead forces them to adhere to one religion’s rules in a totalitarian manner.

Iranian MPs - before & after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Iranian MPs – before & after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

When any religion uses force or coercion to keep and control its members it has more in common with a cult than it does a religion.Personal choice is something that we take for granted here in the West and we women must never forget how hard other generations of women fought for us here in New Zealand to enjoy the freedoms we have today. Women in Iran used to have freedom but it was taken away from them. They now are fighting a very difficult fight to regain even the most basic of rights, such as the right to feel the wind through their hair.

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She challenged their gender segregation and she won

When Pete and I visited New Zealand’s largest mosque we were made very welcome. We enjoyed talking to the Ahmadiyya Muslims there and could see that they were tolerant of other religions and that everyone including Jews were welcome. Like us they were concerned about extremism and their community overseas has suffered attacks from other sects who do not consider them true Muslims.

As a feminist one thing that really stood out to me during our visit was the gender segregation. Separate entrances and separate prayer halls. It was explained to me that they were separate but equal. I was told that the purpose of the segregation was to ensure that people focussed on prayer instead of being distracted by the opposite sex. I could see that they genuinely believed that what they were doing was not discrimination and that there was no intention to treat women as second class citizens.

Of course as a woman who has grown up in New Zealand used to equal rights I saw it very differently. While it is one thing to enforce gender segregation in a religious setting it is quite another thing to try to enforce it in a secular setting or on Non-Muslims. I have written before about Alison Bevege who decided to challenge Hizb ut-Tahrir for forcing women including herself to sit at the back of a secular meeting hall. Her long and difficult battle to stand up for equality and the rule of secular law took two years but she was determined and did not give up.

Alison Bevege was determined that Hizb ut-Tahrir would not get away with discrimination. (Pic: News Corp)

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Discrimination is discrimination even if it seems like a good idea

Apartments available for rent in Rotorua, only to women.

Apartments available for rent in Rotorua, only to women.

At first glance these apartments may seem like a good idea but, as a woman, I had to ask myself how would I feel if the shoe was on the other foot? What if I wanted to rent one of these apartments and they only rented to men? What if I was a Muslim and they only rented to Christians? What if the apartment block was owned by two homosexual men and they said that they would only accept tenants who are gay? What if you were Maori and were told that the apartments were for Chinese New Zealanders only? When you look at the bigger picture it is clear that discrimination is discrimination whether it benefits you or not.

A Rotorua apartment block that will be let only to women may be in breach the Human Rights Act.The apartment block of one-bedroom apartments, which is still being completed, is being marketed as a safe, private place for women who want to live alone.Property manager Richard Evans said there had been a lot of interest in the properties and positive feedback. They are listed for $280 a week each.

…But a spokeswoman for the Human Rights Commission said anyone who was providing housing or other accommodation had to comply with the Human Rights Act and could not discriminate on the grounds of sex.

The only exceptions were in shared accommodation or institutions such as hostels or retirement villages.

…Lawyer Thomas Biss said the offer seemed problematic.

“If you are advertising for a flatmate where you are living in the house then you can specify a female flatmate.  But generally a property manager could not simply only deal with females.”

Men can visit the apartments but cannot be named on the tenancy agreement.


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Excluding applicants on the basis of religion is against the law isn’t it?

screenshot-whaleoil.co.nz source http://www.findlaw.co.nz/

source http://www.findlaw.co.nz/

My daughter works part time in a deli. She has to handle salads and different kinds of meats.  When she applied for the job they were interested in her customer service skills. At no time was she asked her religion. The job description only mentioned what experience and skills were required to apply for the job.

Imagine that there is a job that you have the skills and experience for.  Now imagine that you are not eligible for the job unless you are a certain religion.  If the religion required was Christian you know Susan Devoy would be all over it.

261399-2-eng-GB_buns5Let’s pretend that a bakery requires someone capable of making hot cross buns as well as a wide range of bread. However they want the hot cross buns to only be made by Christians. Do you think that the bakery would get away with that? Do you think Susan Devoy would be silent about the blatant discrimination on the basis of religion?

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Kuwait Airways puts hatred before profit

An illustrative photo of a Kuwait Airways plane taking off from Berlin-Tegel Airport in Germany in September 2014. (screen capture: YouTube)

An illustrative photo of a Kuwait Airways plane taking off from Berlin-Tegel Airport in Germany in September 2014. (screen capture: YouTube)

Imagine hating a country and its people so much that your business would choose to take a financial loss and lose all your other paying customers, just so that you could discriminate against the few customers who come from that country.

Imagine that these customers do not pose any threat to your business or other customers. They do not include terrorists or follow a religion that is hostile towards your own. Imagine that these customers whom you want to discriminate against do not discriminate against other races and religions in their own country as it is a democratic country where everyone has equal rights.

Now imagine that even though you are a private business, the law of your own country forbids you from treating all of your customers equally.

Kuwait Air is ending its New York to London service over the carrier’s refusal to carry Israeli passengers.

“The US Department of Transportation will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, and has mandated that the airline immediately cease that practice and allow Israeli passengers to travel between the US and London,” Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary, said in a statement on Friday.

“In light of our demands, Kuwait Airways has chosen to cease passenger service from New York JFK airport to London Heathrow by January 18.”

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A new twist on the mentally ill, lone wolf, meme

Politicians and mainstream media have come up with a new meme to cover sexual assault and rape on a grand scale. The problem for them is that the 1000 male perpetrators on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, who committed the mass sexual assault, were all, “people apparently with a migrant background.” The usual method when trying to say that this has nothing to do with Islam is to say that the Muslim attacker was mentally ill and acting as a lone wolf.

In this new situation the lone wolf, mentally ill distraction is not possible so another ‘ it has nothing to do with Islam’ explanation has been found. Are you ready for it? The reason why all those women were attacked en masse by 1000 men with a migrant background was because of…’ organised crime’.


“This is obviously a new dimension in organised crime” … German Justice Minister Heiko Maas addresses the Cologne assaults. FABRIZIO BENSCH/REUTERS

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‘Cultural barriers’ make life hard for the blind

Disability access advocate David Foran kneels with his guide dog, Oliver, at a tram stop in Southbank

Disability access advocate David Foran kneels with his guide dog, Oliver, at a tram stop in Southbank

How hard hearted does a person have to be to refuse transport to a blind person with a guide dog? Blind people have a hard enough life without having to deal with discrimination on top of their disability.

Victorian guide dogs and their handlers are facing the highest rates of discrimination in the nation, with taxis refusing or questioning right of access 46 per cent of the time.

A new Guide Dogs Victoria survey found two-thirds of guide dog handlers faced discrimination in the past year, including at shopping centres and cafes.

Legally, the only place guide dogs are not allowed is in operating theatres and at zoos.

Guide dog handler and disability access advocate David Foran said he had faced discrimination on several occasions when trying to catch taxis or a ride share with Uber.

You might book and a car comes to your home, then they see a dog and they just drive off.

David Foran, guide dog handler

Guide Dogs Victoria has been working with taxi drivers to provide dog mats and promote awareness of disability access rights.

“It’s not often about hostility, it’s just a lack of education,” Mr Foran said.

“I spoke to my Muslim taxi driver, and he said sometimes it’s a cultural barrier, and whenever there’s a cultural barrier there needs to be education.”


This is not a problem confined to Australia as it has been happening in Britain for years.

MUSLIM drivers are forcing blind people and their guide dogs off buses because they consider the animals to be ‘unclean’, it has been revealed.


Muslim bus drivers consider guide dogs to be ‘unclean’Muslim bus drivers consider guide dogs to be ‘unclean'[GETTY]

Transport minister Norman Baker has stepped in after complaints from blind people that their dogs were being ejected from public transport on religious grounds.

Mr Baker told bus companies that religious objections were not a sufficient reason to eject any passenger with a well-behaved dog.

He said: “If dogs are causing a nuisance then the driver has every right to ask the owner to leave. But it is much more questionable to be asked to remove a dog for religious reasons. One person’s freedom is another person’s restriction.”

It is illegal under disability discrimination laws to refuse a blind person and guide dog on board a bus or in a taxi. But Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said it regularly receives complaints from members about the practice. The National Federation of the Blind said the problem was “common and getting worse”.
Its spokesman Jill Allen-King said she had often been left on the kerb by Muslim taxi drivers who had refused to take her dog. She has had similar problems with Muslim bus drivers. She said: “Last year a Muslim taxi driver went mad when I tried to get in with my dog. He said, ‘I have to go home now and wash myself’.”

George Herridge, 73, said he was asked to get off two buses in Reading, Berkshire, last year when passengers objected to his labrador guide dog, Andy. “I was coming home on the bus and there were some Muslim children screaming,” he said.

“The driver pulled over and asked me to get off. It is a lengthy walk into town from where I live and there is no other means of transport.”

-express.co.uk  (2010)