Find me a cat that will do that

Dogs know when you have cancer


We were talking about this just two nights ago

Charley bit my finger – The Sequel

First, the original

next, the sequel Read more »


Your affection is not wanted here

I’m going to let you make your own mind up about this one


Headline of the Year Contender

I’ve decided that I will start a Headline of the Year competition. Readers can submit brilliant examples that they find and we will tag it and at the end of the year have a vote.

Here we are 6 days into the new year and we have this contender from The Daily Caller.

headline of the year


Twenty-two-year old¬†Joshua Webicki of Palm Bay, Fla. was caught having sex with the family dog by a surveillance system put in by his own family.¬† Read more »

From the Hong Kong correspondent

Last night our Hong Kong correspondent was entertaining some visitors from NZ when this happened to arrive at the table next to theirs.

Apparently it was Popcorn’s 8th birthday.

A birthday for a dog...only in Hong Kong

A birthday for a dog…only in Hong Kong

Popcorn is lucky it isn’t a fox otherwise it would be on the menu as donkey.


My business, my rules: babies piss off, but the dog can stay

No Babies

Anna Person reports on a baby being thrown out of a bar, while dogs are allowed to stay

Albin Lord, 7 months old, is already pushing the boundaries. Did he not read the sign? Under-18s are not allowed. Dogs are, but not under-18s – and not babies.

Volstead Trading Company manager Ned Bartlett asked Albin’s parents to leave the Riccarton Rd bar last week. ¬† Read more »


Are cats bullies, or dogs wimps?