Domestic Violence

Is the Catholic church joining Islam in keeping uppity women in line?

Maybe the Catholic Church is going to buy a job lot of wife beater singlets?


Seems there aren’t a lot of Spanish women cooking their men some eggs…when they are told to do it.

A leading archbishop has sparked outrage in Spain by saying that domestic violence occurs because ‘women do not obey men’.

The Archbishop of Toledo Braulio Rodriguez told his congregation that wives could avoid being hit by doing what they are told.

Women could also escape being physically abused by not asking their husbands for a divorce, Rodriguez said.

He told churchgoers in his sermon: ‘The majority of cases of domestic violence happen because the woman’s partner does not accept them, or rejects them for not accepting their demands.   Read more »

Unconscious Bias Cannot Counter Evidence

A reader emails:

Police Commissioner Mike Bush recently told Lisa Owen  “We’re wanting to build great relationships with academia because we’re determined to be a very evidence-based police service.” This sounds excellent until he also seems to confuse evidence with feelings.

In the same interview he said “as we know, family violence occurs across every demographic, and no one is immune from it or no community or no demographic is immune.” He also said that officers were being trained to recognise and acknowledge any predjudice “so that we don’t apply any unconscious bias to any demographic”. He says the Police are “doing so much to try and work with iwi and Maori to change that over-representation” in the domestic violence statistics.

Working only with Maori groups on a problem that is “across every demographic…[and] community” makes no sense. It’s like Dame Susan standing in solidarity only with the Muslim community against terrorism when the victims were French and Israeli also. Perhaps Bush and Devoy should consult their “unconscious biases”.   Read more »

A New Zealand home is the most dangerous place to live


Kaitaia-based Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis, who made eliminating sexual and domestic violence one of his priorities when elected in 2014, took part in a White Ribbon march in Hastings yesterday. Men had to stand up and take control of the issue, he said.

“Women have been carrying this burden for way too long. Coming up to Christmas, the best gift we can give our children is to love their mothers,” he said.

In Auckland, White Ribbon marchers walked up Queen St to Myers Park for a rally.

At Tauranga on Tuesday, 25 White Ribbon riders motored into the Papamoa Plaza to cheers from a crowd of about 50 people. Chief victims advisor to the Government Dr Kim McGregor said it was important that men continued to campaign against violence against women. Read more »

This guy could be a senior Nat office holder

Highly placed people getting away with domestic violence is more common than you think.

A high-flying Wellington lawyer has received a rare diversion after assaulting and kicking his wife, a decision slammed by Women’s Refuge for sending “the wrong message”.

The lawyer, who is a partner at a major Wellington law firm, was charged with male assaults female in the Wellington District Court, an offence punishable by up to two years in prison.

The police summary of facts states the lawyer pushed his wife twice during an argument and then kicked her four times in the buttocks.

Police policy is usually to automatically oppose granting diversion in family violence cases, as it is considered too serious an offence.

However, despite the policy, an exception was made for this lawyer.    Read more »

I guess this leaves Maori with absolutely zero excuses

Admirable changes in attitude towards domestic violence in the Pasifika community.

Violence at home has long been a scourge disproportionately affecting New Zealand’s Pacific Island-identifying population.

But new figures appear to show domestic violence among Pacific peoples has dropped.

In the space of five years, Pasifika people, who account for seven per cent of the population, have gone from being among the most likely ethnic groups to experience domestic violence, to among the least.    Read more »

Bro Bish Brian bashful ’bout babe bashing Brown


Bish Brian wants Chris Brown to come to New Zealand so he can tell his congregation how he’s overcome his babe bashing ways.

Tamaki joins the likes of Dame Tariana Turia and Tainui leaders in supporting Brown’s visit, believing he is a changed man who can help spread a positive message against domestic violence.

In a short video released to media (above), Tamaki refers to Brown’s offences as “so-called violence” and emphasises the need for accepting people’s mistakes.

“All of us make those mistakes – and with Chris Brown, I believe he should be given the opportunity to prove that he has reformed or begun the process [of reform],” says Tamaki.

“We talk about reforming people’s lives – especially from this type of domestic violence. How can they get an opportunity to believe that they can change to be better people if society continually berates them and shuts the door on them.

“I am one here now that supports the actual fact of Chris Brown coming. After all, we’ve got nothing to lose – except that maybe it could turn out to be the right choice; and that he does prove that he can do it.”

“so-called” violence eh?   Just like you are a “so-called” man of God, I suppose?   Read more »

John Roughan’s had enough of being a whipping boy


I’m tired of reading “a message to our men” and hearing an array of role models say things like, “As men we have to get our act together and stop this.” The implication is that violence to women is embedded in the male gene and we have to help each other control it.

As men know, that is simply not so. But it is not the misrepresentation of our sexuality that worries me, it’s the comfort this tender, inclusive message will be giving to deviants who think they’re normal.

Boys normally realise very early in life that they simply do not hit girls. Of course they’re told they shouldn’t fight at all but their father’s tone becomes more serious when he says, “You don’t hit girls. Not for any reason. There are no excuses. Never.” Read more »

Judith Collins vs. Jan Logie

Judith Collins and Jan Logie have been duelling on the Fairfax website yesterday.

Jan Logie attacked Judith Collins who smacked her back good and hard.

What a disappointing personal attack Green MP Jan Logie has made on me.

Ms Logie will have heard me speak of the fact that while I was Minister of Justice, my cousin, Robyn, was murdered by her estranged first husband. I have always been, and remain, committed to doing all I can to protect women and children from the horror of domestic and sexual violence. This was a priority for me as Minister of Justice.

Before undertaking such a vicious and hurtful personal attack, it might have been useful for Jan to get her facts right. Here are just some examples of what I did to protect women and children during my time as minister:

* Increased the penalty for breaching a protection order from two years to three years;
* Broadened the definition of domestic violence to include financial and psychological abuse;
* Increased funding to grow and expand the [email protected] programme to support families at risk of serious harm from domestic abuse to stay safely in their own homes;
* Created a new non-contact order to reduce the risk of unwanted contact between victims and offenders;
* Changed the Evidence Act to make appearing in court less traumatic for victims of sexual violence and child witnesses; and,
* Launched a new school-based pilot project as part of a focus on preventing sexual violence.  Read more »

Maoridom rises in support of woman basher

It beggars belief that Maori are lining up to support a wife beater.

Dame Tariana Turia will support Chris Brown’s visa application.

The former leader of the Maori Party will write a letter of recommendation to go alongside Brown’s long-awaited application for a special direction visa.

The singer, booked to play Vector Arena in December, is technically barred from entering New Zealand, as he has been banned from other countries.

He will need to apply for a special direction in order to enter the country. That application is still to be received.

Dame Tariana, who has worked to reduce domestic violence for decades, believed Brown would speak on his past while in New Zealand , prompting his young fans to think seriously about domestic violence.

“Give him the opportunity to come and engage our young people, who want him to come.”

She said the millions of dollars spent on family violence awareness did not often get through to youth. An immensely popular star might.

“I think that Chris Brown is someone who young people can relate to. […] I know some young people who number one would love to see him sing but would also love the opportunity to hear his views on this issue.”

Dame Tariana said she was approached about a week ago. She has not talked to Brown himself, but believes that he has atoned.

“I took some time to think about it. I decided it can only be good. I think all of us learn from our behaviours, good and bad. And it is a fact that he committed an offence, one that I feel quite strongly about. However I also believe in forgiveness, in redemption.”

Read more »

Maybe he is coming to apply for a job with the Nats?

Chris Brown concert tickets go on sale today despite him still not having permission to enter the country.

Tickets for Chris Brown’s Auckland concert are due to go on sale today despite uncertainty about whether it will even go ahead.

Australia has taken a step toward blocking Brown entering the country by giving a formal notice that it intends to consider refusing giving him a visa. He has 28 days to present material as to why he should be given a visa to enter Australia.

The singer performed in two shows in New Zealand in 2008. The following year he was convicted in 2009 of assaulting and threatening to kill his then girlfriend, Rihanna, and sentenced to five years probation.

Brown has previously been banned from the United Kingdom and Canada.   Read more »