Domestic Violence

Maybe he could take a senior position in the National party?

It seems that Republicans don’t take kindly to wife beaters being involved in politics:

But many of the challengers have created their own problems.

Mr. Wolf, a radiologist, was revealed to have a penchant for posting X-rays of his patients with gruesome injuries online. Mr. Bevin, who is lashing out at Mr. McConnell for supporting the 2008 bank bailout, sent a letter in his capacity as head of an investment fund praising the bill. Mr. Carr has drawn little attention except for when he asserted that the United States invaded Iraq before Afghanistan. And the conservative who was going to challenge Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Erick Bennett, was found to have been convicted of assaulting his wife. (He withdrew from the primary, though he is now considering a write-in effort.)

The Huffington Post has more details of that incident which has cost him his political career.  Read more »

HoS editorial on Name Suppression for the “Politician”

The Herald on Sunday followed up its story about the “politician” from the leafy suburbs with an editorial about the same case.

The editorial drops some hints as to the identity. Please do not take that licence to guess in the comments…to do so will get you the ban hammer faster than Pete or Travis can swing it.

He is one of the wealthiest men in New Zealand. He supports MPs who changed the law to expressly state that a defendant’s public profile should not, of itself, be grounds for keeping his identity secret.

And, in an acrimonious, multi-million dollar marriage break-up, this man was alleged to have grabbed or touched his wife’s neck, and admitted trying to kick in the door of their home and shouting abuse at her.

But in the Family Court this week, Judge David Burns ordered that the man’s identity be indefinitely suppressed – that anyone who even whispers at his identity be liable to three months’ imprisonment or a $2,000 fine.

Why? It is because his Queen’s Counsel, Lady Deborah Chambers, used a clause in the Family Courts Act to have him categorised as a “vulnerable person”, as both he and his wife had unsuccessfully sought protection orders against each other at the height of the drawn-out, torrid break-up.  Read more »

Do people like this have a place in politics?

A high-profile political figure has won the right to keep details of his divorce secret after a judge ruled he was a “vulnerable person”.

His messy divorce case included allegations of espionage, infidelity, dognapping, theft, the involvement of three Queen’s Counsel, and a disputed allegation the man grabbed or touched his wife’s neck, tried to kick in the door of their home and shouted abuse at her.

The couple were involved in a protracted legal battle through the Family Court. The ex-wife has sought the right to speak publicly and to her friends about the break-up, but the husband has fought to keep the dispute secret.

How can anyone be a high profile political figure and at the same time “vulnerable”.

If you enter politics, you get to make judgements about other people.  You get to influence policy.  You get to make decisions over the careers, lives and families.  This person, at the very least, should have no say or influence over many political policy areas.

But how can we make sure someone that kicks in the door and “grabbed or touched” his wife’s neck is kept well away?  Why the code of silence?

It seems to be an upside-down situation to have someone who has alleged involvement in espionage and theft in a high profile position in a political party be protected from public scrutiny and the public’s judgement as to this person’s suitability.   Read more »

Steven Seagal comes down with Gareth Morgan syndrome

You know the one,  ‘I’m rich, famous/well known, and people need to hear what I think’ syndrome. The need that they feel once they’ve achieved a comfortable bank account and it is time to poke their snotty noses in everyone elses business and tell them how to run their lives. Don’t do this, don’t eat that…..really this shit gets tiring. The self appointed world authorities on everything. 

PHOENIX – Action-movie star Steven Seagal says he is considering a run for Arizona governor.

The “Marked for Death” actor told KNXV-TV that he is considering a shot at the state’s highest office and has had a talk about the bid with the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America.

The 61-year-old made the comments while talking about his newly released reality series “Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County.”

Seagal teamed up with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for the show that was shot in Arizona and airs on cable TV’s Reelz Channel.

The martial arts expert is a member of Arpaio’s posse, made up of 3,000 unpaid civilians. He also has been deputized with sheriff’s offices in New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana and says he wants to increase border security. – AP

Now, lets see what kind of a political candidate he is, because he was a third rate actor that never won anything except for nominations for worst picture, worst actor and worst director. Read more »

There seems to be a lot of men who are qualified for a senior position in National?

The holiday period is isn’t going so well for some families.

The Herald reports:

Waikato police have responded to 174 domestic violence incidents since Christmas Day.

Police have issued a plea for people to watch for signs pressure is building, and take steps to prevent it escalating into violence.

District prevention manager Inspector Rob Lindsay said 93 of the incidents were in Hamilton while 81 happened in smaller towns and rural locations.   Read more »

Man stabbed with a squirrel for forgetting to bring beer home


This woman has anger issues…she is the reverse Jake the Muss…instead of demanding some eggs be fixed she demanded beer and when she didn’t get any she stabbed her partner with a squirrel.

A South Carolina woman was arrested Wednesday for stabbing her common-law husband in the chest with a ceramic squirrel. His offense? Returning home without beer on Christmas Eve.

Helen Ann Williams, 44, of Charleston, S.C., has been charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature after police responded to a 911 call from the victim. She’s also being charged—in the court of public opinion—for decorating her home with ceramic rodents.  Read more »

Will the National Party Take the Pledge and break the ‘Bro’ Code


If the Gisborne District Council can make the pledge then surely the National party can?

If Len Brown can make the pledge…well then anyone can including Peter Goodfellow.   Read more »

Sanctimonious Hypocrite

Yesterday was the launch of the White Ribbon campaign against violence towards women.

Look who was front and centre.

Brown-hypocrite Read more »

Scumbag lowlife of the Week: Jesmond Albert Mosen

Jesmond Albert Mosen has lost name suppression for this particular despicable act

After his second attempt at killing his unborn son a Whanganui man told his partner “that’s done it” before making himself a cup of coffee, a court has heard.

Jesmond Albert Mosen, 27, was today sentenced to three year’s jail for a series of “extraordinarily dangerous” and “cruel” attacks on the partner, Ilana Te Huia.

A protection order was also imposed, meaning Mosen will not be able to contact her.

The jail term will be served on top of a two-year sentence imposed for separate offending.

How do the readers feel about a three year sentence for repeated attempts at murdering an unborn child?

I think it’s remarkably light.  Out in a year and a half for good behaviour.

Read more »

Blind eye to domestic violence in affluent society

It seems if you have a public profile, live in the leafy suburbs and have the coin for high powered lawyers then you can bash, emotions, financially and physically you missus and get away with.

You can even get away with killing her.

The leader of a Conservative council abused his wife for a decade before shooting them both dead, and was able to get away with it because authorities were “blinded by his public image”.

Keith Johnson, 58, shot his wife Andrea, 44, with her own shotgun at their home, before he turned the gun on himself, after leaving explicit instructions for their funerals, an inquest heard.  Read more »