Drink driving

Why is this guy still driving after nine drink driving convictions?

Some people are born stupid, others really work on it.

But it takes a special kind of stupid to get nine convictions for drink driving and score the last one by ploughing into a cop car while pissed.

A Westport man has been convicted of his ninth drink-driving charge after he collided with a police car while driving on Stout Street.

Colin Moir, 62, pleaded guilty to drink driving and driving while disqualified in Westport District Court last week.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Corbett said Moir was driving on Stout Street, Westport at about 2.40pm on Sunday September 20. He then drove through an intersection, and collided with a marked police car, causing minor damage to its left rear guard. In the subsequent breath test, Moir blew 842mcg per litre of breath. Moir stated at the time he knew he shouldn’t have been driving, Mr Corbett said.   Read more »

Introduction of lower alcohol drive limits not responsible for conviction drop

It’s a pleasing trend, but clearly there is no “bump” due to the limits having been tightened. 

The number of people caught driving drunk is continuing to plummet according to latest figures.

Convictions for drink-driving, or refusing to supply a sample, have decreased steadily in the country’s 64 district courts between 2009 and 2015, according to information released under by the Justice Ministry under the Official Information Act.

In the 2014/15 year there were 18,062 people convicted; a more than 14 per cent drop on the 21,107 in the previous year and a whopping 40 per cent drop since 09/10.

Road policing national operations manager Inspector Peter McKennie acknowledged the latest reduction was partly due to the fact there were nearly half a million fewer breath tests carried out. But the 2,555,957 tests carried out last year was similar to the 2,548,469 carried out in 2010/11, when there was a much higher number of convictions.

“The key is to look at it over a number of years and we are seeing a steady trend downwards. Drink driving is more socially unacceptable. As always police can do so much in terms of publicity and education, but at the end of the day it’s about getting road users to improve their attitudes and behaviours. And I think that’s working,” McKennie said.   Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Latest round of bullying exposed


Over the past few months a series of posts have exposed significant issues of bullying within the New Zealand Fire Service. And the problems go right to the top of the Fire Service.

Now while the bosses think that there’s nothing to worry about, they’re in for a rude shock as information continues to flow into the tip-line.

It now appears that Brad ‘the Munter’ Mosby and his sidekick Tim “the Tool” Evans have actively been working towards disbanding the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade, a brigade which has operated for over 146 years. Kaiapoi is one of the oldest Brigades in New Zealand. Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Crisis meeting in Wellington


Looks like the boys at the New Zealand Fire Service are reading Whaleoil.

There is a “crisis meeting’ in Wellington today to talk about the serious issues raised on the blog.

The NZFS Strategic Leadership Team and the Operational Leadership team know they have a problem.

Are they worried? They should be.

The tip-line has received numerous emails from people within the NZFS very keen on airing their stories about the bullying behaviour by the likes of Brad ‘the Munter’ Mosby, Tim “The Tool’ Evans, Brendon Nally, Ron Devlin, Stu Rooney…

Whaleoil’s investigation into these allegations has opened a floodgate of people wanting to have their say.   Read more »

The Bully Brigade – Who’s Who, Ctd


L-R Brendan Nally, Ron Devlin, Brad ‘The Munter’ Mosby

On Saturday I posted about the level of noise being generated from the dodgy bullying that is happening within the New Zealand Fire Service.

A few key names keep reappearing on the tip-line. But the problems don’t just sit with Brad ‘The Munter’ Mosby, or Tim ‘The Tool” Evans at Kaiapoi. They go much deeper, right into the halls of power at NZFS HQ.   Read more »

Wasting police time, or community relations?

New Plymouth police have been rapped over the knuckles by national headquarters for taking a hospitable approach to those asking for a breath test.

It was reported earlier this month that people often entered the station asking to be tested. Officers, if not too busy, were happy to oblige.

However, New Plymouth police have now been told their approach does not line up with national policy – and that they should stop immediately.

“While these staff have acted in good faith and with the best of intentions, there is a risk if for example someone initially passes a test, then drives and is found later to be over the limit, or is involved in a crash, which could have tragic consequences,” Central Districts Acting District Commander Inspector Mark Harrison said.

Have we now turned into the United States, where people in official capacities are stopped from assisting the public out of kindness, in case there is a mistake and it causes some liability?   Read more »

Speeding and alcohol, yet more than a little over the limit

Police are stunned a woman who was almost five times over the drink-driving limit – and speeding – did not kill anyone.

Yeah.  That doesn’t fit the narrative, does it?  Speeding and drinking and she didn’t kill herself and others.

Constable Tim Shearer, of Waimate, said police had been alerted to a vehicle driving dangerously after receiving a *555 call.

The Timaru woman, 43, was stopped by police doing 149kmh at 4.15pm on State Highway 1, about 40km south of Timaru.

It was “scary” the woman was on SH1, Shearer said.

“I received the complaint and went looking for her and then she drove past me at 149kmh. I turned around, chased her and caught up. And when I pulled her over she was smashed,” Shearer said.

The woman blew 1201mcg in an alcohol breath test.

Surely she had killed someone?  149 km/h?   And blind drunk?   Read more »

Stubborn Police aren’t listening to… everyone else


“We got it wrong”.

A statement you won’t get from Police on the failed speed tolerance experiment.

Police will continue their crackdown on speed and alcohol after a holiday period in which 17 people died on the country’s roads.

The toll is more than double those of the same holiday period in each of the last two years.

There was a high number of fatalities despite last month’s introduction of a lower breath alcohol limit and police discretion to enforce a zero speed limit.

Yep.  So it failed.


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Automobile Association ignores elephant in the room


AA spokesperson Dylan Thomsen said over the last two years very low numbers of people were killed on the roads during the holidays, at six and seven deaths.

“Unfortunately, this year, we’ve seen it go back up to at least 16. That takes us back to basically where we were three years ago, where there were 19 people killed,” he said.

Yes.  So, your conclusion Mr Dylan Thomsen?

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Repeat drunk driver won’t be deported


Of course he won’t.  It’s all about catching us 1 km/h over the limit, and not actually dealing with the real problems that kill people on our road.

A recidivist drink driver who drunkenly ploughed into two young girls on a suburban street has successfully fought deportation after arguing it would be unduly harsh to separate him from his sick wife.

Fereti Aiono, 29, was jailed in July 2012 after he hit two girls then aged 11 and 7 who were walking along a suburban Manurewa street.

Aiono, travelling at speed, went off the road after he swerved to avoid another vehicle. The girls were flung over a fence by the impact and received serious injuries.

The younger girl was in a coma for 10 days and in hospital for months. Read more »