drunk driving

If you’re drunk at your job, would you be fired?

What if you were responsible for other people’s lives?  Do you think a fine is sufficient?

An Auckland taxi driver has been fined for drink driving after being stopped at a police checkpoint last night.

The driver could now be suspended from his job, while his passengers had to rely on the police to give them a lift.

When you hop into a cab you expect to get to your destination without any disruptions.

But three people heading into Auckland City to celebrate last night got a shock when their taxi was stopped at a checkpoint and they soon found out their driver had been celebrating himself.

“It is a concern that a taxi is carrying passengers and is over the limit,” says Sergeant Patrick Waters.

The incident has disappointed the Taxi Federation. Read more »

Judges need to harden up

If we can get done for one kilometer over the speed limit, why is a doctor getting away with being four times over the drink driving limit?

A doctor living in Blenheim has been discharged without conviction after she was caught drink-driving at more than four times the legal limit.

Wendy Louise McDonald Florence, 50, appeared in the Blenheim District Court for sentencing on the charge last Monday, after driving with a blood-alcohol level of 326 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood on September 8.

The legal limit at the time was 80mg, and is now 50mg.

Her lawyer Rob Harrison argued for a discharge without conviction on her behalf.

Florence was a qualified doctor in the United States, but had spent some time as a stay-at-home mother of her children in Blenheim, he said.

She intended to become a registered doctor in New Zealand, which would require a refresher course in the States, followed by a supervised training programme in New Zealand.

Harrison told the court his client had been a sober alcoholic for 10 years.

Bulldust.  There’s a lie in court right there.   The odds of a alcie going off the wagon for the first time, that spectacularly and getting caught drink driving are minuscule.    Read more »

60 hours community work? [POLL]

I find this extraordinary.  Caleb Harris reports:

A former Ministry of Transport manager sentenced for his second drink-driving charge in less than a year hopes others learn from his “fall from grace”.

Bruce Johnson, 47, was a key promoter of road safety with a 30-year public service career until he resigned last October after being caught drink-driving at more than double the legal limit in Martinborough, where he lives.

On August 2, less than four months after getting his licence back, he was again stopped while over the limit in the same town. A breath test showed 751 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg.

Until last year’s conviction, Johnson was the ministry’s aviation and maritime group general manager.

He told The Dominion Post on Friday he had been unemployed since his resignation, and the conviction had cost him his job and career. He is getting professional help to deal with his drinking. Read more »

Five years for ratbag feral killer driver

I was sentenced to die by the mob and my daughter to be pack raped by the ferals on the West Coast for daring to use the word feral. They proved my point with their “outrage” and subsequent behaviour.

There was no outrage from the left about that or about “a rape culture” existing on the West Coast.

Instead they said I deserved death threats and my daughter by virtue of being my daughter deserved what she go too.

No all the fuss was because I called a bunch of ferals driving around the streets and fleeing police in Runanga feral ratbags.

Well the one drunk feral ratbag who actually cause the mayhem and death has been sentenced, but not so you would know it in the mainstream media who published endless articles about the outrage of the ferals for being called feral.

A Kumara man who caused the death of Runanga man Judd Hall, 26, by driving drunk while fleeing from police at high speed was sentenced to five years in prison at the Greymouth District Court this afternoon.   Read more »

Guy drives drunk, dies. Guess what the solution is?

File / not this specific accident

File / not this specific accident

One of our readers, POY, observes:

So a guy drives drunk and crashes into a ditch.

The speed limit was 100 and he was going 80kmh when he died.

Helen Mills describes her son Oliver as a good kid who paid for a bad decision with his young life.

Oliver Steven Mills, an apprentice plumber, died in June last year when his vehicle left the road in bad weather only a few hundred metres from home. He was 18. Read more »

Are coroners a special kind of stupid?

I despair with coroners in this country.

They come out with all sorts of bizarre recommendations and the latest one is no different.

A coroner is calling for better regulations of headlights following the death of a drunk man who was run over lying on a rural Hamilton road at night.

Hastings man William Gregory Hoskins was killed on January 15, 2012, after he was struck by a car on Marychurch Road in the early hours of the morning.

It is not known how he came to be lying on the road, Coroner Gary Evans said in findings released today.

Hoskins had travelled to Hamilton with family to attend a cousin’s wedding, and had been drinking at the reception.

A test found he had alcohol in his blood at a level of 190 milligrams per 100 millilitres, over twice the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers.

He had also smoked the equivalent of a single cannabis cigarette in the hours before his death, which may have accentuated the effects of alcohol, a report said.

In the hour before his death, Hoskin had texted his father and stepmother asking to pick him up and take him back to the motel they were staying at.

He was last seen at the reception about 4.25am, when he apparently left to walk back to the motel.

About 4.45am, his body was found by a motorist. He was alive but unconscious, and died shortly after paramedics arrived.  Read more »

Why do sports stars think they can get away with crimes?

Here we go again.

The NZ Herald reports on yet another sports star before the courts claiming special privileges lest their career be upset by a conviction.

An international basketball player will seek a discharge without conviction on a drink-drive charge today in a bid to save her sporting career.

Tall Fern Jordina Katu said the “stupid” mistake should not prevent her from fulfilling her potential in basketball and insisted she had given up alcohol to prove she had taken the incident seriously.

The 27-year-old will be sentenced this morning at the Auckland District Court, where she will argue that a conviction could limit her international travel.

She blew a reading of 704 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath when she was stopped in May. The adult legal limit is 400mcg.  Read more »

Time to throw away the key

He has received his 99th prison sentence, and clearly the punishments over the years have done nothing to stop this ratbag…time to throw away the key.

Unfortunately for us he got a dud judge…who decided that 16 months in prison…likely to only be 6 months…was perfectly adequate for a career criminal.

A New Plymouth conman and repeat drink-driver has been given his 99th prison term after driving home a woman he met in a pub.

Ian Arthur Lehndorf, 62, admitted drink driving and disqualified driving at Bell Block on August 24.

Lehndorf had accumulated 98 previous jail sentences – most involving multiple convictions for frauds – coupled with a raft of disqualified driving and drink-driving offences. He was also on a final warning.

“You of all people should know the consequences of apprehension,” Judge Allan Roberts told Lehndorf when sentencing him in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday.

Lehndorf’s lawyer, Jo Woodcock, said her client had been dry for eight years, but succumbed one night at Shifty’s Bar in Bell Block.  Read more »

Man dies while driving drunk and somehow it is the cop’s fault

This guy was plastered and drove drunk, it was no surprise that he subsequently died as a result of HIS actions.

Except the Herald on Sunday blames the cops…because a device failed to detect his excess breath alcohol levels properly.

A drunk driver breezed through a police breath test despite being almost four times over the drink-drive limit – and was killed in a crash shortly afterwards.

After the death, police have issued a notice to all staff reminding them to hold the device close to a person’s mouth to ensure a good sample is captured.  Read more »

You flee, you die

I see the Herald is once again through headlines and the way they word the articles laying the blame of the death of  munter who fled the cops onto the cops for chasing her.

Bottom line is this..if you don;t flee from the police then you don’t die.

A woman killed in a crash after a police pursuit in Wanganui last night was caught driving drunk earlier in the evening, police say.

The 21-year-old learner driver died instantly and six passengers were injured when the car crashed into a tree at an intersection in Gonville about 11.45pm.

Central District police commander Superintendent Russell Gibson said the woman had been stopped by police and processed for excess breath alcohol earlier in the evening.

“She was forbidden to drive for 12 hours and her car keys were also taken off her and held at the station until a sober person could retrieve them,” he said.

“The woman has somehow got hold of another set of keys later in the evening and driven her vehicle.”  Read more »