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Michael Malloy

The Man Who Wouldn’t Die

The plot to kill Michael Malloy for life-insurance money seemed foolproof—until the conspirators actually tried it

Pictured up top: A young Michael Malloy, and the “Ghoulish Plotters” who failed repeatedly to rob him of his life.
The plot was conceived over a round of drinks. One afternoon in July 1932, Francis Pasqua, Daniel Kriesberg and Tony Marino sat in Marino’s eponymous speakeasy and raised their glasses, sealing their complicity, figuring the job was already half-finished. How difficult could it be to push Michael Malloy to drink himself to death? Every morning the old man showed up at Marino’s place in the Bronx and requested “Another mornin’s morning, if ya don’t mind” in his muddled brogue; hours later he would pass out on the floor. For a while Marino had let Malloy drink on credit, but he no longer paid his tabs. “Business,” the saloonkeeper confided to Pasqua and Kriesberg, “is bad.”

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Photo Of The Day

Granny Janny

Granny Janny


Rose Streat is an expert anaesthetist

Sophie Ryan and Brendan Manning report on another sad case where alcohol is in charge

An Auckland doctor training to be an anaesthetist has been censured and suspended from practice after being charged with professional misconduct over her struggles with alcohol.

Dr Rose Streat had to be breath-tested before and during each shift for the Auckland District Health Board after being given a second chance to qualify.

She was allowed to return to the training programme last year after convincing officials she had overcome problems that saw her escorted from an operating theatre at Auckland City Hospital in 2008.

But yesterday, she was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in Auckland.

One of the two charges against Dr Streat was laid after it was revealed she had pleaded guilty to driving drunk in August 2012.

The other was a cumulative charge of professional misconduct after she was found to be drinking alcohol despite signing a contract saying she would abstain, to have lied about drinking, failed to disclose the drink-driving charge and failed to engage in the professional conduct inquiry.

Dr Rose is in serious trouble.  Her peers and her profession have bent over backwards to help her, but she even failed on-the-job breath tests coming to work.   Read more »

“Tired and emotional” in Limerick

Saturday nightCap

Ever fallen asleep on the toilet? Not like this…


Not just alcohol, I think

Another very Merry Christmas – from your favorite crazy Norwegian

Australia. In a nutshell.


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