Troughers gunna trough

With the lax controls from the top down at Auckland Council it is no surprise that  couple of ATEED troughers scored a $57,000 trip to Monaco.

The HoS reports:

Two Auckland Council officials flew business class to a boat show in Monaco on a trip that cost ratepayers $57,000.

The fresh spending details come after revelations this week that the council’s events organisation, known as Ateed, also spent $220,000 to send 18 people – including TV3 news anchor Hilary Barry – to the America’s Cup in San Francisco.

That bill, and a further $57,369 for the two Ateed staff to attend a meeting in Dubai and the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show, is under attack from former Auckland City mayor Dick Hubbard and sitting councillor Cameron Brewer.¬† Read more »

Migrants clogging hospitals…easy solution…drill for oil

Stuff has an article today about migrants clogging hospitals.

Christchurch Hospital’s emergency department (ED) is the busiest it has ever been and foreign rebuild workers have been pinpointed as the likely main cause.

Migrant workers with illnesses as minor as colds are “clogging up” ED because they are not enrolling with GPs in Christchurch, a business leader says.

The city’s health sector is calling for the workers to enrol at medical practices to take pressure off the hospital.

ED has seen an increase of up to 20 per cent in the number of patients not enrolled with a GP, Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) planning and funding manager Carolyn Gullery said.

The biggest surge was a 94 per cent increase in non-enrolled patients in the 20- to 29-year age bracket, which had seen a 94 per cent increase. This was “much higher than any other age group”, she said.¬† Read more »

If Maori were smart they could become the Sheiks of the South Pacific

I have watched incredulously as Maori have allowed themselves to become hijacked by the green taliban instead of being smart and pragmatic.

As is usual too they have invoked a claim for payment but as usual, like with their stand-over tactics using mythical beast as the cudgel with which to bet business the demands are short-sighted.

If they were smart they would be seeking to do a deal like the Sealord deal. Part ownership in the wells and proceeds with the creation of a mass of wealth to be delivered to their iwi.

If you have a look at what has happened in the United Arab Emirates you can see what can be done.

In Dubai for instance locals get rent controlled houses, cheaper power, access to other rights all subsidised by oil revenues. Ex-pats have to pay extra for many, many.

By aligning themselves with the anti-progress green taliban Maori are limiting their future.¬† Read more »

Condoms on Demand, new Durex iOS app in Dubai

Boing Boing reports that Durex has launched an iOS app to help surreptitiously deliver you a johnny in the event you get caught short.

Who knew there was such a demand for frangas in Dubai?


There are many layers of WTF in the apparent news that¬†Durex is launching an emergency condom delivery¬†service¬†application for Apple devices, and doing so only in the Muslim, culturally conservative, city-state/emirate of¬†Dubai. That’s right. Dubai. Here’s¬†a promo video:

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Music, Art and Cars. Is there anything better than this?

A reader emails:

Cam, look at what the beautiful people are doing in the international community. Combining empowering music with the art of design – by Aston Martin, a 16 star hotel and a helicopter.

It’s embarrassing seeing something so 100% Beautiful, when we talk about 100% pure.

Cam, this is NSFB (Not Suitable for Bureaucrats). Real men in Auckland are openly weeping at this beauty, but I fear the Wellingtonian fun police will tsk tsk.

Please, I beg you Cam, only publish this in your Auckland Whaleoil Blog.¬† Read more »

Mental Health Break


My brother sent this last night. He just scored a free ride on the new Boeing 787 in Dubai. He is the GM off the Park Hyatt.