Duncan Garner

Trial by media, the Police aren’t pleased

Activist feminist + Green Party + TV3 + Herald + Duncan Garner + Paula Penfold = ?

Police are continuing to support Tania who has recently applied to the court to vary the automatic name suppression given to her based on the charges involved. Police did not oppose this course of action as we wanted to support the wishes of the victim.

The process to facilitate Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail’s return to New Zealand is continuing with the support of MFAT.

As the matter remains before the courts, it is not appropriate for Police to make any comment about the circumstances of the offences.

We continue to encourage other commentators on this matter to be mindful of the potential implications on any legal process. Any speculation on the likely outcome of the prosecution process ahead of the alleged offender appearing before the court is premature, unhelpful and risks prejudicing any forthcoming judicial process.

Sorry Police, that ship has sailed.   Read more »

Garner knifes Cunliffe

Duncan Garner in the Dominion Post yesterday slit Cunliffe from scrotum to sternum:

Labour ditched former leader David Shearer because he struggled to string two sentences together on a good day. So surely it couldn’t have got any worse, right? Wrong.

It’s a train wreck under David Cunliffe and Labour’s MPs are grumpy, nervous and wondering what they may be doing for a crust after September 20. The prospect of losing your job and the $150,000 salary always focuses the mind.

This week Labour slumped to 23 per cent in Fairfax’s stuff/Ipsos poll – under Shearer it was in the low 30s when he was dumped.

Cunliffe has taken the party backwards when he promised to take it forward. Could Labour be on track to record its worst-ever election defeat? Yes.

When Cunliffe utters a word or two these days the collective intake of breath among his MPs is simply frightening.

Listening to David Cunliffe this week was very enlightening, he gave away all his tells, and was dreadful under pressure. And this was hardly a big test…but the issues are there, every policy has been destroyed hours after release and then he and Labour are back pedalling.

He’s had a host of gaffes this year – and the best he’s looked was when he shut up and stood in the background while his wife, Karen Price, talked about the birds (chickens) and the bees in an interview at their home.

Cunliffe was parachuted into the job of leader, not because his MPs really wanted him – most dislike him – but because Labour Party members and union affiliates were desperate for someone to articulate their values.

To say he’s been a disappointment is an understatement. After this week’s horrors he looks unelectable as the next prime minister. He’s genuinely gone from bad to worse.

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Sledge of the Day

Paula Bennett and Duncan Garner get in some good sledges on Trevor Mallard in our sledge of the day.

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“That is a big allegation to make” – Drinnan

On a Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend, the media columnist at the NZ Herald, John Drinnan, published a piece stating around a dozen people at Radio New Zealand are losing their job.

Instead of reporting on something that was already known by those people losing their jobs, they read about it in the paper.

That’s a pretty tough way to discover you’re not going to enjoy your long weekend.

None of these people were named by Drinnan, so the next problem is that a fair proportion of Radio New Zealand staff were heading into a stressful three days instead of a relaxing break.

That was, until the NZ Herald published a retraction.

An opinion column by media columnist John Drinnan earlier today indicated that jobs cuts were imminent at Radio New Zealand following a board meeting yesterday. The RNZ board has since confirmed this is not correct. The Herald regrets the error and any distress it may have caused RNZ staff.

At this point, Duncan Garner chimed in via Twitter mocking Drinnan for his “apology”.  Drinnan replied with words to the effect that a correction was made and no apology was needed.

We have the paper correcting something, but the journalist is not prepared to say sorry for ruining the weekend of quite a number of people.  Not just 12-15, but everyone at Radio New Zealand that are now feeling pretty insecure about life.

Over at Throng, New Zealand’s leading media commentating web site, Regan Cunliffe put Drinnan’s feet to the fire with an article titled What else does John Drinnan make up?   Read more »

Len and Auckland Council telling porkies about SHA consents and housing


Len Brown was on Radio Live with Duncan Garner last night spouting on about how many consents that Auckland Council has consented in the year to date and patting himself and his Council on their own backs for ‘delivering’ outcomes.

But its all a numbers game using smoke machines and mirrors. The master of slipperiness – Len Brown - didn’t want to answer how many dwelling consents have been approved for developments on SHA (Special Housing Areas) land. And nor could he say how many consents have resulted in construction starts or houses built.

And the reason why he slipped and slid around the questions is because the answer is that not much of anything is consented under SHA’s and not much is being built.

Auckland Council is merely going through the motions. Being seen to be doing things. Because running about town designating land into SHA’s is as easy as farting.

But consenting them and delivering infrastructure – that’s a different kettle of fish.

Developers and land owners are starting to find that the idea of the SHA is noble and can work but its a crap idea if its in the hands of Auckland Council.   Read more »

Duncan Garner on the “sham” and “rort” that is the Internet Party

Following in Paddy’s footsteps, Duncan lets fly

The Internet-Mana Party alliance is a sham and a rort, but MMP allows for it – which is the worst bit.

I’ve seen nothing like it in the history of NZ politics. It is far less transparent than the dodgy electorate seat deals National has done over the years. New Zealanders have every right to be outraged.

This is about an already convicted criminal – a rich internet tycoon wanted on piracy charges, no less – on the run from the United States and sheltering in New Zealand. He’s a had a run in with the NZ Government and the US authorities, so he’s doing all he can to buy his way out of trouble.

It now includes pulling out his cheque-book and paying for a political party and buying people off – so he can keep his sorry backside out of the clink.

It’s as simple as that: he’s paying big money so he doesn’t turn into some sort of dribbling mess behind bars – some reports suggest he’s pumped $4m into setting up this party. So how much is he paying his people?

I asked new leader Laila Harré yesterday, she said she wasn’t sure yet. But money between the two will change hands at some stage, she’s clear on that.

How ridiculous is this, really?   Would anyone just rush to Kim Dotcom and work for free without any sort of employment agreement, contract or letter of understanding?  Would it not at least outline the terms of the agreement, including remuneration?

Here is an even more scary thought:  She did just get started and is winging it. Read more »

Eric Crampton on “public health costs” for sin products like tobacco, sugar, etc


There is an increasing propensity for health campaigns and their idiot mouthpieces in the media like Duncan Garner to talk about the increasing public health costs of this or that.

The latest target is sugar…but before that we had tobacco and to a certain extent alcohol.

Of course the health busybodies and troughers like to quote massive numbers that they generally fetched from their rectal cavity. No one ever queries how those numbers are derived or justified, they are accepted carte-blanche and then regurgitated as fact.

Eric Crampton however does push back on this.

Health care takes up an increasing part of government budgets due to an expansion in the proportion of basic healthcare covered by governments rather than privately, due to demographic change, and due to increased cost of dealing with those illnesses that were once untreatable. Health budgets are then really salient. Voters are always looking for no-cost ways of saving money. All those political parties that promise vast savings by identifying “efficiencies” and stamping out waste? They’re appealing for a reason.   Read more »

Duncan Garner joins in the media driven frenzy over sugar

The media are aiding the health troughers by campaigning against sugar  and products containing sugar.

Instead of blaming fat bastards, like pie wrecking Duncan Garner for the shape of their bodies they instead seek to blame supermarkets, food and beverage producers and sugar manufacturers.

On top of that they advocate for the same sorts of measures against the products that are used against tobacco.

People said it would never come to this but there is not other way to label articles like Duncan Garner’s “Killer Fizz” claims.

The fizz is killing us, and it’s time we put the spotlight on sugar and the supermarkets. So I’ve been out and about.

An Auckland Countdown store was selling these two products this morning for just $1 a bottle. It’s 1.5 litres of flavoured Fanta – it’s killer fizz and the flavours are grape and blueberry.

What’s worse is that it’s positioned in the aisle to target kids and their parents as they walk past – just so they don’t miss it. It’s just flavoured sugar and it’s making us all fat.

Yes, I know it’s called a “loss-leader” to get people in the store, but I’ve got a real problem with this marketing and this practice.

Sugar is evil. It’s killing us and there’s plenty of evidence around to prove it.

The fizz isn’t killing us, fat bastards with a lack of self control are killing themselves.    Read more »

Garner asks if it is time for Cunliffe to stand down

Duncan Garner shares his thoughts about the lack of cut through of David Cunliffe:

He simply hasn’t provided the silver-bullet Labour was looking for; not that such a thing exists in politics. He’s under ten percent in the preferred PM stakes. It’s lower than David Shearer was.

Voters had a look at him to start the year and he was terribly unconvincing. They took the phone off the hook and never returned.

I actually think he has improved somewhat since the start of the year. He appears more relaxed and he’s communicating well. Labour has had some ideas recently and they have been reasonably well sold and received.

But then the Budget came along and knocked him out. Incumbency is powerful and National is using its position in office well.

This leads me to this conclusion: the public appears to have deserted Cunliffe, because they simply don’t like him in comparison to John Key. He knows all this, of course, but he’s hanging on hoping for a three percent swing so he gets the chance to put together a centre left-coalition, just like I have described.    Read more »

A reader comments

Reader Barnicles2 comments on last night’s poll results

Hey Clint, Hey Matt, Hey Grant, Hey Trev, have you got it yet that good and decent New Zealander’s, the one’s whose votes you need, do not like smear politics and do not want to see decent aspirational people be brought down.

What most people want to see is positive policies and reinforcement that NZ is a good place to live.

If you keep slagging NZ off with no positive alternatives you will continue to suffer, as you should.

Hey Corrin, Hey Paddy, Hey Duncan, remember that 70% or NZ do not want Labour and 89% do not want the Greens, you guys are alienating a large part of the country just to create a story and boost your ratings.

How about reporting the positive, regardless of the source for a change?

Instead of trying to destroy the good that is NZ.