Duncan Garner

Garner on Cunliffe: “You look stupid”

Duncan Garner gives David Cunliffe a little lesson on his recent crybaby actions.

David Cunliffe does himself no favours accusing John Key of using the Royal visit as some kind of vote booster.

It’s laughable.

And Winston Peters ain’t much better.

Peters says Prince William, Kate and baby George shouldn’t even be here in election year at all.

I completely disagree and I hardly think we have much say in when they travel.

This is petty and I hope the royals don’t read about this stupid and snarky politics from our leaders.

It’s classless and uncouth.

Does anyone really think voters, at the end of September, are going to support John Key because they recall how months earlier the PM hosted the royals?


Come on. I just don’t buy it.  Read more »

Mate, mate, maaate, mate…crash

Hang on a second there mate!

Hang on a second there mate!

Duncan Garner has realised what David Cunliffe is about…

David Cunliffe – Mate Radio LIve Duncan Garner on Cunliffe's use of mate "David Cunliffe – Mate"

He did this too in the Tim Fookes interview…maaaaate.  Read more »

Duncan Garner on the Internet Party

He doesn’t pull any punches.

There’s one major and terminal problem with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party: he can’t be the leader.

He can only be the shadowy, backroom figure that pulls the strings. He will do that. And that will turn off some voters.

The other thing that should, and will, turn people off is that he collects Nazi memorabilia. He should be treated the same as any other political leader found draped in the Nazi flag: they would be crucified.

If it was David Cunliffe or Peter Dunne or, in the past, Don Brash or Rodney Hide et al, they would be forced to resign. They would be shamed and sent packing. Dotcom should not be seen as any different. Why treat him as special?

I agree New Zealand needs better internet, but does it take an “internet party” to get us there? This party is a sham and a side-show feeding Kim Dotcom’s vast wealth and ego – not to mention his desperate ambitions to stay in New Zealand, rather than rot in some American jail.

I’m just glad not all of the main stream media are fooled by the glitz and glamour of the Dotcom media show.   Read more »

Herald Peddles More FOMO

FOMO – fear of missing out. It is driving the Housing Market along nicely in Auckland at the moment

Duncan Garner is doing it on Radio Live and Granny chipped in with this contribution.

A dated kitchen and bathroom, small living areas and a total floor space of just 94sq m – this is what $1.4 million-plus will get you in Ponsonby.

A 1900 villa on Norfolk St sold at auction for $1.441 million, $511,000 over its valuation of $930,000, which was set in 2011. Read more »

Garner on Cunliffe

Duncan Garner has been around politics for a long time, and he knows a charlatan when he sees one.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe’s apology for setting up a trust for his campaign donations baffles me. I can see why he’s done it. He wants the issue to go away. But it leaves just so many unanswered questions.

The big question for me is, who are the other donors? Is Kim Dotcom one? Or is it another fancy, wealthy businessman who is embarrassed to be linked to him? If not, who are the other two and why can’t we know?

What’s Cunliffe hiding and why did he ever think this was acceptable? This is messy. Cunliffe has had an awful start to the year. He continues to be tripped up, while Shane Jones sails through making all the headlines.

Cunliffe has only apologised to lance the boil; he’s only done it because he’s been caught red-handed and embarrassed. So, who is the real David Cunliffe? And why did he set up the trust in the first place?

Trusts are set up to either hide something, protect something or to give people and donors anonymity. In politics, that always draws attention. What on earth was Cunliffe thinking when he agreed for the trust to be set-up? This trust wasn’t set-up without his knowledge. He gave it the nod. Nothing happens in an MP’s life without their say-so.

As I said his apology is more than odd. He said: “I don’t think in hindsight that a trust structure fully represented the values I would like to bring to this leadership”. That is weird and simply doesn’t stack up. It looks like a fake apology to me. I actually don’t believe him.

Values don’t just appear issue by issue. Values and principles are things that guide you in your everyday life. Surely Cunliffe would have known by now if having a ‘trust’ represented his values. And a trust structure completely represents who David Cunliffe is.

It might be against Labour values, but I simply don’t believe it’s against David Cunliffe’s values. He has one for his family. It’s on the Pecuniary Interests Register at Parliament: The “Bozzie’ Family Trust.  Read more »

Dumber than a sack of hammers, Turei calls Collins a racist

Metiria Turei was on Duncan Garners show last evening and called Judith Collins a racist.

Have a listen:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This is a photo of Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung.

David Wong-Tung and Judith Collins

David Wong-Tung and Judith Collins

Hmm…interesting…racist? It was only a matter of time before a fool socialist attacked Judith Collins and pulled the racist card…now Turei just looks silly and foolish. Read more »

Alistair Thompson resigns from Internet Party

Alistair Thompson has resigned from the Internet party just a week after joining it officially.

He had of course been working for months prior to that secretly until outed by this website.

There are significant tensions within the Dotcom camp over this Internet Party and recently there were arguments over remuneration levels for Thompson and Kumar.  Read more »

Garner on the muppet show of minor parties

Duncan Garner writes about the idiot, the crook and the rooter.

There’s a reason why Kim Dotcom, Brendan Horan and Colin Craig are getting so many headlines right now: All the other politicians are on holiday, and simply don’t give a stuff.

They’re either at their beach houses or overseas, and politics is the last thing on their mind. This has happened for years.

The political year kicks off when politicians pretend to care about the Ratana Church celebrations at the end of January and when the first Cabinet meeting takes place. Parliament doesn’t actually sit until February.

So, right now those three are taking their chances with the media, but they will soon have to compete with the big boys and girls for space. It will get that much harder.

Duncan is dead right…most MPS I know are still away or in shorts and jandals. If there is a vacuum it will be filled.

Colin Craig can only say so many crazy things and may have shot his load already. But I’m picking he’ll get into Parliament under some kind of deal with National and John Key.

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Why does Len Brown lie so much?


Yesterday on Firstline Len Brown was asked about the Ernst & Young report into his sordid actions. He said he hadn’t seen it yet.

That was a lie. It was a lie because this morning in the Herald by Bernard Orsman.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is taking advice as he ponders the first draft of an Ernst & Young report into a review of any use of council resources during his two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.

Mr Brown received a copy of the draft on Friday night and after a weekend in Rotorua, began consulting close advisers on Sunday and throughout yesterday.  Read more »

Is there much point in asking questions when you don’t get the truth?

Ernst & Young are up against it with their review of the Mayor of Auckland and his alleged problems.  Especially when staff have been told not to speak out, and LGOIMA requests are fabricated as well.


I wish my colleagues at other media outlets the best of luck getting anywhere with “spokespeople for the Mayor”.  At this stage any straight answer is going to conflict with those already out there, so watch them tie themselves in knots as they try to find a way to make it all better.  Somehow.