Eddie Obeid

Corrupt, dodgy ALP ratbag set to have his millions reefed back

Eddie Obeid the ALPs virtual mafia don is set to have a good chunk of his ill-gotten millions reefed back by the NSW government.

The state government is set to pass extraordinary laws to strip corrupt former Labor minister Eddie Obeid and his family of at least $30 million in profits from a coal deal at the centre of a historic corruption probe.

A day after Premier Barry O’Farrell announced the government would pass special laws to tear up three corruption-tainted coal exploration licences, Mr O’Farrell said it was also working on laws to confiscate the proceeds of corrupt activity by former Labor figures and businessmen.

He said on Tuesday the laws to cancel the licences would be introduced in state Parliament next week, while additional laws to claw back proceeds of corrupt coal ventures from Mr Obeid and others were still
in development.

“I’m told that it will take a little bit longer,” Mr O’Farrell said.

A premier with balls

Barry O’Farrell is the NSW Premier and he has announced that if there is any mischief involving his ministers then off to the Independent Commission Against Corruption you go.

Ministers who breach the code of conduct will be answerable to the Independent Commission Against Corruption for the first time after Premier Barry O’Farrell announced support for the regulator’s recommendations.

Following inquiries involving former Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald over the allocation of lucrative coal licences, the ICAC advised the government to adopt several anti-corruption measures.

One was that the NSW government’s ministerial code of conduct becomes ”an applicable code” for the purposes of the ICAC Act, meaning serious breaches could amount to corrupt conduct.

Additionally, ICAC recommended that the government overhaul the way mining licences were issued in NSW.

Aussie Wog ratbag now playing race card

Eddie Obeid is now crying racism against the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Disgraced former Labor minister Eddie Obeid has accused the corruption watchdog of racism for implying his family are “wog Lebanese”, who took the spoils of joint business ventures “from the one bloody plate”.

In a heated morning in the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Monday, Mr Obeid said he was not involved in the business dealings of his nine children and 31 grandchildren.

“I’m not involved in their daily lives,” he said.

The ICAC is investigating whether Mr Obeid , 70, used his political influence to lobby colleagues about cafes at Circular Quay, water licences in rural NSW and consulting business Direct Health Solutions.  Read more »

Aussies take lying ratbag politicians a whole lot more seriously than we do

While Len Brown appears to be getting off with so much as a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket for lying in LGOIMA requests, in Australia they have organisations that can truly hold lying ratbags to account.

Like the Independent Commission Against Corruption…who are currently holding Joe Tripodi’s feet to the fire.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi  has been accused of lying to a corruption inquiry after giving extraordinary evidence that Eddie Obeid’s ”interest” in businesses at Circular Quay was not financial.

Mr Tripodi, who was recalled to the Independent Commission Against Corruption at his own request, changed his evidence on Wednesday to admit he did tell a staff member in 2006 that his corrupt former colleague had ”an interest” in three cafes at Circular Quay.

But the former ports minister claimed he meant ”interested or concerned” rather than financially involved in the lucrative businesses.

Corrupt ratbag now on bludge for legal expenses

Eddie Obeid really does have an entitlement mentality that is as astonishing for its cheek as for its greed.

He has picked the pockets of the government, unions and ALP and now wants to pick even more pockets.

Fresh from corruptly making millions of dollars by rigging a tender for a valuable coal exploration licence, Eddie Obeid has asked taxpayers to cover his legal fees ”in the public interest”.

In July the Independent Commission Against Corruption found Mr Obeid and his family made $30 million by rigging a tender for the licence at Mount Penny in the Bylong Valley with the help of then mining minister Ian Macdonald.

As Mr Obeid faces another turn in the witness box on Wednesday at the new ICAC inquiry into his interests in commercial leases at Circular Quay, his lawyers have written to NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith requesting financial assistance.   Read more »

Dodgy wop ratbag Joe gets hammered

Joe Tripodi, the ratbag ALP fixer is going down for corruption.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi has spent a torrid day testifying at the Independent Commission Against Corruption after the head of the investigation announced he is also a target.

In a sensational development, assistant commissioner Anthony Whealy, QC, announced on Friday he had “formally enlarged the scope and purpose” of an inquiry into corrupt former minister Eddie Obeid to include Mr Tripodi.

The former ports minister faces a potential finding of corruption over his involvement in renewing lucrative cafe leases owned by the Obeid family at Circular Quay.

The ICAC may recommend criminal charges be considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions if he is found corrupt.

The ratbag show continues in Australia

Day after day dodgy ALP ratbags are being rinsed before the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Yesterday it was Joe Tripodi’s turn.

These revelations are going to cripple the ALP for a generation.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi knew his political ally Eddie Obeid had a secret interest in cafes at Circular Quay when he bypassed a tender and renewed leases for the lucrative businesses.

Lynne Ashpole, the former deputy chief of staff to Mr Tripodi, gave evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Thursday that Mr Tripodi told her in 2006 that Mr Obeid had an interest in the waterfront cafes.

The explosive testimony contradicts Mr Tripodi’s previous claims he was unaware of Mr Obeid’s stake in the cafes when he renewed the leases in 2009 for up to 10 years. Mr Tripodi is expected to give evidence on Friday.

“During your discussions of this issue, Mr Tripodi mentioned to you that Mr Eddie Obeid owned one or two leases down at Circular Quay?” junior counsel assisting the commission, Ben Katekar, asked.

Another dodgy ratbag from NSW

It seems if you want to be involved in Aussie politics you have to be a corrupt ratbag…at least to be a member of the ALP.

And other politicians and the media don’t hold back in calling things how they are either. Shame our media have sold out long ago to crooks and ratbags.

Barely a fortnight ago, former senior state public servant Steve Dunn was given a frank character assessment in the State Parliament.

The occasion was a debate on a bill to abolish the controversial Game Council of NSW following a damaging review of the taxpayer-funded body by Mr Dunn in his capacity as a private consultant.

As the Shooters and Fishers Party MP Robert Brown eviscerated Mr Dunn and wondered how he could have reached his conclusions, fellow Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak, enraged by the Dunn report, interjected: ”Because he’s corrupt, that’s why!”

Also to face the inquiry: Former public servant Mark Duffy. Photo: Adam Hollingworth

Little did they know Mr Dunn would be named on Monday as a witness in the latest Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry into former Labor minister Eddie Obeid.

Dodgy ALP Ratbag cops one in the chook again

Eddie Obeid is the ratbag that just keeps on giving.

He is back before the Independent Commission against Corruption with three more investigations.

Former Labor parliamentarian Eddie Obeid and two former departmental chiefs will be adversely named during the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s three-pronged inquiry which began today.

In his opening address, counsel assisting, Ian Temby, QC, outlined the details of the corruption watchdog’s trio of fresh inquiries into Mr Obeid’s dealings.

Mr Temby said the inquiries spanned three departments – Treasury, the Department of Water and Energy, and NSW Maritime – four separate ministers, and a period of more than a decade.

Mr Temby, formerly the inaugural head of the ICAC, said the hearings involved “lobbying of an unusual kind” by an MP, in circumstances where his family’s interests were involved.

Corrupt Aussie ratbag facing three more probes

Eddie Obeid, the ALP fixer and crooked ratbag is now facing 3 more investigations and his own party is throwing him under the bus.

DISGRACED former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid faces more scrutiny from the corruption watchdog, after it was revealed yesterday he is the subject of three new inquiries.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption will hold public hearings into Mr Obeid’s alleged influence over the granting of lucrative Circular Quay retail leases, the granting of water licences and health contracts.

It is alleged that between 2000-2011, while he was a member of Parliament, Mr Obeid influenced public officials to improperly grant retail leases in Circular Quay without revealing that the decision would enrich his family.  Read more »