It’s a dirty job…

Second day in a row…looks like Emmerson is earning a good crust from me.


Emmerson get’s it, surprised the Herald let it through

Emmerson’s cartoon in the Herald today is spot on. I’m surprised that it was let through since their paper seems to have become a walking advertisement for everything Dotcon.

Emmerson chess dotcom


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Cartoon of the Day

Emmerson, of course.

Meanwhile Toby Manhire has 15 pieces of advice for David Shearer:

10. Don’t mention the PM

Especially, don’t take the piss. Like some political incarnation of the Incredible Hulk, every mockery just makes him stronger. Leave that to the bloggers you don’t read.

13. Leave the guitar at home.

14. Find a new gear.

Do you really want to be doing this? Do you have the mental and visceral steel? My guess is you’re as unsure as anyone. But on Sunday you’re going to have to persuade yourself you do, and see what happens. Because the sorry truth is you sometime look as discombobulated as the Kevin Kline simpleton who has to pretend to be the president in that 90s film Dave. And, frankly, it’s going to have to be a lot – a lot – more like Indiana Jones.



Heh, Emmerson knifes Shearer

Emmerson on Jones fiasco

NZ Herald

Emmerson is brilliant…Shane Jones movie viewing pleasures, carpet cleaners and dodgy behaviour…nice.

Herald Cartoon

NZ Herald

Emmerson is funny again today.

Cartoon of the Day

NZ Herald

Emmerson skewers Shearer:

Emmerson on Greens vandalism

Emmerson really is NZ’s best cartoonist.

Emmerson on Labour’s free money policies

Emmerson is on form today.

It is hard to come back when you are being mocked like that. Trevor has framed the campaign beautifully for National.


The Budget by Emmerson

Harsh but accurate. I can’t wait to see Don Brash’s next Dear John letter.

Emmerson on the Budget

NZ Hereald: Emmerson on the Budget