A bloody good point

David Farrar raises a bloody good point.


Of course they have their former General Secretary sitting in caucus as well, plus several members of Cunliffe’s war room and staff are ex-officio EPMU members…including Paul Tolich.

Let’s look at their declared cash donations to Labour.  Read more »

Question Time round up, sound smacking all round for Labour’s ‘stars’

Not a stellar start from the new Labour team at question time.

Paula Bennett answering about the success of getting beneficiaries to sort out outstanding warrants with the coppers or lose your benefit. Sue Moroney leaps up to ask how it helps them get a job?  It was a stupid irrelevant question which Bennett bats away to which Moroney raises a point of order and subjects herself to another healthy smack across the chops.

Phil Twyford reels out stats to Nick Smith lamenting how many houses housing NZ has demolished and not renewed leases on and wants to know why ? Fucking great big earthquake perhaps.   Read more »

#Laboursgottalent backfires, contenders chicken out

It looks like question time yesterday was such a disaster that Labour leadership contenders have bailed on it today. To makes matters worse no Labour MP is asking a question to the Prime Minister today, even though it will be his last question time for three weeks.

But is also turns out they were just using taxpayers cash to travel to a protest to suck up to the unions.

Whoopsy.  Read more »

Some animals are more equal than others


Some caucus members and union delegates may get more than one vote

Tracy Watkins discusses the role of the unions in selecting Labour’s next leader.

[N]ew rules giving Labour’s grassroots a 40 per cent say, and union delegates a 20 per cent say, would not be triggered. But in a move likely to ruffle caucus feathers, Ms Coatsworth appeared to stop any prospect of a deal in its tracks, saying the leadership should be decided under Labour’s new rules – “rather than behind closed doors in the caucus room”.

That puts the leadership in limbo for the next three weeks while up to 50,000 voting papers are sent out and candidates make their pitch at a series of meetings across New Zealand.

The candidates will be expected to abide by a code of conduct – which includes no personal attacks and no big-spending campaigns – before a new leader is announced on September 15.

The new rules were an attempt by the party’s grassroots to rein in caucus after a widening rift over policy and direction. But they could drive an even deeper wedge if the party and caucus back opposing candidates and cancel each other out, because the caucus vote counts for only 40 per cent of the total.

That makes Labour’s union affiliates, whose votes count for 20 per cent, the potential king makers and could deliver the caucus a leader that a majority of MPs don’t support.

What is interesting is it appears that some members could potentially have three votes and others two, while the grassroots members get just one vote.  Read more »

Unions besides themselves over Simon Bridges

Today starts the long convoluted select committee process over Simon Bridges’ Employment Relations Amendment Bill. The unions hate it with a passion and believe that the sky’s about to fall in and it’s some cunning plot to have the rich elite take over the world – all thanks to the Nats.

Chairing the Committee is Hamilton East MP David Bennett. This is his big chance to show he’s not afraid of the unions, and to not allow committee proceedings to be captured by whinging corrupt unions like the EPMU and SFWU.

In fact, this gives him and the other Nat MPs Mike Sabin, Chris Auchinvole, Cam Calder and Simon O’Connor a good opportunity to ask questions to the unions about how they’re ripping off their members.

Along with the EPMU and SFWU it is likely they will be prsented with a submission from The Maritime Union’s Gary Parlsoe who has also flown in to have a massive whinge about facilitation, seems he was happy to tell the Koru lounge this morning in a rather loud voice that he isn’t happy with the facilitator. He also spoke briefly with a EPMU bloke who he roundly criticised to his mates after her left, things could get tense between the unions at the select committee.  Read more »

Angry Andrew Little abusing Air New Zealand staff via Twitter

Not a good look for an MP using twitter to abuse service industry staff.

Andrew Little spent the evening using Twitter to cry a river of tears over his service in the Koru Lounge last night.

If that wasn’t bad enough he carried it on.   Read more »

Some good union members

It is not often we get to see stories about right thinking union members, so enjoy this.

It seems that union members don;t like bludgers much either.

There are some interesting findings in Lord Ashcroft’s poll of Unite members. For instance, only seven per cent plan to vote for the do-gooder Liberal Democrats while 12 per cent plan to vote for the supposedly Thatcherite Ukip.

One thing is clear in the study though: the working people within Unite have had enough of being taxed to the hilt in order to pay for the bone-idle underclass that Labour created. A huge 86 per cent of Unite members agree that the Government is right to introduce a benefit cap on each household.   Read more »

While you were sleeping, Unions turn nasty

While most were enjoying their weekend a small battle raged on Twitter between the Part6A campaigners and the dodgy scumbag union rep Neale Jones (who is also thought to be one of the paid lap-bloggers at The Standard)

Neale Jones was attacking the campaigners pushing Simon Bridges for a repeal of Part6A of his Employment Relations Amendment Bill. Clearly the unions don’t want a change.

It was an amusing exchange. Here’s some of the exchange that can be found on Twitter…



image002 Read more »

Memo from Bill, Ctd

The tipline has been humming again…Bill from the EPMU is getting upset at the reaction from the findings of the manufacturing crisis inquiry:

Memo From Bill


EPMU files accounts, where is the $6M

Pat on back EPMU but what happened to the $6M – Observation by the Owl

The EPMU have filed their 2012 accounts and the Owl is the first to congratulate the new executive and President on their fine financial performance.

Readers, they have trimmed costs, their notes are excellent and it is good detail for members. They even reported a surplus. Things look like they have changed under the new membership.

If I was a member of the EPMU I would congratulate the Executive (and maybe the WOBH for making them aware of better reporting standards – but the Owl is humble). Good work by the auditors too. You all get an A+  Read more »