Great sledge from Boris

Boris Johnson is sledging out David Cameron easily.

Boris Johnson’s dispute with David Cameron over the EU deepened on Friday night after he called the Prime Minister and his allies the “Gerald Ratners of modern politics”.

In a major speech to mark the opening day of EU referendum campaigning, Mr Johnson accused Mr Cameron and his colleagues of pretending to be a eurosceptics despite “loving the idea of a federal Europe” and said that they do not have a “shred of idealism”.

But television viewers watching events in Manchester were treated to bizarre scenes as the London mayor demanded that a reporter stop broadcasting on-air from the back of the auditorium.   Read more »


Has Europe abolished itself?

Angela Merkel is being blamed for the demise of Europe:

A combination of Islamist terror and badly designed migration policy is going to destroy Europe, claims a Swiss member of parliament who said Angela Merkel and Islam are to blame.

The comments by Swiss People’s Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Köppel are just the latest by a high profile European politician on the demise of the continent. His remarks, which appeared in his own Weltwoche daily newspaper could not have been clearer, when Mr. Köppel remarked on Europe’s growing instability: “The German refugee policy could trigger a new world war”.

Comparing the “megalomaniac, we can do it” mentality  of Angela Merkel and others to Europe on the eve of the First World War, the editorial foresaw a situation where millions of ordinary Europeans would pay dearly for a situation manufactured by their leaders. Those in charge would now, as then, not have to pay for their mistakes at all.

Writing in the newspaper of which he is editor-in-chief, the parliamentarian wrote: “The basic problem today is Islam… The attacks in Paris and Brussels are acute symptoms of an incorrect, sick immigration policy.” Criticising the infiltration of “death-seeking fanatics and madmen”, Mr. Köppel said “Islam endangers the survival of our civilisation”.

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Phew no more lone wolf attacks…oh wait!

Lone wolf attacks are a thing of the past…because Daesh is moving to bigger and worse attacks.

The Brussels bombings have made it plain that the scale of the threat posed by the Islamic State to the West is far larger than most Westerners had previously thought. That threat is no longer limited to the radicalization of the approximately 5,000 European citizens who left the comfort and safety of their homes to fight alongside the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and, more recently, Libya. Nor has it only expanded to include so-called “lone-wolf” plots — self-organized attacks carried out by homegrown radicals. The Brussels bombings have made it painfully clear that the Islamic State is determined to plan and direct attacks in the West that are far more sophisticated and lethal than such small-scale mayhem.

It would be understandable if the public expressed anxiety and dismay about this metastasized danger. But the West’s counterterrorism officials are not entitled to feel surprise. For anyone paying close enough attention, the Islamic State’s expanded capabilities have been evident for well over a year.

And people like me who warned about this were called Islamophobic, scare-mongerers, intolerant and racist…except we were right.

After the U.S.-led coalition began launching airstrikes against Islamic State targets in August 2014, the group’s spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, responded with a call for supporters to carry out lone-offender terrorist attacks targeting the West.

If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.

Since then, Islamic State supporters and sympathizers have tried to answer his call. The January 2015 attacks in Paris on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery store caused some confusion because some operatives appeared to be tied to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), while others were inspired by the Islamic State. Looking back, however, it appears that these terrorist “frenemies” (the groups they respectively affiliated themselves with were fighting one another in a jihadi civil war back in Syria) were still part of the lone-offender phenomenon. They may have been inspired by groups based in the Middle East, but they were not directed by them.

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Europe shutting up shop

It seems the Greeks, at least, have worked out they have a problem and the borders are now going to be policed, hard.

Migrants were given a one-day deadline to reach Europe as leaders announced anyone landing in Greece after midnight on Saturday would be swiftly deported.

A deadly scramble for the last boats over the Aegean to the Greek islands began after a €6 billion (£2.3 billion) aid-for-deportations deal with Turkey was agreed in Brussels.

Turkish police on Friday intercepted 3,000 migrants attempting to cross on land and sea in a major operation involving coast guard and helicopters, as Ankara at last showed a willingness to halt the human tide.

From Sunday morning, any asylum seeker who lands on the holiday islands including Kos, Lesbos and Chios with no longer be able to catch ferries to Athens, but will be swiftly interviewed by asylum officials or judges at new detention camps.   Read more »


Europe has some choices to make

Nathan Smith writes at NBR:

I almost didn’t write anything about the Brussels bombings because, well, what else is there to say that hasn’t already been said?

Most of the world’s newspapers are running copy-and-paste stories with only the names and details of previous and similar attacks changed. Islam, of course, is at the centre again. And it doesn’t matter whether the author writes to condemn Islam, defend Islam or draw attention to the “good” people of the religion. It’s all been written before and I’m sick of it.

The facts are simple and full of heart wrenching tragedy: three bombs killed more than 30 people and wounded 200 others in the heart of Europe. One attack was at the Brussels international airport while a second targeted the metro line nearby. Two explosions appear to be suicide attacks, making them the sixth and seventh suicide bombings in Europe’s history (the first five occurring during the November 2015 Paris attacks).

A third suicide vest was discovered in the vicinity of the airport. A police raid on a house in the Brussels neighbourhood of Schaerbeek also uncovered another explosive device, chemical products and an Islamic State (IS) flag. A manhunt is now under way for a man captured on CCTV footage at the airport.

But I’m not going to discuss the details further. I’ve already pointed out on multiple occasions why the war on terror is so hard to fighthow terror attacks are the new normal and the attraction ofsoft targets” to terrorists such as airports and metro subways. Nowhere is safe and that’s always been true.

All the expected talk of multiculturalism’s failure or the influx of millions of refugees, both “breaking down the cultural norms of Europe,” will be enjoyable dinner table conversation (it’s also a good way to lose friends, and that’s always been true too).

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The “culture” that doesn’t respect western “infidel” teachers

In Europe teachers are now forced to deal with ongoing violence and death threats thanks to their schools filling with teenage boys from a culture that has no respect for infidel men and even less for infidel women.

While I am capable of standing up to abuse and violence in the classroom (I disarmed a teenage boy waving a knife in my face three years ago) I am not prepared to be in a school that will throw me to the wolves. In today’s PC environment it is very likely that any school I would work for would hush up any incident and would force me to resign if I went to the media or demanded that the student be criminally prosecuted, if the student was Muslim. The most likely reality for me would be that I would be blamed for the attack, no matter how severe or unprovoked, and my posts here on Whaleoil would be used as evidence of my “Islamophobia”.

It is happening now in Australia and the teachers who are suffering this abuse have been muzzled by their employers who will not allow them to speak to the media. Mind you, I doubt the media will be any help as they go out of their way to ignore the culture/religion of the assailant in the video.

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Swiss trying to claim back their sovereignty from Europe

Switzerland has unveiled tough draft legislation to impose unilateral curbs on immigration if it fails to agree with the European Union by early next year on limiting an influx of foreigners.

The move raises the stakes between Berne and Brussels after months of tough negotiations have left them gridlocked over how to implement a 2014 Swiss referendum for immigration quotas that would violate a bilateral pact guaranteeing freedom of movement for EU workers.

The Swiss government has confirmed that those talks are now on hold until EU member Britain’s June 23 referendum on whether to leave the bloc. Brussels is unwilling to show any flexibility in the Swiss talks that could encourage the British “leave” camp.
“If a certain threshold is surpassed, the cabinet must set annual upper limits,” the Swiss government said in a statement on Friday. Read more »


UN Chief thinks sovereign nations have no right to police their borders

The UN is not fit for purpose. It has now reached the point where we should consider pulling out and abandoning the whole sad and ineffective experiment.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says border restrictions being imposed in Europe to stem the flow of migrants “are not in line with international law or with common human decency.”

Ban made the comments Tuesday in Madrid after Greek police said up to 10,000 mostly Syrian and Iraqi refugees were stuck at the country’s Idomeni border crossing in deteriorating conditions.

The Idomeni crossing has become a key flashpoint in Europe’s migration crisis. Several nations led by Austria have imposed refugee caps and border restrictions over the past 10 days, creating a huge backlog of migrants in Greece.   Read more »

Europe’s gay men are leading the charge against Islamification

Those opposed to the Islamification of the West tend to be those most negatively affected by it. There are many, many brave women risking their lives to speak out about Islam. Amongst their ranks are women who used to be Muslim as well as women, like Pamela Geller, who have seen up close and personal what happens to a country when Islam takes control.  Gay men are another group most at risk under Islam but for a very long time the voices speaking out against Islam have been almost exclusively heterosexual.

A major transformation of Europe is now in motion. The majority of men speaking out against Islam in Europe are now homosexual. Thanks to mass immigration they too are being targeted for violence and hate and as a result ‘Alpha Homos’ have emerged and are  fighting for their rights. Understandably it is hard to hold on to liberal, tolerant values when you are being physically attacked by the very culture you were told to be tolerant of. It is proof  that there is truth in the saying, “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.”

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Winston looking for more Free Trade; doesn’t sound like a Green coalition partner to me

Nice to see Winston embracing free trade.

Though it might be problematic for Labour and the Greens to see someone they regard as their putative coalition partner now promoting free trade.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is calling for a free trade agreement among Commonwealth countries, and wants to use New Zealand’s CER agreement with Australia as a template.

He said a British exit from the European Union could offer such an opportunity and could “heal a rift” with New Zealand that occurred when Britain became a member of European Economic Community in 1973.

Mr Peters also believes that New Zealand should take advantage of the troubles Russia is having with Europe and restore a full trading relationship with Russia.

His endorsement of CER as a model for others is a shift in position – at the 2014 election his policy was to review all bilateral free trade agreements, including the Closer Economic Relations agreement with Australia, to ensure they were in New Zealand’s interest.    Read more »