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Answer: a few centimeters

The question:  What is the difference between a Muslim woman wearing a hijab and an Exclusive Breatheren woman wearing a head scarf?

Amy Cronin, misses the point:

“Are you hiding bombs in your skirts?” a stranger yelled from a car window as 12-year-old Radiya Ali walked down a Hamilton street in the mid-2000s. She had arrived to New Zealand as a refugee from Yemen, four years after 9/11 – an innocent among hicks and alarmists who saw young girls wearing the hijab and thought it stood for terrorist.

“Did you steal those curtains you wear?” people hollered at her as they passed. “Why are you wearing sheets on your head?”

Salma Salat came from Kenya 17 years ago, when she was 4.

“I don’t remember it, but my mum found it tough adjusting and raising kids in a time when people were shouting things out from the streets.”

In the days post 9/11, a man approached Salma as she was walking with her sister. She remembers him yelling at them, “terrorists”. She was 7 and didn’t know what it meant.

Radiya and Salma are 21 now, and they are friends. They tell these stories with wide eyes, in the can you believe it way adults recall their traumas from childhood. You won’t find gentler, or stronger, young women. They are innocent in many ways, but they have seen.

Yes, well.  Hamilton.  The culturally sensitive ground zero of the North Island.  And yes, as people, we aren’t too flash at coping with what makes us different.

So that sets the scene for this article, which is utlimately about the hijab. Read more »


Cunliffe tells man seeking assistance – ‘NO DIRT, no help’

by Stephen Cook

Under-fire Labour leader David Cunliffe is in the thick of more controversy – this time accused of refusing to help an Auckland man with a delicate ACC matter unless he agreed to ‘dish the dirt’ on a senior Cabinet minister.

Just weeks after his credibility took a hit after the Donghua Liu affair and the whole ‘I’m sorry for being a man ‘ saga, Cunliffe has now emerged as the central figure in a messy ‘bribery scandal’.

For the past three years former senior RadioWorks executive Mike Rowley has maintained a dignified silence about what he claims was an attempt by Cunliffe to ‘bribe’ him for information about the ‘relationship’ between the Exclusive Brethren and Communications Minister Steven Joyce.

Joyce used to own Radioworks and would often come into contact with Rowley.

Rowley says when he approached Cunliffe three years ago about the role ACC allegedly played in the suicide of a rape victim, the Labour leader indicated he would be willing to look into the case – but for a price.

In return for his help, Rowley would have to ‘dish the dirt’ on Joyce’s relationship with the Exclusive Brethren, the secretive religious group who emerged from obscurity during the  2005 election campaign.

“No dirt, no help. That was the clear message I got,” said Rowley.   Read more »

Comment of the Day

As pressure mounts on the nefarious manipulation of Kim Dotcom pressure will mount for the leftwing to be consistent.

One commenter notes:

A few elections back the left were mortified that a few Exclusive Brethren were trying to have some say in our elections…. where’s that outrage now?

Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard in particular made much of strange secretive “chinless scarf wearers” involving themselves in the political process.  Read more »

McCarten thinks John Key cares that a Maori Cult dislike him

Matt McCarten has turned his brain off and written a silly, snarky piece for Herald on Sunday about how unpopular John Key apparently is with the Exclusive Bro-thren’s.

I have called them a cult church and I will repeat it again, they are the Exclusive Bro-thren. Who cares if a bunch of sect Maori like you or not?  They even changed the rules banning women speaking on a Marae when it suited them.  When rules are changed for Metiria Turei to speak you know those extending the pleasure are an extremist bunch of nutters belonging on a list with Destiny Church.

McCarten has gone all whiny again about the sacking of Kate Wilkinson and a guy I have already forgotten. Phil? The guy who John Key  stuck his neck out for before.

Given they only got told about it hours before their dear leader gratuitously humiliated them revealed something ugly in Key’s psychological makeup.  Read more »

Poseur Alert – Turia smacks out Shearer for being a “poser”

Tariana Turia has not taken much time at all to sledge out David Shearer for attempting to cuddle up to the Exclusive Bro-thren aka Ratana.

Labour leader David Shearer has said he will gun for the Maori Party electorate seats next year, exploiting the uncertainty in the party – but co-leader Tariana Turia has retaliated, saying Mr Shearer was a poser and Maori people would see right through him.

…  Read more »

If not the Greens then who? And for what?

Yesterday I was contacted by a Greens spokeperson who categorically denied that the Greens were involved in the sneaky job posted on Seek and Trademe that Keeping Stock highlighted.

I accept their assurances that this isn’t them.

Though it does raise the question as to who it might be and what is the cause that requires so much sneakiness.

Could it be Colin Craig and his campaign against Marriage Equality..or someother anti group associated with that?

Or perhaps a Tobacco company lobbying against plain packaging?

Or even the Exclusive Brethren involving themselves again?

At least they aren’t The Brethren

It’s nice to see that Labour politicians don’t hate all religions.

Local politicians, volunteers and members of the Christchurch chapter of the Church of God have worked together to help tidy up their earthquake-hit community.

Pastor James Kim said yesterday’s event was part of an annual environmental cleanup day, which also aimed to help lift the spirits of residents who had been troubled by the earthquakes.

About 80 volunteers tackled litter, mowed lawns at abandoned homes and cleared silt along New Brighton Rd.

Six local politicians also joined the working bee, which was “really great encouragement and inspiration”, Kim said.

“It’s good to take action, even if it’s just a little step.”

Good on Lianne Dalziel for doing god’s work with some fundies. It is a little different from what she has had to say about the Exclusive Brethren in times past:

Then we had the disgraceful actions of the Exclusive Brethren, which not only sought to discredit the Government of the day, and the Green Party, in targeted brochures that failed…

Green Vandals still at it

There has been more Green party-linked hoarding attacks last night in West Auckland.

Despite being busted and Russel Norman fessing up in the face of the evidence released on this blog they have not stopped.

National should lay complaints formerly with the Police and with the Electoral Commission.

Russel Norman’s executive assistant was donkey deep involved in this she needs to assist Police in identifying all the green operatives behind the continued vandalism.

I wonder too if Parliamentary Services needs to be involved to ascertain that their email servers weren’t used to facilitate this orchestrated, corrdinated nationawide attack on National’s billboards.

The Green party and the media went after the Exclusive Brethren and tracked down the printers and obtained invoices, why are they not doing the same here. Seems they are more interested in whether or not John Banks called Don Brash a “strange fellow” or not.

Meanwhile wanton, organised, expensive vandalism is being perpetrated but 50 or so green aligned activists with little or no media scrutiny.

The Shield of Sanctimony will not Protect the Greens, Ctd

Russel Norman is pleading ignorance of the machinations of his EA. Despite the evidence that this was being planned several months ago.

I wonder though if he isn’t being just a wee bit too sanctimonious in his grovelling.

The stickers used has slogans like “Drill It!”, “Mine it!”, Sell it!”.

Eeerily similar to what Meteria Turei tweeted last week:

That's what i read @ havent seen the NatParty enviro policy bt assume its just one page with "FUCK IT" written on the middle #Votenz
Metiria Turei

Russel Norman is using plausible deniability in his excuse making but I’m not sure I believe him.

The Greens got upset in 2005 when the Exclusive Brethren organised and distributed pamphlets. They authorised their pamphlets though. The Greens activists did no such thing. Back in 2005 Don Brash was asked if he knew anything about the campaign, he denied knowing anything.

Has Russel Norman had his Don Brash moment? Is it really believable that he didn’t know anything about this campaign when his executive assistant was front and centre involved in organising this attack on national’s billboards? There were more than 50 activists involved in this. It was on a scale far larger than the Brethren and the 6 or so men involved in that. It isn’t conceivable that senior Greens didn’t know about his.

I think there are many more questions to be answered by the Green party.

I can’t wait until someone tracks down the printer of the stickers and pulls the invoice.

Would she comment on the Brethren?

Annette King is suddenly all tolerant when Shane Jones and a few other MPs spoke at Destiny Church’s meeting at the weekend.

Asked about Mr Jones’ attendance at the conference, Labour deputy leader Annette King said MPs were allowed to go most places.

“I haven’t really got a comment to make whether he went to Destiny Church, Catholic church, to Presbyterian church or no church.”

She had no comment about Destiny Church’s views.

She does however have numerous views on whether or not people can make appointments or meet with the Exclusive Brethren

General Debate 10 Sep 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING … in my diary, so I just went. I saw him. I am not quite sure who set it up.” John Key also said exactly that about the Exclusive Brethren. He said the Exclusive Brethren had an appointment in his diary, he did not know who set it up, and he does not even …

Imprest Supply Debate 6 Aug 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING … flops, his lack of principles, his memory loss, his confused statements, his insecurity, his secret dealings with the Exclusive Brethren, and his own comment about the stealing of emails from Don Brash’s office, which he tried to blame on the Labour Party?…

General Debate 21 May 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING … in New Zealand. It is an agenda that would see a return to the master-servant relationship that was promised to the Exclusive Brethren in 2005. Already we have National members of Parliament going around speaking to business groups and telling them that …

Electoral Finance Bill – In Committee 11 Dec 2007

Hon ANNETTE KING … may have had a different result. They were not prepared to own up. In fact, Mr Brash could not remember meeting the Exclusive Brethren. John Key still does not remember receiving the email about the money that was being spent. Is it not amazing that he …

General Debate 16 May 2007

Hon ANNETTE KING … has had to own up. That man was a former police officer in Dunedin. He is the same man who was employed by the Exclusive Brethren to dig up dirt on the Prime Minister and on Labour MPs and their families. He is a proven liar. Wayne Idour lied to …

Political Funding—Sources 24 Jul 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING … and now there is no accountability as to where that money came from, what trust it came from, whether it was from the Exclusive Brethren, or whether it was from the fishing industry, the insurance industry, or the tobacco industry. The money went into the …

Hon ANNETTE KING … vehicle it is—controlled and managed by Mr Browne, along with Mr McCully, to hide its donations from people like the Exclusive Brethren. I think any questions about the Spencer Trust would have to be directed to New Zealand First.

Election Advertising—Political Party Logos 24 Jun 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING … it has to say where its money comes from, and it has to declare whether the money comes from its big backers like the Exclusive Brethren. That is what National does not like.

Electoral Finance Act—Election Advertising 6 Mar 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING I think the issue of putting proper addresses on authorisation came out of theExclusive Brethren pamphlets, where addresses at which no one lived were put on. Fake addresses were put on, and the National Party …

Hon ANNETTE KING No, I have not received any advice on that, but it is a very interesting idea, and, obviously, I think the Exclusive Brethren—

Hon ANNETTE KING … to do it. In response to the question, I say that no, I have not received any advice on that, but I would say to the Exclusive Brethren that if they are planning the sort of campaign they had last year, they too ought to get advice from the Electoral …

Electoral Finance Bill—Interpretation of Clause 80(d) 6 Dec 2007

Hon ANNETTE KING I think my colleague is right—not the Exclusive Brethren.

Another classic case of weapons grade hypocrisy from Annette King. Every other denomination in new Zealand is fine for Labour MPs to meet but not the Exclusive Brethren. For them Annette King and Labour reserve nothing but denigration and abuse.

They are despicable hypocrites.