Stop shitting in the water and half of this bludger’s problems are solved

A bludger, for that is what he is, is still trying to use the NZ court system to evade extradition.

Perhaps Kim Dotcom is his legal advisor.

A Kiribati man seeking to become the world’s first climate change refugee plans to file an appeal to New Zealand’s Supreme Court, his lawyer says.

Ioane Teitiota would argue that his family’s health is at risk if they return to low-lying Kiribati, which suffers from rising sea levels and water supplies that are contaminated by salt and sewage.

Teitiota overstayed his New Zealand visa and is fighting to stay in the country with his wife Erika and three New Zealand-born children.   Read more »

Kim Dotcom handed another delay for extradition hearing

Kim Dotcom and three of his Megaupload associates have had their extradition hearing date delayed.

A decision released by Justice Katz today said the hearing date, set for June 2, was to be adjourned until after September 1.

The group, who were arrested here in January 2012, applied to delay the June date on the grounds they needed more time to prepare.

Don’t worry about it.  By then, they’ll fire their lawyers again.

Dotcom’s got more tricks than a K’Rd pro.

If the hearing is held in 2015, it will be a miracle.  And even if it is held in 2015, I wonder now many layers of appeal he has available to him.

Deportation for lying on his permanent residence application is starting to look pretty good now.   Read more »

How are Sepuloni and Dotcom linked? NZ Herald manages

The benefit fraud case involving Beverly Sepuloni attracted attention for obvious reasons. She is the mother of Carmel Sepuloni, Labour’s social development spokeswoman.

The party’s leader, Andrew Little, appreciated the situation and stood the MP down from that role because of the possible perception of a conflict of interest.

So far, so standard. But a whole new slant was put on this media attention when Judge Chris Sygrove decided it was reason enough to reduce Sepuloni’s sentence by three months.

He noted that her case was unlike most benefit cases with which he dealt, which flew under the “press radar”.

As much is true, and both Sepuloni and her daughter have paid a price for that. Read more »

Oh man, the schadenfreude (and I love that the word is German)


Ernesto at Torrentfreak reports

The U.S. Government has won its civil forfeiture case against Megaupload and Kim Dotcom. As a result, the U.S. now owns Kim Dotcom’s bank accounts, cars, art and other property worth dozens of millions of dollars. Megaupload’s founder describes the ruling as unjust and says his team will file an appeal at a higher court.

Following the 2012 raid on Megaupload and Kim Dotcom, U.S. and New Zealand authorities seized millions of dollars in cash and other property. Read more »

Kim Dotcom won’t man up, seeking further delays

The fat German crook is seeking yet more delays for his extradition hearing.

He reckons he needs more time…despite having three long years to prepare.

NBR reports:

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer, Ron Mansfield, says the internet entrepreneur needs more time to prepare for extradition proceedings brought by the US government.

The internet party founder returned to the Auckland District Court today to ask Judge Nevin Dawson for his extradition hearing to be moved from June to October this year.

Mr Dotcom is waiting for High Court judge Justice Patricia Courtney to make a decision on whether further funds can be unfrozen on legal costs and living expenses.

Mr Mansfield says the legal team does not even have the money to ”uplift” or transfer the file from former solicitors Simpson Grierson. That firm which dropped Mr Dotcom in November last year, is still owed $2 million.     Read more »

She said, he said, she said

via 3 News

via 3 News

She believed Dotcom’s claims that his involvement with the Internet Mana party would eventually relieve the family of his threat of extradition, she said.

“At the end I was fine with it because Kim explained to me how this Internet Party would benefit us and the kids because it would help him with his political issues,” she said.

– Auckland now

Read more »

So, Kim Dotcom, where are we at?

I'm coming to steal your democracy

You dumb arsed farmers haven’t been able to get rid of me yet

Ars Technica have provided a useful summary of where we got to where Kim is today, and what is likely to happen from here on in:

Since the Megaupload raid and Dotcom’s arrest, the United States has filed a formal extradition request with Crown Law (New Zealand prosecutors, who act here as agents of the US) to get him across the Pacific. US prosecutors want Dotcom to appear before a federal judge in Virginia where the case was filed. So why is he still in New Zealand?

In short, Dotcom’s legal team has done a fantastic job of defending their client. His lawyers have thrown wrench after wrench into the legal process, appealing at nearly every turn and challenging the validity of the warrant executed upon the Dotcom estate.

The man whom New Zealand authorities dubbed “Billy Big Steps” has won some intermediate victories along the way, including recently defeating a bid to get him thrown back in jail. In September 2012, the New Zealand Prime Minister even apologized for the government’s illegal spying on Dotcom. Read more »

Catholic, pedo, scumbag rots in jail for Christmas

Bernard McGrath is in Sydney and has appeared before the Magistrate, who refused him bail.

He will be enjoying Christmas behind bars.

A former Catholic brother extradited from New Zealand to Australia to face hundreds of child sexual abuse charges has been refused bail in a Sydney court.

Bernard McGrath, 66, is in Australia after a legal bid to block his extradition failed in New Zealand’s highest court earlier this month.

Today, his matter was mentioned at Parramatta Local Court.   Read more »

Is extradition to Germany actually Kim Dotcom’s card get out of jail free card?


There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Kim Dotcom may be extradited if his residency is revoked for lying on his application.

There is also debate about where he would be sent to.

Some say Hong Kong as that is where he moved from to live in New Zealand….or to Germany…or to Finland….he holds passports in both of the latter jurisdictions.

Then you have to query David ‘Tainted’ Fisher’s expose…surely he knew about this already when he launched his dictated hagiography that he tried (and failed) to claim was work of journalism.

Could it perhaps be that ‘Tainted’ Fisher wrote the article to actually assist Kim Dotcom escaping justice by fleeing back to Germany?    Read more »

Time to twist the knife some more

Hamish Rutherford thinks it’s a good idea to push Judith Collins into the mud and grind her face down some more.  All based on an email that didn’t even come from the Dirty Politics book.  And Collins will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Two former National ministers have gone right to the back of the class, among just four in the 60 strong caucus earning the basic MP’s salary.

Following the first week of Parliament, 56 of National’s MPs have been made either ministers, whips, speakers, chairs or deputy chairs of select committees.

All of those roles come with additional pay, from the $4600 extra paid to select committee deputy chairs, to the extra $280,700 paid to Prime Minister John Key.

But Judith Collins and Maurice Williamson, who were both ministers earlier this year, now earn the basic MP’s salary of $147,800, along with newcomers Parmjeet Parmar and Todd Barclay, 24.

Barclay, the baby of the House, was not born until Williamson had been an MP for almost three years. When Barclay joined Bill English’s office as a junior official, Judith Collins was Police Minister. Read more »