Armstrong on Circe du Dotcomme

You can’t fool John.  He’s seen more than most, and with Dotcom he sees right through it

To help the left remove John Key, the internet mogul has to attract voters that are beyond the reach of Labour and the Greens. Indeed, the best chance for the Internet Party to establish itself as a viable political force and (eventually) get anywhere near the 5 per cent threshold is to position itself in the centre of the political spectrum or slightly to the right, just like New Zealand First, but targeting a much younger catchment of voters.

While Dotcom’s persona can be used to make the introductions, if the Internet Party is to secure votes it has to convince voters that it is much bigger than its founder — and that it will not fold the moment he and the party’s main source of income move offshore through being extradited to the United States to face trial.

If it cannot do so, the party will be deemed to be nothing more than an expensive ego trip by a political neophyte who thinks he can buy his way into Parliament even if only on a surrogate basis. As it is, the Internet Party risks being viewed as little more than a personality cult. The onus is on its founder and high-powered staff members to prove otherwise.

Truth is this is a terrible time to launch a new political party.

Kim doesn’t have a choice.  The extradition clock is ticking.   Read more »

Convicted paedo fighting extradition roaming free in Christchurch

Bernard McGrath, enjoying a Christchurch food court while awaiting a decision on his extradition to face 252 charges for sexual offending against boys

Bernard McGrath, enjoying a Christchurch food court while awaiting a decision on his extradition to face 252 charges for sexual offending against boys

A convicted paedophile fighting extradition on 252 charges against boys and young adults is still roaming loose in Christchurch while his extradition decision winds through the process.

This photo was taken at the upper food court area at Westfield Mall Riccarton on Friday. It is Brother Bernard McGrath, formerly of St John of God (Residential Facility) Halswell.

He is currently fighting extradition to NSW on 252 charges against boys and young adults.

In January TV3 reported on the status of his extradition process.

A decision over whether former Catholic Brother Bernard McGrath will be extradited to Australia to face historical sex abuse charges has been delayed yet again.

McGrath, 65, is wanted in Australia on 252 charges against boys and young adults. It is alleged he raped, abused and molested his victims over several decades while working for the church in New South Wales.

In the Christchurch District Court this morning, Judge Jane Farish ruled the decision should be considered by the Minister of Justice.   Read more »

Not Kim Dotcom’s week

Yesterday he tweeted



Just now:



Oh well.   Read more »

“Kim Dotcom is making a mockery of the big decision we have to make later this year”

kim dotcom

Mathew Hooton pops up in Metro:

Remember Giovanni di Stefano?

In 1990, the Italian wide boy became a local superstar, with his exotic name, beautiful wife, intriguing backstory and apparently unlimited funds to invest in property. The media and the property industry lapped it all up and he ended up owning a number of properties, including the Royal Oak Mall.

Kim Dotcom is not the same as di Stefano.

For one thing, he actually does have significant wealth. For another, in the internet age, he is not as mysterious. We have known from the outset that he has been convicted of crimes including computer fraud, data espionage, embezzlement and insider trading.   Read more »

Mike Hosking on Kim Dotcom and his cowardice

Mike Hosking sums up the past week for Kim Dotcom and especially his Appeal Court loss.

I think I am right in saying that the Court of Appeal’s decision in the Dotcom search warrant case is the first major legal setback Dotcom has had.

Say what you what about Dotcom and his presence here, each time he’s gone to court in his larger extradition case he seems to have walked away with something, one of the biggest and earliest prizes being the fact that the High Court found the warrant for the raid was invalid. The significance of that being if the raid wasn’t legal, how can anything that follows on from it be legal either.

This was a massive blow for the Crown, not least of which because it made them look like a bunch of fools that had little if any clue as to what they were doing. And even with yesterday’s decision there are still serious question marks over their level of competence. The mere fact they made the initial mistake over whether he was a local or a foreigner and therefore which agency should be spying on him (although materially to someone like me is not significant) was a fundamental error and painted an early picture of a keystone cop-type operation.

Also in the decision yesterday was the fact some of the stuff seized wasn’t supposed to have been taken. So although the Crown wins this one, it doesn’t win it outright.

But the big deal would seem to be in winning the substantive part (i.e. the warrant was valid), that puts the whole case from the Crown’s point of view back in play, whereas previously you wondered where it went next.

The clones sent to the US have not been used so far in the indictment document requesting his extradition…and are unlikely to. Dotcom knows he will be extradited, but his cowardice means he is playing for time. He certainly isn’t the freedom fighter he makes out he is.

What I think has been largely forgotten in all of this is that we are dealing with a very serious matter, the detail of which has been somewhat derailed due to the afore mentioned mess made by various state agencies and the fact many a politician has leapt on the bandwagon and try to pin it all on the Government being in bed with the Amercians who are pulling their strings.

I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories and I think we live in a free and honest country where the state agencies operate with a clean slate and a straight bat. That’s why Russel Norman’s promise of blocking Dotcom’s extradition, if it goes that far, is an unbelievably dangerous thing to do.

I have always argued, fine detail and minutiae aside, if Dotcom has nothing to hide and he’s clean as a whistle, why is he fighting so hard not to get back into America, front up in court, put the case in front of the judge and get the not guilty verdict he would presumably so rightly deserve? Why is he so desperate to stay and not face those charges? It’s not unlike Shane Jones and his parliamentary privilege protection. If you’re right, your right and the truth always wins.

Dotcom has had his life turned upside down. He’s out of cash – there are people chasing him for money all over the place and he says he can’t pay them. His life is an uncertain world of lawyers, appeals and court rooms.

If you have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, if you’re clean, free and innocent, why aren’t you banging down every door to get that view rubber stamped so you can get on with your life?

Dotcom should get on  a plane and go and clear his name rather than play silly buggers trying to have the entire case heard here…he won’t because he is a coward and playing the freedom fighter card. But he is nothing like his own hero, he at least wrote his own books (even though he started by dictating to an associate) …not dictated them to a compliant journalist.

He should just get on a plane and go face the charges he says he is innocent of…you fight charges in court not on television…he will and must eventually turn up in court. It is only a matter of time.

Map of the Day – Places Kim Dotcom can’t run to

So Kim likes the Map of the Day? …he might not like this map.


This map is all of the countries that US has extradition treaties with.  Read more »

Russel Norman has a brain fade over secret Dotcom meetings

On top of that John Armstrong writes about the unfolding political corruption scandal surround the machinations of a fat German crook to avoid prosecution for his crimes.

The Greens are the dirtiest party in NZ politics.

Collusion with law breakers and fraudsters for their electoral gain is nothing new.

It’s a pity John Armstrong can’t see it. But he’s getting closer:

It is bad enough that the Greens are naive enough to sign up to the fan club which accords Kim Dotcom the folk hero status he clearly craves, but scarcely deserves as some modern-day Robin Hood of cyberspace.

Much worse, however, is that it now turns out that party is blithely willing to play politics with New Zealand’s courts, the country’s extradition laws and its extradition treaty with the United States.

Were John Key to allow some right-wing businessman facing extradition to stay in New Zealand in exchange for him abandoning his plans to establish a political party which might drain votes off National, then the Greens would be climbing on their high horses at break-neck speed and leading the charge in slamming the Prime Minister in no uncertain terms. And rightly so.

Yet the Greens seem to be so blinded by Dotcom’s aura that they seem to see nothing wrong with Russel Norman talking to Dotcom about the risks of the latter’s yet-to-be-launched Internet Party wasting centre-left votes, only for the party’s co-leader to subsequently declare that the Greens will probably fight Dotcom’s extradition.

It is all very murky and hypocritical – at best.  Read more »

Perverting the course of justice?


Labour and the Greens, together with Kim Dotcom look like they are perverting the course of justice and in the process tearing up our international treaties with discussions over whether or not they would allow the extradition of a Fat German crook to the US.

Patrick Gower doesn’t say as much but he comments on their willingness to politically meddle with our justice system.

So now it is becoming clear why Kim Dotcom wants a change of Government so badly – Labour and the Greens could stop his extradition.

Yes, it is that simple: a Labour/Green Government could save Dotcom’s bacon.

Because under the Extradition Act, the Government of the day’s Justice Minister has the final say on whether someone stays or goes.

It doesn’t matter what the courts find, the Justice Minister can stop one “for any reason”.

The Extradition Act 1999 says the Justice Minister can say no “for any other reason the Minister considers that the person should not be surrendered”.

So Dotcom has a final get-out clause should he lose the extradition hearing.

Now a John Key-led National Government, with Judith Collins as Justice Minister, will obviously sign off an extradition as quick as you can say “Crusher”.

But a Labour-Green Government would potentially be a different story – they are at least open to it.

Yesterday, we asked David Cunliffe and Russel Norman.  Read more »

Dodgy Catholic ratbag up for extradition

In an example of how extradition hearings go, a Catholic ratbag is having his appeal heard against his extradition to Australia.

A former Catholic brother today has an appeal hearing against a judge’s decision to have him extradited to Australia to face 252 sexual abuse charges.

The Commonwealth of Australia want Bernard Kevin McGrath, 65, extradited from New Zealand to face allegations he raped, molested and abused dozens of young boys at church-run institutions in New South Wales over several decades.

They launched the extradition process last November.  Read more »

DotCon Toadies


It’s got to be a first for Parliament, where the leaders of the main Opposition Parties fall over themselves to be associated with a fraudster a conman, and a man wanted for extradition to the US.

But so it came to pass yesterday that David Shearer and Russel Norman were falling over each other to ingratiate themselves with the wanted German pirate Kim DotCon.  Read more »