And he was registered

I sometimes wonder if the teaching profession might avoid their long parade of sickos before the courts and the Teacher’s Council is they simply recruited Catholic priests.

Another registered teacher has been preying on his students.

The teacher unions main opposition to charter schools along with the Labour party is that there is no recommendation for teachers to be registered, supposedly it is to protect the kids.

Registration certainly worked well in protecting two teenagers from this sicko.

A maths teacher sacked for inappropriate relationships with female students has continued to contact one of the girls over Facebook.

Former Ashburton College teacher Michael Burrell-Smith had his teaching registration cancelled for his behaviour toward two 16-year-olds before he left in April 2013.

Just-released New Zealand Teachers’ Council disciplinary tribunal findings said the girls suffered emotionally from their dealings with Burrell-Smith, who was then a 24-year-old maths teacher.

His “serious misconduct” included late-night conversations and telling one of the girls, whose names are suppressed, that he loved her and she was “gorgeous”, the tribunal found.

According to his Facebook profile, Burrell-Smith now lives in Canada. Yet he has continued to contact one of the complainants.

The girl, now 17, said Burrell-Smith sent her a private Facebook message last week.

She replied and told him he should not be contacting her and to leave her alone. He sent a long message back saying he still had feelings for her, she said.

She felt he blamed her for losing his job at the college and, later, another job at Mt Hutt Ski Area.

The skifield dismissed Burrell-Smith after learning of the allegations.

“He pretty much pinned it down on me and said it was my fault at the end of the day,” she said.

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I bet he didn’t say he wanted name suppression so he didn’t appear in the NZ Herald


I love this article in the Manawatu Standard.

People want name suppression so they don’t appear on¬†WOBH.

I bet he didn’t say he¬†wanted name suppression so he didn’t appear in the¬†NZ Herald.<

Or on radio.

Or on TV.

A man accused of possessing objectionable material has been given name suppression, after concerns were raised that he could be targeted by Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater .

The suppression argument, which was heard today and last Friday in the Palmerston North District Court, revolved around what Judge Stephanie Edwards described as a “protracted” case stretching back nearly three years.

The man had interim name suppression orders rolled over after each court appearance, but an order had not been properly made on the two charges he faces, the judge said.

The man has pleaded not guilty to those charges, and elected trial by jury.

During the argument, defence lawyer Fergus Steedman said he had seen the man at various states of distress during proceedings.

“I know full well what a catastrophic effect publication will have.”

Steedman said the man would likely be targeted by Slater if named, which would have an effect on both the man’s health and his fair trial rights.

The judge gave the man name suppression today, after deciding naming him before the case was resolved could unfairly influence jury members.

The jury members were unlikely to understand some of the steps which had taken place for the case to get to where it was now, she said.

The judge also said naming him before the case was resolved would cause extreme hardship to him and people he knew. ¬† ¬† Read more »

BAN Giovanni Tiso

ban-youre-banned1Brothers and sisters of the right, it is time to break out your banners and placards as there is someone with a different political view to ours who must be silenced. We must boycott any and all organisations and businesses that give Giovanni Tiso oxygen, as his vile, toxic ideas must be purged from social media as well as the MSM.

He must not be allowed to fund his controversial rants by being self employed. To kill the snake we must first cut off its head and in the case of this attack blogger we must go after his source of money. If he is employed we must boycott his employer for daring to employ such filth. If he is self employed we must harass his clients so that they will not associate with such vile views.

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Oh the irony, it hurts

There is a Facebook group where over 2000 journalists of any and all persuasions gather to talk about journalism. ¬†Full disclosure, I left before the council that convened to discuss throwing me out could complete. ¬†After all, I’m a curse to their profession and as the subject of Dirty Politics I was to be run out of town.

It is in this place that I found the following


I’m going to let that sink in a little for you. ¬†Here is a journalist, asking other journalist, what they think about content from a public Facebook page being used without their permission by others. Read more »


Another registered teacher in trouble

Labour and the teacher unions oppose charter schools because they say the lack of a requirement for teachers to be registered puts kids at risk.

Today yet another teacher is under investigation for untoward behaviour with students.

A female physical education teacher at an Auckland high school is on sick leave after she was accused of favouritism towards at least one teenage boy.

As a result of the allegations, the high school is remarking a year of internal NCEA grades for the teacher’s Year 13 class, prompting concern among parents and students some grades will go down.

The teacher, who the Herald has chosen not to name, has been on extended sick leave since the allegations surfaced last month. ¬† ¬† Read more »


A word of warning for fools who hate on their former bosses and blab it all over social media

Some people have gone to town on social media, joining in on¬†the¬†kicking of Roger Sutton. You’d have to wonder they have remained silent for so long but only come out of the woodwork now one of their media pals is having a larrup. Probably because they were protecting lucrative troughing contracts at the taxpayers considerable expense flying in and out of Christchurch to share their pearls of PR wisdom.

That course of action though might well be fraught with danger after a recent Employment Court ruling.=

Employees are being warned not to air dirty laundry about their bosses on social media – even after leaving a job – after a former oil company employee was ordered to pay more than $2500 for making disparaging remarks on Facebook.

The case before the Employment Relations Authority has prompted a call for caution from a top Wellington employment law specialist.

The authority heard that in May last year Kristel McLeod received a “substantial” settlement during an employment dispute with Kea Petroleum Holdings Ltd.

In return, she signed an agreement that she would never speak disparagingly of the company or its officers, the authority said.

Kea is an oil and gas exploration company, which has offices in New Plymouth, Wellington and London. ¬†¬† Read more »

A Terrible Result for Labour

The Leadership election result is absolutely terrible for Labour.

Andrew Little only just beat Grant Robertson, 50.52% to 49.48%.

Andrew Little does not have a mandate.

He only got the support of 4 other caucus members in the first round. So 27 members of caucus ranked him second or worse.

Caucus % Actual
Little 15.63% 5
Mahuta 18.75% 6
Parker 21.88% 7
Robertson 43.75% 14

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So after years of whinging about gambling what does a Labour leader hopeful do?

Grant Robertson has banged on about gambling for ages, attacking constantly the Sky City convention centre deal.

He is even in Hansard railing about gambling and gambling harm.

What is his response to Major Campbell Roberts, from the Salvation Army, who said that the proposed legislation cancels out any benefits, that the harm minimisation measures allowed for in the legislation are a joke, that they are neither robust nor effective, and that they do not represent any significant improvement on the current ineffective practices of Skycity Casino, which are already failing to reduce gambling harm? What is his response to Campbell Roberts’ comments?

Yet around rolls the Melbourne Cup and what is Grant Robertson doing?

That’s right being a hypocrite and flaunting his gambling stubs from the TAB.

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Don’t worry no one ever gets prosecuted for Electoral offences

There are a whole lot of people up in arms over the referral of some sports stars by the Electoral Commission to police for breaches of the Electoral Act.

The Commission has  referred 26 incidents to police.

The Electoral Commission has confirmed it has referred former All Black Jonah Lomu, current All Black Israel Dagg and Olympic champion rower Eric Murray to police for tweets sent on election day supporting the National Party. All three tweets have since been deleted.

The commission says it has referred 26 incidents to police in response to complaints about comments made on social media on election day.

That included 13 incidents involving people sharing an election day video featuring John Key and a Vote National Party message, it said.

Under electoral law it is illegal to campaign on an election day, a prohibition which covers the publishing or broadcasting of anything intended to influence votes. ¬† Read more »

Finally someone addresses the elephant in the room for the left wing

Philip Matthews is a Twitter troll, and a journalist. He is a lot like John Drinnan, just with a smaller newspaper to bleat on it.

His constant harping and screeching about Dirty Politics led me to block him, he like many journalists think Twitter is the real world. He still misses the point of Dirty Politics. It was an attempt to silence, in my case permanently, opposing political voices.

Nonetheless he has written an article in the DomPost addressing the elephant in the room…the left wings very own dirty politics brigade (but without the influence or relevance).

The left wing mistook Twitter and blogging for the real world, and failed in their attempts to get me.

But are they part of the problem rather than the solution….after all Martyn Martin Bradbury established The Daily Blog with union funding to be “a Whaleoil killer”…and failed. He never even got close to his stated goal of a million pagewiews a month before the election.

In a parallel universe, David Cunliffe is the prime minister of New Zealand presiding over a Labour-NZ First minority government in a happy arrangement with the Green Party. Internet Mana, backed by German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has a few MPs in Parliament, including veteran activist Hone Harawira.

ACT is already history and former Prime Minister John Key has taken a long holiday in Hawaii.

Wake up. The Left was soundly defeated in the 2014 election.

“I think it’s fair to say we haven’t had dreams in colour since September 20,” says Left-wing activist and blogger Martyn Bradbury.

He freely admits he got it horribly wrong. That was his election prediction above. He “didn’t consider for one moment” that voters would rally to National and that high levels of early voting meant that New Zealanders were backing Key.

Instead, Labour had its worst result since 1922, the Greens slipped below their 2011 peak and Harawira is out of Parliament. “Despondent” is a good word to describe how those on the Left feel.

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