More on yesterday’s Pimping the Poor story

Nils and Cindy Bridson, Hamilton bludgers  Photo/ Facebook

Nils and Cindy Bridson, Hamilton bludgers Photo/ Facebook

Yesterday we looked into the latest Pimping the Poor from Fairfax.

And it touched a raw nerve with a friend of the dimwitted journalist who fell for the sad-faced drop-kicks who cried poverty.

Just to re-cap, Nils Bridson and his missus Cindy are crying poverty because they live in a house, can’t pay the rates, have multiple dogs, owe thousands in other undisclosed debts, don’t pay their power bills, or it seems any other bills and now have their hand out for taxpayers to save them yet again.

These people, simply put are too stupid to be allowed a house of their own.

To cap that off  they tout themselves on LinkedIn as business consultants.


In short there is no redeeming feature of this couple to engender any sympathy…if they want some they can find it in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis.

But that is not all there is to the story of this hapless and bewildered couple who it seems run off to the media for sad-face pictures at the drop of the hat.   Read more »

As usual, pimping the poor and telling half the story [UPDATED]

Nils Bridson is troubled by his financial situation.

He leans back in his chair and nervously fidgets while his wife Cindy does most of the talking. And crying.

The couple should, by rights, be sitting pretty. They both set themselves up with assets. They worked hard. And if life hadn’t rippled the way it did, they would be fine.

But now Nils can’t afford to fix the broken window in the lounge, or repaint its flaking frame. The pension, plus a small handful of other government support, is all they have.

The retired dairy farmer, who is the son of a war hero, has lost much of what he had when his first marriage ended.

Cindy was married to a gambler, whose losses chewed up the bulk of her equity. She’s now too ill with arthritis to work. And if she did, she’d lose some of her support.

“This is not, as Kiwis, what we have signed up for,” she said. “I’m profoundly shocked at how hard retirement can be.”

Nils Bridson collects the pension, while Cindy gets the pension, a disability allowance, accommodation supplement, and temporary additional support.

Based on a Superannuation Payment Summary dated August 26, the Bridsons get a combined income of $1342.90 in the hand each fortnight from Work and Income. That’s after deductions for advance payments and a power bill Work and Income covered once.

1342.90 in the hand per fortnight is a total of $34,915.40 per year after tax.  Compare that to minimum wage, which is $29,640.00 per year before tax.   And it’s paying off a debt that Work and Income took care of.   But that’s not the end of it.   Read more »

Dumb & Dumber fired after video of their exploits posted on Facebook

People are stupid.

They really are…especially these two fools.

Two New Plymouth men have lost their jobs after some bird-brained conveyor belt antics backfired at Tegel Foods.

The workers were fired for riding the company’s conveyor belt while some of the plant’s machinery was undergoing maintenance, one of the men said.

Kaleb Parkinson, 21, posted a video on his Facebook page of what happened.

He and his co-worker were caught after a person saw the video on Facebook and reported the incident, he said.

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Is this the civil society you were talking about Curwen?

Curwen Rollinson is a NZ First activist and former board member, he is also an arch socialist who like to dress in 1940s army clothes.

He writes occaisonal TL;DR rants at The Daily Blog, and today has a post about creating a “civil society”.

I’ve read it so you don’t have to, but here is his main thrust:

It’s my contention that just as civil society was able to propel environmentalism along with widespread concern for privacy rights and opposition to mass surveillance into the political limelight previously; there’s now a present need and vacancy for civil society to do something similar with economic nationalism.

Preaching about a “civil society”…hmmm, civil like this?

Is this the civil society that Curwen Rollison wants?

Is this the civil society that Curwen Rollinson wants?

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Tim MacIndoe forgets to thank Sue Moroney


The final election results have just been announced and I’m very grateful to the voters of Hamilton West for re-electing me for a further term. It’s heartening to have again secured an increased majority – now 5,784 (up from 4,418 in 2011, and 1,618 when I was first elected in 2008). Huge thanks are due to my excellent and very hard-working Campaign Commitee, Electorate Executive and other members of the local election team. No candidate could have been better supported and I am deeply grateful to you all. I’ll do my best to justify your faith and to work as hard as I can for my constituents and our great city over the next three years.

Tim Macindoe is known as a true gentleman.  Read more »

The social media election? Yeah, Nah


Callum Valentine – Social Media “genius”

This election was billed as the social media election by  many pundits, and some political parties.

The Internet party in particular banked their success on social media.

Kim Dotcom and his little band of failures including Callum Valentine, a supposed social media genius, all told us that their much vaunted apps would secure them victory.

They also told us that their masses of Facebook likes and Twitter followers were going to get them over the line.

They were wrong.

Matthew Beveridge even had an entire blog devoted to analysing and writing about the social media election. He was wrong too.

Matthew has written a blog post about the effects of social media, where he finally cottons on to what I have been saying for a very long time.

I am a huge fan of social media. I love how it allows candidates, MPs and parties to talk directly to voters. I love how it allows people, who would never otherwise meet, to interact with each other and to learn from each other. But it has its limitations. It is very much a self selecting environment. It is incredibly easy to end up with a timeline that is nothing but an echo chamber.

For a number of people on the left, and even some parties on the left. I have a feel this is what has happened. They have seen all the talk about how it is time to change the government. About how the media is biased. How about dirty politics will resonate with the electorate. As well as about many other issues. But they forget that social media in general, and Twitter in particular, are not accurate representations of the rest of the electorate. I blogged earlier about how when dirty politics was being talked about on Twitter, it wasn’t really connecting with the electorate. The articles that were being read on TVNZ, Herald and Stuff were not the ones about dirty politics. They were about the every day things that mattered to, or interested, average voters.

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Some forensic work on @whaledump’s “Facebook” messages

I’ll start with the executive summary, so you can avoid the technobabble:  @whaledump is publishing fake conversations between Judith Collins and Cameron Slater.   I know this for certain.

When I was reading these supposed Facebook chats between Judith and Cameron, one thing immediately struck me:  where is the profanity?

Working closely with Cam, and almost a thousand chat logs (none of them via Facebook, incidentally) to draw on, I looked back over them, and for any that go on for a reasonable length, there is always some stomach cringing statement somewhere.  That’s “our” Cam.   I’ve heard him on the phone with other journos – and they damn well know that he can’t go for two sentences without saying something crude.

Anyone who has dealt with Cameron Slater will know his conversations, written or otherwise , are peppered with sledges, slights and pretty nasty language.  Even in chats with multiple participants, he will call us by derogatory nicknames, or use other ways to have over-the-top blokey type of conversations.   For example, I drive a car not worthy of his respect, and I’m constantly getting hammered for it.

It’s the banter you have when you think you’re talking privately.

All this is completely absent from the forged “Facebook chat logs”.   I don’t know about Judith Collins, I haven’t had any private contact with her (another hint this is a beat up?).  We haven’t even met.   As such, I can’t gauge her “voice” in these logs.

I have “admin” rights to the Whaleoil Facebook page, as I have access to many things to help Cam with the day-to-day chores.   So I decided to pull down the conversation and have a look at it.

It doesn’t exist.   Read more »


“Digitally Savvy”… Fairfax needs someone better than their existing staff

It is pretty simple stuff…to be “digitally savvy”… of course the irony of looking for a digitally savvy intern in a newspaper seems to have escaped them.  Read more »

Face of the day


Butterfly the Geep

What do you get when you cross a goat with a sheep? The answer, of course, is a geep – and there’s one in Arizona who’s melting hearts across the internet.

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Propaganda 105


The message we can take from the political cartoon is that Israel protects its children from Hamas rocket fire into Israel by using its defensive ‘ Iron Dome to shoot down the rockets’ while Hamas protect their rockets and themselves by using Palestinian children as human shields.
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