Watkins blames Key for media publicising his kids

Tracy Watkins has decided that the media fascination with publicising anything John Key’s kids get up to is all his fault.

It is odd that no one has pointed out that this kind of thing is a vote winner in the selfie generation…but then again no one in the gallery would know anything about that.

They must be frustrated that after nearly a decade of trying to undermine Key the public still like him…so journalists like Tracy Watkins and Barry Soper need to target and blame him.

John Key’s enduring appeal to voters has always boiled down to one thing – he is just like them.

That’s why they forgive his goofy moments, and even the really awkward ones, like ponytail-gate.

Everyone makes a dick of themselves occasionally, right?

Yeah including journalists, yet for some reason they never show up in the pages of their own newspapers…yet.

Does Max Key posting videos of the family living the dream in Hawaii with a glamorous girlfriend at his side undermine that? Hardly.

People know John Key is rich. That has always been part of his appeal – the fact that he managed to remain a regular guy despite his rags-to-riches backstory.

And Hawaii is not unattainable. It’s not exactly a budget destination, but plenty of Kiwis holiday there.

Key’s reaction to questions about Max’s video, meanwhile, would resonate with many parents.   Read more »

Roll up Roll up, it’s facebook but not as we know it Jim

A group of Evangelical Christians in Brazil has launched a social network where swearing and erotic content in any form is completely banned.

The creators of Facegloria claim the site has attracted 100,000 members since its launch last month.

There are 600 words which are forbidden on the site and an “Amen” button for expressing appreciation for a post.

The forbidden words are…

I looked but unfortunately it is not in English. However I did find out that on the list of banned content is violence and pornography, swearing and anything that violates biblical principles or depicts or refers to homosexual activity. The site currently has 20 volunteer moderators but I can’t help but wonder if that will be enough given the likelihood of trolls.

…Brazil’s Facegloria is currently only available in Portuguese but other language services and a mobile app are also planned.

…”Our network is global. We have bought the Faceglory domain in English and in all possible languages. We want to take on Facebook and Twitter here and everywhere,” he said.


I only have one question. Who is Gloria?



Tech saves silly tart when a call to 111 would have been faster

A new warrantless phone tracking technology is just fine for SAR, but imagine the howls of disapproval if it was approved for use by the GSCB under warrant.

The lefties who probably use Android phones, or worse Apple phones, and Gmail and all sorts of other tech always moan about the surveillance state but happily store their data with mega companies.

Meanwhile tech saved this silly tart when a call to 111 would have been faster.    Read more »

David Clark doesn’t get it

David Clark is one of those genius politicians who thinks that social media will win it for them.

Consequently he blathers on all day on Facebook and Twitter.

But he just doesn’t get it.

Clark-FB Read more »

The religion of peace in action in Auckland

I wonder if the so-far silent LGBT community over Islamic atrocities against homosexuals will now find their voice to speak out, after the same attitudes have been imported to Auckland.

Or will it be business as usual from the liberals…tolerant of Islam but howls of outrage about anyone else?

A Muslim man repeatedly beat his teenage daughter with an umbrella when he thought she may be gay, and had a photo of a man having his throat cut hung up in the lounge.

The man and his wife – who both have name suppression to protect their children – today pleaded guilty to a raft of child abuse offences when they appeared at Auckland District Court this morning.

He admitted 16 counts of abuse, including hitting and slapping his six children, and striking a child with a horse whip, while his wife pleaded guilty to two counts of assault on a child.

One of his victims was aged just 5 at the time, and another an infant aged 1.

Details of the abuse meted out on the children — all aged under 15 at the time — have been revealed in a summary of facts document, released by Judge Charles Blackie following the court appearance today.

The man, 45, has six children. The woman, 25, is mother to three of them, the eldest of whom is now aged 14. They all lived together in their home in Auckland.  Read more »

Worst Labour slogan ever…after Vote positive

Trevor Mallard posted the latest Labour social media “staring at goats” meme on Facebook.


Note we paid for it…the parliamentary crest tells us that.   Read more »

Never apologise to trolls

I can’t stand it when after some trolling and baiting by left wing ranters a centre right politician reacts and then gets hounded for an apology.

The media chase down the politician and then the fool apologises.

Never apologise to trolls, especially after you gave them a hiding online.

Controversial Auckland Councillor Dick Quax says he regrets a social media outburst where he suggested to a member of the public it may have been better if they were never born.

Quax says he was “too quick off the mark” in responding to a post from a Facebook user who called him a nutter, and later accused him of having a mental breakdown.

The comments were made after Quax posted a link to Facebook in support of the charter school system, to which Josh Phoenix replied saying ‘religious nutcases brainwashing children is not education’.    Read more »


No wonder she keeps losing to Nikki Kaye

Jacinda Ardern has a puff piece written about her in the Marlborough Express.

It is all a bit sick inducing but there is this bit that is interesting.

Speaking with the Express before her talk, Ardern said she had chosen to share lessons she had learnt as a politician using social media in her presentation.

The series of RISE presentations had the theme, ‘Stand out in the world of digital disruption’.

Ardern, who has 26,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook and 32,700 followers on Twitter, said social media was a good way of showing people what makes you tick as a politician.

The time where politicians simply broadcasted their views on political issues had passed, Ardern said.

“People aren’t looking for press statements online – they’re looking for who you are.

“Some of the most popular posts on Facebook aren’t political. They’re pictures of my mother.”   Read more »

The insanity of the left and their propensity towards online bullying

There is an outpouring of anguish from the left after the Tories walloped their best chosen one in the election last Thursday.

They have of course taken to twitter and to Facebook to rampage and rage against anyone who dares speak differently to them.

We see this constantly in New Zealand where Twitter Terrorism is rampant amongst the left who seek to get people sacked, their revenue cut and businesses blackmailed into thinking and acting like them.

This sort of behaviour causes sensible people to quietly abandon platforms like Twitter and talk about other things on Facebook…making analysis of social media in assessing a campaign pointless and wrong.

Lewis Barber explains:

For me, the choice was clear this election but if anything the campaign showed that many Tories were unprepared to espouse their ideals as loudly as a certain strand of the Left do.

So, why is there such hesitancy among Conservative voters to support this record? The simple answer is that for many, particularly students like myself, it is still seen as taboo to support the Conservative Party. F**k Tories signs dotted across university, student unions dominated by the far left – who worry more about solidarity with Peruvian revolutionaries than they do about issues for students on campus – and being called a murderer for expressing  right wing opinions – all combine to make it feel as if the Left has a monopoly on university life.

Nonetheless, nowhere is being a shy Tory more encouraged than on social media, specifically Facebook, where any movement away from the “progressive line” is treated as treason. Tories are seen as inherently bad. Those who support fiscal sensibility are painted as devious or tricksters who have pulled the wool over an electorate made out to be naturally left wing. On an event created to “Stop the Tory Coup” one user claimed the election was “a fix” – and started to organise a protest against the democratic outcome.

After the election such self-righteousness continued. One Facebook user claimed that someone was simply “wrong” when a friend posted he thought Britain had made the right decision. Another Facebook user  claimed the electorate were “simply not ready for someone who knew what they were doing” in reference to the poor showing by Miliband’s party.

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The fixation with digital campaigning

Labour tried in the last two elections in New Zealand, with Trevor Mallard famously claiming they would win the Twitter campaign.

Ed Miliband also had a “good digital campaign strategy” according to the man who has never won a seat, Andrew Little.

But is Twitter and Facebook the be all and end all for campaigning in the modern era.

I don’t think so and have told many aspiring and existing politician as much. They argue about “engagement” and “connecting” and other gay terms like that, and as yet they haven’t said to me after numerous examples to the contrary that I am right and they are wrong. I have even said as much to the one blogger who monitored social media last election here…whose blog is now silent.

So let’s look at the latest election and some facts.

Over the last three months or so, 257 Labour MPs have tweeted, compared with 303 Conservatives. But of the 229 thousand tweets over that time, 49 per cent came from Labour MPs, compared with 31 per cent from the Tories. There may be fewer of them but they’re significantly louder.

Labour MPs are also more mentioned by ordinary Twitter users: 46 per cent of all tweets mentioning an MP mention a Labour member; compared to 36 per cent for the Tories, and a paltry 5 per cent for the Lib Dems (most of which were for Nick Clegg).

Then there’s the ‘hashflags’ (basically a hashtag with a little flag attached, promoted by Twitter itself). Between the 28 April – 5 May, the Labour party hashflag was the most used of all the parties. Around 41 thousand unique users posted the Labour hashflag compared to 27 thousand for UKIP, 15 thousand for Conservative, 10 thousand for Lib Dem and around 8 thousand for the Green Party.   Read more »