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The Australian Christian Lobby is totally gay

The equivalent of our Family First organisation is the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby), they are as intolerant and silly as Family First with their opposition to gay marriage.

Imagine being the child of Lyle Shelton. It must be awful to be brought up among bigotry and intolerance. Imagine what it does to your sense of yourself and of the world around you. I just hope those kids are OK, because, in an ideal world, you wouldn’t let those sorts of people be parents. There really ought to be a law.

Too harsh? You’re probably right. I’ll just tell that to my son, who, by dint of his parents, is unwittingly subjected to this kind of infantile, puerile and facile rubbish every day of his precious life.

Lyle Shelton’s Australian Christian Lobby had this to say in a statement following Kevin Rudd’s repositioning on the subject of same-sex marriage: ”The prime minister who rightly gave an apology to the stolen generation has sadly not thought through the fact that [Mr Rudd’s] new position on redefining marriage will create another.”

Pardon? Creating another generation of stolen children? Are the Christians going to come in, again, and steal our kids? Hello? Is anyone home? Breathtaking in its stupidity, overwhelming in its tastelessness.  Read more »

Family First deregistered as a charity

Family First has been de-registered as a charity by the Charities Commission.

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie says the group has received notification from the Charities Commission that it will be deregistered.

“The Commission argues that Family First’s efforts to represent the voice of 80 per cent-plus of families on the anti-smacking law or half of New Zealanders on attempts to redefine marriage, for example, have no ‘public benefit’, and that it is in the ‘public interest’ for Family First to be deregistered,” Mr McCoskrie says.

Political advocacy, including advocacy for a law change, is not regarded as charitable under the Charities Act, according to the Charities Commission website.  Read more »

I apologise. I was wrong about Duncan Garner yesterday.

Yesterday I posted that Duncan Garner had jumped the shark when he wanted everyone to come listen to the Chicken Man singing a song.

But I was wrong.

Today he managed to sink even lower.



Can someone please take pity on him and give him a call?   I think someone should tell him that Marriage Equality is done and dusted.

Drive time radio should be bringing you the news.  Not dragging the Family First attack lines back from the dead.

Jumping the shark and flogging a dead horse.

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Family First are a joke

As MPs are set to debate the final reading of the Marriage Equality Bill in parliament tonight Family First has sent out a bullying letter to all MPs giving them details of the impact their vote could have on their chances of re-election.

Family First managed to get only 15,000 pledges to vote against MPs if they supported the bill. One MP with one of the higher number of pledges against him (290) will be quaking in his boots, though he has a majority of over 15,000, so unless Family First managed to canvass just his electorate I think he is pretty safe.

If anything the family First organised pledge proves that bugger all (excuse the pun) people give a flying f*ck about this bill except those fundy, hand clappers, haters.  Read more »

Tweet of the day

There’s nothing I could possibly add to this.

The case for polygamy

It is simple and can be summarised in one line. Bob McCoskrie was way too complicated when he outlined Family Forst’s support for polygamy.

This is it.

“Anyone stupid enough to want more than one mother in law deserves all they can get.”  Read more »

Family First’s McCroskrie handed his balls by Lynda Topp

If you’re going to pick a fight with people, at least have the balls to stand behind your own words

via WIkipedia

via WIkipedia

Entertainer Lynda Topp has married her partner Donna Luxton at their home in Staveley, in the foothills of the Southern Alps.

And yes, Topp is adamant “marriage” is the correct word to describe their union.

In a fiery statement issued this week, Topp blasted an anti-gay marriage group for trying to hijack her ceremony.

Family First leader Bob McCoskrie tried to use Topp’s ceremony to make a point for his cause. In his blog on March 1, with links to Protect Marriage NZ, McCoskrie congratulated Topp and Luxton for choosing a civil union.

He said by doing so they showed there was no need to legalise gay marriage.

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Open Mic: Addressing the misinformation campaign of Family First, by Kevin Hague


Most MP inboxes are again starting to fill up with lobbying emails and letters again on the Marriage Equality Bill. I wouldn’t call it a flood, but there’s a steady stream.

Most of those opposed have introduced a curious new note: they are terrified or outraged that the words “husband” and “wife” are going to be outlawed, or at least expunged from the NZ Statute book. They think this because Family First has done its usual scare-mongering and exaggeration trick, making this their main response to the Select Committee report released this week.

This fear that the language in NZ law was going to be changed was something that appeared in a very small number of submissions, but Family First is making a big deal of it now because the Select Committee has made it absolutely clear that churches won’t be required to do or say anything different, making religious freedom a non-issue.

I have to say I’m tempted to respond by asking which legal reference to “husband” and “wife” is their favourite, as I’m quite certain that my correspondents have only the vaguest notion of what’s actually in the law, but that might be unhelpful.  Read more »

Smoking less harm than Gay Marriage, Ctd

The other day I blogged about the Australian lunatic, Jim Wallace, and his alleged scientific proof that smoking was less than harmful than being being gay. Of course all the poofter bashers leapt on this on both sides of the Tasman and on my blog.

Colin Craig too has said he is going to run a science and evidence based campaign against marriage equality. I not that the Protect Marriage website aligned with him and Family First is prominently showing this as news with links to The Age nespaper and the comments.

Well it turns out that the study is seriously flawed:

THE controversial claims by some Christian leaders that gay men die younger than heterosexual men appear to have originated from flawed US research that was funded by a Christian research group.

Sydney’s Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, drew strong criticism for comments on ABC TV’s Q&A on Monday night that the gay lifestyle led to a “significantly shorter life”.

He was responding to comments by the Australian Christian Lobby chief, Jim Wallace, that a homosexual lifestyle was as unhealthy as smoking.

One of several studies by Paul Cameron and his son, Kirk, of the Family Research Institute in Colorado in the United States – which claims its ”overriding mission is to generate empirical research on issues that threaten the traditional family, particularly homosexuality, AIDS, sexual social policy and drug abuse” – concluded heterosexual men outlived gay men by 20 years.

The study has been criticised for its lack of academic rigour. It was partly based on lifespan estimates of men and women and gays and lesbians from obituaries in several US newspapers.

That is just intellectually dishonest, but it is worse:

”The gist of the Camerons’ argument was that lesbians and gay men must die younger than their heterosexual peers because they appeared to be under-represented in studies of older people,” Dr Holt, from the University of NSW, said.

A Danish epidemiologist, Morten Frisch, said the research flaws were ”of such a grave nature that no decent peer-reviewed scientific journal should let it pass for publication”. Dr Frisch’s 2009 study found there was an increase in the mortality rate of same-sex couples in the first few years of marriage but this was likely due to pre-existing illness.

”Although further study is needed, the claims of drastically increased overall mortality in gay men and lesbians appear unjustified,” he concluded.

A public health researcher, Julie Mooney-Somers, of the University of Sydney, said a biennial survey on the health of lesbian and bisexual women had found some gay women had health issues – higher rates of smoking, mental illness and alcohol abuse – but there were no inherent health risks with being a practising lesbian. Such health issues were likely to be the result of higher rates of discrimination, she said.

While practising gay men were at risk of HIV infection, the disease was also a problem for heterosexual couples.

So the higher incidence of mental health issues and alcohol abuse amongst gay women is likely to be because of discriminatory behaviour by homophobic bigots…nice.

Is this the evidence and science based argument that Colin Craig speaks of?

The Huddle

I was on the Huddle again  last night with Susan Wood and Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

  • Waitangi Tribunal and Asset Sales
  • Marriage Equality debate… A wonky website to protect the current definition of marriage as ‘one man one woman’ has been launched today.  It’s lobby group Family First’s response to Labour MP Louisa Wall’s private members bill which seeks to redefine marriage to allow gay couples to wed.
  • Graham Henry – new book out with claims of match-fixing.  Will it sell books?  He’s making himselfvery unpopular in the Northern Hemisphere. But frankly, who cares about what whinging poms have to say.
  • Olympics. YAWN.