Farming quad bike fatalities – some perspective

Another death.  Or so it seems.  And like night follows day, calls for the government to step in and legislate against stupidity.

Farmers are increasingly frustrated and fearful over upcoming changes to health and safety legislation around quad bikes, a farming industry leader says.

Later this year, changes to the Health and Safety Act will result in tougher penalties for non-compliance, including higher fines for people riding quad bikes with passengers.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand chairman James Parsons said farmers in the meat and wool industry were concerned.

Farms were workplaces as well as homes, and new harsher penalties for having passengers on quad bikes would change things dramatically for families; what was needed was a code of compliance for for quad bikes rather than “draconian” new rules, he said.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said farmers were doing nothing to address the increasing number of deaths caused by quad bikes.

She said farming leaders needed to step up and stop resisting the new laws.

“The accident rate is increasing and a half of New Zealand workplace deaths occur in agriculture and the leadership group – Federated Farmers and Beef and Lamb – do nothing except criticise and resist and changes,” Ms Kelly said.

Yes.  Every one increases the total, but let’s look at the most current available information.   Read more »

Some things Key can’t be blamed for, nor can he fix

via Stuff

via Stuff

The lack of rain in certain parts of the country is starting to bite.  It’s all very well to have petrol under $1.60 a litre, but with lifestock staring at dusty paddocks, a stronger dollar and low payouts, things aren’t looking good.

“There’s no sign of any rain in the forecast anywhere ahead and so we can only expect that things are going to get worse before they get better,” says Phil Wishnowsky, Wairarapa Principal Fire Officer.

Some rivers and streams are running very low in Tararua, Manawatu, Wanganui and Rangitikei.

Water for irrigation is being rationed, while residents are also being urged to conserve every drop. Read more »


Nazi killer cows destroyed

People thought I was jesting when I talked about Killer Cows.

Discovery every year runs shark week but sharks kill very few people each year cows kill far more but there is no Discovery programme about Killer Cows….or Cow Week.

Now in the UK a bunch of Nazi created Killer Cows have been destroyed because they were trying to kill the farmer and his workers.

The revolution is well underway and this terror cell has been nipped in the bud.

Hitler’s drive to produce the perfect Aryan race was not confined to people – it also extended to a specially bred herd of Nazi-engineered cows, which have turned out to be so aggressive that a UK farmer has been forced to turn half of them into sausages.

Derek Gow imported more than a dozen Heck super cows to his West Devon farm in 2009, nearly a century after they were first created in the 1920s.

But, Farmer Gow, who is the only British farmer to own the breed, has been forced to kill seven of his herd because the cows were so aggressive they repeatedly tried to kill his staff.

“We have had to cut our herd down to six because some of them were incredibly aggressive and we just couldn’t handle them,” said Farmer Gow, who said the meat made “very tasty” sausages that tasted a bit like venison.

“The ones we had to get rid of would just attack you any chance they could. They would try to kill anyone. Dealing with that was not fun at all. They are by far and away the most aggressive animals I have ever worked with,” he said.  Read more »


Cheap farms for sale, and not a Chinese buyer in sight

Farmers from southern provinces are moving to Northland to take advantage of the comparatively cheap dairy farms on offer there, according to real estate agency Bayleys.

In the past 18 months, $20 million of Northland dairy farms had been sold to Waikato, King Country, Taranaki, Canterbury, and Westland farmers moving into the province, and the trend was accelerating, Bayleys’ Northland rural manager Tony Grindle said.

Grindle said dairy farming in Northland was undergoing the biggest shake-up in more than 50 years thanks to interest shown from outside the province by both corporates and families.

Isn’t it strange that New Zealanders are buying New Zealand farms?  I thought we were being priced out of our own market by overseas buyers?

Another NZ First/Green/Labour election myth busted.   Read more »

David Cunliffe’s ongoing lies and deception


Yesterday David Cunliffe spent an hour on NewstalkZB with Tim Fookes.

I listened so you didn’t have to. It was dreadful but the amount of times David Cunliffe ‘mis-spoke’ or deliberately lied was incredible.

Take his claims on capital gains tax and his attack on farming.

David Cunliffe attacks farmers and lies about CGT David Cunliffe NewstalkZB. "David Cunliffe attacks farmers and lies about CGT"

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Two wrongs don’t make a right, clean up all our water

One excuse that bludging ratbag farmers use for allowing their cows to shit in the rivers and waterways is that towns are discharging effluent too and so therefore under the kindergarten logic they use they should be allowed to continue to pollute our waterways.

Here is one such example.

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Bludging farmers behind New Zealand’s top public concern

Rachel Young reports

Water issues are top of Kiwi minds when asked what the most important problem facing the country’s environment is.

The triennial Public Perceptions of New Zealand’s Environment: 2013 survey found water-related issues were perceived to be the most important problem facing the environment.

Respondents indicated that growth in production and consumption, as well as an intensification of activities including farming and forestry were putting increasing pressure on the environment.

Rivers, lakes, and groundwater were the worst-managed environments mainly because of negative perceptions concerning the management of farm effluent and runoff.

Until farming shoulders the true operating cost, and stops handing it off to the rest of us as a time bomb to be dealt with later, they are essentially corporate welfare recipients.   Read more »

Hosking on Goff’s idiot bill

Mike Hosking is brutal on Monday mornings, today he gave Phil Goff a good hard kicking.

So what does Phil Goff’s Rural Land Sales Bill really mean if you own rural land? It means you’re in trouble.

Phil doesn’t seem to understand the global economy. Phil is trading on xenophobia. Because it’s not really about foreign ownership, it’s about Asian ownership. they just don’t say that because that might be racist.

The real foreign land owners in this country ironically aren’t Asian. They’re Brits and Australians. But they don’t look so different so they don’t attract attention.

But back to the farmer who owns the land…where’s his investment? In his business, it’s his income, his retirement, his legacy, all he has in the world is in his land. If he’s a dairy farmer, he makes a fortune for the country, and he does that by making products better than anyone else and allowing him to sell that product to the world for high prices.

He is a player in the global market. Ironic then that if he ever came to sell that land, the land that made the country so much money, that he would be restricted as to who he sold it to.

And what’s he supposed to do under Phil’s law when he puts his farm on the market, and he wants $3 million for it, and no one locally wants to buy it, and the person who does want to buy it is from Gosford in New South Wales, or Natucket in America? Or, god forbid, Shanghai in China?

Is his farm worth the $3 million the foreigners are prepared to pay, or nothing he’s been offered locally. The moment you make the local market the only market is the moment you watch the value of that farm plummet. And when it plummets, the ability to borrow and work that land diminishes with it.

How Phil doesn’t see that is beyond me. But he doesn’t, and the fact he doesn’t should be a warning to us all.  Read more »

Seeing as there are lots of farming questions lately

Questions for Farmers, Ctd


Farmers always get sooky when they are called bludging ratbags for wanting a free right to pollute, and not to pay the full cost their business incurs. I want to explore why this is, and give farmers a chance to defend their bludging.

One of the most perplexing parts of this bludging is the “Two wrong make a Right” bludge. Farmers always come back with town sewerage pollutes waterways too – and that means they should be allowed to pollute.  Read more »