Fat tax

Lord Tebbit reveals the dirty little secret of the cause of obesity

Lord Tebbit has let the cat out of the bag on why there is an ‘obesity epidemic’.

Predictably there is outrage that a politician could speak with such truth and clarity.

Lord Tebbit says fat people have only themselves to blame for their obesity if they insist on ‘stuffing themselves silly’.

The former Tory chairman said people’s ‘stupid actions’ in eating ‘rubbish’ foods all day was behind the rise in obesity.

He was cheered in the House of Lords when he told peers that rather than setting up government initiatives to persuade  people to eat more healthily, ministers should simply tell them that weight is a matter of individual responsibility.  Read more »

Why not simply outlaw obesity?


Off to jail with you…fatty boomsticks

With all this talk by Boyd Swinburn about controlling obesity via fat taxes and sugar taxes and other methods lifted from the anti-tobacco industry he seems to have overlooked the obvious…why not simply make obesity illegal.

It is funny then in the debate over cannabis legalisation we find a solution to the obesity problem…ban fatness.

But why go after marijuana for its second-order effects? Why not just ban stupidity, laziness, obesity, unambitious taste, or whatever social ills are of concern to national opinion columnists? As Brooks asks, “Laws profoundly mould culture, so what sort of community do we want our laws to nurture?” If the answer is “one where people are thin,” the obvious answer is to ban fatness.

Fat is an ideal menace to be targeted with a criminal law. To some extent, it’s a subjective matter who is lazy or stupid, but it’s pretty easy to figure out who’s guilty of being fat. A law against fat would scare people into losing weight. Even independent of actual legal penalties, it would set a strong norm, showing that society is opposed to fatness and wants people to stay at healthy weights. It would lead to improved cardiovascular health, higher labour productivity (fewer sick days!), and longer life expectancy.   Read more »

Obesity ‘experts’ ignore simple truths

The Herald, in its usual tell only half the story trick, has an article ‘Race to stop us eating our way to early death’.

It’s a puff piece for trougher Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu (pictured on left below) who is now tucking into $5 million of taxpayer dosh to get to the bottom of why Kiwis are getting fatter.

There will be the usual calls for fat taxes, labelling changes, blah blah blah.

What would have been more useful for its diminishing readership would have been a really simple message – Eat Less Crap Lose that Fat.


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Man loses 16kg and lowers his cholesterol by a third after eating only McDonald’s for three months

That’s the sort of diet Pete should try out. I hear he’s a Maccas addict.

Contrary to popular belief, following a diet of exclusively fast food does not necessarily lead to weight gain, as one man recently discovered.

John Cisna, a high school biology teacher from Ankeny, Iowa, told KCCI that he documented the changes his body underwent throughout the three months that he ate nothing but McDonald’s – with very surprising results.

Rather than his body deteriorating like the star of 2004 documentary Super Size Me, Mr Cisna lost an impressive 37lbs and saw his cholesterol drop from 249 to 170, improving his health significantly

How did he do it?   Read more »

We need a fat bastard tax not fat tax

Travel blogger David Farrar congratulates Tony Ryall for not pursuing fat taxes.

He is commenting on The Herald report:

New Zealand is getting fatter – with three in every 10 adults now regarded as obese.

A leading diabetes researcher has called the new figures alarming and has accused the Government of failing to take the problem seriously.

However, Health Minister Tony Ryall has rejected “nanny state” measures, instead arguing that providing information and support to people is enough.   Read more »

Faces of the Day

This nice lady…


Has turned into this lady   Read more »

Fat tax failure in Denmark proved

Periodically some numpty decides that it would be a good idea to introduce some sort of fat tax. but rather than tax the fatty for stuffing their gob they seek to tax the ingredients. It doesn’t work and now there is proof it doesn’t work.

The Institute for Economic Affairs in London has released a new report by Christopher Snowdon on The Proof of the Pudding: Denmark’s fat tax fiasco. A summary of the findings of the study are:

  • Denmark’s tax on saturated fat was hailed as a world-leading public health policy when it was introduced in October 2011, but it was abandoned fifteen months later when the unintended consequences became clear. This paper examines how a policy went from having almost unanimous parliamentary support to becoming ‘an unbearable burden’ on the Danish people.
  • The economic effects of the fat tax were almost invariably negative. It was blamed for helping inflation rise to 4.7 per cent in a year in which real wages fell by 0.8 per cent. Many Danes switched to cheaper brands or went over the border to Sweden and Germany to do their shopping. At least ten per cent of fat tax revenues were swallowed up in administrative costs and it was estimated to have cost 1,300 Danish jobs.  Read more »

Fat Tax by stealth? Airline charges by passenger weight – great success

via lessworkmorelurk.com/

via lessworkmorelurk.com/

Lesley Deverrall at NewstalkZB reports

Samoa Air says a controversial new policy that calculates a passenger’s fare based on their weight and the weight of their luggage is proving successful.

The airline introduced the policy in January, saying it would make flying safer.

You have to love the fact that this is done in Samoa.  It took some real courage to do this when a fair few of your customers are built like a brick outhouse.

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‘Fat Tax’ in Denmark Is Repealed After Criticism – I said it wouldn’t work

Back in 2011 I blogged about the new fat tax in Denmark and said at the time it wouldn’t work.

Unfortunately the Danes experiment won’t work because they are taxing the wrong things. Instead of taxing foods with fat in them they need to be taxing things with carbohydrates in them, that is a much broader tax base to start with and secondly will actually address the issue.

You would think that after 50 years of telling people to eat less fat to get thinner we would have a whole heap of thin people, instead we have the exact opposite with the high focus on carbohydrate rich foods. The obesity epidemic is being caused by the health professionals forcing us to carb load.

I was right…it didn’t work and is now it is being repealed…though that won’t stop Labour and the Greens adopting similar stupid policies:

Citing a harmful effect on businesses and consumer buying power, lawmakers in Denmark have repealed the so-called fat tax, which was charged on foods high in saturated fats, after just one year.

In a related decision, the Danish tax ministry said it was canceling plans for a sugar tax. “The fat tax is one of the most criticized we had in a long time,” Mette Gjerskov, minister of food, agriculture and fisheries, said on Saturday during a news conference in Copenhagen, the day the repeal was announced.

“Now we have to try to improve public health by other means.”

Fat bastards just need to stop stuffing food in their gobs.


Heathrow Seat Hippo in the wild

A correspondent has just snapped these photos of the rare Heathrow Seat Hippo. Dr. Cat Pause will no doubt have an orgasm over such a behemoth rolling through Heathrow Airport.

Literally taking up 6 seats. Maybe 7. I think her back fat rolls have sucked one seat up.

Hopefully Matt’s cellmate has hooks as meaty as these…it will keep him warm at night.

It has multiple stomachs and frequently rolls over. Some chair arms hidden under that mass

One chair arm has just been released back into the wild after being trapped for god knows how long, I suspect there are more being held captive though.

Seriously though…people like that traveling should be charged excess baggage for their own bodies.