Feral cat

Fox for donkey meat or rat for lamb kebabs is so 2013


China likes to lecture NZ on food safety and then they got slammed with a fox, donkey and rat meat scandal. But that is all so 2013 now.

In Beijing urban trappers have been caught with cats in traps they said they were going to sell to street side vendors…for use as lamb kebab meat.

The drama unfolded last week when a cat enthusiast who takes care of neighborhood strays caught a youth checking a trap she noticed nearby. In an apparent bid to outrage bird enthusiasts as well, the thieves had baited their traps with live sparrows.

The woman, surnamed Li, says the hunters claimed to have caught over 100 cats during the New Year holiday.

Because apparently there are no laws on the books regarding urban trapping, the two men were jailed for 10 days for “stealing.”  Read more »

Something to brighten up an otherwise dull day

Pete tells me that cat posts are the go for a bit of traffic.

Which is good because my Hawkes Bay correspondent writes:


This black cat with green eyes had a patch of white on it but we didn’t want to risk it being bad luck so it is digesting lead.

photo Read more »


Maybe the surrender monkeys need to borrow Gareth

Perhaps Gareth Morgan might like to take his motorcycle and travel to France to educate the cheese eating surrender monkeys about cats.

Visitors to one of France’s most beautiful tourist areas were today warned to be on their guard after a pack of feral cats launched an attack on a young woman.

About six cats pounced on the unnamed dog owner as she walked her poodle in the city of Belfort, in the popular Franche-Comte region, on the Swiss border, dragging her to the ground and mauling her.

She was bitten repeatedly and left with a torn artery which could have proved fatal, while the dog was also badly hurt.

It is thought that particularly high summer temperatures may have made the cats far more aggressive than usual.  Read more »

A cat for Gareth

My mate sent this in from yesterday’s efforts in field.

He suggested that Gareth should put up some prizes for dead cat photos.

  • most cats
  • biggest cat
  • best pose
  • best dressed   Read more »

Feral Cats: A solution designed by liberal elite pussy lovers

A reader emailed me this article about a possible solution for feral cats:

Treasured for its storied collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, esplanades and soaring fountain, Florida Southern College is making room for six more structures inspired by the famed architect.

These new structures will be small — only about 5 feet high and 3 feet wide. Unlike other Wright designs, they are not meant for humans.

Rather, the six domiciles built mostly of custom-made concrete blocks will provide shelter for almost 100 feral cats living on the Lakeland campus.

It would be incorrect to call them cat houses, college officials say. The preferred terminology is cat cafe, a place where the wayward felines can kick back for a drink and some chow.

The cafes, designed by a New York architectural firm that has done renovation work on several Wright buildings at FSC, will double as shelter. The Alpha Chi Omega sorority will supply food and watch over the cats in partnership with SPCA of Florida as part of its commitment to control Polk County’s feral cat problem.

“We think it’s good for the community,” said Terry Dennis, FSC’s vice president of operations, who is working with Rodda Construction Inc. to build the cafes designed by Jeff Baker of Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects of Albany, N.Y.  Read more »


Gareth’s dream a reality in Belarus

Gareth Morgan dreams of a cat free New Zealand. In Belarus the cats are starving in basements:

The plaintive meows haunt the people of Minsk in the dead of night.

They come, activists say, from hundreds of stray cats who find themselves locked in basements by Belarus authorities – and doomed to starvation.

City authorities have been sealing off apartment block basements to keep out rats. A tragic consequence is that cats get trapped inside, left to waste away.

“My heart aches to hear how the animals, whom they have walled up, are screaming day and night,” said 72-year-old Antonina Gayenko, a retiree who was feeding some cats through small holes in the iron plates used to board up the basements.

“They have doomed them to death from thirst and hunger.”  Read more »

Gareth Morgan still hates pussy

It is official, Gareth Morgan is not into pussy in any way, shape or form.  Who knows, maybe he was terrified by one as an infant but KiwiBank must be moving quickly to rebrand the under-performing fund they overpaid for.

I have a name suggestion for them, how about “KiwiBank Saver?” I can even do up a logo because at the rate Morgan’s mouth is going, I seriously doubt you will have many customers left.

But proving Morgan must have a taste for public sadomasochism, he has popped up on that soft cock Campbell Live last night.  This time Morgan unleashed his much vaunted phase II master stroke; a $5 bounty on each cat.

If the SPCA are clever, they should send him a bill for every cat they have to euthanize. As you all know I don’t much like cats but I don’t like animal abusers either.  I can see Morgan’s brainless idea unleashing fruitcakes claiming the bounty. This will get nasty since it comes from a desperate mad nasty little man who cannot deduce ‘cause’ from ‘effect’.  Read more »


A good cat is a dead cat

First we must fatten the penguins….

Then we must motivate soccer players with our economic thoughts

Now Mad Morgan has a new mission – Kill the cats!

Top New Zealand economist Gareth Morgan is launching a campaign to eradicate domestic cats.

Dr Morgan has set up a website called Cats to Go, where he calls the animals sadists and natural-born killers that destroy native wildlife.

Now on this issue I agree with Gareth…cats are evil little creatures, especially feral cats. Read more »


Cutting a Feral Cat’s Throat

Yesterday some cat lovers took exception to my post about humanely dispatching feral cats. Someone suggested that cutting cat’s throats rather than drowning, putting the sack over a car exhaust or whacking them against a tree.

The problem with trying to cut a wild cat’s throat is that they are really, really angry cats and they are pretty pissed off about being in a cage trap anyway.

These aren’t cute moggies that start purring when you find them in the trap, they spit and hiss and are all aggressive. Obviously anyone saying cut their throat doesn’t know what they are talking about, because to cut a cat’s throat you need to hold it relatively still with one hand while you slit its throat with a knife in the other.

Holding a feral cat with one hand is near impossible. It tries to bite you and scratch you with all four sets of claws, and even if you can pin it down with your boot you need some pretty big boots to stop it scratching your leg. You can’t easily get your hand under its chin because it will bite you, and scratch you with its front quarters.

If the commentor who reckons that cutting a feral cats throat is possible I will happily post a video of them doing it to prove I am wrong, but I don’t think I am.


Sidestep the trapping and just get on with the killing

Dom Post

I’m with Judith Callaghan…shoot them and side step the trapping palaver. For the squeamish out there I am not advocating this for all cats, just feral cats…which are a plague:

Five colonies of feral cats at a popular Masterton park should be trapped and then rehomed or killed, a council report is recommending.

The cats, described as “hungry and disgusting” at a Masterton District Council meeting last month, have become a fixture at Queen Elizabeth Park, and are often seen wandering around the picnic areas. They are fed by members of the public.

Recently they had become increasingly aggressive, and had taken to “snapping at kids”, councillor Gary Caffell told the meeting.

Another councillor, Judith Callaghan, called for the cats to be shot.

I reader sent in this by way of example…of a good feral cat…note the wad in the side of the cat: