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Prime Minister John Key has calmed fears his government could enforce a strict two-cat-per-household limit, amid fears the popular pets are killing off the nation’s wildlife – including their iconic kiwi bird.

Mr Key, a cat lover himself, also poured cold water on the suggestion that New Zealand, which has the highest rate of cat ownership in the world, would kill all feral cats.

…The government’s Conservation Minister, Maggie Barry, had called for extreme measures to protect New Zealand’s precious wildlife.

Forty per cent of New Zealand’s native land-bird species are extinct and 37 per cent of the remaining species are endangered.

And Ms Barry warned an excessive number of cats were putting the nation’s symbol, the flightless kiwi, at risk.

It is feared the endangered animal, which has become synonymous with the country, risks extinction within two generations.

…Mr Key waded into the row, claiming his administration weren’t “going to limit the number of cats people can own.”He added that Ms Barry suggestion was a personal view rather than official policy.

Mr Key’s own cat, Moonbeam, has even been dragged into the debate, with Ms Barry commending the Prime Minister for locking up his cat.

Mr Key, who previously mentioned that his cat loved him “unconditionally”, said he would be advising Moonbeam “to stay away from [animal charity] SPCA if they were to follow Ms Barry’s instructions.”


Damn cats are dominating the news. Just kill them already


Story one:

Woodville’s claws were out and cat-trappers called it quits after offensive notes were left in letterboxes and personal jibes were posted over social media.

The Tararua town’s feline problem came to the fore after the SPCA fielded several complaints of wild cats annoying residents and reproducing on people’s properties.

Woodville District Vision, the town’s community board, set about fixing the problem by trapping the wild felines and euthanising them.

Community board chairwoman Robin Winter said one resident called for help after feeding more than 30 cats near her property, which made them her responsibility.

The cats were left by their owners, who had either died or moved away, she said.

With residents’ assistance, volunteers trapped and took wild cats to be euthanised.

But the volunteer trappers have quit after being taunted over social media and receiving notes in their letterboxes.

“The reality is they were being talked about as if they were murderers,” Winter said.

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No love for cats up the Kaipara

Looks like one of Gareth Morgan’s hit squads is active north of Auckland

Supplied / via NZ Herald

Supplied / via NZ Herald

Several gruesome dead cats have been found this week draped over the rail guard and fences near the main road leading to Tapora, east of Kaipara Harbour, disturbing the residents of the small community.

“It’s really horrible, it gave me and my mum a real shock,” said local Kim Powley, 19.

“We were driving on our way to Tapora, and a small black cat was hung over a guard rail. We were shocked but assumed that maybe someone hit it and put it there, so the owners would know what happened to it.

“But about one kilometre from entering Tapora, another cat, black as well, was hung in the same way from a farmer’s fence. This road is a school bus route and these animals were on display for all to see. We were disgusted, as obviously it was no coincidence.”

Dealing to a feral cat problem is one thing, but hanging them over fences isn’t going to keep the locals on board.   Read more »

Gareth Morgan on fire today, now he is smacking up the SPCA


Gareth Morgan has said two sensible things today. First he smashed up the anti-progress green taliban and now he is smashing up the SPCA.

Bird breeder Gavin Wilkinson who humanely trapped a wandering cat that was killing his chickens, is to be applauded for destroying the cat, (See this 3 News Article http://goo.gl/qKTmR ).

We have a terrible hole in our legislation around wandering pets that do damage to our wildlife, destroy other people’s pets when they invade, and spread disease. The SPCA’s stance on defending the rights of cats to wander, kill, and spread disease is inexcusable and those truly concerned about cruelty need to demand that the SPCA returns to its core business – preventing cruelty, not championing Bob Kerridge and his unconditional love affair with cats.

On this matter of wandering cats causing mayhem, politicians are showing their normal cowardice and need to stand up and acknowledge that the law is an ass, people are having to take matters into their own hands and destroy cats that are out of control. 90% of cat owners are totally responsible and acknowledge their cats should be confined, but the 10% who are not, together with Bob Kerridge and this sad SPCA outfit need to be called to order. Their behaviour is not acceptable in a country that values private property rights and the rights of our wildlife not to be slaughtered. If these politicians don’t stand up and be counted then of course vigilante-type action will increase. It is a direct result of political negligence.  Read more »

You read it here first, now the SPCA are outraged

The other day I blogged about a guy who had found a good use for a cat. He was selling its skin on Trade Me.

Now, predictably, someone, the SPCA is outraged by it.

The SPCA says it’s disgusted by a man’s decision to kill a cat, skin it and list it on Trade Me.

The seller says he shot the cat humanely after he saw it killing chickens on his property, but the SPCA says the man could face prosecution.

Bird breeder Gavin Wilkinson says the cat was responsible for killing 10 of his birds, so he trapped it and shot it in the head.

“This one was taking my baby chickens, probably about two a day, day after day,” he says. “I watched it and made sure it was a feral cat, and I put the cage out there and caught him.”  Read more »

Finally a good use for a cat

Someone has finally found a good use for a cat…and they are selling it on Trade Me.

It is good to see people really trying hard to come up with good uses for cats other than slaughtering wildlife.

Top marks to this seller for his enterprise.  Read more »


Something for Gareth Morgan to pour his money into

Gareth Morgan has clearly given up on saving penguins. He is intent on spending money on killing cats.

I have found a great investment for him and his Kiwisaver account to invest in:

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Is Gareth Morgan attempting to look crazier than Wellington’s Mayor?

From first appearances it likes Gareth Morgan is running for Wellington mayor on a platform of “Celia isn’t crazy enough for me” and attacks the SPCA again.

Isn’t it amazing that when local body elections come about all the crazies come out to play:

To deliver on the vision of a predator free New Zealand and a renewal of our native wildlife, let’s start right here in Wellington, by building on the halo created by our own sanctuary Zealandia. This is the challenge Gareth Morgan is setting our city, particularly the citizens of Karori.

Morgan is holding a public meeting in Karori at Allen Ward Hall, Donald St on Wednesday 20 February at 7pm to challenge Karori to become the first ‘confined cat only’ suburb. “This is not just about conservation and saving native species,” Morgan said. “It is about cashing in on our natural capital, making New Zealand a unique, world class place to visit and live in. We can start right here in Karori – Zealandia has already done the hard work, now the rest of us need to step up. As far as I am concerned a confined cat is a pet, all others are pests.”  Read more »

The deadly cuddly kitty

Gareth Morgan may be onto something as more evidence emerges of those natural born killers called cats:

For all the adorable images of cats that play the piano, flush the toilet, mew melodiously and find their way back home over hundreds of miles, scientists have identified a shocking new truth: cats are far deadlier than anyone realized.

In report that scaled up local surveys and pilot studies to national dimensions, scientists from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that domestic cats in the United States — both the pet Fluffies that spend part of the day outdoors and the unnamed strays and ferals that never leave it — kill a median of 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals a year, most of them native mammals like shrews, chipmunks and voles rather than introduced pests like the Norway rat.  Read more »


Cashing in on Gareth’s promise

More readers have sent in photos of their efforts to assist Gareth Morgan in his quest for a cat free New Zealand. Looks like we have earned a fair bit. Here is another $5.00.


Here is the full gallery of cats sent in so far:  Read more »