Not content with killing Kiwis, tourists are now killing Keas too

Tourists taking to our road is a huge concern, especially in the South Island, where they seem to mix up their left and right because there is so little traffic to remind them they are on the wrong side of the road.  As a result, many tourists and some Kiwis come to grief every year.

Not content with reducing our population, tourists are now also killing endangered birds

Two young kea have died after suspected car surfing at Deaths Corner in the Otira Gorge.

The Department of Conservation said both birds suffered head injuries from similar incidents in the past week.

Senior ranger Chris Stewart, from DoC’s Arthur’s Pass team, said the parrots were known for landing on cars and picking things off, but sometimes when the cars took off the birds stayed put.

“When the car gets going, they are really in trouble,” Mr Stewart said.

It was not the first time kea had been seen car surfing in the area, however an unusually high number of birds had been congregating at the Otira Viaduct lookout this year, he said.

It’s where all the easy food is to be had.   Plus, those tourists are mighty fun.   The alternative is to go sit high on a ridge somewhere looking at beech trees.

“They are 1-year-old, teenagers, still having fun.”

They also seemed to copy each other.

“[Car surfing's] a bit of a problem.”

There was little DoC could do about it, other than educate people to not encourage the birds around people and their cars, Mr Stewart said.

Stupid feral kea car surfing.

Let them die.

It’s called natural selection.

South Island.  Road deaths.  Natural selection.  Hmmm.


- Laura Mills of the Greymouth Star

What a good suggestion for a West Coast feral kiddy fiddler

A filthy pedo has been told to rot in hell…a good suggestion considering the Judge said he showed ‘no tangible remorse or acknowledgment of his crimes, and did not accept that he needed treatment’.

I can suggest a couple of treatments…copper coated lead pills work a treat.

The NZ Herald reports.

A family member shouted “I hope you rot in hell” as West Coast paedophile William Ward Oquist was sentenced yesterday to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing girls as young as 5.

Oquist, 60, of Blackball, was found guilty by a Greymouth District Court jury on Monday of 25 counts related to indecent assault and, in some cases, rape of young girls.

The offending took place over a 16-year period from 1996 to 2012, and involved offending on two sets of sisters, including the use of pornographic videos and sex toys.  Read more »

Yep…no ferals on the West Coast

A violent murderous feral was on the loose on the West Coast.

The Police have now apprehended him.

A man has been arrested after a police chase and a five-hour armed standoff, which came after two hitchhikers were found stabbed and with broken bones.

A German woman, 28, and Japanese and Dutch woman, 27, were picked up while hitchhiking at Whataroa on the South Island West Coast yesterday afternoon, Tasman District Commander Superintendent Richard Chambers said.

Police yesterday said they were yet to piece together exactly what happened to the tourists but the women were found near Franz Josef. One woman had stab wounds and the other had broken bones.

Police immediately started a search for the blue Nissan Terrano the women had been picked up in, using all available staff and setting up road blocks on State Highway 6.

A helicopter and plane were also used in the search.  Read more »


Does Jamie Whyte play banjo?

Jamie Whyte has had his Colin Craig moment and suggested that the state has no business in regulating the sex lives of adults even if they are relatives.

Perhaps he has sought cross party support from the two senior MPs in the House who are currently f*cking their cousins.

The Herald reports:

New Act Leader Jamie Whyte is standing by his comments that incestuous relationships between consenting adults should not be illegal and says it would be “intellectually corrupt” of him not to be honest when asked such questions.

In an article published on The Ruminator website, former philosophy lecturer Dr Whyte was asked whether the state should intervene if adult siblings wanted to marry each other.

“Well personally, I don’t think they [the State] should”, he replied, adding it was “a matter of almost no significance because it just doesn’t happen”.

Dr Whyte told the Herald his response was based on his belief that: “I don’t think the state should intervene in consensual adult sex or marriage, but there are two very important elements here – consensual and adult”.   Read more »

When did f****** free speech turn into such a c*** of a b****?

At Whaleoil we’re all for free expression of ideas and  thoughts, and prefer to let the language people use remain in public for all to see.  That way they can be judged openly by everyone, be it for the better or worse.

Dana Johannsen at the Herald has been struggling with the same issues

I’ve recently been told I should “stick to netball, sweetie” when it comes to my columns. I say, f*** that.

Oh, beg your pardon, please excuse my language. You see, I’ve become a little desensitised to foul language of late. It tends to happen when you’re subjected to abuse through email and social media that flooded in after my column last week on the behaviour of some of our athletes at the Winter Olympics.

In the past week I’ve been called a c***face, a c***bag, a c***whore (who knew the c-word was conjunctive?), a regular whore, a bitch, a f***ing slut – all without the courtesy of asterisks to soften the blow.   Read more »

Good on ya Winston, you tell them


Winston Peters does make a habit of speaking his mind and today he gave a protestor at Waitangi her beans.

Good job…time to stand up to these feral protestors and their bullshit.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ response to a Waitangi protester’s tirade? “Shut up.”

The heckler rained insults on Prime Minister John Key as he entered the meeting house on Te Tii Marae this morning, ahead of Waitangi Day celebrations tomorrow.

“You are desert traders … You don’t love our ancestors … You are killing our babies … You are nothing but murderers … You are nothing but thieves,” she said.

Peters, watching the welcome from the sidelines, told her to shut up.

“This is not your land. You are not a tupuna,” he said.  Read more »

Another feral ratbag cops one sweet

What is it with  ferals?

Check out this outstanding example of thinking you can act like you would in NZ and get away with.

A New Zealand teenager’s drunken night out in Thailand has ended on the cold concrete floor of a Bangkok prison.

Quentin Samson took a holiday to Thailand to celebrate his 18th birthday but soon found himself behind bars, charged with theft in the night.

His brother-in-law, John Burns, speaking from Auckland said five days ago Samson went out to celebrate the 21st birthday of his friend, Ashton Holmes. They had had a few drinks when Samson disappeared without notifying anyone.

He caught a taxi back to his hotel and, in his intoxicated state, allegedly stole the taxi driver’s phone.

Police arrived and Samson gave the phone back but resisted arrest, afraid Holmes would not be able to find him if he was in jail.

Holmes spent the next 48 hours frantically searching hospitals for Samson before being notified of his arrest.    Read more »

Northland maori don’t want jobs for their people, prefer dole, drugs and destitution

If this story doesn’t enrage you then I don’t know what will.

The Northland economy struggles at the best of times…huge unemployment, lack of major industry, drug use and the associated drug economy as well as abject poverty in many towns.

You’d think Northland maori would want to encourage jobs and companies investing and creating jobs, but no…they seem to want to carry on like before, with dole, drugs and destitution for their people. The NZ Herald reports:

Ngapuhi working in Australia’s mining industry are being told they won’t be welcome if they come home to carry out controversial mineral exploration in Northland.

A member of Te Wakameninga o nga hapu Ngapuhi, Bryce Smith, of Whangaroa, said yesterday that rumours had been circulating around the north for months that Ngapuhi living and working in Australian mines were being encouraged to return to New Zealand by companies wanting them to carry out controversial mineral exploration in Northland later this month.

“Whangaroa people with whanau in the Australian mining industry have rung up and said they are coming home to work,” he said.

“We will always welcome our people home. But if they return intending to carry out mineral exploration, we say you’re not welcome home to do that.

“The tangata whenua of Australia have been overridden, divided and conquered in this way by governments working with mining corporations. We don’t want you to be part of that here.”  Read more »

If you get into a car with a drunk behind the wheel there is a good chance you are going to die

I think in my life I have only ever once driven after drinking, and that was when I was 17…it was stupid and it has never happened since.

But all too often we are hearing about people getting into vehicles where the driver of the vehicle is legally drunk and subsequently smashes the vehicle and kills one or more of the occupants while surviving themselves.

We have a culture of calling the victims ‘innocent’ because they were passengers, but the reality is that people make choices, often poor ones, without realising that the cascading events can all combine and result in their death or serious injury.

The mother of a young woman killed in an alleged drink-driving accident is calling for a zero tolerance approach towards drink driving.

Ngaire Parker’s daughter Ashley Walsh and fellow passenger Tye Gibbs died after the van they were travelling in crashed on Old North Road, Kumeu, last August.

The 22-year-old driver Joel Bowlin was charged on Friday with two counts of driving with excess blood alcohol causing death.    Read more »


Guest Post: Judd Hall – an alternative viewpoint

Rex Widerstrom has watched the carnage and outrage unfold as a result of just eight words in a headline.

He has written an interesting perspective on the situation.

Judd Hall – an alternative viewpoint

by Rex Widerstrom

More than 20 years ago now, a close friend of mine knocked on my front door (well, technically it was my parents’ front door) and asked if I wanted to come for a ride over the infamous Wainui hill. In those days any chance to get out of the valley and do something… anything… was welcome, so off I went.

At the end of our drive sat a car, festooned with signwriting promoting a major soft drink. My friend introduced me to the driver, who was clearly our age. I inquired how he came to be in possession of what was obviously a company car, and was told he was a sales representative. At that point in life so was I – and selling prescription medications to GPs, not just fizzy pop – so thought nothing more of it and piled in the back seat.

Although the driver wasn’t too bad, by the time we reached Waiwhetu (just on the other side of the hill) I’d begun to think all was not as it should be. I was considering phoning a cab from the Waiwhetu service station, where we’d stopped to buy fuel, when my reverie was interrupted by police, some with weapons drawn, demanding we get out of the car.

Turns out it was stolen – something neither I nor my friend had any real reason to suspect. And though police didn’t share the details with me, judging by the weapons it may well have been stolen somewhat violently.

Two points emerge from this. First, like Judd Hall, in my naivety and inexperience – and in trusting my friend not to put me in harm’s way – I made a momentary error; one that could easily have ended with my death. I’d be appalled to think that someone decided – on the basis of my home town and my presence in a car over which I had no control once I’d decided to sit in the back – to call me a ‘feral’ and virtually celebrate my death. Not because it would have made any difference to me, but because I, like Hall, have a family and friends, even more blameless, who should be allowed the dignity of grief without having to defend attacks on my character.    Read more »