Some people should just be executed, and fed to the pigs


This woman is barely human.

Just execute her and feed her to the pigs, that’s all she is useful for.

A Detroit, US, mother has pleaded guilty to murdering two of her children, whose bodies were discovered in the deep freezer at the family’s home in March, and said she doesn’t “regret any of it”.

Mitchelle Blair, 36, spoke about horrendous abuse Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry endured before their deaths.

She admitted she repeatedly punched Stoni, put a bag over her head until she lost consciousness, threw scalding hot water on her, hit her on the head “over and over”, and kicked her.

She said she meant to kill her, adding “I do not feel any remorse for what I did to Stoni”. Read more »

When will the coroner ban Killer Jugs?

We now have killer houses…the coroner said so, so it must be true…and the Herald reported it.

Now it seems we have killer jugs.

A mother and her two sons are in custody for a violent home invasion after a clean sweep of guilty verdicts by a Christchurch District Court jury.

The trio were flanked by seven police, Corrections staff, and court security officers as they heard the verdicts, about a day after the jury began its deliberations.

They stood impassively as Judge Brian Callaghan remanded them in custody for sentencing on September 2 and were escorted quietly out of the court.

The mother, Sarah Janine Godkin, 48, appeared to turn aside and wipe away a tear after she had heard the verdicts.

She was also convicted of sexual violation of a woman who received internal injuries during the episode of what the Crown said was frenzied violence at a house in Wainoni, Christchurch.  Read more »

Why are West Auckland kids so feral as to need extra policing on bus rides?

Ferals abound and not just on the West Coast.

School bus monitors may be appointed to a West Auckland route on which students complained of being trapped for 10 kilometres by a driver who refused to stop to let them off.

The two schools with students driven through the Waitakere Ranges on a Ritchies Transport double-decker bus two weeks ago – one of whom was injured jumping off – will also have to consider appointing representatives able to be contacted after-hours in the event of any more problems on company routes.

That follows a meeting today at which the Ministry of Education says it was agreed Green Bay High School and Glen Eden Intermediate should consider appointing senior students as bus monitors.

Representatives of both schools and the ministry met the bus company after a police investigation found no evidence that the driver, who was standing-in for the route’s regular operator, had broken the law.

Senior ministry official Jerome Sheppard said the meeting was to discuss what lessons could be learned by last month’s incident, in which several students among about 60 on the double-decker jumped off the moving vehicle after it had reached the far side of Huia.  Read more »


South Auckland has its share of ferals too

File photo

File photo

I should be more careful when I call people ferals.  It seems to upset the media so.  Perhaps I should have chosen animal instead.

A South Auckland man who fractured the skull of a four-month-old baby has been jailed for more than two years.

Toetu Salasa, 25, appeared in the Manukau District Court today for sentencing after pleading guilty to wounding with intent to injure and assault with intent to injure.

He injured the baby while it was being held by its mother, who he was attempting to punch in the face, the court heard.

… on February 19 last year… His partner confronted him about how much he was drinking while he was holding the baby and she took the child from him.

They fought as he tried to wrestle the baby back from her and she punched him to make him stop pulling the child.

His partner put the baby’s face against her shoulder protectively but Salasa began throwing “haymaker” punches at her head. Read more »

Hawkes Bay ferals


KFC is generally stereotyped as the dining experience of choice for those who can least afford it, and this story isn’t helping their image.

A Hastings woman has been referred to Child, Youth and Family after leaving her 6-month-old baby on the floor of a KFC restaurant yesterday. Read more »

A reader emails about haters in politics

A reader emails:


I’m having a bitch about the ‘hate’ stuff going on about John Key and have written this piece.

It may be ok for soapbox, but if not (because I tend to ramble) that’s ok too.


Ferals all of them:

I have been quite disturbed for some time, but particularly over the last month or so leading up to the Election, about the ‘hate’ comments I hear on Talkback radio.

My distaste started in earnest when the Internet Party was announced.  Many callers rang to say they would vote for the IP.  When asked why, in almost every case the reply was, because they hate John Key.  Nothing to do with IP’s policies (there were none), or a like for the fat kraut (there are none).  Some callers thought that free broadband was ‘choice’!   Read more »

Entire feral family gains name suppression

Readers might be interested to know the whole westie  feral family appear to have name suppression due to their ‘alleged’ killer teenage sons.

Auckland dairy owner killing – parents in court on aggravated robbery now get name suppression as well!

The father of a 12-year-old charged with the aggravated robbery of West Auckland dairy owner Arun Kumar is also facing charges of aggravated robbery.

The son — whose name is suppressed because of his age — is due to appear in Auckland District Court next week, with his father appearing there less than three weeks later.

It is alleged the 12-year-old jointly committed aggravated robbery with a 13-year-old accomplice, who has also been charged with murder.

The charges stem from the death of Mr Kumar in his Henderson dairy about 7.30am last Tuesday. He was found stabbed in the neck.

The 12-year-old’s father — who cannot be named as it would reveal the identity of his son — is facing four charges of aggravated robbery, committing burglary with a weapon, threatening to kill or cause grievous bodily harm, and unlawful assembly.

Meanwhile, the Herald can also reveal that the mothers of both boys have been taken to the Tenancy Tribunal by their landlords, owing thousands.

Read more »

I’m sure an electronic ankle bracelet would have prevented this


Apparently, you can stop women being hurt and murdered if the person that is the threat is under some kind of electronic monitoring.  If this man had been wearing one, maybe he wouldn’t have beaten his partner’s 8 month old baby to a pulp.

Matt Bowen reports

A man has been arrested and charged in relation to a baby that was critically injured in Hamilton this morning.

“At this stage the baby remains in a critical condition and is likely to be transferred to Auckland’s Starship Hospital later today for more specialist care,” said Waikato field crime manager, acting Detective Inspector Mark Greene. Read more »


A solution to feralism?

A commenters suggests a possible solution for the increasing incidence of feralism:

Billions of dollars have been spent on all types of programmes targeting Maori poverty, child abuse, crime, domestic violence, unemployment etc, nothing changes. Successive Governments claim to have the answers and new funding, new incentives, and new promises fail to stem the flow of depravity. Let’s just stop. No more special treatment, no more special funding, no more excuses. Hold parents responsible for the actions of the child. Hold Maori accountable for their over representation in these statistics. Demand they do something about it, because until such time as their own families judge them, it won’t change. STOP throwing money at them … it doesn’t work.

Quite simply welfare doesn’t work.

I have told loads of politicians that welfare doesn’t work, invited them to come visit in South Auckland. One, a Labour MP promised to do so but never has…despite now working near where I was talking about.

If welfare was the answer then it was a bloody stupid question in the first place.

We have poured literally billions of dollars into welfare for various reasons…to protect the kids, to improve health, to make houses warm…the excuses are endless.

All that is generated is increased, weapons grade whinging about needing more….billions more.

If welfare was the answer then poverty, crime, child abuse and many other societal ills would have been solved a long, long time ago.

It is time to do something different.


Feral is as Feral does

It will be no surprise to anyone that the feral ratbags who “allegedly” stabbed a shopkeeper to death are the offspring of more feral ratbags.

The parents of both boys charged over the death of a dairy owner are in jail or facing active criminal charges.

As shopkeeper Arun Kumar was farewelled in a moving service among his family and friends in Wiri, South Auckland, further details of the lives and families of the 12- and 13-year-old boys can today be revealed.

Because the boys are so young, their names are suppressed. However, the Herald on Sundayhas learned the 13-year-old murder accused’s mother appeared in court this month on dishonesty offences and breaching bail.

The Herald on Sunday understands the 13-year-old’s father is also in custody.

[…]   Read more »