No surprises here as feral scumbag charged with murdering baby

The statistics will prove it out…when children are killed all too often it is the “step-dad” or just the latest root of some feral “mother” who kills off the kids of the last sperm donor.

The latest case clearly shows this.

A man arrested in relation to the death of a 6-month-old baby girl on the Kapiti Coast has had his charge upgraded to murder.

Gracie May McSorley died in July from severe head injuries, which police say were “inconsistent” with claims she had an accidental fall.

Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa, 31, has now been charged with Gracie’s murder.

An initial charge of assaulting a child was upgraded to murder in the Porirua District Court today, police said.

Following expert medical advice, police have alleged Gracie’s injuries were similar to those that would be sustained in a high-speed car crash, and were deliberately caused by Kereopa.    Read more »

Nothing short of child abuse

It beggars belief how some people manage to drag their kids up.

A feral scumbag has been caught drink driving, evading Police, and driving dangerously with four kids in the car. She was four times over the legal limit.

That is child abuse.

The actions of a drunk woman driving four kids who allegedly dodged a breath-testing checkpoint, leading a high-speed police chase in Taranaki have “shocked” officers.

Taranaki police have charged the 28-year-old Hawera woman with ill-treatment of the children, along with dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, and excess breath alcohol charges.

Police said they used two patrol cars to stop a driver fleeing an alcohol-testing check point at high speed late on Friday evening.

They were “shocked” to find four children aged between four to 14 riding passenger, Sergeant Pat Duffy, of the Taranaki Traffic Alcohol Group, said.    Read more »

Why are police extending their sympathy to an organ donor

Some feral ran from the cops on his motorbike and ended up dead.

Apparently the Police expressed sympathy?

A motorcyclist who was fleeing from police has been killed in a serious crash in the Waikato.

A 30-year-old male motorcyclist died in a crash on Baverstock Road, Rotokauri, early on Saturday morning, police say.

The man had been earlier fleeing police, but wasn’t being pursued at the time of the crash. Read more »


A “tragic accident”…uhmmm nope

The other day one of the relatives of a kid beaten to death in Christchurch claimed it was nothing more than a “tragic accident”.

I suppose it would if you claimed it was an accident of birth that this poor kid was born into a situation that caused its death.

The Police meanwhile have other thoughts. Fairfax reports:

Grieving and stressed, the father of baby Ihaka Stokes says he is “happy they have finally arrested somebody” for the alleged murder of his child.

Police have charged a 22-year-old man with murder during the 13th day of an investigation into the 14-month-old’s death in Christchurch.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Ford said the man – who was known to Ihaka – had been arrested and would appear in Christchurch District Court on Thursday. For “legal reasons” police could not identify him.

Ihaka’s biological father, Cameron Ellen, 23, said he and his family welcomed the news after a tumultuous fortnight. Police had informed him via a phone call.

“It’s definitely been stressful, that’s for sure, and not knowing who to believe and all of that, it’s just a little bit crazy”.   Read more »

Feral scumbag killer convicted of benefit fraud

Six years in jail taught this feral scumbag nothing.

Thirteen years after she was jailed for the death of her toddler niece Lillybing, Te Rerekino Harawera-Namana has received a home detention sentence for an $82,000 benefit fraud.

Ironically, the benefit fraud involved Harawera-Namana claiming a solo mother benefit for a daughter who had been taken away from her at birth.

The dishonesty went on from 2008 to 2013. Harawera-Namana was paid $82,000 but the Ministry of Social Development acknowledges that if she had claimed an unemployment benefit during that period she would have been entitled to $49,000.

Christchurch District Court Judge Gary MacAskill is seeking more information from the ministry’s prosecutor, Richard Williams, but the judge seems likely to confirm a $33,000 reparation order.

Harawera-Namana, now aged 43, is now living in Christchurch where she has the support of the Richmond Fellowship, psychiatric services, and other agencies.   Read more »

As seen in the wild

From the Cat Site forums:

Do Male cats kill kittens?

We had three little kittens in our backyard .We were feeding them and their mother for a week. They were so tiny and beautiful and playful. Actually, other strays were even afraid to come near he mother. But y’day night, we saw a huge cat, it was twice the size of the mother and unlike any stray we had seen. The mother cat was out on a hunt and the three kittens were frightened and hiding. (They were too little even to mew). We chased the big one away. But it looked exactly like one of the litter. ( a striped grey that we called Tiger). So we thought may be it was the father of the litter, and so it would not harm them. But this morning, the mother came back and sat staring stiffly at something behind a bush. When my brother went and saw, it was little Tiger, (Oh God!) bitten in half with its lower part missing. We searched for the others, but could not find them. But then later we saw the other two in our neighbor’s house. But Tiger was our special pet, the most beautiful of the litter, a shy kitty, that would peek around a bush or a wall and make sure none of us were near before it came to lap up the milk we gave them. Just yesterday, all of them, including Tiger started coming near us and played with us when we shook little twigs at them. It was so delightful to watch.

The first expert comments:

Yes Toms will kill kittens because the grief in the momcats throw the females back into heat quickly and the toms can mate again. Normally the Tom will put the kitten in their mouth and shake them violently and not leave a mark. But I have known some Toms that will kill more violently than that.

Apparently this behaviour disappears once the tom cat is neutered…

Now bearing all that in mind this was the news on Fairfax from  yesterday:    Read more »


Some people should just be executed, and fed to the pigs


This woman is barely human.

Just execute her and feed her to the pigs, that’s all she is useful for.

A Detroit, US, mother has pleaded guilty to murdering two of her children, whose bodies were discovered in the deep freezer at the family’s home in March, and said she doesn’t “regret any of it”.

Mitchelle Blair, 36, spoke about horrendous abuse Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry endured before their deaths.

She admitted she repeatedly punched Stoni, put a bag over her head until she lost consciousness, threw scalding hot water on her, hit her on the head “over and over”, and kicked her.

She said she meant to kill her, adding “I do not feel any remorse for what I did to Stoni”. Read more »

When will the coroner ban Killer Jugs?

We now have killer houses…the coroner said so, so it must be true…and the Herald reported it.

Now it seems we have killer jugs.

A mother and her two sons are in custody for a violent home invasion after a clean sweep of guilty verdicts by a Christchurch District Court jury.

The trio were flanked by seven police, Corrections staff, and court security officers as they heard the verdicts, about a day after the jury began its deliberations.

They stood impassively as Judge Brian Callaghan remanded them in custody for sentencing on September 2 and were escorted quietly out of the court.

The mother, Sarah Janine Godkin, 48, appeared to turn aside and wipe away a tear after she had heard the verdicts.

She was also convicted of sexual violation of a woman who received internal injuries during the episode of what the Crown said was frenzied violence at a house in Wainoni, Christchurch.  Read more »

Why are West Auckland kids so feral as to need extra policing on bus rides?

Ferals abound and not just on the West Coast.

School bus monitors may be appointed to a West Auckland route on which students complained of being trapped for 10 kilometres by a driver who refused to stop to let them off.

The two schools with students driven through the Waitakere Ranges on a Ritchies Transport double-decker bus two weeks ago – one of whom was injured jumping off – will also have to consider appointing representatives able to be contacted after-hours in the event of any more problems on company routes.

That follows a meeting today at which the Ministry of Education says it was agreed Green Bay High School and Glen Eden Intermediate should consider appointing senior students as bus monitors.

Representatives of both schools and the ministry met the bus company after a police investigation found no evidence that the driver, who was standing-in for the route’s regular operator, had broken the law.

Senior ministry official Jerome Sheppard said the meeting was to discuss what lessons could be learned by last month’s incident, in which several students among about 60 on the double-decker jumped off the moving vehicle after it had reached the far side of Huia.  Read more »


South Auckland has its share of ferals too

File photo

File photo

I should be more careful when I call people ferals.  It seems to upset the media so.  Perhaps I should have chosen animal instead.

A South Auckland man who fractured the skull of a four-month-old baby has been jailed for more than two years.

Toetu Salasa, 25, appeared in the Manukau District Court today for sentencing after pleading guilty to wounding with intent to injure and assault with intent to injure.

He injured the baby while it was being held by its mother, who he was attempting to punch in the face, the court heard.

… on February 19 last year… His partner confronted him about how much he was drinking while he was holding the baby and she took the child from him.

They fought as he tried to wrestle the baby back from her and she punched him to make him stop pulling the child.

His partner put the baby’s face against her shoulder protectively but Salasa began throwing “haymaker” punches at her head. Read more »