Obama continues to be the world’s best gun salesman, but Hillary is likely to beat his records

Barack Obama has sold more guns than any other person in history. His continued attacks against the Second Amendment mean that people seek to get in before he tries to ban them.

The good news is that his time is almost at an end; the bad news for citizens is that Hillary Clinton will continue and escalate his attacks.

Gun sales are on a pace to break last year’s record of more than 23 million, a boon to the U.S. industry and gun stores thanks to election-year worries about gun control and recent terror attacks, according to government figures and experts.

Under Obama, background checks for guns reached 141.4 million through the end of May, amounting to sales of about 52,600 a day, according to the FBI. Last year, the FBI conducted more than 23 million background checks, which are generally used to figure sales of new and used weapons.

Domestically, manufacturers have reported producing about 21,000 guns a day, or more than 46 million in Obama’s first six years in office.

And should Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton continue to best Republican Donald Trump in the polls, sales could hit new highs, according to industry experts.    Read more »

Herald does a hit job on gun shop, and probably increases their sales

Gun City's online advertisement encourages buyers to "pimp your AR-15" Supplied 22nd June 2016

Gun City’s online advertisement encourages buyers to “pimp your AR-15”
Supplied 22nd June 2016

The NZ Herald has done a nice hit job on Gun City in their continued and wonky jihad against guns.

I’m pretty sure that David Tipple will be very pleased because they have reproduced his ad in full colour, adding the Herald readership to his reach…and all for free.

A New Zealand gun shop is selling and promoting the AR-15 rifle, the firearm synonymous with American mass shootings.

Gun City is New Zealand’s largest firearms dealer, boasting the largest range of guns, ammo and accessories.

The AR-15, a semiautomatic rifle, is being advertised on Gun City’s website for $1999, with free shipping.

To obtain an AR-15, buyers must have a standard, current firearms licence and an approved police order form.

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The stupidty of Greg O’Connor and the Police Association

The Police Association want the Police to be the only people with guns.

They have made their submission to the inquiry into gun control and have several rather bizarre claims and suggestions.

The biggest outrage is to request a ban on what they call “.50 calibre firearms”.

police-weapons Read more »

Photo Of The Day

A coloured version of this famous photo by Shorpy. This vest weighed 11 lb (5.0 kg), fit close to the body, and was considered more comfortable. Credit to: Zuzahin.

A coloured version of this famous photo by Shorpy. This vest weighed 11 lb (5.0 kg), fit close to the body, and was considered more comfortable. Credit to: Zuzahin.

Bulletproof Photo Craze

Men Shot Each Other all the Time, it Seems, for Publicity Photos in the 1920s

A Brief History of Bulletproof Vests

On March 15, 1922, a news photographer captured this image of Leo Krause getting shot at close range near Carnegie Hall. Krause wasn’t a murder victim, though—he was a salesman who travelled the world demonstrating the death-defying superpowers that his patented bulletproof vest gave him. This was one of the first of more than 4,000 bullets he’d later estimate he’d been shot with in his 27-year career. And he knew that arresting images like this were the key to more sales.

Swaths of vest salesmen hawked their wares with such proto-viral stunts. Prohibition-era mobsters and gangsters were increasingly turning to gun violence, and newspapers regularly printed photos of tests of bulletproof clothing and bulletproof glass.

But the original story of the bulletproof vest is far more complicated than readers at the time knew, and it was an image in a popular magazine that started the deception.

The February 15th, 1902, edition of Scientific American arrived bearing great news: ingenious inventor Jan Szczepanik, often referred to in the press as the Polish Edison, had recently unveiled the first “bullet and dagger-proof waist coat” out of tightly wound silk. As a result, the recent plague of assassination attempts against Presidents and Monarchs would no longer be as deadly. (“Such an effect would indeed be most beneficial,” the magazine drily noted.) The article went on to describe the vest’s effectiveness:

“Highly impressive and dramatic are the firing tests upon a live person, who, in the consciousness of his invulnerability, calmly and without moving a muscle exposes his breast, protected by the wonderful silk fabric, to the otherwise death-dealing bullets…The bullets rebound from the vest like hailstones from iron armor and drop to the ground with the point flattened.”

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So, where now for the gun enquiry?

After the absolute slaying by the Herald yesterday (yes, I can happily admit it when they pull some good quality journalism) it’s apparent that the whole farcical gun enquiry is now a total waste of time.

Firstly – many politicians, along with a legion of media big names, have made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in to slag off guns and call for restrictions and law change.

They’ve been absolutely certain that guns are obtained from gun shops that don’t check paper work.

Some media have even gone as far as forging police PID numbers to pull stunts to prove it despite no evidence that it’s ever occurred before.

Others claimed the gangs order guns from overseas, which are dropped off the side of fishing boats in the dark to waiting organised crime wearing black balaclavas.   Read more »


Greg O’Connor needs to apologise


Will Greg O’Connor apologise to firearms owners?

The facts are now released and the reason firearms get into the hands of criminals is because they are stolen in burglaries, which Police don’t bother to follow up.

Not only that but over 80% of firearms stolen are shotguns; not the military-style weapons that the media has been splashing all over their websites.

Mind the pun – but the Police Association President has shot himself in the foot.

He’s been trying to stoke up a firearms debate and yet it’s his own members’ fault that criminal scumbags get guns!    Read more »

Stats disprove Police claims

I’m in shock that the Herald has actually investigated something. But, in doing so, it has hit a home run with some decent facts about guns.

It makes for interesting reading because the Police are the reason guns exist in criminals hands!

The Police Association, which represents rank-and-file officers, had already voiced concerns about the proliferation of firearms in criminal hands. Police figures show a steady rise in the number of illegal firearms seized, with 1504 confiscated last year – a 50 per cent increase on four years ago.


According to the latest figures police released to the Herald , shotguns were the most common illegal firearm seized. During the 2014/2015 period, 272 full-length and 79 cutdown shotguns were confiscated, as well as 44 pistols, 23 military-style semi-automatics and 47 cutdown rifles. There is no legal purpose for a cut-down firearm.

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Just how will Police collect all guns that get banned?

There is a rumour now circulating amongst firearms users on social media that some in the Police are working hard to ban certain firearms.

Personally, I think it’s all cart before the horse. The Government enquiry has to be allowed the chance to ask how criminals are getting guns and solid answers need to be given. Remember – it’s about how criminals are getting guns.

I will point out that the Police have no empirical basis to suggest changes. Firstly, no enquiry has identified a problem with firearms or the Act, no problems whatsoever. There is a problem with criminals and guns – but that’s a different matter.

So no facts – which means Police are acting on blatant opportunism.

I suspect the Police will point the finger at other countries and suggest that New Zealand play catch up. Ban certain guns. Which is lame. Even a small kid can suggest that.

Banning guns is all well and good for newspaper headlines but I can’t see how Police will enforce it. Sure, lots of firearms users will do the right thing and hand in banned weapons.

But here is the question – just how will Police ensure the public and the Government that they have collected ALL those guns in circulation that they want to ban?   Read more »


Pertinent Questions for the Firearms Inquiry

When enquiring as to how guns are being obtained by criminals it helps to have compiled a set of logical questions.

Obviously the usual ones from the loony anti-gun brigade are irrelevant because they are off-topic and seeking to take advantage of the situation whilst the door is open to pry yet more guns out of use by law-abiding civilians.

So now that the enquiry has scoped itself into asking the question of how criminals are obtaining firearms it would be sensible to narrow the focus by ignoring all the rhetoric.

Firstly criminals are not going to turn up to a select committee and spill their beans. The salacious nature of the media hungrily looking for a story along with Police who will of course be ever-present during proceedings will scare them off.

Besides – criminals make for totally unreliable witnesses. We know how little the Court is willing to accept the testimony of scumbags so a credible enquiry could do itself a favour by taking a pass in this regard.

I believe the best place to start is pressing the Police for answers.

For example – asking about the statistical evidence of firearm related offending by criminals.

Over the decades the stats have shown that firearms related crimes are always in parallel with general violent offending. As violent offending increases with population – so do offences where firearms are presented. The question is – are we actually seeing a trending increase in offences where firearms are presented? Or is it all anecdotal and largely the here-say of Greg O’Connor and his media patsy’s?   Read more »


Will Police tell us how many guns get stolen?

Is theft how guns get into the hands of criminals? Surely that’s pretty easy to work out. I am very certain that when people’s houses are robbed and guns are stolen, those firearms’ owners report any theft to the Police. Just like most people do with regular burglaries and thefts.

Which means the Police must know for sure how many guns in circulation have been stolen, right?

But I’ve noticed that the Police have so far been very, very quiet about this.

Even the Police’s unofficial – official – unofficial PR spokesman Greg O’Connor hasn’t been chomping at the bit to tell us the answer.

Greg has been telling anyone who will listen that lots of guns are in the hands of scumbags. He even went on TVNZ the other night and outright lied about the capability of MSSA rifles, and how easily they can be converted to full-auto (it isn’t that easy) and that they could have 50-round magazines (they won’t and don’t). He presented no evidence of that whatsoever.   Read more »