Wowsers at it again – this time to ban private use of fireworks

A bid to ban New Zealanders from setting off fireworks in their backyard has been rejected by a Parliamentary committee.

The Government Administration Committee said a complete ban on the private use of fireworks went too far and was unenforceable.

The committee was responding to a petition signed by 25,000 people and submitted by Ponsonby film-maker Charlotte Purdy, who wanted fireworks limited to public displays.

The petition said restrictions on fireworks introduced eight years ago had not eliminated negative effects such as distress to animals, injuries, fires, damage to property and public nuisance.

In its report on the petition, the committee said that competing interests needed to be carefully balanced when considering a ban.

MPs said they recognised the frustration many people felt about the unpredictability of private fireworks use. Read more »

Wowsers still going for full ban on fireworks

When I was a kid having a birthday 3 days before Guy Fawkes was awesome.

Until the wowsers started their slippery slope of bans.

First they called for the banning of bangers like Tom Thumbs and Double Happies, then they moved on sky rockets.

Now not content with all that they are now looking at a full ban of all fireworks.

Limits should be placed on when fireworks can be used, not just when they are purchased, the Fire Service has told Parliament.

A Parliamentary select committee is considering a 25,000-signature petition calling for a total ban on the private use of fireworks.

The Fire Service’s national advisor on risk management Todd O’Donoghue told the committee this morning that if it did not agree to a ban, there were other measures that could reduce the harms of fireworks.

He said fireworks were being used all year round, not just at Guy Fawkes, and Parliament could introduce restrictions on when they could be set off.    Read more »




The perennial favourite: fireworks [POLL]

On the one hand

Prime Minister John Key says it is only a matter of time before private firework sales are banned.

Speaking at his post-Cabinet press conference, Key said he thought public sentiment was moving towards a fireworks sales ban.

“It’s obviously an issue that raises its head every time we have Guy Fawkes,” Key said.

“I think it’s something where we’d rather take the public with us and I think slowly there is a bow wave of agreement that [a sales ban is] the right place to go.”

Key said he didn’t think the government had done “any serious work” to bring about the change, though.

“While I’m not proposing or saying that there should be a personal ban today… I think eventually you actually will see public displays being the ones where fireworks are available.”

And on the other hand   Read more »


The fun police are still prowling

Every years some busybody wants to ban fireworks.

Eventually they will win, they will just grind the politicians down.

It is all about foisting their beliefs on the rest of the population, even some of my commenters agree, that we should sit for hours in traffic, struggle to find a carpark to sit at a big display in a park or stadium somewhere for 30 minutes to go wow…instead of having a BBQ, enjoying our backyards or beaches and then celebrating something that is actually our heritage and history.

Imagine if we had people wanting to stop Christmas or Easter or Ramadan.

Why should Guy Fawkes become the preserve of the corporates who can afford the large displays.

Imagine all the kids who will the joy of writing their names in teh air with sparklers.

These wowsers need to get a grip…they always want to remove things because of danger…well, when are they going to start calling for the banning of cars, boats, swimming, rugby, hunting and every other enjoyable past time with a risk attached?

When will they interfering stop, if ever?

Of course the Herald saw this as vitally important so they put their senior reporter ‘Tainted’ Fisher on the job.

This year, it may just be Parliament which torches Guy Fawkes Day.

A ban on the personal sale of fireworks – which went on sale yesterday – is to be considered by a parliamentary select committee this Wednesday, November 5 – Guy Fawkes Day.  Read more »

Get ready for Len’s fireworks inspectors

Len Brown’s council seems intent on poo-fingering any event that people might have fun at.

The latest imposition of silly rule making twats with clipboards is over Guy Fawkes night next week.

Aucklanders wanting to celebrate Guy Fawkes on November 5 must find a public display or stay in their backyards, the council says.

Fireworks were banned from public places in May this year with the aim of protecting people, animals and property from the risks of fireworks.    Read more »

I don’t think they had a rehearsal, and in the end it may not matter


And I thought my NYE was spectacular.


Stills first – video comes in shortly.

Tonight You Belong to Me

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