Being a kid sucks.

Pigeon vs American Football team


The New York Times needs to man up about soccer

Soccer is gay. The New York Times is gayer for agreeing with Major League Soccer to try and ban football chants.

For decades, soccer officials in the United States simply wanted some fans in their stadiums. Now they have them, and some of those fans have brought an unexpected problem: a vulgar chant, in the vein of more notoriously rabid soccer fans in other countries.

Hardly clever, it is only three words — an insult directed at the opposing goalkeeper — but enough to give M.L.S. officials fits as they hear it spill over into live television broadcasts. The chant’s simplicity is what makes it appealing or appalling, depending on your perspective.  Read more »

Dodgy Muslim ratbag and hypocrite

What are the chances that a high and mighty muslim football star who took a stance against gambling would be caught gambling…You wouldn’t want to take that bet would you?

It is like christian finger-pointers who get caught kiddy-fiddling. They think they are covered with the shield of sanctimony.

Pictured in a casino: £40,000-a-week Muslim footballer Pappis Cisse who refuses to play for Newcastle because shirt sponsor is payday loan firm Wonga 'which compromises his religious beliefs'

Pictured in a casino: £40,000-a-week Muslim footballer Papiss Cisse who refuses to play for Newcastle because shirt sponsor is payday loan firm Wonga ‘which compromises his religious beliefs’

A picture has emerged apparently showing Muslim footballer Papiss Cisse at a casino table.

It comes as the Newcastle striker is at loggerheads with the club over their decision to replace old sponsor Virgin Money with pay-day loan company Wonga.   Read more »

Going to need a re-write

Earlier today I posted about the imminent demise of Holden.

A reader emailed me this advert from the 70s that may need a re-write.


Really? Do you think they could even try, or have they given up?

Final score was a 1-all draw, not a win to the ‘Nix. And the Newcastle goal was scored more than 15 minutes before the end of the match!

Herald bomb


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England’s Code of Conduct Needed For Shearer

Faced with ill-discipline and in-fighting among players the England FA has come out with a list of Do’s and Dont’s for their players.  It is not a bad guide for politicians to follow so I have re-written it for say….ergh….ughm……the Labour Party and David Shearer.

Add your own in comments if you so wish.

The don’ts and the dos


* Use drugs without doctor’s permission telling the Leader

* Disclose confidential information about any aspect of playing for England our caucus meetings or strategy

* Wear red and pink together, ever  unofficial sportswear from personal endorsements

* Consume alcohol in public without the express permission of the manager Leader

* Use drugs or banned substances

* Use room service or adult channels

* Bet on i-predict or buy and sell on TradeMe any football matches

* Criticise people on Twitter or Facebook, especially while in the House


* Respect Parliament, your colleagues and the Speaker opponents, officials and supporters

* Respect culture and traditions of host nations Unions and our members

* Acknowledge the supporters at the end of the game and when on the coach travelling to training and games our members at conferences and meetings

* Respect drug-testing officers

* Respect hotel staff at Skycity

* Be on time for team caucus meetings.

* Use a sensible amount of time playing video, updating twitter, Facebook or computer games such as Angry Birds.


Yes, Soccer is Gay

ᔥ NZ Herald

Always has been, always will be, soccer is gay, especially when they do this shit:

Auckland soccer organisers have been accused of “living in cloud cuckoo land” after allowing children’s teams to share championship titles.

Children’s football teams will be crowned joint championship winners rather than being separated by goal difference in the traditional way.

The rule has been labelled a nonsense by a parent and slammed as ridiculous by one of the game’s stalwarts.

Removing goal difference meant stronger teams could start different players or take other measures against weak teams without being punished, he said.

“We try to stop teams going out and thrashing other teams, like 20-nil every week. It’s just to do enough to win, basically.”

But one parent whose 11-year-old son plays soccer said the rule was unfair and punished success.


About time too


Pffft, he threatens to sue everyone

Terry Serepisos threatens everyone, so no surprise he threatened the Football Federation of Australia with legal action:

He publicly relinquished control of the Wellington Phoenix with dignity but, behind the scenes, Terry Serepisos threatened Football Federation Australia with legal action after it told him his licence would be revoked.

Revelations that the bankrupted property developer did not relinquish the Phoenix without a fight come after the High Court yesterday approved the partial release of an affidavit in which he outlined the collapse of his empire.

It was Mr Serepisos’ parlous financial state – he was declared bankrupt three days after losing the Phoenix – that contributed to the FFA stripping him of the licence to operate the club.

Mr Serepisos was notified by FFA boss Lyall Gorman, either late on Thursday night or early Friday morning, just over a week ago, that his A-League licence would be withdrawn.

A new licence was issued to a consortium of seven Wellington businessmen for the club to play in the A-League for the next five years.

It is understood Mr Serepisos threatened the FFA with legal action after losing the Phoenix, a threat that was still hanging in the air until shortly before a press conference organised for noon on Friday last week.

Mr Gorman briefed Wellington City Council about the change in ownership less than three hours before the press conference was to begin.

It is understood that he told the council about the threatened legal action and that he was unsure how Mr Serepisos would publicly respond to losing the Phoenix.

However, he was optimistic that Mr Serepisos would bow out “gracefully”.

Unsurprisingly the threat of legal action turned out to be as serious as his loan from Honkers and the one from Western Gulf Advisory. I’m still waiting for the writ for his threats to sue me.

Full of piss and wind is our Terry.