Fran O’Sullivan

Parroting the obvious

In August 2014 real reporters around the world ran stories about China’s milk stockpile, and everyone in China who was anybody, knew China was stockpiling those resources.

The news that Russia is banning imports of dairy products from all EU states should be the least of our concerns.

What dairy farmers here should be doing, rather, is looking even further to the east, to China.

For there are some ominous signs that that country’s snapping up of massive volumes of dried milk powder produced in the west may well have been a stockpiling exercise and that it is now coming to an end ahead of an anticipated downturn in the Chinese economy.

That could have quite severe repercussions here where a lot of the ‘surplus’ milk, which has been sloshing about in the market, has gone to drying plants in an exercise which acts as a useful price stabiliser. The effects are already being felt in the arena of global dairy auctions, where prices dropped 8.4 per cent this week and are now 50 per cent lower than they were in February – and it’s worth noting that whole milk powder (down 11.5 per cent) and skim milk powder (down 6.5 per cent) were among the big losers.

So stand by for even more price cuts at the farm gate…

Yet, despite how many junkets to China and resources put in by NZ Inc and a newspaper, it’s only when Bill English makes comment on it off his own bat, does Frances O’Sullivan – a newspaper’s pre-eminent repeater – actually even record it as happening.

It was Bill English who finally punctured the myth that the lengthy price slump that has carved billions of dollars off New Zealand dairy returns is simply a short-run thing.

Not so, said the Finance Minister on his return from China this week.   Read more »


Just when you didn’t think a newspaper could stoop any lower… [UPDATED]

Not content with dumbing down the main news section, a newspaper has brought in a gossip column for its business pages…and Holly Ryan the  Retail, Innovation and Manufacturing reporter is running the tawdry little gossip column.

No I’m not kidding.

Let us know … 

This is not a gossip column but….

The new weekly Page2 is a chance to share stories and pictures about business personalities and events so please drop us a line at [email protected] We promise to be nice.”

Perhaps Holly need some tipoffs on NZME unhappiness…   Read more »

Herald Seniors continue to undermine Barfoot & Thompson business while training Labour how to do more Asian Bashing

When skimming John Armstrong and Fran O’Sullivan’s pieces this morning, I truly wondered if I had woken up to a parallel universe.

Apparently, Labour are doing just fine.  Just needs a few small adjustments.

The National Party might have fooled itself into thinking otherwise, but for all intents and purposes it was done like a dog’s dinner by Labour this week.

National’s response to Labour’s exploitation of explosive sales figures leaked by a subsequently sacked employee of real estate firm Barfoot & Thompson ran the full gamut from the pathetic to the non-existent.

Much of that was down to National trying to defy gravity. The figures simply confirmed what everyone had assumed – that prime Auckland real estate was being soaked up by offshore Chinese nationals who, at the same time, were forcing up prices across the whole market, particularly so-called “affordable housing” – the segment of the market where the politics are the most sensitive.

National found itself in a highly unenviable, if not impossible position.

It could either try to pooh-pooh Labour’s analysis of the figures, in which case it would be accused of denying the obvious.

As far as I’ve seen, the National Party sat back and couldn’t get up from laughing so hard.  All the blow-back has come from the LEFT and the media, apart from Labour’s stooges at A Newspaper, obviously.   But it gets better.  Here’s Fran O’ detailing how Labour must not give up, and lays out a free strategy (or is the invoice in the mail?) for Labour to have a second go at what John Armstrong will clearly see as a second victory:  Read more »

Took eye off the ball?

Gee the Herald goes soft on their columnist today, suggesting that after copping a $1.5 million dollar fine from the FMA that Brian Gaynor’s Milford Asset Management merely took their eye off the ball..

Milford Asset Management’s directors have accepted they took their eye off the ball while a portfolio manager carried out alleged market manipulation that sparked a high-profile regulatory probe and a $1.5 million settlement with the Financial Markets Authority.

The FMA yesterday revealed the results of a lengthy investigation into trading activity at the Auckland-based investment firm, which has more than $3 billion under management, including KiwiSaver funds.

Milford has agreed to a $1.5 million settlement, $1.1 million of which will go to the Crown, with the balance covering the costs of the regulator’s probe.

The portfolio manager, whom the company and FMA will not name, is still facing enforcement action and was yesterday placed on extended leave.

Under the Financial Markets Conduct Act, someone convicted of market manipulation can be jailed or fined up to $500,000.

The headline is an understatement!

Pity the regulator was so soft. It should have been $15 million in fines.

If it comes out, as I expect it will, that the trader was skimming a margin to the house account, doing what is known in the trade as “bed & breakfast trading”, the Board will have known, as they will have seen the resulting profits.

It isn’t hard to work out who the “trader” is either…he is the only one missing from their web page and a quick check of cached copies of their website shows that.   Read more »

A dying woman and a man who lost his battle with a “depressive illness” aren’t a reason to change laws

Frances O’Sullivan really has lost the plot since she returned to her socialist roots.

Getting invited to Helen Kelly’s wedding just cemented her return to the dark side. But for some reason she thinks there is an obligation to push Kelly’s agenda as a result.

Her column in today’s Herald is bizarre in the extreme, basically trying to guilt John Key into changing laws because her “friend” is dying and another unionist lost his battle with “a depressive illness”, which we all know is code for something else entirely.

Is it going to take the words of a dying unionist to shame John Key into pushing through long-overdue health and safety reforms in the New Zealand workplace?


Key could just show some spine. Face down his malcontents. And get in place the reforms on which the senior business and senior union leadership in this country are united.

On TVNZ’s Q&A last Sunday, Helen Kelly leveraged the keen media interest in interviewing her after her diagnosis with invasive lung cancer to spotlight the dreadful complacency the Key Government has displayed on this vital issue. Kelly made the point that in Australia the workplace health and safety accident rate is half that of New Zealand’s.

[…]    Read more »

Phone hacking illegal, but email hacking fine. Well, if it’s my email it is

Nick Davies will forever be known as the journalist who broke the phone-hacking scandal in the Britain, bringing down the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid.

At a Christchurch WORD event on Tuesday night, he discussed his views on the media and his book, Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch, with The Press editor Joanna Norris.

Starting in 2008 after a tip-off, Davies, who works for The Guardian, began investigating illegal phone-hacking and bribery by journalists employed by News International.

He wrote more than 100 articles over two years on the activities but it was only when he revealed News of the World journalists had listened to and deleted voicemail messages left for murdered teenager Milly Dowler that public outrage forced the police to re-open investigations.

By 2011, it was revealed more than 210 people had been complicit in the illegal activities and victims numbered more than 5000.

Don’t hold your breath that the same will happen in New Zealand when it comes to email hacking.  Journalists, decent, trained and skilled, have been directly involved in the Dirty Politics hacking against me and others.    Read more »

Dirty Media Loses The Plot – Cannot Move On

I am told Fran O’Sullivan is having another of her world famous unhinged tantrums on Facebook via the closed group “Kiwi Bloggers and Journalists Association” pleading comments stay private within a group of over 200 then continuing her smears.  Fran has been running her mouth off about me all over town at various functions now for more than half a year all because of one little mention in an email the Prime Minister released.

I have ignored the abuse.  It has been very d…..ifficult. I am not a patient person.

I have watched with interest at the spontaneous combustion over this time of someone previously considered to be unflappable by her peers. But enough is really enough.

Fran’s running of her mouth gets back to me only because people of any standing in the community and Beltway are bored and confused with it all as they were 10 minutes after this started, wondering why she cannot just get on with her own professional matters. Quite frankly I too have had enough of her silly behaviour from someone old enough to behave more argh…. appropriately.

Perhaps Fran would like to explain to followers:

1. Why I was never required to actually appear at the Chisholm Inquiry?

Lets talk about that shall we?

Could the answer be because of her ridiculous reactive column in the NZ Herald the second she stepped out from the Inquiry as a witness, explaining and losing by republishing private correspondence?  A move that many of her colleagues wrote to me privately rather aghast over.  It was fortunate for Fran that I was not an actual witness to the Inquiry at the time else she would have had a large amount of trouble under s29 (1)(g) and (i) of the Inquiries Act 2013 and I would have laid a complaint over her attempt to influence the Inquiry and intimidation of myself as a witness.  After this column was pointed out to those running the Inquiry they did not contact me again even slightly suggesting I appear at the Inquiry and I do not believe in coincidences.  In a large part I suspect the lack of interest in interviewing me for the Chisholm Inquiry was driven by Fran herself.

I ignored the abuse, smears and personal inferences in the column.

Fran then had the temerity via Twitter after reporting she had shared a plane back from Hong Kong with me one chilly flight after the Inquiry reporting period where you could cut the air with a plastic knife, to suggest I had been in New Zealand at least twice during the Inquiry period and had lunch at Antoines with Trish Sherson whom I have not caught up with now for more than a year. This was news not only to me as it was my first trip since the election but Trish as well who corrected her.  Still the boiling went on.

I ignored her lies and tantrums.   And her threats to people close to me that she “hadn’t finished with me yet”. Read more »

Dirty Media shill expunging the record?

Last week we looked at the propensity of spin-ster Fran O’Sullivan to shill people she and her co-workers at New Zealand Inc have shilled for before.

The post showed how Fran O’Sullivan, who is now the NZME. Business Editorial Director seems to write or repeat puff pieces for the dairy industry that originally appeared on the New Zealand Inc website and has them published on the NZ Herald.

It all seems rather cosy.

Well today some thing interesting has happened.

The entire website of New Zealand Inc. has been expunged and a placeholder erected in its place.

spin-ster-Osullivan Read more »

Dirty Media – NZME. and NZ Inc. “Rent a Quoting”?

I know that New Zealand is a village but when it comes to reporting, repetition seems to be the mother of un-invention.

Fran O’Sullivan, who is now the NZME. Business Editorial Director of all things has put out yet another puff piece on the dairy industry.

In it she does her usual reach around using large quotes from her favourite pet of the moment, this time on a Sean Keane.

“For a tempered – and “outside in” view – it is hard to go past Sean Keane of Triple T Consulting”.

Who is Sean Keane you may ask and it is a good question as he doesn’t have a huge online profile since returning to NZ in 2008. And outside in? How about inside inside at the Herald?

Could it be the same as this Sean Keane? Of Triple T based in Hong Kong? Online it seems he’s in New Zealand?


“One of the most insightful analysts is Sean Keane of Triple T Consulting based in Hong Kong”.

Read more »

Dirty Media – Today Audrey Young Should Be Embarrassed To Be a Staffer at The Herald

Yesterday Audrey Young wrote under the cloak of NZ Herald sanctimony that she was embarrassed John Key was Prime Minister. I wonder what she is thinking today of her employer.

It turns out that today’s story in the NZ Herald was a sting under the close watch and approval of Shayne Currie (and outgoing Editor Tim Murphy who is still in the building).

I have warned of this behaviour emerging as standard at the NZ Herald with the recent appointment of Dirty Politics insider Fran O’Sullivan as a former tool of the ninth floor to now born-again centre left scorned woman.  O’Sullivan only last week announced from the lofty heights of her self-appointed throne that we need a more “adult” media.

I have to hand it to Shayne Currie, nothing in Dirty Politics was as downright evil and sneaky as this hit job on someone who didn’t want their story to be run using his own staff. He went ahead in full knowledge of what happened.  There can be no throwing of his staffer under the bus for this incident no matter how much his left wing luvvies try.  It is Currie’s responsibility as to what goes in the paper.

Nicky Hager will not be happy.  He expects more from media he omitted to mention in Dirty Politics.  Oh that’s right, he is currently collaborating with the NZ Herald as he thinks he has them all eating from the palm of his filthy little hands.

In the meantime Audrey goes from yesterday’s sanctimony back to her gin and pulling a pay check from an embarrassing employer.

And I am betting the planned and deliberate deceit from the NZ Herald machine is now far worse for this woman than a little pull of her ponytail.