Climate Experts are blaming their tools for lack of warming

Facing an accelerating implosion of faith in the anthropogenic (man-made) global warming (AGW) theory due in part to satellite data showing more than 18 years of no warming — the great “pause” or “hiatus,” as some put it — one of the satellite data sets has now been adjusted to show a slight increase in temperatures over the last two decades. Global-warming theorists on the government dole celebrated the news, speculating that it might herald the end of skepticism over their controversial theory and even what particularly rabid warmists refer to as “climate denial.” However, experts and scientists warned climate alarmists to cool it — especially because the “adjusted” data is now significantly different than other, unmanipulated temperature data sets. There appear to be big problems with the adjustments, too, experts in satellite temperature data said.

The adjusted data set in question comes from Remote Sensing Systems (RSS), satellites put into orbit by NASA but now overseen by chief RSS climate scientist Carl Mears in Santa Rosa, California. The new numbers, which were recently adjusted, purport to show about 0.125 degrees Celsius of warming every 10 years. That is radically more than the 0.078 Celsius per decade — a statistically insignificant figure — that the RSS data set showed before being “adjusted.” The new numbers from RSS also show radically higher temperature increases than other satellite data, such as the numbers from the University of Alabama at Huntsville’s data set (UAH). Examining the alleged warming over the tropics, for example, the new adjusted RSS data shows a rate of warming almost five times larger than UAH data, analysts said.

Scientists at UAH, including Dr. Roy Spencer, former senior climate scientist at NASA, compared the new RSS results with the data collected by UAH satellites. In comments on his own website and at climate-focused outlets, Spencer said there had been “spurious warming” added into the new RSS data — a problem that UAH data does not have. He blamed the spurious warming in the adjusted RSS data set on the RSS scientists failing to correct for discrepancies between more accurate temperature data-gathering instruments and data gathered by older, poorly calibrated instruments that have drifted from their original orbit. “I suspect Carl Mears [with RSS] grew tired of global warming ‘denialists’ using the RSS satellite data to demonstrate an 18-year ‘pause,’” Spencer was quoted as saying by the Daily Caller. “So, now that problem is solved.”

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Here is a loophole Heather missed completely


Police are investigating an alleged driver licence fraud case at an Auckland Automobile Association station and the NZ Transport Agency was auditing its driver licensing regime.

One News reported a booking agent had been suspended and was being investigated by police for allegedly selling drivers’ licences to unqualified drivers for $500 each.

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Photo Of The Day


Forever Young

Electra, Texas—1985

She was a pretty girl, thin, with a spray of pale freckles across her face and light brown hair that curled just above her shoulders. The librarian at the high school called her “a quiet-type person,” the kind of student who yes-ma’amed and no-ma’amed her teachers. She played on the tennis team, practicing with an old wooden racket on a crack-lined court behind the school. In the afternoons she waitressed at the Whistle Stop, the local drive-in hamburger restaurant, jumping up on the running boards of the pickup trucks so she could hear better when the drivers placed their orders.

Her name was Treva Throneberry, and just about everybody in that two-stoplight North Texas oil town knew her by sight. She was never unhappy, people said. She never complained. She always greeted her customers with a shy smile, even when she had to walk out to their cars on winter days when the northers came whipping off the plains, swirling ribbons of dust down the street. During her breaks, she’d sit at a back table and read from her red Bible that zipped open and shut.

There were times, the townspeople would later say, when they did wonder about the girl. No one had actually seen her do anything that could be defined, really, as crazy. But people noticed that she would occasionally get a vacant look in her blue eyes. One day at school she drew a picture of a young girl standing under a leafless tree, her face blue, the sun black. One Sunday at the Pentecostal church she stumbled to the front altar, fell to her knees, and began telling Jesus that she didn’t deserve to live. And then there was that day when Treva’s young niece J’Lisha, who was staying at the Throneberry home, told people that Treva had shaken her awake the previous night and whispered that a man was outside their room with a gun—which turned out to be not true at all.

But surely, everyone in town said, all teenage girls go through phases. They get overly emotional every now and then. Treva was going to turn out just fine. She didn’t even drink or smoke cigarettes like some of the other girls in town.

Then, that December, just as the Electra High School Tigers were headed toward their first state football championship and the town was feeling a rare surge of pride, Treva, who was sixteen years old, stopped working at the Whistle Stop. She stopped coming to school. “She disappeared,” a former classmate said. “And nobody knew where she went.”

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1080 man’s lawyer: aww your Honour, he’s mentally ill and stupid

I guess lawyers have to use whatever floats when they are being pulled under by their client, but these sorts of arguments make me wild:

Kerr’s lawyer, John Billington, QC, said Kerr’s actions were “wholly irrational” and could not be explained in normal way such as financial motivation.

“It was not the primary driver for what was an act of incredible stupidity and irrationality,” he said.

The Crown alleges Kerr had been getting royalties from sales of a cyanide-based 1080 alternative product he developed, Feratox, and wanted 1080 banned to increase the falling sales of Feratox.

But forensic accountant Shane Hussey told the court Kerr had plenty of ways to get more money – such as cutting spending in his company – to reduce any financial worries.

“If he felt stressed, he might have done any of those things. The fact he didn’t do any of those things might mean he wasn’t stressed,” he said. … Read more »


Defrauding the taxpayer results in jail time


via NZ Herald

A Tauranga business couple found guilty of defrauding ACC of hundreds of thousands of dollars have been jailed.

Grant and Lorraine Brennan were sentenced in Tauranga District Court today after being found guilty of 88 charges of using a document for pecuniary advantage after their seven-week judge-alone trial.

Mr Brennan was sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison while his wife was ordered to serve two years and five months behind bars.

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Fraudulent ex-teacher only has to pay back half of what he took

A teacher from a prestigious Auckland school who used multiple identities to scam banks out of $67,000 will now only have to pay half the sum back, after a successful appeal.

Former Auckland Grammar School economics, accounting and business studies teacher Rafe Callum Fannin, 36, posed as a Kiwi missing in the Australian Outback and took two of his colleagues’ driving licences to fraudulently set up bank accounts in fake names.

Between September 2014 and June last year, Fannin swindled $67,408 from banks and finance companies and gambled it all away.

In November, Judge David Harvey sentenced him to nine months home detention and ordered him to repay all the money at a rate of $20 a week, despite Fannin being unemployed.

At appeal, the Crown accepted the bill was “manifestly excessive” as it would take him more than 63 years to pay off.

Fannin’s lawyer, Richard Keam, argued a figure of just over $5000 was appropriate punishment but Justice Anne Hinton disagreed.

She said the defendant’s previous position at such a reputable school meant he was “obviously highly regarded and well qualified”.

“I consider he will be able to obtain a well-paying job once his period of home detention concludes, and there would be no reason not to have a job lined up beforehand,” Justice Hinton said.

She ordered Fannin to pay $36,400 over the next seven years.

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Face of the day

Penny Bright protests Cameron Slater's High Court Bid to block media from publishing information hacked from his Gmail and Facebook accounts including exchanges with accountants, doctors, lawyers and personal communication with his wife.

Penny Bright protests Cameron Slater’s High Court Bid to block media from publishing information hacked from his Gmail and Facebook accounts including exchanges with accountants, doctors, lawyers and personal communication with his wife.

Today’s face of the day, activist Penny Bright, will have to pay over $34,000 to Auckland City Council. Penny didn’t think Cam and I had a right to keep personal conversations, which were hacked by a criminal, private. She was all for the MSM spreading our personal conversations far and wide for the titillation of the masses. I don’t think Penny should have been allowed to get away with stealing from the council for almost a decade but I do think she should become Auckland’s Mayor. Do you want to know why?

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We’re lonely, greedy and have little self-confidence

It seems Kiwis are lonely, greedy and have little self-confidence, hence they are victims of online scammers promising love and money.

Police are advising people to be on their guard after a fresh spate of investment and romance scams have proved costly for unsuspecting victims duped out of large amounts of money.

A number of serious fraud complaints have sparked police investigations after New Zealanders transferred money into offshore accounts in sophisticated scams.

The latest to cause alarm include an investment scam where people are cold-called from Hong Kong or China and offered shares in well-known companies offering large returns.   Read more »


Delingpole declares war on warmists

James Delingpole has always been at war with warmists, now he has declared that he is going to advance the fight against them.

Let’s start the New Year as we mean to go on: by dancing joyfully and triumphantly on the grave of man-made global warming.

Climate change is over. It’s a busted flush. The alarmists now have all the credibility of bewildered Harold Camping followers shivering on a mountaintop the morning after the night before, looking all shifty and embarrassed as they realise the Rapture their models so confidently promised just ain’t going to happen…

He then goes on to highlight three pieces of information that people should make themselves familiar with.

The first – modestly titled The Most Comprehensive Assault On Global Warming Ever – was written by a US physics professor called Mike van Biezen. It lists ten of the reasons (though there are many more) why man-made global warming theory no longer has any credibility.


Then there are two pieces on what, for me, is the single most persuasive argument against man-made global warming theory: the (considerably more dramatic) fluctuations of climate long before mankind was in any position to influence it.

Here are the key points of an essay on the subject by Ed Hoskins…

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Intagr8 business model “unsustainable”

I warned people more than two years ago about Intagr8 and now the liquidators have confirmed that they had an ‘unsustainable business model’.

NBR reports:

Intagr8 Ltd, which was placed in liquidation this month after failing to pay creditors, ran an “unsustainable business model” with upfront sales revenue too meager to cover the cost of inducements for new customers to its bundled telephone and equipment deals, the liquidator says.

The collapse before Christmas left thousands of small and medium-sized businesses without telecommunications and internet services.

Steven Khov and Damien Grant of Waterstone Insolvency were unable to estimate the total assets of the company or its liabilities in their first report as liquidators. A creditors meeting has been called tentatively for Jan. 16 where the liquidators expect to give an update.   Read more »