Looks like Dunedin City Council will have a use for those shackles after all…

Looks like Dunedin City Council will have a use for those shackles after all.

A fraud probe is looking into whether dozens of Dunedin City Council vehicles were sold over the past decade, and the proceeds pocketed.

Profits from the purchase and sale of Citifleet vehicles, allegedly amounting to more than $1 million, were being investigated, Stuff has been told.

Council chief executive Dr Sue Bidrose said last month that an investigation into the unit by accountancy firm Deloitte was under way after irregularities in the internal recording of council-owned vehicles was discovered.

In a blog to council staff, Bidrose indicated the council was looking at a major fraud inquiry that could dent ratepayer trust.

The council was bracing itself for the findings of the probe, which was expected to reflect negatively on its financial management, she said.

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Anonymous Labour donors are getting nervous

A lonely David Cunliffe waitsAndrew Geddis writes

… if you go back to the financial returns from political parties for 2007, there is listed a donation to Labour of $150,000 from “Palmer Theron, Solicitors, on behalf of an undisclosed client” (as well as two other donations of $50,000 and $30,000 from other law firms on behalf of similarly “undisclosed clients”). For balance, you might also note that in that year National reported $40,000 in anonymous donations, as well as $513,000 from three trusts that it had been using to launder donations previously. Read more »

Should convicted fraudsters be punished in proportion to their haul?

Fraudster Davis Ross’ laywer isn’t happy with “1 day of prison for every $60,000″ that his client took from his victim.  My gut feel is that it took his victims much more than a day to accumulate $60,000, so spending a day in jail for each $60,000 lot seems light.

Hamish McNicoll reports

There is “nothing useful” in the “stern” and “unreasonably crushing” minimum jail term imposed on David Ross, the fraudster’s lawyer says.

In November Ross, 64, was jailed for 10 years and 10 months for operating a fraudulent scheme in which private investors lost about $115 million. It was described as the single biggest fraud in New Zealand’s history

His company, Ross Asset Management, fleeced at least 700 investors through portfolios in which they thought they had more than $380m.

Ross’ appeal against the minimum non-parole period of five years and five months, half his full sentence, was heard in the High Court at Wellington this morning.

The sentence was equivalent to roughly one day for every $60,000 he stole from investors.

His lawyer, Gary Turkington, was appealing on the grounds it was “manifestly excessive”.

Today he questioned the point of such a lengthy minimum sentence, saying it was “just too much”.

Ross would be 68 by the time he was eligible for parole, though this was by no means a “get out of jail free card” in itself.

He would be “well into his twilight years,” Turkington said.

I suspect his victims had their “twilight years” completely ruined as well.  I truly don’t see why it is harsh to lock someone up for such an insidious crime that affected to many people, took so much security, peace of mind and happiness away.   Read more »

He’s got nuffink

So, after all the years of screaming that he had information from Edward Snowden that would bring down the government, after telling everyone via Twitter and his paid for mouthpieces that he’d been in touch with Snowden and had all the dirt…that he had helped Snowden get into Hong Kong (yeah he does claim that)…what he actually has is zip, nada, zilch, nuffink to quote Sergeant Schultz.

He is offering a US$5 million reward for someone, anyone, please, please, help poor Kimmy…come forward with information that gets him off the hook.  Read more »

Pedro comes good, lashes Dotcom’s purchase of two political parties

I'm coming to steal your democracy

I’m coming to steal your democracy

I honestly didn’t think Patrick Gower had it in him, his campaigning recently has been awful to watch, but yesterday he came good with an epic rant of the similar proportions to his rants previously about rorts and dodgy deals.

So kudos to Pedro…he has come good.

The Hone-Dotcom-Laila political triangle is one of the dirtiest deals in New Zealand political history.

It is as dirty as National-Act in Epsom.

It is as dirty as the Key-Dunne deal in Ohariu.

Frankly, Lalia Harré made me feel sick today when she said “it’s time for New Zealanders to take back MMP”.

That’s because Laila Harré is wrecking MMP.

Hone Harawira is wrecking MMP.

And Kim Dotcom is wrecking MMP.

They are using Harawira’s seat and MMP’s “coat-tail” rule to get a back-door entry into Parliament.

It is a rort.  Read more »

Dotcom’s not short of cash



Hone?  Can you count to 10?

I know you can count to 500,000.

This would be a fascinating precedent

Imagine if you did something wrong and you were convicted for it.  You pay the fine, do the Community Service or jail time.  It’s all behind you now.

Should they be able to come after you to recover money for the rest of your life?

A convicted fraudster says she would suffer “extreme hardship” if she were required to pay back even a fraction of the $600,000 she stole from IHC.

But the High Court at Wellington was told yesterday that Lynn Fiebig, who is now out of jail and working as a car valet in Whanganui, has more than $11,000 in two bank accounts.

Fiebig, 60, was sentenced to three years’ jail in 2010 for defrauding IHC of $590,029.80 while working as its fundraising manager between November 2006 and May 2009. Most of that money funded her luxury lodge project, Ahuru Lodge, in Ohakune, previously owned with her partner.

Associate High Court Judge Warwick Smith yesterday ordered her to pay $25 a week to IHC for the next two years. The reparations, totalling $2600, would amount to just a fraction of the debt she owed, which now stands at more than $750,000.

I think this has huge repercussions.  It could be possible to go after defaulters of loans, even after bankruptcy by civil means.  It could be possible to take the driver of a car that killed your child to court and insist on perpetual payments for emotional harm and loss of quality of life.   Read more »

Like with everything, Kim Dotcom is buying his candidates

How much of a political loser is the Crook of Coatesville that he has to pay people to even stand for his sham of a political party.

My tip would be for all the halfwits that get sucked into his bribe to ask for cash up front, because if it’s anything like his workers, you’re certain that you’ll struggle to get paid by this fraudster.

All those visits by Winston Peters to the Dotcom Mansion must has rubbed off, Kim Dotcom is becoming a bigger political charlatan than Winston.

Nigella needs special permission while fraudsters can walk right in

Something’s not right here.  Claire Trevett reports

Nigella Lawson needs special permission to visit New Zealand, but the “Wolf of Wall Street” will be eligible for a visa when he comes next month, despite having been jailed for fraud.

Last week it was revealed that British television cook Lawson had to get a special dispensation to visit New Zealand next month because she had been refused entry to the United States after publicly admitting using cocaine and marijuana.

She will be ineligible for a visa to New Zealand for the rest of her life, despite having no convictions.

However, no such dispensation is needed for Jordan Belfort on his visit to speak at investment seminars. A spokesman said Mr Belfort was yet to apply for a visa, but he was eligible because his sentence was less than five years and the conviction was more than 10 years ago. Only those sentenced to more than five years are ineligible for a visa for life.

There is such a legal bias towards drug related charges in the law.  There are people in the US imprisoned for life for marijuana possession.  But ripping off people from their hard earned money?  Meh.   Read more »

#Internetpartypicnic #dotbomb

Total fail.


and you’d think the party visionary would pull a bigger crowd than this;

Do you think these muppets are starting to get the picture that starting a political party and successfully operating it is a little more difficult than tweeting a few followers and sycophantically dancing along behind the Pied Piper of Idiots?