Freedom of Speech

Think you are entitled to your opinion? Think again.

Did you ever think you would see the day when Social Media would label disagreement with someone else’s opinion  as abusive and harassing behaviour?

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…The chilling language was discovered just days after top feminists went before the United Nations and called on the global body to pressure governments to censor content critical of radical feminism.

Twitter’s official page for reporting harassment and abuse gives users a number of options that characterize the nature of the “abuse”.

One of the options is Twitter posts that are, “Offensive, disrespectful or in disagreement with my opinion.”

Users are then invited to provide the user ID of the account holder they are reporting, as well as further evidence of such “abuse”.

Obviously, the notion that merely disagreeing with someone’s opinion constitutes an act of “abuse” or “harassment” is completely anathema to free speech. The mere fact that this option exists should set alarm bells ringing for those who have warned of an authoritarian purge that threatens to silence voices of dissent on social media.

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Atheism is the new hate speech


Activist Maryam Namazie was due to make a presentation to Warwick University’s Student Union on October 28, having been by the Warwick Atheists, Secularists and Humanists (WASH) group

Don’t believe in God? Then you are offensive to Muslims. Atheists have unwittingly joined the rather large club of groups of people that are offensive to Muslims. It seems that simply not believing in a higher being is offensive and in the case of Maryam Namazie ‘ highly inflammatory ‘.

The outrageously offensive topics she was intending to discuss in the mistaken belief that there is this thing called Freedom of Speech inside Universities were apostasy, blasphemy and nudity in the age of ISIS.

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Rodney Hide on being offended

People take offence at the slightest of things these days. The point is it is them taking offence, not other people giving it.

We live in a democracy with freedom of speech, people can, and do, say things that are offensive to some other people…get a grip…which is what Rodney Hide is saying.

Warning to the readily offended: don’t read further. You have been warned.

I like Maurice Williamson. He’s smart, funny, caring and a good local MP. He’s a gifted orator and puts in the effort to make a good show.

He’s not boring. He’s not politically correct. He bounces up to the edge of acceptability and sometimes bounces right over.

MPs’ speeches are too often mumbled, jumbled rehashes of press statements and policy releases. They provide no thrills. Their public performances are mind-numbingly dreary. Williamson is the exception.

These days that’s dangerous. We have among us wowsers all too ready to take offence and make themselves virtuous through complaining. They will tweet, Facebook, run to the media and blacklist associated businesses, all to humiliate those who dare give them offence, the poor, delicate petals.

Their threshold for offence is wafer-thin.

The offender is always wrong; never the offended. There’s no defence. The only acceptable response is abject apology and a lifetime of shame.

That’s why putting on a show — especially for a politician — is dangerous. The offence is determined by the offended. Their outrage proves their virtue. Their fellow wowsers join in without knowing facts or context. They jeer each other along with tweets and online commentary and render their target a pariah. Their vitriol makes the Salem witch hunts look like considered process.

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Targeted and punished for being a White, Conservative, Christian Male

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The Thought Police actually exist


The Thought Police do exist and crack downs around the Western World on people criticising Islam are gaining momentum. Sweden has a new law that makes it illegal to insult immigrants and politicians on the Internet that started January this year and in the UK a man was arrested

…to prevent him from attending a meeting involving the organizers of a ‘draw Mohammad’ cartoon contest, a shocking illustration of how offending Muslims is being treated as a thought crime.


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United we stand, divided we fall, the surrender of Charlie Hebdo

635669814468278882-050515---Indianapolis-web-only---MohammedArtExhibitCharlie Hebdo has thrown in the towel, they will no longer draw pictures of Muhammad.

Despite the worldwide horror at the massacre at Charlie Hebdo the vast majority of Media outlets acted as if their countries were already under Sharia law and refused to publish any of the satirical cartoons about Islam. If the world’s media had been united in their desire to maintain Freedom of the Press and had stood united with Charlie Hebdo in reality, instead of tweeting meaningless hashtags of solidarity a strong message would have been sent to both the Islamic terrorists and their Moderate Muslim supporters that Sharia Law has no place in Non-Islamic countries and that the Press will not be silenced.

Instead Charlie Hebdo has been hung out to dry. Used as a symbol of all that is courageous and free they have fought a lonely battle for the right to poke fun at ALL religions. A lone bastion of Press Freedom where the heaviest price possible has been paid in the blood of their fellow journalists they have finally capitulated.

I do not blame them as the mental strain and the constant threats on their life would wear down anyone. What I do find unforgivable is that they were left to fight this battle on their own. Where was the united support from the Media in the West? Bastions of free speech? They are Cabals of cowards.

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Face of the day


George Christensen is the National party MP for Dawson.

Today’s face of the day is George Christensen  an Australian federal politician who represents the seat of Dawson for the Liberal National Party of Queensland. Rallies are being held all around Australia this weekend by the Reclaim Australia Movement and the United Patriots Front. George Christensen was invited to attend the rally and is going despite being attacked and intimidated for accepting the invitation.

My acceptance of an invitation to speak at a Reclaim Australia rally in my home town of Mackay this weekend has obviously upset some of those who lean to the left.

In typical keyboard warrior fashion, a petition hit the stratosphere almost instantly urging Tony Abbott, the prime minister, to stop me from attending this rally.
My response to such a pathetic attempt at intimidation? Hell will freeze over first.

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One man’s Hate Tweet is another man’s Opinion

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 4.01.17 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 4.01.17

The song says that it is a fine line between love and hate. I would add that it is a fine line between what some see as a joke or opinion on twitter and what others see as a hateful tweet. This is one of the big problems when you make a law that seeks to limit people’s freedom of speech.

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UPDATED ** Was this student suspended because of the content of her Speech?

NZ High School student who claims to have been suspended because of a speech she made. -facebook

NZ High School student who claims to have been suspended because of a speech she made.

A High School student in a New Zealand High School appears to have been suspended for exercising her Freedom of speech. I was alerted to her situation via our tipline and below is her side of the story.

UPDATE: The Schools’s side of the story

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Plunket cleared for his attack on “ungrateful hua”

Sean Plunket has escaped sanction for his comments on Eleanor Catton:

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has rejected two complaints about Radio Live host Sean Plunket’s reaction to comments made by author Eleanor Catton.

In January this year, Plunket called Catton an “ungrateful hua” and a “traitor” for comments she made criticising the New Zealand Government while she was at a literary festival in India.

“Here’s the woman who’s a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, and works at a publicly-funded institution, and has received a lot of financial help during her career to write things,” he said.

“Then she turns around and says, ‘I don’t get a fair crack’…

“That’s my opinion, that’s her opinion, we’re in a free country.”

The BSA received complaints that his comments were “bullying” and a personal attack on Catton.  Read more »