Freedom of Speech

“We are not intimidated and we will not back down, we are going to fight this and we are going to win.”


In yet another example of Western academics squashing freedom of speech, UC Irvine told student Republicans that they are suspended for an entire year. Their crime? They informed the administration of their plans to schedule a second event on campus with Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos. It is the culmination of  series of dirty tricks that the University of California have played on the Republican students.

The Universities academics and administrators have shown no respect whatsoever for a free marketplace of ideas. Like the two New Zealand academics and their health trougher mate who are currently trying to intimidate us here at Whaleoil, they only want one view allowed in the marketplace, theirs.

Nearly a month after their initial event with Milo, entitled “Social Justice is Cancer,” the College Republicans were asked to attend a debriefing with the Director of Student Life & Leadership, Darlene Esparza, and Associate Dean of Students, Sherwynn Umali, to discuss the planning process of the event. During the meeting, College Republican President Ariana Rowlands raised the possibility of Milo’s return to campus.Just four hours after the meeting, a UCI administrator sent the group an email to inform them they had suspended the club for an entire year.
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The new Hate Speech Police are already out there and they want to cost Racists their jobs


Andrea Morisette Grazzini

A group of ‘hate speech’ police was set up by Andrea Morisette Grazzini. It has been described as a doxing group that deliberately seeks out information on “racist trolls.” Her group has posted details about ‘racists’ or critics of the BLM movement online, including where they work as well as their names and the names of their friends and family.The website that their facebook page is linked to is all about racism yet it promotes “buying black.” Imagine if there was a website that promoted buying white? The howls of outrage would be deafening.

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Free speech will be a casualty of the social media war against hate speech

Have you ever heard a person say “This isn’t free speech, it’s hate speech,” or “When does free speech stop and hate speech begin?” In America there is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment. Hateful ideas (whatever they are ) are just as protected under the First Amendment as other ideas.

One is as free to condemn Islam — or Muslims, or Jews, or blacks, or whites, or illegal aliens, or native-born citizens — as one is to condemn capitalism or socialism or democrats or republicans.


Social Media however have banded together to create an Orwellian world where free speech that is disapproved of is labeled hate speech and is replaced with European Union sanctioned speech ie propaganda ( counter-narrative. )

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have “signed up” to a new European Union (EU) “Code of Conduct”, pledging to help censor and “criminalise” perceived “illegal online hate speech” and “promot[e] independent counter-narratives” that the EU favors.

I fear that these “counter-narratives ” will be about ideas rather than people. As the below graphic illustrates, people have rights not ideas.


It should not be labelled ” hate speech ” if it is open and free discussion about ideas. The new code appears to support this definition.

The IT Companies and the European Commission also stress the need to defend the right to freedom of expression, which, as the European Court of Human Rights has stated, “is applicable not only to “information” or “ideas” that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population”.

In reality however the practical application is not as clear cut as you would expect given the above definition. The other day I wrote about a facebook page being shut down for “hate speech. ” The page which was about Islamic genital mutilation for both men and women was clearly a page that discussed Religious/Cultural ideas.

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Gay refugee not welcome at De Paul University

British journalist and editor Milo Yiannopoulos has a brilliantly cutting sense of humour and specialises in using the liberal left’s PC ways and language against them. Milo is gay and conservative as well as a libertarian. He currently is on a ‘Dangerous Faggot’ tour to promote free speech in American universities.

He is deliberately outrageous in order to get his points across but do not be fooled by his humour. Underneath his exterior is a man with a serious intellect and a real drive to bring the contest of ideas back to our universities. The opposition he has encountered along the way only reinforces how important it is that he continues his tour.

As a gay refugee from socialist Europe, I felt radically unsafe when college authorities allowed a bigoted and homophobic religious preacher to physically threaten me, despite my polite but admittedly slightly camp entreaties that I should not be subjected to threats of violence for the crime of expressing sexual interest in an ethnic minority man 

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Our law supports our political cartoonists’ right to offend

The right to free speech means nothing without the right to offend. Thankfully free speech is still protected in New Zealand. We are a liberal country that does not legally sanction political satire. In fact we are known for our political satire. Making fun of our politicians is a national sport. Satire is what makes our democracy healthy. When you cannot criticise or mock the government you are no longer living in a true democracy.

Atena Farghdani walks free on 3 May 2016Atena Farghdani walks free on 3 May 2016 © Mohammad Moghimi on Facebook

She was imprisoned for drawing political cartoons. But this week, after a year and a half of unjust imprisonment in Iran, 29-year-old painter and activist Atena Farghadani walked free after her sentence was dramatically reduced, and she was acquitted of some of the absurd charges levelled against her.

Turkish journalists sentenced to 2 years in prison over Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

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Black Lives Matter activist calls Black woman a White supremacist

The world has gone mad. Labels are flying around like missiles. I have been called white trash on other blogs as well as Islamophobic and racist and my posts have been called hate speech. Now at a Milo Yiannopoulos presentation at DePaul University, a black woman has been called a White supremacist by a Black Lives Matter activist.

Do they even realise how stupid they sound? Surely you need to be white to be a white supremacist or is this the new way of calling a black person an Uncle Tom? How about addressing the issues instead of assaulting people with ridiculous labels? I have watched many of Milo’s presentations at different universities and the left’s inability to actually debate him on his ideas is glaringly obvious. The protesters and activists yell, scream and disrupt. They do all they can to prevent others from hearing Milo’s point of view. It is appalling. Universities used to be all about the exchange of ideas and debate. Milo’s tour has highlighted how resistant to free speech they actually are.

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Another Freedom of Speech advocate battles ongoing Lawfare



November of 2014 Canadian blogger and journalist Ezra Levant lost a defamation lawsuit brought by the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress,Khurrum Awan. The judge ruled that calling Awan an anti-Semite on his blog was defamatory.

This was very surprising as Awan used to be the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress when it was led by a notorious anti-Semite, Mohamed Elmasry. Elmasry declared on National Television that any adult in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorism. His group even called for the legalization of anti-Semitic terrorist groups.

Despite these facts the judge ruled that it was defamatory for Ezra to call their former youth president anti-Semitic.

Because Awan denied it in court, and said he never knew about his organization’s infamous misconduct. The judge ruled I did not prove it was factually true.

What’s so incredible is that Awan himself testified at trial that he agreed it’s reasonable for people to call certain statements by the Canadian Islamic Congress anti-Semitic.

Ezra Levant

Ezra felt that he had to appeal this ruling and recently he had his day in court.

You can read his lawyer’s legal brief by clicking here.

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Face of the day


Today’s face of the day Milo Yiannopoulos is a  provocateur who deliberately shocks people in order to get his point across. He challenges liberal viewpoints by using humor and deliberately offending people. He is unique because he is a gay man unafraid to be both conservative and libertarian.

You’re one of the loudest, most provocative voices at Breitbart News, and you’re currently on a speaking tour of college campuses, railing against “P.C. culture.” You once admitted in a profile that your public persona started out as a comedy character that you created because “I didn’t like me very much.” What didn’t you like about yourself? I’ve wrestled with being religious and being conservative and being gay, but the reason I felt like that is because of other gay people. The only real shaming I’ve ever experienced has been from other gay people when I reveal my politics or my religion.

Did they hurt your feelings? No. I don’t have feelings to hurt.

Do you like yourself now? I love myself. I am the best person I know.

You’ve called feminism a “cancer” and Malala Yousafzai “schoolmarmish.” Is there anything you wouldn’t say or wouldn’t mock? There’s nothing I wouldn’t mock. I wouldn’t say the N-word. It’s an ugly, hateful word.

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More proof (if it was needed) that German humour is problematic at best


Germany’s Angela Merkel has agreed to allow prosecutors to pursue a case against a German comedian who mocked Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, prompting accusations she’s failed to protect free speech and has split her ruling coalition.

Erdogan had demanded that Germany press charges against Jan Boehmermann after he recited a poem about the Turkish leader in a show on German public broadcaster ZDF on March 31, suggesting he hits girls, watches child pornography and engages in bestiality.

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They may have stopped drawing Muhammad but Charlie Hebdo still has something to say

You could be forgiven for thinking that after having most of their staff slaughtered by Muslim terrorists, Charlie Hebdo would be given a free pass when it comes to their bias about Islam. After all, the few remaining staff alive after the massacre were so badly affected that they committed to never draw Muhammed again. This decision was not because they thought drawing Mohammed was wrong but because of fear. It is quite understandable that an organisation that had their staff slaughtered for the crime of drawing a cartoon would have a very dim view of the religion that spawned such intolerance. Despite this, critics have not held back from savaging a recent article in the magazine.

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