Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech for some but not others.

We have already posted a number of  articles containing New Zealand examples of anti-semitism which is hostility towards, or prejudice against Jews.

My criticism of Islam on this blog has been called Islamophobia and racism by others but I am not hostile towards Muslim New Zealanders nor am I prejudiced towards them. I disagree strongly with the laws and oppressive rules of Islam but I do not abuse Muslims either verbally or in writing. When I see Muslim women in Burkas I feel sorry for them. It upsets me that they do not enjoy equal rights as I do inside New Zealand.

Lisa Marie Mendez, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) student and employee at the UCLA Medical Center, has made her extreme distaste for “fucking Zionist pigs” crystal clear this past month in her rant against Jews on Facebook. Mendez’s racist comments in response to a pro-Israel Facebook post by Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, were picked up by a UCLA student and publicized to the UCLA community

Ms Mendez has not been censored in any way for her hate-filled and abusive comments yet so called Islamophobic comments have cost other people their jobs.

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Should democracy have restrictions?


It is a very interesting debate. My Dad always said that Democracy planted the seeds of its own demise because it allows freedom of religion and freedom of speech. By allowing all views we allow views that are anti-democracy and therefore leave our democracy vulnerable to destruction.

On Kiwi Blog there has been a great debate about immediately restricting Muslim immigration in order to try to keep the population that follows Islam under 2%. Islam is a complete political system dressed up in religious clothing that unlike other religions poses a serious threat to our political system once the numbers are high enough to cause change. Ironically Muslims in Western countries are very good at using the freedom they find there to agitiate for Sharia law and an Islamic State.

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Universities have become breeding grounds for intolerance

We are seeing this develop n New Zealand, the shouting down of people who the liberals and progressives disagree with.

They will even resort to criminal acts to try to silence effective voices who speak against them.

One professor notes in an article at the Daily Mail:

Universities have become breeding grounds for intolerance where anyone challenging Left-wing views is ‘shouted down’, a terrorism expert claims.

Professor Anthony Glees said hard-line students and academics have become more militant in the past ten years as the internet age encourages ‘self-absorption’.

The politics lecturer said he was ‘cynically jeered at’ and branded ‘racist’ at a campus panel discussion on counter-terrorism.

The ‘threatening’ heckling at the University of London event became so bad that visiting Lib Dem MP Evan Harris was applauded when he asked the audience to be respectful.

Professor Glees said he was ‘upset’ at the ‘feeling of menace’, which showed the audience ‘had closed minds’.

He said that the new intolerance by hard-Left groups was threatening the concept of freedom of speech at university, and would end debate.   Read more »

Political blogs are all about ‘freedom of speech’, except when they are not

There seems to be some confusion about what is free speech and what is not free speech. It is a topic often debated. Today I am looking at why political blogs are examples of ‘freedom of speech’ in action but not necessarily in the way that some think they should be.

The argument gets complex once we start talking commenters and moderation. Some tiny blogs with limited readership take pride in what they consider freedom of speech. Due to the small number of comments on posts, Blog authors are reluctant to rein in their readership in any way, as they are in the start up phase and are desperately trying to grow their audience. In this phase they tolerate regular commenters who often dominate discussions and feel free to use offensive language and to make personal attacks on other commenters. On blogs like this, the ‘we promote free speech’ argument is really a smokescreen.

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Freedom of speech on Facebook for some but not for others.

One of the many Facebook pages I follow is called, Aussie Infidels Against Islam.Today the admin posted a message that said…

My main page has been shut down for 30 days due to this reply i posted in regard to a comment saying Islam had nothing to do with the Paris attacks. Can any one tell me what it is about the comment that is so offensive? I really am beginning to see that we have truly lost all our freedom to express ourselves and freedom of speech has flown out the door.

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Nicky Hager’s anti-freedom attack on media and democracy


Nicky Hager has as good as admitted that he essentially threatened journalists who worked or shared with me in an interview with one of his enablers Toby Manhire, who has written up the interview at corporate shill site The SpinOff.

I wrote a book about one area of politics, and there is absolutely no doubt that things have changed quite a lot. For example, at the time I wrote that book, quite a considerable number of journalists and news organisations were in extremely unhealthy relationships with this rightwing attack blogger, who was acting as a tool of various commercial interests and also of the prime minister’s office, for covert attacks on their opponents.

Most of those journalists have stopped doing that. Many of those media organisations have more or less apologised publicly for getting caught up in it. If one book can do that, I’m really happy with it, and that’s not the only change at all.

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Does the left even believe in freedom of speech?

We now have a situation here as well in general in the rest of the world where if you dare to speak up on unsavoury and challenging topics then the left wing will shout you down, try to boycott you, try to attack your revenue, and generally silence you in the most personal manner possible.

Last year the left wing tried to silence me. They broke the law, worked with criminals and it was all to silence me. Nicky Hager has stated many, many times that his job was to drive me from politics. Lynn Prentice has stated he worked with them for the same aims, and has since repeatedly called for my banishment from the blogosphere.

These are the tactics also used against Israel, and those who speak for Israel. One Israeli rapper found that out but he isn’t backing down either.

Richard Lakin was killed as he was shot and stabbed by Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem last week. He was an American who moved to Israel and was active in the peace movement in both countries. He believed deeply in co-existence.

Following his murder, a popular Israeli rapper, Yoav Eliasi – also known as Hatzel (Shadow) – posted to social media channels his commentary, as he does regularly as one who dabbles in political activism.

Hatzel posted,

“Richard was an English teacher and a radical leftist activist in the organization Tag Meir [an organization for “co-existence”], which shows you that it doesn’t matter how much you’re in the left, how active you are for the Arabs, and sell out and betray your people in the name of enlightenment – when the terrorist comes he won’t care about your activities, and the only thing he’ll see is a Jew, and for him your blood is exactly like that of the religious Jew or the settler who sat next to you.” Read more »

We need to be tolerant, they are just a bit misunderstood…oh wait

Right now there is a campaign to try and have the Human Rights Commission prosecute me for hate speech because I dared to suggest that ISIS are evil sons of bitches and we really should be trying to kill them before their poisonous hate death cult is imposed on us and our way of life.

I consider that we are in a war, and ISIS are but one manifestation of totalitarianism and religious intolerance intent on enslaving us. They must be fought, and they must be destroyed sooner rather than later because we will eventually have to fight them and their dogma whether we like it or not.

Apparently believing in freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of sexual choices, and equality is now hate speech because I want to defend it through pre-emptive force against those who will take it from us.

Ironically those who are the loudest campaigners against me on Twitter are self described gays, lesbians, luvvies and liberals. They decry my freedom of speech and opinion and want it shut down and the people they are protecting quite literally would throw them off tall buildings if they have their way…and all because we should be tolerant and subservient to other cultures.

Well screw that. This is what happens to those who speak out against ISIS.

Two activists who campaigned against Islamic State in Syria have been shot in the head and beheaded in the southeastern Turkish town of Sanliurfa, the founder of the group they worked for said.

Turkey has been forced to confront Islamic State elements operating within its borders, after two suicide bombers, suspected members of an Islamic State cell, killed more than 100 people in an attack in Ankara.

Both men killed in Sanliurfa worked for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a campaign group founded in April 2014.    Read more »

A significant victory for Free Speech in America


I have been following this case for more than a year. I have written articles about Dearborn in America and how Christians peacefully exercising their right to free speech have been violently attacked by Muslims. Worst of all the Wayne County sheriffs’ consistently arrested and removed the Christians instead of arresting the violent and angry mob of Muslims who were offended by signs held by the Christian protestors. Now in a significant victory for free speech in America, county officials have been found guilty of violating the constitutional rights of Christians by siding with a violent Muslim mob thanks to the support of the American Freedom Law Center.

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A story from behind the Media Blackout in Australia

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.08.49 pm

I recently wrote about the Media blackout in Europe and shared a story from a local in Germany telling us what is happening in their towns and villages now that they are outnumbered by migrants.

Today I am bringing to your attention another story that has been ignored by both local and international media. Reclaim Australia and their permitted patriotic rallies have been heavily covered by media and most of the coverage has been negative trying to smear the Mum and Dad protestors who have never before been involved in Political activism as far right extremists and racists.

In stark contrast a non permitted rally being held by Muslims in Hyde Park in Sydney that required hundreds of police has had no Media coverage at all. They were calling for the implementation of Sharia law in Australia which is an extremely newsworthy story. Sharia law after all means no equality, brutal barbaric punishments, no freedom of speech or religion and no democracy.

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