Labour finds some bludgers it doesn’t want to give more money to

Labour usually think they can win power by giving away more of other peoples money.

They try to out bid National to win votes. Usually chucking mountains of cash and any bludgers who simply puts their hand out.

This election they have come up with a slightly different approach.

They are making irrigators pay for their own schemes rather than making the rest of us pay for them like the socialists in the National Party want us to do.

“There are also changes proposed to the funding of new irrigation schemes. Labour proposes withdrawing taxpayer support for new schemes and will instead recycle the funds raised by the charge on freshwater into that support.

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Money for everything except saving people’s lives?

You slip and fall during a day walk.  Your leg is broken, and it is a good hour walk back to the car.  As a rate payer, would prefer that Len Brown paid for

a)  Someone to sing for you or put on a play

b) Someone to come pick you up in a helicopter

A drop in funding of nearly $500,000 to the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust is set to go ahead, a grant allocation board says.

Vern Walsh, chairman of the Auckland Regional Amenities Board, confirmed this afternoon the proposal to cut the trust’s grant from $900,000 to $450,00 over the next financial year had been approved by the board.

The trust’s grant had already been reduced from $1.2 million to $900,000 last year – and it was staunchly opposing further reductions.  Read more »

Time to remove backdoor state-funding of political parties

Once again Labour has been referred to the Police for breaking the law over political advertising. They are overtly campaigning on the public purse.

Meanwhile former Labour party General Secretary Mike Smith has a bit of a whinge at The Standard but helpfully gives out some very good ideas that National should move to implement after the election.

It is no accident that as right-wing parties have come into government they have moved swiftly to change the law on political donations. One of the first things on Steven Harper’s Conservative government agenda in Canada was to move to change the law to remove their public subsidy on election expenses. The first thing the Tea-party Republican-controlled House of Representatives did after the 2010 election was to repeal the law to provide public funding for elections.

Perhaps they could call the the bill The Mike Smith (Removal of State Funding of Political Parties) Electoral Reform Bill.

Labour has quietly lobbied in the backrooms since Adam was a little boy to extend state-funding of political parties. They don’t want to have to run cake stalls and chook raffles, they don’t want to have to ask the voting public for donations. They simply want to write cheques underwritten by the taxpayer to pay for their propaganda.

With Labour’s consistent law breaking the time is now to start the move to reform Parliamentary Services and to remove the backdoor stealth funding of all political parties.

If there is any whining about “democracy funding” then let there be state funding of political parties but only to those outside of parliament rather than keep rewarding incumbency.

Kindygate – murkier and murkier

The cat is definitely among the pigeons following my outing of kindergarten associations.

These guys are running scared after being outed.

I revealed that these “charities” – which are closely tied to the NZEI – have over $60 million just sitting in the bank, while demanding half a billion more from the taxpayer and trying to ask parents for higher fees.

Now via the tipline a parent has told of some extremely dodgy dealings at their kindy since I broke this story.

Last week parents were approached by a kindy teacher and told that they should no longer pay their fees to the local association (which has a few million sloshing around in the bank) – but instead give the cash direct to the individual kindy coffers – “to make sure our kindy gets the money and we don’t have to share it.”

Now, as charities (yeah whatever) ALL funding and donations need to be declared.

So, are they now trying to hide money to continue the rort on taxpayers?

Labour allowed this sector to get away with murder and coin it in for years. They are now bleating about funding changes and using kids for political protests – all the while with millions gathering interest.

Message to ECE and NZEI – party’s over.


The current state of political party funds

After this weeks publicity everyone now knows the broken arse Labour Party is short of a quid. This blog has been working away trying to discover the funding levels for all the parties going into the election.

Labour: Taxes all MPs in the form of a tithe thought to be 10% of salary. So not totally broke, but Goff is about as inspiring to donors as English was in 2002, and Andrew Little’s fundraising makes Michelle Boag look like a genius. Unions are being a bit hesitant to waste members dues on a campaign that is uninspiring as Goffs, and the campaign manager needs a really good kick in the arse for not being on the case of the president to raise more money before he became the candidate for New Plymouth. It is not as if it is a surprise that the election is happening at the end of the year and Labour will need about $2m to spend.

National: A call has gone out to tax electorates again because the President’s fundraising has been average. Expect a few trophy over $15000 donations just to show Peter is doing his job, but the levels of funds raised by the president are really disappointing and a number of MPs have been complaining through the tip line that the party seems to think that they can just tax electorates to cover Peters poor effort.

There has been a bit of a push back from people sick of being taxed, and Peter has been told to bring the money in or write out a big cheque. Major donors from 2005 and 2008 are not giving as generously as Peter hasn’t been to see them in the last few years so they can’t see why they should just write a cheque when he turns up. Peter has been pretty distracted with court and other things and looking after his two dogs is proving a real handful, so he probably should have stepped aside or got someone in to help out.

ACT: Was flat broke and unable to get donors to turn up to events with Rodney as leader, ACT is now flush with funds from people that support Don Brash because they think he has a real chance of playing a pragmatic role in the next government. Picking up a fair bit of money from former National donors who haven’t seen anyone from National and have been disappointed with the direction National has taken on the economy.

Greens: Never a big money party, the Greens have been soldiering on raising small amounts of money and taxing MPs. I wonder whether should we allow MPs to donate to political parties because it is just state funding by stealth. Plenty of activists who are committed and they will have a decent grass roots campaign although word is they could be a bit light on the ground in Auckland.

Maori Party: Plenty of Koha out there for a grass roots campaign. Probably couldn’t spend money effectively campaigning to widespread electorates so money isnt a huge problem for them.

United Future: A joke of a party that is actually just one MP who shouldn’t get paid extra for being a party leader. Plain brown envelopes of tobacco money has dried up.

New Zealand First: Winston is finding it hard to get donors after selling Owen Glenn down the river. Hasn’t even called his old mates to ask for cash. Not sure this dog can hunt anymore.

Breaking News – All Blacks replace Dan Carter


Graham Henry has annoucnced a last minute change to the All Blacks line up for tomorrows test against the in-form Wallabies.

He has decided to replace Dan Carter as concerns have been mounting over the All Blacks kicking game.

Henry has placed his faith in a new comer to the All Black jersey.

“I have always thought that Tony Veitch was a better kicker than Dan and right now we need a bit of backbone in the mid-field” said Henry

Tony Veitch promised some real “spine-tingler” kicking tactics and “back-cracking” tackles in tomorrows game against the Wallabies.


Veni Vedi Veitchi

The Tony Veitch jokes keep on flowing.

I heard today that John Key was thinking of taking on Tony Veitch as an advisor for the election, since Crosby/Textor seem to be off limits.

He has real practical experience at beating women.

and then there was this shirt.

Veni Vedi Veitchi

Zemanta Pixie

Some advice for Tony Veitch

I have some very sound legal advice for Tony Veitch.

Trot off down to your local Labour Party electorate office and get yourself a “retrospective” membership dated one week prior to the “incident”.

There is a better than even chance that the Police will simply find that “it isn’t in the public interest to prosecute”



Weapons of Mass Distraction

So today the weapon of mass distraction was the Tony Veitch story.

Stephen Cook, the journo behind the story has been so incensed by some backoom chicanery that he threatened to have sympathetic Holmes puff-piece pulled.

Now at this juncture I should point out that Holmes’ is employed by the Radio Network. As in, Veitch’s old network. So writing a soft wankpiece like that and Holmes’ employment are pretty clearly linked. Radio Network have been frothing at Canwest’s response to this and Larry Williams almost had an aneurysm on air when they were discussing it. He ripped in to CanWest and then started screaming over the top of the guy they had on to discuss it

So what you all ask and I must confess I am not that fussed by the story of a silly little prat who thinks he is tough because he smacked the missus around…….but….

Peter Parussini, one of the guys who knew is the head of TVNZ’s corporate affairs division, i.e. their head spin doctor, the one who would have made the call to cover this up is a former Labour party press secretary and media advisor (last Labour Government) was also the highest polling Labour candidate for Wellington City Council in 1994.

Further, Anthony Flannery, the head of news, who was also at the meeting is a former ALP press secretary.

Now is this just coincidence or are we seeing a full blown TVNZ coverup ordered on high by none other than fellow pugilist Trevor “It is OK” Mallard.

Sounds too far fetched doesn’t it….just wondering is all.

Finally the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned in all of this is the possible role of drugs. Now to hit your missus and kick her so severely as to require hospitalisation needs a fair bit of anger….paranoid anger….meth fuelled anger? This story has all the hallmarks of a tosser thinking he could handle the drugs but in actual fact the drugs were handling him. I predict we will hear all about how TV has/had a wicked ‘P’ habit wihich culminated in him giving the missus the bash.Zemanta Pixie


He'll never work again

The humour mill is operating at great speed.

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