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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Hey Clint! Will you start bashing the Greens now you work for Cunners?

Clint Smith aka James Henderson aka Steve Pierson, a blogger at The Standard and former green staffer has cut and run, poached by David Cunliffe to work for Labour.

Labour has had its own ”Hey Clint!” moment.

Leader David Cunliffe’s chief of staff Matt McCarten has confirmed the party has recruited the Green Party’s political and media adviser, Clint Smith, to beef up selling its economic message.

Smith, who had earlier worked for Labour before going across to the Greens, shot to prominence when, during a television interview, MP Gareth Hughes turned to him with a ”Hey Clint!” to check if the party was happy its power policy had put a dent in the Mighty River Power sale.¬† Read more »

Green Taliban only likes science when they agree with it

new zealand green taliban logo

Felix Marwick at Newstalk ZB picks his jaw up from his desk long enough to report this bit of cognitive dissonance

The Green Party appears to be contradicting official advice when it comes to its opposition to seabed mining off the Taranaki coast.

MP Gareth Hughes has issued a statement saying the iron sand mining project could negatively impact the health of Blue Whales and other marine mammals. ¬† Read more »

Hide on Jones

Rodney Hide looks at Shane Jones and his showing up of leader David Cunliffe.

The news this week is that the Greens have an MP named Gareth Hughes. And that Labour’s Shane Jones has been calling him names. And that Hughes has complained.

Say what?

Calling each other names is what politicians do. Besides, Jones’ name-calling was rather good. I had to look it up. He called Hughes a “mollymawk”. He then swapped to “mollyhawk”. That’s better.

A mollymawk is a type of albatross. A mollyhawk a young black-backed gull. Perfect. In one obscure word Jones captured the image of juvenile squawking. He summed up the Greens rather well.

Hughes is more like a seagull than he realises…he swoops in squawking and flapping, craps everywhere then flys out again to go do it all again somewhere else.

The name-calling and complaint are excellent political theatre and the stuff of headlines. But behind the theatre, deeper political machinations are in play.

Jones came a distant third in Labour’s race to be leader but you would think he had won it with the headlines he has been generating. He launched into Countdown, then foreign students, and now the Greens. He’s been on the front foot, with his hapless leader David Cunliffe on the back.

The contrasting performance is stark and it’s clear that Jones is emboldened. He hasn’t given up his leadership ambitions. He is clearly positioning for leader should Labour fall short this election. ¬† Read more »

Jones flipping bird at Cunliffe, still kicking the Greens

Shane Jones has ignored the orders of his leader and continues to lambast the Green party, yesterday attacking Russel Norman:

Labour’s attempt to muzzle its outspoken MP, Shane Jones, has lasted less than a day.

Mr Jones was told off by his leader for comparing Green MP Gareth Hughes to a screeching bird.

Today he took a shot at Green co-leader Russel Norman, saying he will not be lectured on the environment by an Australian.

Seemingly to prove he cannot be silenced, he let rip at Dr Norman, extending the anti-Australian attack he has used against Countdown to the Australian-born MP.

“I’m not going to have an Australian running the New Zealand Green Party, lecturing me about environment and economics in the north,” says Mr Jones.

Perhaps that is why Russel is taking elocution lessons.

Dr Norman launched a counter-attack, accusing Mr Jones of copying Prime Minster John Key.

“The Prime Minister does it quite a lot; he’s also very critical of migrants,” says Dr Norman. “It turns out a part of the Labour Party doesn’t like migrants either. Every time Mr Jones opens his mouth the Green Party vote goes up, so I encourage Mr Jones to speak out.”

Mr Jones was told to keep his mouth shut by Labour’s new chief of staff, Matt McCarten.¬† Read more »

AMA: Cam Slater (the answers)

Thanks for all the questions. ¬†Some of them were really weird. ¬†Teach me for asking for them. ¬†I’ll see what ¬†I can do without it going off the rails. ¬† Some of the questions already have answers in the public domain, but obviously you don’t know the answer, so I’ve provided it again for my readers.

It’s only fair that if you’re going to ask me straight questions, I will give you straight answers. ¬†Don’t complain if you don’t like what you see.

Either way, hope you’ll enjoy the results!

Will you offer yourself as a parliamentary candidate (say) within the next 6 years?


What were the biggest issues you faced towards the end of your time as an Editor of a MSM? Newspaper?

Being lied to by management.  Not having the promised funds to make the changes they agreed I should make.

How long have you been married to SB?

22 years this May

When will there be a Whale paper and a Whale TV Channel?

Why no Whale Radio? ¬† Whale TV and a Whale Paper won’t happen, although I am working towards expanding into the delivery of even more news. Stay tuned.

Do you think you could beat Chuck Norris at arm wrestling?

One of the skills I have is to know how to pick a fight I can win. ¬†And that’s not one I’d pick. ¬† Read more »

Jones unrepentant, keeps on kicking Greens

David Cunliffe probably thought last week was going to be his low point.

Now we are getting a peek behind the curtains on what a Labour/Green government would look like, it’s a constant theme that the Greens are a huge turn off for potential Labour voters which Jones clearly grasps.

For a point of reference you should have a look at what the ousted Labour politicians from Tasmania are saying about their time with Green coalition partner.

in the meantime we get to enjoy Shane Jones kicking the Greens in the cods.

Labour MP Shane Jones says Greens are too thin-skinned after the party laid a complaint about his attack on one its MPs.

Greens’ head of staff Ken Spagnolo said he had raised Mr Jones’ comments with Labour head of staff Matt McCarten.¬† Read more »

Winston first, Greens second… maybe

It has taken only a day after the announcement of the 2014 election date for the wheels to come off the Left Party Bus

Vernon Small reports

Outspoken Labour MP Shane Jones is set for a ticking off by leader David Cunliffe after speaking outside his portfolio areas and using strong language to attack the Green Party.

At the same time, Cunliffe has appeared to step back from declaring that the Greens would be the first cab off the rank for a post-election deal, saying Labour and NZ First had a substantial amount in common.

At the weekend Jones criticised the number of foreign university students.

Jones, who has been vocal in his attacks on the Greens and is seen as preferring a deal with NZ First, yesterday called Green oceans spokesman Gareth Hughes a “mollyhawk” for opposing offshore iron ore extraction.

Jones said Hughes was undermining the Environmental Protection Agency by commenting ahead of a hearing to consider an application by Trans-Tasman Resources to mine iron ore from the seabed off the west coast of the North Island.

The Greens’ activist stance was inappropriate for a government-in-waiting, Jones said.

Jones doesn’t have time for the grandstanding that the Green Taliban indulge in.

Far from looking like being part of a Government in waiting, the Greens are a slogan driven activist party.

Read more »

Wheels falling off Green’s looney solar power policy

Once again the Green party has been found wanting on critical thought processes and policy design, launching a policy that simply won’t work and requires massive subsidies.

Consumer and EECA both think that the solution won’t work and now industry is lining up to mock the Greens.

The head of New Zealand’s largest renewable energy company is dismissing the economics of home-based solar, saying he “can’t follow” the numbers put forward by proponents.

Last week, ahead of the Green Party announcing a major loan scheme to subsidise solar installation through low-cost loans, Meridian chief executive Mark Binns said he could not understand why people installed them.

“I can’t follow the economics that are put forward by proponents of household solar in terms of returns as an investment,” Binns told Parliament’s commerce select committee.

“On our numbers, in our analysis, it is still probably not viable if you went to an accountant.”¬† Read more »

Eco-terrorist Pirates in our waters is more offensive

Sea Shepherd pirate vessel Steve Irwin flying the Jolly Roger

Sea Shepherd pirate vessel Steve Irwin flying the Jolly Roger

The Sea Shepherd pirates are in Dunedin refuelling and taking the opportunity to attack the Japanaese and insist our government does the same thing.

The NZ Herald reports:

The Government should strongly censure Japan after one of its whaling vessels entered New Zealand’s waters, the Green Party says.

The Shonan Maru No. 2, which provides security for the Japanese whaling fleet, entered New Zealand’s 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Friday.

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd said the Japanese ship had been tailing its protest vessel, the Steve Irwin, after a recent clash in which two ships collided. The Sea Shepherd vessel docked in Dunedin to refuel early this morning.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully said it was disappointing the Japanese vessel had entered New Zealand’s EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).¬† Read more »