Gareth Morgan

Perhaps Gareth Morgan should take note of this

Gareth Morgan famously rode his motorcycle through the Potemkin villages of NOrth Korea, proclaiming the whole country to be enlightened and not as reported outside of the country.

The man is an idiot. There is ample evidence of the lack of freedom and deprivations suffered by the people of North Korea under the Kim regime.

Yeonmi Park spoke to Australia’s SBS about her defection from North Korea.

I lived in North Korea for the first 15 years of my life, believing Kim Jong-il was a god. I never doubted it because I didn’t know anything else. I could not even imagine life outside of the regime.

It was like living in hell. There were constant power outages, so everything was dark. There was no transportation ‚Äď everyone had to walk everywhere. It was very dirty and no one could eat anything.

It was not the right conditions for human life, but you couldn’t think about it, let alone complain about it. Even though you were suffering, you had to worship the regime every day.

I had to be careful of my thoughts because I believed Kim Jong-il could read my mind. Every couple of days someone would disappear. A classmate’s mother was punished in a public execution that I was made to attend. I had no choice ‚Äď there were spies in the neighbourhood.

My father worked for the government, so for a while things were relatively OK for me compared with some others in North Korea. But my father was accused of doing something wrong and jailed for three years. He being guilty made me guilty too, so whatever future I had in North Korea completely disappeared. I could no longer go to university, and my family was forced to move out of Pyongyang to the countryside on the border close to China.

After a few years, my father became very sick with cancer and he came out of jail for treatment. During this time, we decided to leave North Korea.

We had to cross a frozen river in the middle of winter to sneak across the border into China. I was very scared ‚Äď not of being caught but of being shot. If they see someone escaping, they don’t ask, they just shoot them.¬† Read more »

The Most Boring Millionaire in New Zealand

Surely this is now a tie between Sam and Gareth Morgan.

Rod Drury has made more money for Sam Morgan than Sam made for himself.  We know because Sam told us so.

Sam, who still drives a Volkswagen Golf, has about 20 projects on the go in the developing world, mostly focused on alleviating poverty.

His father shares his taste for simple cars, driving a Toyota Yaris.


If you are going to be rich and drive a boring car then really the money is wasted on you. I view fast expensive cars as a positive externality and it is every stinking rich person’s duty to own and drive around as many as possible so we can see them on the streets.

“Most of life I think doesn’t really change, but anything to do with money . . . you sort of need to recognise that you don’t have the same level of problems as ordinary people do with mortgages and affording a holiday once a year or whatever, those become non-problems.

“But everything else is pretty much the same, you know. The dishwasher still doesn’t empty itself.” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† Read more »

AMA: Cam Slater (the answers)

Thanks for all the questions. ¬†Some of them were really weird. ¬†Teach me for asking for them. ¬†I’ll see what ¬†I can do without it going off the rails. ¬† Some of the questions already have answers in the public domain, but obviously you don’t know the answer, so I’ve provided it again for my readers.

It’s only fair that if you’re going to ask me straight questions, I will give you straight answers. ¬†Don’t complain if you don’t like what you see.

Either way, hope you’ll enjoy the results!

Will you offer yourself as a parliamentary candidate (say) within the next 6 years?


What were the biggest issues you faced towards the end of your time as an Editor of a MSM? Newspaper?

Being lied to by management.  Not having the promised funds to make the changes they agreed I should make.

How long have you been married to SB?

22 years this May

When will there be a Whale paper and a Whale TV Channel?

Why no Whale Radio? ¬† Whale TV and a Whale Paper won’t happen, although I am working towards expanding into the delivery of even more news. Stay tuned.

Do you think you could beat Chuck Norris at arm wrestling?

One of the skills I have is to know how to pick a fight I can win. ¬†And that’s not one I’d pick. ¬† Read more »

Cunliffe invests with big American firm, not Kiwi companies

At the same time that David Cunliffe is busily explaining his donation laundering scheme to an incredulous media, perhaps he’d like to explain why he doesn’t back Kiwi companies for his Kiwisaver account.

Cunliffe’s Kiwisaver is with Mercer Kiwisaver. Mercer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercer USA which is listed on the NYSE through its parent company Marsh and McLennan.

I wonder if the “optics” of Cunners using a big US firm to invest his taxpayer funded Kiwisaver subsidies (taking profits back to America etc) is damaging, especially when he could be using a NZ based Kiwisaver like Gareth Morgan, Milford, or Fisher Funds.

Maybe the man from Boston Consulting just can’t bear to not use his big American buddies…

It would be funny if Mercer Kiwisaver had investments in Skycity as well.

Oh wait while I just laugh.

2.75% of the Kiwisaver fund is SkyCity – number 7 in size.

Mercer Read more »

Fox for donkey meat or rat for lamb kebabs is so 2013


China likes to lecture NZ on food safety and then they got slammed with a fox, donkey and rat meat scandal. But that is all so 2013 now.

In Beijing urban trappers have been caught with cats in traps they said they were going to sell¬†to street side vendors…for use as lamb kebab meat.

The drama unfolded last week when a cat enthusiast who takes care of neighborhood strays caught a youth checking a trap she noticed nearby. In an apparent bid to outrage bird enthusiasts as well, the thieves had baited their traps with live sparrows.

The woman, surnamed Li, says the hunters claimed to have caught over 100 cats during the New Year holiday.

Because apparently there are no laws on the books regarding urban trapping, the two men were jailed for 10 days for “stealing.”¬† Read more »

A documentary on North Korea Gareth Morgan needs to see

Gareth Morgan promoted Kim Jong-un and his brutal regime after being glad handed around Potemkin villages and escorted by government officials on his tour of North Korea.

Foreign Policy outlines a new documentary about The Secret State of North Korea:

When director James Jones set out to make a film about life inside North Korea, he decided early on that it would be pointless to go there himself. “I knew if we went to North Korea we’d get what you’ve seen 100 times: the official tour, the military parades, the ski resort,” he told¬†Foreign Policy.

Instead, he hoped to capture stirrings of dissent or, better yet, overt signs of rebellion from an isolated populace long oppressed by a dictatorial regime — the sorts of scenes “people are always desperate to see” but don’t expect to find, he said. For that, he turned to¬†Jiro Ishimaru, a Japanese journalist who operates an underground network of hidden camera reporters inside North Korea — individuals who risk imprisonment and even execution to document life inside a country that has, for decades, been painstakingly hidden from view.¬† Read more »

Gareth Morgan on Bludging Farmers

Gareth Morgan has taken time out of his hectic schedule of giving hand-jobs to dictators, running losing soccer teams and hating cats to write a good piece on bludging farmers in the NZ Herald.

‚ÄėExternality‚Äô is just a flash way of Gareth saying ‚ÄúBludging‚ÄĚ and any sensible right winger expects costs to fall on those who incur them, not on the rest of us. Not paying your true costs is clearly bludging no matter what the ratbags at Federated Farmers reckon.

We have what economists call an “externality” – where the actions of a producer create costs they don’t pay for but leave others to pick up the tab. Until those costs are sheeted back fully to producers, in this case the farmers, their personal profits will be inflated at society’s cost. And of course the higher the profits, the more new dairy farms get set up, making the problem worse. A circuit-breaker is needed.

A sensible ‚ÄúNO BLUDGING‚ÄĚ Policy would solve a lot of these problems.

The lack of a decent regulatory regime is the reason bludging farmers keep bludging off society, so the real ratbags are politicians who incentivise bludging.¬† Read more »

Gareth Morgan better hope no one arms the cats with these

Gareth Morgan is blabbing on again against cats…why he just doesn’t put a bounty on them and be done with it I don’t know.

Gareth Morgan is keeping a close eye on Wellington’s cats.

The high profile philanthropist first courted controversy over his anti-cat stance last year, and has now stepped it up a notch by monitoring and trapping local moggies.

He has set up six infrared cameras around the city, watching and building up a database of the capital’s kitties.

“The idea of these cameras is to track the amount of cats that are wandering onto other people’s property,” said researcher Geoff Simmons.

It’s been a year since Mr Morgan launched his Cats to Go campaign, aiming to help rebuild our native birdlife.

Now he wants local councils to stop cats from wandering onto private property and make owners take more responsibility. ¬†¬† Read more »

Pissed in charge of an execution squad

Wonder when Doug Sellman and the rest of the taxpayer funded wowsers will get on TV and use this as evidence of the dangers of having a couple of drinks.

Someone should call for a blood alcohol limit before ordering an execution.

You can imagine waking up the following day and trying to recall what a great night was had by all as you nurse your hangover while the rest of the family think it’s perhaps a good time to stage an intervention.

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-Un was ‘very drunk’ when he gave the order that a pair of aides close to his executed uncle should be killed.

The North Korean dictator ordered troops to round-up hundreds of relatives and associates of¬†Jang Song-Thaek, who was shot On December 12 after being accused of plotting to overthrow the government.¬† Read more »

Vegansexuals call on parliament to create a Commissioner for Animals


Christchurch couple Nichola and Hans Kriek are vegans who won’t root non-vegans

As a fan of the outdoors and hunting, one group of people polar opposite to me are loopy Vegans. At the extreme edge are even loopier vegansexuals.

Hans Kriek porned himself in-front of the Primary Production Select Committee last week, deeply concerned over the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill.

You may know Hans Kriek from the nutter animal welfare activist group SAFE. He now wants the Government to start a Commissioner for Animals.

To cut a long story short, Kriek essentially wants equal rights for all animals. Perhaps he wants to give them all a name as well, particularly those sows and chickens popping out eggs all day.

Good ole Eric Roy asked Kriek about wild pigs and how they could be hunted without dogs ‚Äď a near on impossible task in my view. Kriek fell into that one, calling for an expert committee to be set up to find ways to¬†hunt¬†control wild pigs because he thought hunting pigs with dogs was cruel. Eric Roy told them to HTFU, telling them that was a principle without substance. ¬†¬† Read more »