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Over 50 cats go missing. Does anyone know where Gareth Morgan is?


One pet owner who set up a Facebook page to help search for her missing cat Moses has uncovered a disturbing trend in Timaru.

After Ashleigh Hicks had created the group #freethefurbabies, she was inundated with requests from locals to join and soon found they too were missing pet cats.

Moses is believed to be one of a possible 50 cats to disappear from Timaru this year alone.

“A common factor I have noticed in the majority of these stories is that the cats simply disappeared for no particular reason, cats that don’t tend to wander far,” Hicks told The Guardian.

“We all thought this is too much of a coincidence and suspected foul play.”

Ralphy is believed to be one of 50 cats that have disappeared in Timaru. Photo: Danyelle Loach/Facebook

Members of the Facebook group begun gathering information, including times and dates of the disappearances, photographs of the missing pets and witness accounts.

One member said last year all three of her cats disappeared in the space of three months.

Similar stories have since emerged, with many of the people Hicks has spoken to believing their pets have been taken by a single person.

According to Hicks, as many has 18 cats have gone missing from Timaru in the past two months, many of them from the same area.

Oddly enough, people in Timaru haven’t linked this to the very good takeaway deals on offer.


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Gareth wants a new tax, how many is that?

Gareth Morgan has never met a tax he isn’t a fan of and today in the NBR he has proposed yet another tax.

There is a revenue opportunity here that New Zealand could exploit more intelligently – the $25 million of so of business for the local bean counters and form fillers is hardly a great return for the competitive advantage a New Zealand base seems to offer for these offshore administration structures. Rather than simply ban or destroy them so the business goes elsewhere, why don’t we tax them? Remember the wider the tax base the less tax the rest of us have to pay and here New Zealand is undoubtedly providing a service, so why should all the gains be privatised.

At the core of the annoyance here is the thought that yet again more (rich) people are getting away with tax avoidance. Sure, they’re not Kiwis but what the hell, we still feel aggrieved because they’re using us. I presume we don’t need reminding how extensive the list of loopholes in our current income tax regime is.    Read more »

Comrade Morgan wants rich pricks to cough up even more tax

There is only really one thing I agree with Gareth Morgan on…death to cats.

As for everything else, the man is a commie and a lunatic to boot….like his plans to tax people even more.

Economist Gareth Morgan believes New Zealand could be missing out on up to 25 percent of total income tax because the rich aren’t paying their fair share.

Morgan also told The Nation it is possible to get global corporations like Apple and Facebook to pay more tax on what they earn here.

The Government collects about $30 billion per year in income tax, but Mr Morgan says that take could be much bigger. The figures come from a soon-to-be-published report from the Morgan Foundation.

Dr Morgan says the report on New Zealand’s current tax system shows that the burden is falling on middle- and working-class families.

“There’s no free lunch here. If the rich aren’t paying their fair share, someone else has to pay more than they otherwise need to,” he says.

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What’s wrong with $5 a tail?

Gareth Morgan loves the sound of his own voice, and he must be deaf too because he has a voice for print.

Nonetheless, he is banging on about cats again. 

Wandering domestic cats are the biggest predator “by a mile” in urban areas, according to Gareth Morgan.

The key to changing that, could lie with a simple pest plan consultation in Manawatu.

The Horizons Regional Council put out its pest management plan for consultation in February, not expecting the response it got.

By the end of the month it received 94 submissions to the plan. Of that, 47 were specifically regarding feral cats and 45 of those were led by New Zealand businessman Gareth Morgan’s Morgan Foundation.

The majority of submissions were not actually from within the Manawatu region.

The submissions request a clear definition of feral cats as any cat without a microchip, collar or harness. They also ask Horizons to approach the government to develop national legislation.

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Face of the Day


Bob Jones is Face of the Day because he is deadly serious about building his monument to Gareth Morgan:

He writes to Eric Crampton disabusing him of the notion that he was being tongue in cheek about the statue.

Dear Dr Crampton,

Your report on the long overdue Morgan statue has been shown to me.  Plainly there has been a misunderstanding.  It most certainly was not a “tongue in cheek” proposal.  The widespread affection and admiration for Mr Morgan demands nothing less.   Read more »

When will the media stop publishing the lunatic rants of Gareth Morgan?

He’s just pissed he couldn’t score a private beach.

A crowdfunding campaign to buy an Abel Tasman beach for the public just ended up being a political prop, economist Gareth Morgan says.

About $2.3 million was raised to buy the seven-hectare Awaroa Inlet through a highly-publicised campaign, but it turned out not to be enough, with the Government chipping in another $350,000 to get it over the line on Tuesday night.

With the help of $250,000 from the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust, the beach is believed to have sold for about $2.8 million.

But Mr Morgan – who unsuccessfully offered a substantial sum towards the fundraising if he got private access only to later say it was part of a cunning plan to raise more money – now says it’s a shame to see “taxpayer’s money being used here to curry political favour”.

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John Key sniffs a popular move; starts off by kicking Gareth Morgan in the slats


It’s all about that beach, ’bout that beach, in Tasman….

Prime Minister John Key has not ruled out a “modest” Government contribution to a public bid to buy Awaroa Inlet, while taking aim at Gareth Morgan’s views the beach will sell for more than what has been raised.

More than 33,500 people pledged to Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner’s campaign to raise $2 million to entrust a sandy stretch of the inlet, in Abel Tasman National Park, to the public.

The $2m target was hit on Friday, but the organisers were urging the public to keep donating.

It’s roughly what the owner paid for it, so probably not enough yet. Plus, the owner is unlikely to be generous – this is a fire sale as they need cash to pay down urgent debt to the BNZ.  Read more »

Face of the day

via Stuff

Gareth Morgan via Stuff

What does today’s face of the day and this cat have in common?


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War on cats: 2,000,000 to be killed by 2020

You cat lovers can breath a sigh of relief – it’s in Australia.  For now.

The Washington Post reports

The Australian government announced plans to cull up to 2 million feral cats by 2020 in a bid to preserve dozens of native species that authorities claim face extinction because of the cats’ predatory behavior.

Speaking to a national radio station, Gregory Andrews, the country’s first threatened-species Commissioner, said Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt “is declaring war on feral cats, and he’s asked me to take charge of that program.”

Hunt unveiled the five-year plan at a Melbourne zoo on Thursday, vowing to protect Australia’s native mammal and bird populations.

“We are drawing a line in the sand today which says, ‘On our watch, in our time, no more species extinction,'” Hunt said.

A line in the Australian sand.  No. More. Cats.

In fact, 2 million less of them.   Read more »

Gareth Morgan on the flag referendum balls up

I don’t normally agree with Gareth Morgan on anything…except the killing of feral cats. Today he has a piece in the NBR about the ballsed up flag referendum process.

The debacle over the incompetence of the Flag Consideration Panel is spurring ever-growing ramifications for the politicians. The latest demonstration of petty mindedness from a political quarter comes from Andrew Little who, when faced with the question of whether Labour would support the government in adding a fifth entry to the first referendum, couldn’t resist petty point scoring.

He stated he’d would support a fifth flag, but only if the PM moved the question about whether New Zealanders want a flag change to the first referendum. That’s the response of a political brat, rather than someone concerned with getting the outcome New Zealanders want.

Andrew Little is a political brat…and a numpty. He was comprehensively out played by John Key…and Key isn’t that good really.

When the flag consideration process was first announced, I remember publishing stuff on why a flag change would be beneficial. The orchestrated response from the media – without exception – was that 88% of New Zealanders didn’t want change and hence I should naff off. No research underpinned that reaction, it was purely a cantankerous, talkback-type allergy to an idea.

Now look at it. Latest polls suggest 50% are open to change – so long as real choice is provided. That’s what educative processes do – and once the public gets full information it is incredibly rational. As the public learns more about this, the polls will continue to move – they are certainly not stable yet. It’s this process that Andrew Little – a supporter of change – now seeks to shut down for political gain. He doesn’t care if the public doesn’t get to make an informed decision, he’d rather have the political brownie points from being the person that made the government change the process.

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