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Kid rationalises a gay couple

Charles Krauthammer on the the totalitarian instincts of the Left

Charles Krauthammer comments on the Mozilla case where they sacked their chief executive for having donated $1000 to a lobby group against same-sex marriage more than six years ago:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: One of the sound bites you had earlier, someone saying this is a kind of intolerance entering into the culture. I think it’s narrower than that. This is the culture of the left not being satisfied with making an argument or even prevailing in an argument, but in destroying personally and marginalizing people who oppose it, in the same way that proponents of climate change declare the issue closed. It’s over. There’s no debate. It is settled science.  Read more »

One of the major reasons why Marriage Equality was necessary

I supported marriage equality mainly because it was right but also because I believed that everyone deserves a mother in law.

It simply wasn’t fair for heterosexuals to bear the burden alone.

The Telegraph has a handy check list for those happy gay couples thinking of tying the knot in order to identify what type of Mother in Law they will be enjoying for the foreseeable future after their nuptials.

My favourites are:

3 – The Apologist

She’ll ring in the middle of children’s teatime, when baby is choking on lumps and his brother is painting his own name in mashed potato on the French doors. “Is this a bad time?” she simpers. “I know what it’s like”. “It’s OK,” you spit out, catching a glob of shepherd’s pie in your free hand. You wonder if she didn’t start out like that, whether it might not occur to you to feel annoyed. She tiptoes around you like a gopher in a bear cave, apologising for her own existence, until you can’t help but snap.

“Oh dear”, she sighs, with the dying breath of the little match girl striking her last flame. “It seems I’ve overstayed my welcome.”  Read more »

Poor buggers, having to exploit a back door loop hole

A gay couple in Pennsylvania have had to resort to all sorts of legal trickery in estate planning because their state doesn’t recognise same-sex marriage. Poor buggers…this is just sad when you think about it.

A man in Pennsylvania has adopted his partner of 44 years to circumvent high property taxes that would be imposed on either of the men if the other dies.

John, 65, and his partner Gregory*, 75, made the decision to become father and son to avoid a 15 per cent tax on any property and assets willed to one if the other should die – a much higher tax than married spouses or family members are required to pay.

The state of Pennsylvania, where the men reside, recognizes marriage as being only between a man and a woman and has no provision for civil unions at this time.

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The anti-christ’s link between the Supreme Court, Gay Marriage & Gangnam Style

William Tapley, the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of the End Times shares his thoughts about the Supreme Court, Gay Marriage, Call me maybe & Gangnam Style.

Apparently, according to the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, the Anti-Christ is already in ascendance, but remains hidden…  Read more »

Nobody, actually. Nobody at all.



Serial Rooter Brendan Horan calls for Gay Marriage Referendum

via Stuff

via Stuff

It seems to be the in-thing to call for Inquiries, Official Inquiries and Referendums.

Horan, who voted against Gay Marriage, now has submitted a supplementary order paper calling for a referendum on the issue :   Read more »

Won’t somebody please think of the children

Someone should put Pauline Hanson back in jail.

Pauline Hanson has clashed with 2Day FM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O over the issue of gay marriage in her first interview since announcing her return to politics.

The former One Nation leader, who plans to stand in this year’s federal election, invoked the Diggers in her argument against same-sex marriage and urged listeners to “think of the children”.

She also warned that “someone [will] pay the price” if gay marriage becomes legal.

“The fact is I don’t agree with gay marriages, or gays adopting children or [having] in vitro fertilisation,” she told the hosts, adding that she has “a lot” of gay friends who support her stance.


H/T:  Kevin Hague

Unspeakable Sin Committed In Maryland

Maryland sure knows how to celebrate the new year in style, reining in 2013 with its first gay marriage after the new law came into effect at 12am on New Years Day.

James Scales, 68, was married to William Tasker, 60, on Tuesday shortly after midnight by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake inside City Hall.

“It’s just so hard to believe it’s happening,” Scales said shortly before marrying his partner of 35 years. Read more »