Why the hell did the police apologise?

I don’t get it.  

Government officials refuse to apologise for the abuse they put kids in state care through, but a piece of filth does all that and his kid accidentally cops some pepper spray, and we are extremely eager to apologise to this scumbag and his family for what was clearly an accidental and unwanted outcome of his own attempts to flee the cops?

 Sometimes I wonder if the cops have gone too soft.

Police have apologised after a girl was caught in a cross-fire of pepper spray during a violent confrontation with the driver of a car she was a passenger in.

They said a man who was stopped in Whakatane on Friday night would not provide personal information and attempted to drive off.   Read more »

Media beating up on cops again, this time for daring to protect themselves

Yesterday the Sunday Star-Times ran a hit piece on a rural cop who routinely straps on his Glock, especially when dealing with domestic incidents.

It was a shameful piece. Our cops have a hard enough job as it is without panty-waisted wombles in the media attacking their every move.

You have to start thinking that the media would like nothing better than a string of dead cops in rural towns such is their insistence that cops shouldn’t be able to protect themselves.

A policeman in rural New Zealand admits he routinely breaches regulations by carrying a firearm and will continue to do so – saying he needs to for protection.

“I work on my own in a remote area, which is why I am able to do this,” he wrote in a letter to the Police Association magazine Police News.

“I have not had a complaint; if anything, very few people even notice.”

The unnamed officer said he carried a firearm “at times” while patrolling.    Read more »

The only thing this cop did wrong was not empty his magazine

As is usual a Coroner has made a pigs arse of a case, trying to blame some cops for the death of a ratbag who presented and fired a shotgun at cops.

Officers acted outside their training during the 2011 fatal police shooting of a Hastings teenager, a coroner has found.

Lachan Kelly-Tumarae, 19, was killed after a 14-shot volley from a police officer’s Glock pistol at Omahu on March 28, 2011.

Coroner Peter Ryan’s findings, released yesterday, said the three officers involved in Mr Kelly-Tumarae’s death “did not follow police policy and training in the moments prior to the shooting”.

The report called for police to review training protocol in relation to the verbal warning issued by armed police officers to armed offenders, and the frequency of firearms training.

Mr Kelly-Tumarae was shot as he got out of a vehicle near a State Highway 50 marae cemetery, following a 14km low-speed pursuit from Napier where he had presented a shotgun at an officer in a chance roadside encounter.

Moments before the shooting, the teenager pointed the shotgun at an officer in the passenger’s seat of a patrol car parked alongside him.   Read more »

They didn’t taser you because you said you had a gun and a grenade, you are lucky to be alive at all, fool

What kind of muppet – who yells to Police that he has a gun and then a grenade – would expect to gain sympathy because the Police shoot him?

Only a prize idiot would blame the cops for his own demise. It’s not the cops fault he’s a dickhead!

He’s a cripple in a wheel chair now. Good job. It probably means he won’t be able to cause more havoc in society.

The Hawkes Bay today reports:

David Taite still does not accept he should have been shot by police officers in an incident near the Central Hawke’s Bay township of Otane in October 2011.

Living in Waipukurau since the beginning of the year Taite, 51, is paralysed from the waist down as a result of his injuries.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found the police officer who shot Taite was lawfully justified given the dangerous circumstances he faced.

In a report released yesterday, the authority said Taite was well known to police, had a “significant and serious criminal history”, which included a conviction for the attempted murder of a police officer, and multiple family violence offences.

In the six weeks prior to the incident in the early hours of Thursday, October 20, 2011, Taite had made a number of threats that had been reported to police.

These included threatening to burn down the Dannevirke property owned by his landlord and threatening to kill his ex-partner and to shoot other people.

He also spoke of killing himself and causing damage to other people’s property. Police had also been advised that Taite had access to weapons.

[…]   Read more »

Is creepy Labour stalking Judith Collins?

Stone Shi's house on Paritai Drive Image/ TVNZ

Stone Shi’s house on Paritai Drive Image/ TVNZ

Yesterday Labour via Shane Jones levelled an appalling accusation against Judith Collins, that she is living on Paritai Drive in Stone Shi’s house.

This particular nasty little rumour has been flying around for months as Labour and Winston Peters worked together to try to neutralise one of National’s most potent weapons.

Embattled Justice Minister Judith Collins appeared to be close to tears this afternoon after she was targeted by the Opposition over her links with wealthy businessman Deyi Shi.

Ms Collins was yesterday facing Opposition claims she lobbied a senior Chinese border control official on behalf of Mr Shi’s company milk exporter Oravida during a dinner in Beijing in the wake of the Fonterra botulism scare.

However on the way into Parliament this afternoon Ms Collins appeared to become distraught when asked by reporters about suggestions from Labour MP Shane Jones that she had been staying at Mr Shi’s home – the luxury Paritai Drive mansion originally built for Mark Hotchin.

“I’m really disgusted actually that Shane would do that. It’s actually really hurtful. I’ve been to the home that Mr Shi has bought on many occasions because he is a close personal friend and he’s away a lot but I’ve never lived there.

“I don’t stay there, I’ve been there. It’s because it’s a very place to go and look at and I’m sure that if he wanted to he could sell tickets for people to go and have a look at it.

“I never put the boot into Shane and yet he’s gone and done that. That’s disgusting.  Read more »

Who says pistols aren’t accurate?

I used to shoot pistols. I was very good…but then again I put literally thousands of rounds down range and shot almost every Saturday and Sunday.

I shot so much that I’d spend the rest of the week reloading.

One comment I always got when someone asked about pistol shooting was that they believed that pistols weren’t very accurate. My response was that pistols are in fact very accurate, it is the shooter who isn’t accurate.

I could put 6 rounds from my S&W model 10 into the target so that an old 50 cent piece could cover the holes…at 50m. I could do this because I’d shoot thousands of rounds at that range and I knew my load, my gun and the range intimately.

The professionals shoot even more and as a consequence can perform feats like this…A Glock .45ACP hitting a steel target at 215 years!

But then again this is Jerry Miculek…one of the greatest pistol shooters alive.

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India launches handgun for women, outrage ensues


(Made by ordnance factory, Nirbheek weighs 500 grams and can fit into a purse.)

(Made by ordnance factory, Nirbheek weighs 500 grams and can fit into a purse.)

SkyNews reports on India’s release of handgun for women. Outrage ensued…not because over the rape culture of India but because now women would now have a special gun to protect themselves.

And it is an ugly looking outdated pathetic hand gun too.

A Indian handgun designed for women and named after the victim of a fatal gang-rape in Delhi has been condemned by rights activist as a disgrace to her memory.

The lightweight .32 calibre revolver was developed by the state-run Indian Ordnance Factory (IOF) and can fit inside a small purse or handbag, according to a newspaper report.

The factory in the northern city of Kanpur has received 20 orders since the titanium-alloy, six-shot gun – costing 122,360 rupees ($A2,228) – was launched earlier this month, the Times of India said on Friday.

‘At least 80 per cent of the bookings are from women,’ IOF general manager Abdul Hameed told the newspaper, adding that more orders were expected soon.

‘Expectedly, the weapon has received a very good response,’ he said.

The gun is called ‘Nirbheek’ meaning ‘fearless’ in Hindi and was intended as a tribute to the 23-year-old student whose brutal attack in India’s capital in December 2012 sparked outrage about the levels of violence against women in India.   Read more »

IPCA needs to mandate better shooting and empty magazines

The IPCA has found the cops were justified in shooting a ratbag who took a hammer and knife to his missus…unfortunately he survived after being Glocked.

Perhaps the IPCA should come out with a recommendation that Police attend more training so they can shoot better and require they empty the magazine at the target.

Police were justified in shooting a man who attacked his pregnant partner with a hammer and a knife, an independent inquiry has found.

Ruka Hemopo, 47, survived being shot by police with a Glock pistol and a Taser stun gun during a domestic incident in the Porirua suburb of Waitangirua on May 2.  Read more »

As usual media got it wrong

Now the facts are starting to come out we find out that the killer in Washington DC never had semi-automatic weapons at all…he used a pump action shotgun and stole Glock handguns from his victims.

This is why people like Piers Morgan should just stfu.

Authorities investigating Monday’s D.C. shooting spree believe the gunman brought a shotgun, legally purchased from a suburban Virginia gun shop, to the Navy Yard and acquired additional weapons at the scene, according to three law enforcement officials.

The officials said Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas, a 34-year-old discharged Navy engineer, entered the building with a Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun that he’d purchased last week in Lorton, Va., and was later found with two additional weapons, one of them a Glock handgun.

One scenario authorities were investigating was that he obtained the handgun and the other weapon at the scene, possibly from victims. But officials cautioned the evidence analysis was still very fluid Monday night.  Read more »


Sleeping Rough?

The Standard posted this photo of Green taliban MP Gareth Hughes apparently sleeping rough to highlight homelessness.

Hmmm…oil column heater, several couches, walls and door of a HOME, abundant duvets, sleeping bags etc….I call bullshit.



Apparently this is a better role model than this:  Read more »