Greedy Little Piggies

Will troughers be honest before health committee, Ctd?

Here’s the rub. Organisations that trough off the backs of the taxpayer usually spend their lives demanding the Government “do something” by way of policy interventions.

And that “do something” for the most part, relates to the introduction of more laws that eventually ends up restricting one section of society – obviously that part of society that they don’t like.

The likes of Sue Taylor of Te Reo Marama, or 2013 Trougher of the Year Professor Boyd Swinburn, are two obvious examples in the health sector.

A vast amount of their time is spent racing around trying to make sure they’re “doing something” to “justify” the dosh they tuck out of the Government machine.

“Justify” is really a wishy-washy word because on the most part, all troughers in the health sector have to do to tuck into the millions of dollars they receive, is write a 6 monthly report that some faceless ministry minion quickly scans and whacks in a filing cabinet.   Read more »

Will Troughers be honest before Health Committee – Part 1

You will know that I’m no fan of troughers. So much so that over the years I’ve exposed a raft of troughers sucking on the taxpayers’ tit.

This week the Health Select Committee will hear again from a bunch of troughers demanding NZ truck ahead with plain packaging for ciggie packets.

The thing with troughers is that once in the trough, they rarely ever see the need to get out of it, and continue to demand more and more dosh from the taxpayer to fund their efforts.

A prime example of this is Sue Taylor from the infamous Te Reo Marama – once headed by veteran trougher/activist Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook. A little background is needed. I ran an exclusive exposure about them back in 2009/2010 – here’s the full story.

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama & Maori Smoking – Troughing 101

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama & Maori Smoking – Troughing 102

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama  & Maori Smoking – Troughing 103

Gotcha! – TRM Funding Cut    Read more »

The letter was a mistake, what about her double dipping troughing?

Tracey Martin has apologised for her ill-conceived idea of heavying a Police district commander on NZ First letterhead over an operational matter.

I wonder perhaps if Winston peters would like to apologise for his tirade now that Tracey Martin has acknowledged that what she did was wrong, something the arrogant sod couldn’t admit himself.

Laura McQuillan reports:

Days after Judith Collins accused her of interfering in the police, a New Zealand First MP has admitted she made a mistake.

Tracey Martin wrote to police in March, with concerns about a Warkworth cop being transferred to other duties, saying it would leave a gap in community initiatives.

She wrote it as the chair of a school board of trustees, where the officer is also a member, but it was printed on her MP letterhead.

Ms Martin admits she got that wrong.

“That was a mistake on my part to be perfectly frank, and that was me doing something on a Sunday and just working at a fast pace.

“I mixed my roles and I should not have mixed my roles.”

In other news featuring Tracey Martin, i see she has been caught double dipping.   Read more »

Parliaments Five Biggest Troughers

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Just before easter MPs expense claims were released so no one would notice.

As expected Hone Harawira bludged the most, busy trying to secure funding for the Mana Party by arse kissing Kim Dotcom…problem is the big fella is out of cash…and nearly out of time.

Next in is Winston Peters, who’s elderly and bewildered fan club around the country demand he visits them so they remember who he is when they enter the voting booth.   Read more »

Business NZ and CTU more even cunning than I thought [UPDATED]



You’ve got to hand it to troughers Helen Kelly and Phil O’Reilly. Following some public expressions of doubt  ‘what the f*ks going on’ by Judith Collin’s last year, and some digging round by the Taxpayers’ Union, ACC, the CTU and Business NZ saw the writing on the wall with their nice little money earner.  So what did they do?  Quickly extended the contract before it all went public!

The Taxpayers’ Union has blogged:


Despite the ACC telling media yesterday that it decided ‘late last year’ to can the programme, we learned this morning that the contracts were renewed in December. The end date is now 31 December 2014.

It appears that ACC only changed its tune since the Taxpayers’ Union publicly exposed the rort.

Remember, it’s not the Taxpayers’ Union who labelled the training scheme a waste of money, it’s ACC’s own experts. Telling the public that they will scrap the scheme but waiting for the new contracts to expire is not good enough. They conveniently failed to mention that the contracts have just been renewed…  Read more »

Taxpayers’ Union uncovers Phil O’Reilly snout in the trough along with the CTU

pigs in the trough

Looks like the Taxpayers’ Union has uncovered its first decent story of union toughing.

Material released by the Taxpayers’ Union show a cosy deal between Business New Zealand, the Council of Trade Unions (“CTU”) and ACC has cost ACC-levy payers $19 million since 2003.

The documents 
 show ACC knew that millions paid to Business NZ and the CTU to provide health and safety training did little, if anything, to reduce workplace accidents.

Recent ACC analysis concludes that, even with optimistic assumptions, for every dollar spent on the training 84 cents is wasted. 

A 2013 briefing to the Minister for ACC, Judith Collins, states that the CTU has found it “challenging” to meet its performance obligations even though it has been contracted for service since 2003.    Read more »

Troughers demanding more coin from Ryall

Swinburn et al from the anti-obesity industry tucking into more government coin

Swinburn et al from the anti-obesity industry tucking into more government coin

Sometimes Tony Ryall must really shake his head in despair.  Especially when he sees his Ministry funded troughers bitching that the Government needs to dole out more money to them.

Yesterday I posted about Obesity ‘Experts’ Ignore Simple Truths, showing trougher Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu tucking into a $5 million handout to justify her calls for fat taxes, bans and labelling changes.

2013 Trougher of the Year Boyd Swinburn must have spat out his Kellogg’s Nutri- Grain when he saw Cliona Ni Mhurchu getting a big spread in yesterday’s Horrid, talking up her efforts.  Read more »

2013 Trougher of the Year

This category is a tough one. The trough is awash with do-gooders, fake charities, Maori trusts, and even Green Taliban supporting hippy groups.

There’s also troughers like scumbag unions that tuck their members for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year so union bosses can traipse around the country looking as though they’re doing something.

But there was one candidate that gained some attention on the blog this year that did stand out as a leading example of tucking into the public trough at a rate that would leave JT’s Waipareira Trust looking on in awe.

The 2013 WO Trougher of the Year therefore goes to none other than… Boyd Swinburn, Professor of Population Nutrition & Global Health at the University of Auckland.

Read more »

And we thought we had some troughers in Wellington

They’ve got nothing on this trougher in South Africa. The entitlement attitude is spectacular.

Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas's office has defended using her government credit card on reportedly buying fast food at outlets like KFC and Spur.

Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas’s office has defended using her government credit card on reportedly buying fast food at outlets like KFC and Spur.

Premier Sylvia Lucas’s office on Sunday defended the use of her government credit card to purchase over R50 000 on fast food during her first 10 weeks in office.

Lucas was inaugurated as premier on May 30, replacing education MEC Grizelda Cjiekella, who had acted as premier following the collapse of former premier Hazel Jenkins during her 2012 state of the province address.

According to a Sunday Times report, among other expenses, Lucas used her credit card to spend R26 565 on food in one month alone. In August she spent a further R11 956 on food in Kimberley, where she lives.

Her credit card was used to buy food at fast-food outlets like Spur, Mike’s Kitchen, KFC, Wimpy and Ocean Basket.  Read more »

Here piggy, pig, pig

The Labour party leadership contest is being funded by the taxpayer. The greedy little piggies are justifying it too. They see nothing wrong with picking the pockets of taxpayers for Labour party business.

Labour MPs competing for the party leadership have defended the use of taxpayer money to fund their nationwide campaigns, saying they did not make the rules.

MPs Grant Robertson, David Cunliffe, and Shane Jones were asked this morning whether they should be paying for their own travel as they campaigned to be leader over the next three weeks.

Mr Cunliffe said the party had sought advice from Parliamentary Services, which had confirmed that the campaign-related flights and phone calls were covered, but taxis, accommodation and other costs were not.

He said: “The rules are not decided by me. We will follow the rules as we are given them.”

He added: “The selection of a party leader is both a party process and arguably a proper process for the Parliamentary process too, because party leaders have both a party role and a Parliamentary role.”   Read more »