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Has Scott Simpson been to Dunedin?

My good friend Scott Simpson, my longest standing friend in caucus, appears to have shared his dark arts skills with Michael Woodhouse.


National MP Michael Woodhouse slams the defacing of electoral billboards as “a thuggish and ignorant act of vandalism”, as opponents boast online about other signs to tag.  Read more »

Hobos in the House

Len Brown likes to rap about the mayor being in da House.

That was pretty pathetic, but then so is this picture of what appears to be a hobo in the house.

Hobos in the House

Hobos in the House

Who knew that parliament was now providing work experience for the homeless.

Greens moving to centre, ctd…


Earlier I wrote about the Greens joining other corporates like BP and Z Energy in their Love NZ campaign.

I suggested this was a move to the centre to hoover up some of the Labour voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for David Cunliffe.

Now more evidence has come to light, following an extraordinary comment made by Russel Norman during an Interview on Newstalk ZB early today.

I think for the first time, Russel Norman and the Greens are saying they actually support oil and gas drilling in shallow zones off our coast.


Norman – Shallow Drilling Okay "Norman - Shallow Drilling Okay". "Norman – Shallow Drilling Okay"

Russel Norman is very clear. Exploration in shallow zones is ok – they’re only worried about deep sea drilling. This is a nice bit of positioning to snaffle some of Labour’s left flank.

The Greens are looking to become the 2nd largest party in parliament.  Will be fun to watch.  I always love it when lefties fight among themselves (which is, to be honest, almost always)

Signs the Greens are moving to the centre?


Apart from the fact Russel looks like an idiot standing on the beach in a suit and tie, you must be wondering why this photo means that the Green Party is moving to the centre?

Well, it seems they are now joining oil companies and other corporates in their “Love NZ” campaign.   Read more »

Why isn’t Labour focusing on the undecided voter?

This, from last night’s poll.  The important issues to undecided voters


Actually, that’s not entirely fair.  Labour has focused on education and wages… of sorts   Read more »

Do the Greens now support trucking?

The Greens have released billboards depicting workers cleaning up after the Rena grounding in 2011.


Back in 2007 the Greens were strongly supporting coastal shipping as an alternative to trucks:

“Coastal shipping is a key part of the alternatives-to-roads strategy. The more freight we can get on to ships the better.”

That was when Sue Bradford was still a Green MP.  Read more »


Condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens but Mana still thinks swastikas and flag burnings are ok

photo 1

The swastika flags and flag burnings by anti-Israel protestors have been condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens.

But the screaming skull, John Minto, thinks that such demonstrations are just fine with him and the Mana party.

Then again when you are funded by a nazi fetishist who makes rape jokes it is probably normal.

Mana activist John Minto is defending the defacing of Israeli flags at an anti-Israel march in Auckland, saying it was an appropriate form of protest due to the “massacre”.

Hundreds of people turned out during the weekend march to protest the Israeli offensive in Gaza, which has resulted in more than 600 Palestinians being killed as Israel bombards the Gaza Strip.

Right-wing blog Whale Oil has posted images showing protesters, including Mana members, burning a US and an Israeli flag as well as one of an Israeli flag with a Nazi swastika imposed upon it.

These actions have been condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens.

Minto said he was not aware of the burning, but did not believe it was inappropriate.

“I can’t see what the problem is,” Minto said. “Flags have been burnt in demonstrations and protests for hundreds of years so it’s no big deal.”

Read more »

Why would a union donate to a party who wants to see their members unemployed?

David Farrar blogs about the EPMU donating to the Green party and how members are upset by it.

The Greymouth evening Star reports that West Coast miners who are EPMU members are furious at the EPMU for donating $15,000 to the Greens, when they want the mining industry in NZ to die out. Over a dozen miners have complained.

You can imagine how galling it would be to have your union donate a portion of your salary to a party that wants to close down the industry you work in, and effectively put you out of a job.

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Rodney Hide on Harre’s hypocrisy addiction

Rodney Hide launches into Laila Harre at The NBR [paywalled]:

I am worried about Laila Harré: having dropped any pretence of principle she now finds hypocrisy addictive. There’s no other explanation. She should have OD’d by now, but no, she just keeps loading it up.

Her latest dose is to assert property rights in Green Party policy.

That’s right. That’s her response to criticism of her announcing Green Party policy as hers just hours ahead of the Green’s release. Ms Harré was working for the Greens. She then decamped to lead the Internet Party taking Green Party policy with her. No wonder the Greens are little annoyed in their touchy-feely, caring way.

But as she explains it, “Look, I contributed huge intellectual property to the Green Party in the 15 months that I spent working for them.” So what’s theirs is also hers.

That’s a bellyful of hypocrisy. Remember this is the Internet Party. Her party’s founder, funder, paymaster and visionary is fighting to avoid facing copyright infringement charges. Intellectual property doesn’t mean that much to Mr Dotcom.

For his proxy leader to be defending herself by spuriously claiming intellectual property is breathtaking hypocrisy. Intellectual property matters to Ms Harré – but only when she’s claiming it as hers. No one else’s appears to matter.

But having teamed up with Mr Dotcom, Ms Harre now wallows in hypocrisy. She can’t get enough. Every time she opens her mouth she takes another hit.

Hypocrisy is a particular attribute that is endemic in the left-wing of politics.

Mr Dotcom’s opulent lifestyle is everything that Ms Harré has railed against her whole life. She picked coffee for the Sandinistas. That’s what rich, lefty kids did back in the day. It was much more romantic than a mundane job with real New Zealand workers.    Read more »

Green innovation policy is really crony capitalism in drag [UPDATED]

A reader emails about the Green’s so-called innovation policy:

Dear Cam,

I have had a quick look through the Green Party’s “Smart Innovation” document, and am beginning to think that it is anything BUT smart.

I was curious to see how the Greens plan to invest our tax dollars resulting in job creation and growth in the NZ economy, so I did some research on Blueskin Energy – one of the two “promising startups” listed in their document.

Blueskin Energy is an initiative run by the “Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT)” to bring wind powered electricity generation to Blueskin Bay, north of Dunedin.   The largest settlement is Waitati which has a population of approximately 500 people.

According to their website a “crazy idea” was suggested in 2006, and now they are planning to find $5 – $6 million dollars to build 3 or 4 wind turbines to power their local community.

Can someone from the Greens please explain how this creates jobs, innovation and growth in our economy?

Aside from the issue of absolutely no local jobs being created, economic growth or innovative new ideas being fostered, there is also something else to take note of:  Read more »