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This photo is one of 9 West Auckland hoarding sites I saw, and the picture is the same.

All / most other Party signs down, Green Party sign untouched.

Signs 3

The only logical explanation is a band of National voters trying to make the Greens look bad. ¬†Right? ¬† Read more »

RNZ: What I should have said

41450_2000x2000Lindsay Mitchell rues her Radio New Zealand “interview”.

How frustrating. Rung last night by Radio NZ looking for a¬†recorded interview¬†about the Green’s child poverty policy, I covered¬† points made in my¬†earlier post¬†today. But the one line the reporter chose to use was my support for lowering the child age to qualify for early childhood education from 3 to 2 because that enables mothers to move off benefits and into work sooner.

What I should have added is that it’s¬† largely a redundant proposal given extending the In Work Tax Credit to beneficiaries won’t see single mothers rushing into the work force.

…and that is why I don’t talk to Radio New Zealand.

So this is what Lindsay wanted to say, but got deliberately thwarted by Red Radio: Read more »

Crim hugger, victim enabler and now Green Party cheerleader Simon Collins on:

Crim hugger, victim enabler and now Green Party cheerleader Simon Collins is using his employers organ (yes, I did) to offer you a choice:  The Nats that will hurt you, or the other lot who will give you lots of free stuff, in an article called:

…choice between the carrot and the stick

With the stick being National.

I’ll spare you the actual diatribe, but here are two¬†photos selected for the hit piece:


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Rod Donald will be spinning in his grave

Via Coventry, in our comments section



Another win¬†for Russel Norman’s Marxist storm troopers, and a loss for the living thing¬†that has numerous galvanised nails driven into it.


Will the Green Party call for a high level inquiry into political hacking?

Metiria Turei showing us who's boss in her white jacket Photo/ Ross Giblin Fairfax

Metiria Turei showing us who’s boss in her white jacket Photo/ Ross Giblin Fairfax

Three days ago, after the release of Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book, the Green Party said

he Green Party is today lodging a series of complaints with the Police, Parliamentary Service, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Privacy Commissioner after revelations in Nicky Hager’s new book that alleges corruption and abuse of power.

The Green Party will today lodge complaints with: Read more »

Muhammed Rizalman bin Ismail still coming back


Jan Jogie, Tania Billingsley and her friends are going to be ecstatic that the diplomat assaulter will return.  All the better to create a big media circus from it.  Bevan Hurley has been reading the Malaysian papers

Malaysia will send a lawyer to advise a disgraced diplomat when he stands trial in New Zealand, the country’s attorney-general said.

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said sending the lawyer was part of an agreement struck between the two governments.

He told the Rakyak Post that New Zealand has promised the accused will receive proper legal representation, and he will select his own lawyer in New Zealand.

There is no doubt in my mind we can provide any number of capable lawyers that will take this case to the hilt on behalf of their client. ¬† The problem will be finding 12 jurors that haven’t already made up their minds. ¬† Read more »

Impertinent questions

What can we expect to come from a meeting at Zaika Retaurant last night where Tania Billingsley and Jan Logie were present, among others, in a woman-only gathering?

Are they trying to come up with a plan to keep the diplomat from returning to New Zealand?

Will they try to rekindle the anti-Key sentiments?

Can doubters finally accept that Tania is being used by the Green Party for political ends?

Which media outlet will jump at the chance to be the conduit for the next bit of Green party strategy through Billingsley?



I will bet you a bazillion carbon credits that he ain’t coming and going by kayak

The sanctimonious and hypocritical Greens are up to it again.

This time they have chosen a Nelson Candidate imported porridge wog who “commutes” to a job¬†at Parliament in Wellington (He’s an IT trainer).

A 37-year-old single Scot who lost his heart to the region is the Green Party’s last-minute candidate for the Nelson seat, and says he will campaign “very hard”.

Colin Robertson has stepped up after the party dumped its first choice, Aaryn Barlow, over the way he left his job at the Nelson Environment Centre. His selection was confirmed on Monday night, two months after Barlow stood aside.

Robertson told the Nelson Mail his first choice to replace Barlow was someone else “but because of her young family she wasn’t so keen, so I decided I’d be a good fit and could serve well”. ¬† Read more »

The inconvenient truth: the cost of a burger

The left parties and unions, specifically the Unite union, like to harp on about how terrible it is here in New Zealand for the downtrodden workers.

Yet this handy and fantastic social economic measurement catches them out with their pinnies down their ankles.


You can see now why Labour and the Unions are so keen to get parity with Australia – the best place to be on minimum wage on the planet. ¬† Read more »

Does Russel Norman stand by all his statements?

The Green party likes to ask the gotcha question of the Prime minister…Does he stand by all his statements?

Well time for the show to be on the other foot.

Does Russel Norman stand by all his statements?

Russel Norman’s talking down the economy again – lamenting the state of the dairy industry.

Falling dairy prices are highlighting the danger of National’s economic strategy that focuses on the export of a few, simple commodities, the Green Party said today.

Dairy prices are down 8.4 percent this week – a 41 percent fall from their highs in February. Whole milk prices are down 11.5 percent largely due to weaker demand from China.

“National’s economic strategy has simplified our economy and concentrated our exports on a few, low-value-added commodities,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

“We want businesses to get on with innovating and exporting high value products that command high prices and support high wages.”

“National has bet the farm on the farm and it isn’t working. A growing reliance on one or two commodity exports has made our economy more vulnerable to commodity price swings.

“Producing increasing amounts of milk powder also has huge, downstream environmental impacts. We need to build a smart green economy with much lower carbon emissions and water pollution.

“A smarter way forward is to invest in innovation and policies that support our manufacturing and ICT export sectors.

“National is not building a strong, resilient export sector.”

Perhaps someone might like to ask him: ¬†¬†“You are proposing a carbon tax of $25, starting at $12.50 on all dairy farmers. You said at the time “they could afford it”. Now that dairy prices have fallen 41% are you going to abandon that policy?”

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