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Green Party gets called out for playing politics with high needs children

The principal of a Dunedin special needs school believes the Green Party’s parliamentary inquiry into special needs in New Zealand schools lacks focus and detail.

The inquiry, announced earlier this month, will focus on improving the learning experience of children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism spectrum disorders.

Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty said, ”So many students are missing out on education because their learning differences are not identified early enough and help is not made available. We want to change the system so every child has a fair go.”

However Raewyn Alexander, principal of Dunedin special needs school Sara Cohen, said she did not understand why other ”challenges” such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy were not included in the inquiry.

”If they want a fair go for every child, why have they only focused on those three specific challenges? If they want a fair go for every child, then they should be asking for an inquiry for all kids with needs, not just those three aspects of special needs.”

Yes, well.  Raewyn Alexander is just highlighting the latest Green Taliban “cause” that the Green Party truly don’t care about.  It’s just about media coverage, and there is very little genuine concern.   Read more »

Green Taliban wants personal vote on Easter Trading at same time as reaming Gloriavale for Christian values. Where is the consistency?

The Green Taliban has donned their cloak of hypocrisy and held up their shield of sanctimony in calling on the Speaker to allow a personal vote on Easter trading laws.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter needs to consider allowing a personal vote on legislation to relax Easter trading laws, the Green Party said today.

“MPs have traditionally exercised personal votes on Easter trading,” said the Green Party’s Workplace Relations & Safety spokesperson, Denise Roche, who will be writing to Mr Carter requesting the personal vote

“Past voting has not been along party lines, with eight current National MPs, including Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse himself, voting against Easter Sunday trading in previous Parliaments.

“Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and seven of his National Party colleagues should not be forced to vote for legislation they do not agree with that will see people forced to work on Easter Sunday.

“Shop staff shouldn’t have to take a personal grievance in order to go to church on Easter Sunday, as suggested by Michael Woodhouse.   Read more »

Face of the day

Catherine-delahunty -3 News

Green MP Catherine Delahunty -3 News


Today’s face of the day, Green MP Catherine Delahunty, has her knickers in a knot over female students being taught the life skill of how to clean dirty laundry at Gloriavale. The Green Party has a long tradition of claiming to be both clean and green so it is not surprising that Catherine herself is a whiz at cleaning dirty things or at least agitating for them to be cleaned up. For the first time ever, secret Whaleoil cameras go deep inside the Green Party to reveal that even the Green Party teach useful life skills.

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The media-enabled Green Taliban beatup of Gloriavale fails to deliver

The Greens and a newspaper have been trying their very best to drive a huge wedge into an extreme Christian commune in the South Island.

One problem:  they’re doing nothing illegal, and they are meeting all required standards.

There’ll be no investigation into the education system at secluded West Coast sect Gloriavale.

Officials from the Education Review Office have told a closed select committee at Parliament that the community is working within the law.

But Green MP Catherine Delahunty says it’s totally unacceptable that Gloriavale is allowed to teach girls how to do laundry.

“My concern is about the students getting the opportunity to have a broad education and have their human rights upheld rather than just be in a very limited world which doesn’t assist them if they want to leave this cult,” she says.

Gloriavale’s school gets $200,000 worth of taxpayer funding annually.

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Oh look, the Green Taliban are allowing Gareth Hughes back out to play

Shocking stuff.  3.8% rise in power costs, and the government must step in?

If that’s the threshold, can Aucklanders please have first dibs on someone “in the government” sorting out the 9.9% rates rises?

Household electricity prices have increased nearly 4 per cent in the past year, Government figures show.

Opposition parties said the rise beyond inflation showed shareholders in the privatised energy companies were cashing in at the expense of bill payers.

According to the Energy in New Zealand 2015 report, residential prices rose significantly more than the 0.1 per cent inflation incurred in the past year.

“The sales-based residential electricity cost for the March year 2015 rose 3.8 per cent in nominal terms on the March year 2014.”

Increased transmission and distribution charges was one of the main reasons for the increase, the report said.    Read more »

Wowser Green TaliBAN shamed into Wowser Green TaliCAN

The co-penis Mr Shaw is clearly not well tuned to what makes good politics and what doesn’t.

He had Kevin Hague spitting tacks about it yesterday, yet this morning a different Hague met the media – one that was all for Kiwis celebrating the Rugby World Cup live.  Funny that.

The Green Party just always want to tax or ban. Tax or ban.  They don’t have any other ideas.

Act Party leader David Seymour says the Green Party has gone from “party poopers” to “party facilitators” after reversing its opposition to his Rugby World Cup bill.

Mr Seymour made a second attempt to table his bill today, and this time the Greens did not object.

The law, which will allow all bars to stay open between 4am and 8am for World Cup matches, will have its first reading this evening.    Read more »

Green Taliban continue to be anti-Christian, but not a peep about Islam

Catherine Delahunty, the member for Mars, is still attacking Gloriavale, despite being proved totally wrong with all her other accusations.

She seems very committed to attacking Christians but I am yet to hear a peep about Islam.

What female students at Gloriavale’s school are being taught is a question that will be put to Government inspectors.

Catherine Delahunty, education spokeswoman for the Green Party, has entered into a war of words with the Christian community over how young people there are being taught.

She is concerned that students appear to be pressured into completing NCEA early so they can work in the community, saddling young women who would excel at university with “endless laundry”.

The school has hit back and rubbished Ms Delahunty’s earlier claims its students were not achieving NCEA, pointing to high pass rates achieved last year.

Officials from the Education Review Office (ERO) will appear before a select committee next week, and will face questioning over ERO’s positive assessment of Gloriavale’s school.    Read more »

Green TaliBAN lives up to their name


What a miserable lot of lentil suckers.  This has nothing to do with Green policy, or social policy.  This is just plain spite.

The possibility of bars opening in the mornings for Rugby World Cup matches has hit a stumbling block, with the Green Party opposing ACT’s proposed Bill.

Party leader David Seymour’s Bill would allow licenced premises to be open between 4am and 8am to show the games – a time when they’re normally forbidden to open by law.

The idea has support from Labour’s leader Andrew Little, and Prime Minister John Key says there is “some logic” in it.

Mr Seymour tabled the Bill in the House this afternoon, but would not go ahead if there were any objections by other parties. He wanted it to go through to first reading and referred to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee for two weeks and then go through its second and third readings for the change to be in force by the start of the World Cup in September.

But the Greens have put paid to that, saying Mr Seymour has “hijacked Parliament’s time” and they wouldn’t support his “cheap gimmick”.    Read more »

What is the single most important issue to the Green Party right now? Guess


Of all the issues that could be giving co-vagina Metiria Turei acid stomach, it’s this one.

The Greens are complaining that the next pay rise for MPs will be too high – even though it’s still to be decided and won’t be announced for a couple of months.

Under new rules it has to be based on public sector pay increases, and in May a 1.5 percent increase was granted backdated to July last year. Read more »

Green killjoys bitter over Parliamentary rugby team

What a bunch of killjoys the Greens are opposing the traditional Parliamentary rugby tour.

The Greens are objecting to a corporate-sponsored trip for MPs to play in the Parliamentary Rugby World Cup.

Corrections minister Sam Lotu-Iiga, his colleague Commerce minister Paul Goldsmith and NZ First leader Winston Peters are among those who will skip parliamentary sessions in lieu of the September junket.

They’ll also be at the Rugby World Cup, which runs alongside the tournament.

Also on the team are Labour’s Damien O’Connor, Stuart Nash, Peeni Henare and Kelvin Davis, and National’s Alfred Ngaro and Mark Mitchell.

“If there are corporate lobbyists going, they have privileged access to ministers,” Greens co-leader Metiria Turei says.

It is not dissimilar to the Cabinet Club approach where there are select few who get to spend extended time with ministers and MPs.

“This isn’t the first time this has been raised.”

She added: “This is a trip to the Rugby World Cup, there is no point try to pretend that’s not what it is. And the fact that it has now been sanctioned as a parliamentary trip raises real concerns.”

In 2007, then-Prime Minister Helen Clark called for an inquiry into the Parliamentary rugby team after a trip to France.    Read more »