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This will have the Green Taliban in a lather


Green Taliban list MP Steffan Browning will be fiercely talking to his cucumbers, beans and tomatoes in his Bowen House office when he sees this.

It’s a media release from Monsanto saying ‘Farmers to Plant Largest GM Canola Crop Yet’.

Australian farmers continue to embrace GM technology in greater numbers and have now planted more than 1.5 million hectares of Roundup Ready® canola since its introduction in 2008.

Despite an expected 9% drop in the size of this season’s overall canola crop, local growers have purchased a record one million tonnes of Roundup Ready canola seed, up 15% on last season.

More than 436,000 hectares of GM canola will be planted this year, up from nearly 350,000 hectares last year. GM canola varieties now make up 22% of the canola planted in the states that allow GM canola to be grown – Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Doesn’t that just rip the nighty off Steffan Browning. But wait there’s more…   Read more »

The Green taliban stops hugging trees turns to criminals instead


The Green taliban are usually out hugging trees, or rare snails, or lonely breeding pairs of frogs.

But now they have turned to hugging crims, demanding that they be better fed in prison.

The Corrections Department has been urged to give prisoners healthier food and more servings because it would help them behave better and do more physical activity.

But the departments heads say they have no plan to improve the prison menu or cut off inmates’ access to junkfood.

In a select committee at Parliament this morning, Green Party corrections spokesman David Clendon asked officials whether the budget for feeding prisoners would be raised.   Read more »


Face of the day

Green MP Denise Roche

Green MP Denise Roche

Today’s face of the day wants more refugees.

  • Why? Well just because we should.
  • Why? Well because 1000 is a nicer sounding number than 750.
  • Why? Well because it is the right thing to do.
  • Why? Well because we are nice people.
  • Why? Well because not increasing the quota for 28 years is a disgrace.
  • Why? Because it will literally change lives.

It will change lives alright.  The only thing she has wrong is whose lives will be changed. Lebanon, a small country like New Zealand, has been overwhelmed by the tide of refugees and has had to take drastic steps.

More than 1.5. million people have taken shelter in the tiny country that has a population of four and a half million people since the beginning of the Syrian conflict – the population equivalent of 20 million people landing in Britain in less than four years.

The unprecedented influx has overwhelmed the Lebanon’s water and electricity supplies, increased rents and depressed the economy, pushing host communities to breaking point.

Western countries so much larger than us have taken in Muslim refugees and are now having massive problems which I write about almost every week. Unbelievably in America, Christian refugees fleeing genocide are not being allowed in while ‘minor’ terrorism-affiliated Muslims are welcomed in their thousands!

Our liberals in New Zealand think like Obama. There is no mention in the Green’s bill of taking in refugees fleeing Islamic persecution or genocide. Nope, it will be Muslim ‘refugees’ that they will want and I guarantee that it will be Muslim ‘refugees’ that we will get. The fact that the world’s tidal wave, record number of refugees is because of Islam seems to escape them.

I passed three hitchhikers on my road trip last week with my Mum and daughter. I didn’t stop to pick up any of them. It would have been ‘nice’ of me to pick them up. One guy was in the middle of nowhere down a dusty back road but I didn’t pick him up.


Well, because it is more important to protect your loved ones than it is to be nice.


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Greens battle RMA reform with new red tape

The Green party really are a bunch of hapless fools, clutching to the undying belief that the planet is warming and it is all our fault.

As a result they want all new laws vetted to take into account their adherence to the fraud of global warming.

The Green Party wants all new bills to be subject to vetting for its effects on New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Co-leader James Shaw announced the new policy at a conference in Wellington today for Green parties around the Asia-Pacific region.

“National makes too many decisions based on short term goals, like trying to win the next election,” he said.

The Greens have drawn up a bill titled the Climate Impact Disclosure Bill but for it to be even debated in the House it would need to be drawn from the ballot for private members’ bills.   Read more »

Trespassing green taliban eco-terrorist gets slap on hand with wet bus ticket from dud judge

It is actions like this by the judiciary that embolden ratbags like Michael Tavares to commit their eco-terrorism in the first place.

They know dud judges will go soft on them.

Meanwhile property owners are yet again the victims here, attacked by jealous neighbours masquerading as concerned citizens and lying about the age of the trees concerned.

Kauri tree occupier Michael Tavares says he can’t promise he will take a break from environmental activism, but he can promise he won’t be trespassing to climb any more trees in the next year.

The environmental activist was today convicted of trespassing, having pleaded guilty to the charge stemming from his 81-hour protest in March.

No sentence will be imposed upon Tavares unless he appears before the courts in the next 12 months, said his lawyer Vernon Tava outside Waitakere District Court this morning.

“If he does anything like this … in the next 12 months he can be called back and sentenced.   Read more »

Farrar calls out the DomPost but misses the salient points

Arts, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger David Farrar has been giving the Dominion Post a good serve for being a bunch of hard left looneys who support the Greens.

His latest serve is absolutely beautiful.

From a recent DP editorial:

It also allows the Greens to use its natural advantage as the brainiest and most wonkish of the parties to gain clear political advantages.

You can almost smell the love. This is not a column, but the official editorial of the Dominion Post.

Let’s just examine that for a moment. Pinko is concentrating on the ethics of a newspaper editorial loving a political party, rather than the truth of the matter.  Read more »

Face of the day

 Greens senator Scott Ludlam says individuals returning to Australia from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq ‘could conceivably present a security risk’. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Greens senator Scott Ludlam says individuals returning to Australia from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq ‘could conceivably present a security risk’. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Today’s face of the day Scott Ludlam from the Australian Green Party says that Citizenship law changes would ‘dump dangerous people’ abroad.

Hmm do we want dangerous people dumped in our country or someone else’s? Hmm it’s a hard one I know. Beheadings, torture, hands chopped off, gays thrown off buildings, sex slaves, burning alive, hangings, stonings, pedophilia, terrorism, do we want it in our country or abroad? I’ll give you all a few minutes to make up your mind.

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Blood on the floor at Green Taliban HQ

via Twitter

via Twitter

He’s only been in the job for a little over a week, but already new Green Party co-leader James Shaw is flexing his muscles.

Mr Shaw has fired long-time chief of staff Ken Spagnolo, replacing him with communications director Andrew Campbell.

Mr Spagnolo had been chief of staff for eight years.

Chief of Staff and election strategist.  If anyone wanted a clear signal that the days of Russel and Metiria and their communist ways are on the way out, that’s it. Read more »

We already do help…it’s called welfare

The Greens want the government to pour even more money into bludgers because one family managed to suffer a tragedy.

The Government should provide for families struggling to heat their homes this winter to help prevent more children becoming sick, Greens co-leader Metiria Turei says.

The party is calling on the Government to make non-recoverable grants to families struggling with power bills, so they did not have to borrow money from Work and Income (Winz).

It comes after a coroner found a cold, damp Housing New Zealand home may have contributed to the death of Otara toddler Emma-Lita Bourne from bronchopneumonia in August last year.

The girls’s family had been given a heater to warm the home but could not afford the electricity to use it.

Ms Turei said no New Zealand child should be expected to go through the winter in a cold, damp home that their parents could not afford to heat.

“Families so broke that they can’t afford to heat their homes are put under even more pressure by having to pay a loan from Winz or an advance on their benefit.    Read more »

As predicted Key sledges Shaw without even trying

James Shaw thought he would come to the parliament and try to muscle up to John Key.

It was a dick move and one easily batted away by John Key without him even breaking into a sweat.

What was more embarrassing though was James Shaw having to have Winston Peters come to his rescue.   Read more »