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Israeli technology that will give the Greens sticky knickers


Imagine being able to use gas made from your own food waste to cook your dinner. Homebiogas is an Israeli company that has developed an eco-friendly “digester” that turns organic matter into biogas that can be installed in just a few hours.

Imagine a future where your waste disposal unit can be plumbed directly into one of these so that you won’t even have the hassle of carrying your bucket of scraps to the unit.  In summer we barbecue a lot and have to refill our gas bottle at the service station. We already have a compost heap  so with one of these units our compost heap could provide all the gas required for our summer barbecues  as well as our indoor cooking.

If you live on a lifestyle block  you could use all your animal waste as well as your food waste to create enough gas for both heating and cooking.  Realistically  it won’t be long before we can use our human waste from our toilets to  create clean gas as well.  Imagine a household that uses all its own waste including toilet waste to provide all its heating and cooking.No more need for complex sewage systems and we will have turned a negative ( smelly sewage ) into a positive ( clean, green, free gas. )

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Online learning will supplement and complement what traditional schools offer

The fear mongering in the press releases from the Green party and the PPTA have been put to rest by Hekia Parata. A recent speech in Parliament made it very clear that online learning will not be replacing traditional schooling. Instead, as I had predicted in my post this week it will complement traditional education. While she did say ” in whole or in part ” that is likely a reference to it replacing the current correspondence school model.

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The Green party remains a toxic brand the world over

Photo Ross Giblin, copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.

Photo Ross Giblin, via Dominion Post, Fairfax.

Kiwiblog highlighted the USA VP candidate’s views

The Daily Beast has an article on Ajamu Baraka, the Green Party candidate for Vice-President of the US. They focus on his writing for a book edited by a Holocaust denier which includes an article by someone who once made a video explaining how Hitler was right!

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The Greens want to ban private healthcare

The Greens have once again shown themselves to be clueless.  Banning private healthcare is insane. There should always be a two-tiered system. Why would anyone who could afford private health care want to leech off the public system?  I have always paid for medical insurance so that I can get the care when I need it. I don’t want to languish on a waiting list.

If the Government abolished private healthcare,  every private hospital in New Zealand would be closed, private health insurance would become illegal and every medical Centre in New Zealand would have to be nationalised.

Green Party health spokesman Kevin Hague said he would get rid of private healthcare altogether.“I think that distorts the health sector completely and produces a two-tier system.”


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How do our political parties’ immigration policies compare?

Immigration policies from all conservative political parties are listed below with links to their policy details at the end. I have also included non-conservative parties so that you can compare.

To help with this process I have summarised their policies. It is interesting to me that the Green party have much harsher guidelines and rules for migrants who bring money to New Zealand than they do for migrants who bring nothing but themselves. ACT on the other hand want to encourage migrant investors as do National. Surprisingly though, National have no policy details regarding NZ values/culture, citizenship, residency or NZ laws with regard to migrants.

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Overbearing, petulant, irrational and stupid

Marama Fox lost her debate against Imperial Tobacco by labelling Dr Axel Gietz as “Goebbels” when discussing plain packaging on The Nation.

When you resort to Nazi allegations you have lost the argument.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox has stormed out of a TV interview after accusing a tobacco company spokesman of “peddling death and destruction and misery”.

Ms Fox got into a heated discussion with Imperial Tobacco spokesman Dr Axel Gietz on TV3’s The Nation today.

Dr Gietz said if the introduction of plain packaging goes ahead as planned, it could create a tobacco black market in New Zealand.

Ms Fox became angered during the discussion and accused the tobacco spokesman of “peddling death and destruction and misery on our people”.

She also compared Dr Gietz to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

Dr Gietz is in New Zealand to oppose plans to introduce plain packaging.

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When will the Greens propose that the State feed kids dinner too?

The Green party has never found a problem that can’t be solved by either banning it, taxing it or throwing money at it.

When breakfast in schools was first mooted I predicted that the next step would be to demand that the government feed kids lunch as well, ignoring the fact that the basic premise of welfare is to provide for a family with children and, by feeding children at school, there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding decrease in welfare benefits for the State doing what parents should be doing.

Well, it has come to pass with the Greens demanding that the government feed kids at lunch as well.

The Greens are again calling on the Government to provide breakfasts and lunches in schools following a report that Upper Hutt businesses aren’t prepared to fund a local project.

“Leaving it to cash-strapped community organisations to feed our hungry children clearly isn’t working, and that’s why we need the Government to step in,” said MP Marama Davidson.

“Thousands of Kiwi kids are going to school hungry every day, through no fault of their own.”

The RNZ report said 14 Upper Hutt primary and intermediate schools have teamed up with a local trust to work out ways to provide lunches for an estimated 50 children who turn up hungry.

They need about $30,000 a year and Manuel Dalton, who is running the trust, says he emailed about 300 local businesses asking for help and received only two replies — both of them turned down the appeal.   Read more »

Greens have come up with a brand new tax!


The Green Party is calling for a bank deposit insurance scheme to protect savers’ money.

New Zealand is the only country in the OECD that has not introduced deposit insurance in case a bank fails.

That means in the unlikely event that one of the banks failed, the savings of its customers could be used to help bail it out.

Greens co-leader James Shaw says every other country in the OECD has moved to protect savers’ deposits with insurance. Read more »

Ban, Tax, Inquiry. The 3 answers to any problem


The Green Party says an autistic man forced into lock-up deserves compassion, rather than being treated like a violent criminal.

Ashley Peacock’s plight has been described by the Chief Ombudsman as degrading, inhuman and cruel.

Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague believes his problems are only being made worse by his treatment at the hands of the Government. Read more »

The Green party is a “despised party of big business”. Really?

While useful idiots like Martyn Bradbury are waxing lyrical about the Red/Green wedding it seems that the hard left aren’t happy at all...mostly with the Greens.

Underscoring the collapse in support for the Labour Party, well-informed political blogger Richard Harman recently wrote that its membership might have sunk below 5,000, that is, lower than the Greens’. Tens of thousands of workers left Labour in disgust following the Labour government’s wave of pro-market restructuring, mass sackings and privatisations in the 1980s, which led to soaring social inequality.

The MoU, which aims to prop up this despised party of big business, demonstrates once again the reactionary politics of the Green Party. Like its sister parties in Germany and Australia, the NZ Greens are not a “left” alternative but a party of nationalism, militarism and big business. James Shaw, elected Green Party co-leader last year based on his experience as a business consultant for HSBC bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers, has described himself as “a huge fan of the market” and promoted Margaret Thatcher as a model environmentalist.   Read more »