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Green Party to crowd-source questions for parliament

In a first for New Zealand, the Green Party is giving the public a unique chance to be more involved in Parliament’s question time by having their own question on climate change asked of the Government.

“Parliament is meant to be the People’s House but question time is normally just for MPs,” said Green Party co-leader Dr Russel Norman.  “The problem is that we have run out of ideas”.

“In the age of social media there’s no excuse why the public shouldn’t be more involved in asking questions of those in power who are making decisions which will affect us all.

“And let’s face it, the Green Party has been marginalised and not taken seriously by half of our own voters, not to mention Labour, National and just about everyone else.  Frankly, it’s time for the public to put up or shut up.”

“From today until 5pm Monday 27th, the public can submit a question they want to ask the Government on Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

One Green Gets the Problems they Face

A bunch of unelected MPs who do no constituency work are seeking the leadership of the Green Party. One of them actually gets it, and most importantly gets that the one man with the moral authority that comes from winning a seat, Winston Peters, is likely to be able to choose whether the Greens have any power in the next government.

Mr Shaw, who has a background in business, named climate change as his number one priority but said the Greens also had to continue strengthening the economic credibility built up by Dr Norman.   Read more »

Let the games begin: Nominations for Green co-leader (the penis kind) closed today

Nominations for The Green Party’s male co-leader spot close today.

The party yesterday announced it will hold nine provincial meetings for the contest between April 18 and May 9.

Meetings range from as far north as Whangarei to as far south as Dunedin.

The spot opened after father of three Russel Norman quit for family reasons. He spent nine years as co-leader.

We altogether have too many people quitting politics for “family reasons”.  It’s a code that’s used to cover up a number of missteps, some of them morally reprehensible, some of them legally reprehensible and some of them both.

Be that as it may, Metiria’s reign as a solo co-party-mum is coming to an end.

Who do you think will be the Green Party’s co-penis?   Read more »

Greens hurriedly slam the door on Hide’s “become a proper Green party” plan

Yesterday Rodney Hide mused what might happen if the Green Party position itself so it could work with anyone.

Mr Shaw told the Herald he believed most Kiwi voters still had a first-past-the-post mentality.

That did not mean the voters who considered the Greens but ultimately went with National were unreachable under his commitment to a partnership with Labour.

“There are a lot of people out there who are really pissed off about National’s record on the environment, who would like to vote for us but didn’t feel that we were yet credible enough,” he said.

As for the praise from those on the right, Mr Shaw believes right-wingers often have another motive. Read more »


Rodney Hide considers voting Green for 2017

Question: are the Greens green or red? If green, they will open up the possibility of supporting National and will elect James Shaw their new co-leader. If red, they will stay glued to Labour and vote Kevin Hague.

The Greens also have no leverage as Labour cling-ons. Labour takes their support for granted. The Greens would win more green policy hooking up with National.

A fourth-term John Key would appreciate a sprinkling of Green fairy dust. He would give the Greens a lot for that. Also, the threat of National would see Labour willing to give the Greens more policy concessions and greater power.

The Greens need leverage but right now they haven’t got it.

I would think Russel Norman maxed out the vote to the left of Labour at the last election. It still left the Greens beached in Opposition. Even if they had got more votes they still wouldn’t have made it.

More Green votes would have catapulted Peters into power.

More votes for the Greens don’t translate into Government. Positioning does.

Shaw, ex-PricewaterhouseCoopers, is Green through and through and is targeting middle New Zealand.

He would sit happily with National in return for good Green portfolios and serious policy achievements. Hague is a leftie. He suffers battered Green syndrome and thinks the harder he tries to please Labour, the less they will bash him.

Shaw can win more votes. He can also do something more important: he can put the Greens into power.

Picture the look on Peters’ face if the Greens blocked him from Government. I would vote Green 2017 just for that.

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Meridian listed too cheaply, Labour and Greens to blame says analyst

When it became apparent that National was intent on honouring its election promise of asset sales the Labour and Green parties concocted a power policy called NZ Power that was deliberately designed to sabotage the listings.

It worked and the listing share price of Meridian was down graded as a result…but now the shares are trading at double the listing price and one analyst blames Labour and the Greens for the sharp discount.

Since listing at $1, Meridian shares have more than doubled, providing investors with a return of more than 100 per cent in less than 18 months. If dividends are included, this return jumps to 125 per cent over the period.

Utility companies such as Meridian are supposed to be predictable companies that offer steady (yet modest) returns. They aren’t supposed to double in price within barely a year the way a high-growth technology share might.

Part of this can be explained by a fall in interest rates over the period, which has made high-yielding shares more attractive and seen investor demand push up share prices.

But with the benefit of hindsight, another key reason for such a strong performance is that they were probably sold a little too cheaply in the first place.

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Trotter on Nash and the Greens

Finally a Labour MP that doesn’t want to do dumb stuff that doesn’t get people elected.

This means he will probably get a good hiding at the next Labour caucus meeting, and sent away on sensitivity training.

But Chris Trotter nails it:

IF THE GREENS want a glimpse of their future with Labour, then they should listen to Stuart Nash.

Speaking yesterday (31/3/15) at the big oil exploration industry conference at Sky City, Labour’s energy spokesperson warned his audience that the tiny minority who opposed oil drilling was “always in our ear”. What’s more, he said, “they’re very media savvy”.    Read more »

Politicians and main stream media are losing their audience

Now this is a fascinating poll result out of the states.  How much do people care about Climate Change, and the environment in general compared to 15 years ago?


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I wish I was a Green MP

Oh I wish I was a green MP
In a green hemp suit
With my bodacious kutu catchers
And packed lunch of leaves and roots

I’d be like little Skippy
I think he’s retiring soon
I’d have verbal diarrhoea
Morning, night and noon

I’d throw around a lot of eyewash
And get the pip if it’s thrown back
I’d accuse the PM of being a diddler
And demand he get the sack

I’d demand to run the finance
“Up you!” is what I’d quote
I’d be tweaking up the budget
To run like a hairy goat Read more »

Green Taliban Bill to protect Bigfoot


Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Green Taliban MP Mojo Mathers has a Supplementary Order Paper #47 to the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill that looks like being debated today.   Read more »