Green Taliban

This will have the Green Taliban in a lather


Green Taliban list MP Steffan Browning will be fiercely talking to his cucumbers, beans and tomatoes in his Bowen House office when he sees this.

It’s a media release from Monsanto saying ‘Farmers to Plant Largest GM Canola Crop Yet’.

Australian farmers continue to embrace GM technology in greater numbers and have now planted more than 1.5 million hectares of Roundup Ready® canola since its introduction in 2008.

Despite an expected 9% drop in the size of this season’s overall canola crop, local growers have purchased a record one million tonnes of Roundup Ready canola seed, up 15% on last season.

More than 436,000 hectares of GM canola will be planted this year, up from nearly 350,000 hectares last year. GM canola varieties now make up 22% of the canola planted in the states that allow GM canola to be grown – Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Doesn’t that just rip the nighty off Steffan Browning. But wait there’s more…   Read more »

Just hose them off the building

Greenpeace eco-terrorists have stormed parliament and breached security and are atop Parliament house.

I think someone within Greenpeace is trying to sabotage the organisation. Why else would they launch a protest on “Climate Change” the day following one on the coldest days in New Zealand history?

Plus, if they are truly serious about solar solution then solar panels should point north, not south, especially near the winter solstice. No wonder they need such a big one to charge a cell phone!

Four Greenpeace protesters have scaled the roof of Parliament House in Wellington to deliver eight solar panels.

They have also unfurled a large banner aimed at Prime Minister John Key that reads: “Cut pollution, create jobs? Yeah, nah”.

The protesters are near the top of the building. Two are holding yellow signs saying “This is real climate action.”

The protesters are in jump suits and have secured themselves using ropes. They have also positioned a solar panel about two metres long on the ledge with them.    Read more »

What would you say if I told you each wind turbine needs 225 tonnes of coal to produce?

The Green taliban love to promote wind power.

Apparently it is clean and green.

But like most things these hypocrites tout they don’t tell you the full story of them.

Like how they use rare earth metals, mining of which is creating highly toxic sites around the world.

But perhaps the most interesting salient fact that the green taliban forget to tell you is that all of those wind turbines are sitting on top of steel towers…each of which needs 225 tonnes of coal to manufacture.

Now unless they are proposing to find a replacement for steel sometime soon they have a little bit of a problem with their claims, considering they constantly promote campaigns against “dirty coal”.

[C]ampaigners claim that coal has no future in a low emissions world. Not true. New generation technologies are slashing CO2 emissions from coal fired plants by as much as 40 per cent. These high efficiency low emissions plants are being rolled out in China, Japan and elsewhere in Asia. And the first large scale carbon capture and storage coal plant in Canada has slashed its CO2 emissions by 90 per cent. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has estimated the cost of meeting global reduction targets will be 138 per cent higher without the deployment of carbon capture and storage.   Read more »

Material Girl Turei losing the last bit of plot she had left

Good grief – get ready for this

“We are still here,” she told a crowd of around 200 delegates.

“Not one single party other than National and Labour that stood in the 1990 election is still around, let alone doing better than ever.”

Mrs Turei was introduced as the “senior female politician in Opposition” and received a standing ovation.

Despite the party failing to raise its vote in the general election, Mrs Turei said it had been the Greens’ “most successful political year to date”.

The party received the highest number of votes in its history, has enrolled record numbers of members, and raised more money than Labour.

She said that the Greens had historically been ahead of the curve, in particular on climate change and social policy.

“If orange is the new black, then green must be the new mainstream.”

What?   Read more »

Grassgroot Greens want rid of Taliban moniker


Somewhat against expectations, James Shaw has managed to take out the Green Party co-penis prize.

This is a very strong groundswell of opinion that the Norman/Turei years are over, and the party wants something else.

Hague was always capable, but he had two major problems:  he’s got no charisma and he’s front-foot gay.

Even the Green Taliban couldn’t make itself elect a gay party leader.  Perhaps they want a proper co-penis?   But I digress.

Shaw does have the X Factor but very little experience.  A bit like John Key when he started I suppose.

acknowledged it was an “incredibly close race” and that there will be many people disappointed by the result.

“I am committed to doing everything in my power to earn everybody’s respect in the coming months and years.”

Mr Shaw paid tribute to outgoing co-leader Russel Norman, who took over in 2006 following the sudden death of Rod Donald.

“I follow in your footsteps and I’m deeply aware of what that means,” Mr Shaw said.

“Thank you for everything you have done, you are relieved.”

Mr Shaw said he was “so excited” to be working with Metiria Turei – who remains the party’s female co-leader – over the next few years.

“Me too!” Ms Turei replied.

Will all the disappointed people come in behind Shaw?   Or will there now be a Hague faction that is going to actively undermine the party from within?

As a new kid on the block, this is going to be interesting to observe.


– 3 News

X-Factor Green Co-Penis marches on

The PM’s hair pulling and Gallipoli really have broadsided the Green Taliban’s plans to get some good news about their party into the media.

Here are some media bites to let you know how their individual races towards achieving co-penis status is going.

Gareth Hughes says the Green Party’s ready for a new generation in to be leaders in parliament.

Mr Hughes doesn’t agree with naysayers who think he’s too young.

“Some people, very few are judging me on my looks and what are being described as boyish good looks.

“But the fact is I’m in my third term of Parliament now, I’ve been an MP for five years – I’ve had significant wins over the course of the time.”

On the defensive.  Explaining is losing.  Don’t address your weak points, emphasise your strengths.   Score:  1/10.   Co-penis chance:  17% Read more »

I wish I was a Green MP

Oh I wish I was a green MP
In a green hemp suit
With my bodacious kutu catchers
And packed lunch of leaves and roots

I’d be like little Skippy
I think he’s retiring soon
I’d have verbal diarrhoea
Morning, night and noon

I’d throw around a lot of eyewash
And get the pip if it’s thrown back
I’d accuse the PM of being a diddler
And demand he get the sack

I’d demand to run the finance
“Up you!” is what I’d quote
I’d be tweaking up the budget
To run like a hairy goat Read more »

Green Taliban Bill to protect Bigfoot


Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Green Taliban MP Mojo Mathers has a Supplementary Order Paper #47 to the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill that looks like being debated today.   Read more »

Leaked council email tells the real story of the Kauri tree and the lies the tree huggers told

via the tipline

This email has been leaked to us and it shows that the tree hugger, eco-terrorists who trespassed and destroyed a couples private property rights were lying about the tree.

It is from Julie Bevan the General Manager Resource Consents for Council and bolded highlights were added by WOBH.

From: Julie Bevan
Sent: Monday, 16 March 2015 5:02 p.m.
To: GRP AC Resource Consenting – All Resource Consenting
Subject: Information about kauri tree issue last week

Dear all

Most of you will have seen or read the media coverage on the issue of the kauri tree at Paturoa Rd in Titirangi last week, in which the decision to give consent to fell the tree to clear a building platform was hotly debated. As always, a lot of context and accurate information was missing. Here’s a summary of what happened:

Two resource consents were granted by Independent Commissioners for the construction of two houses on adjoining sites in Titirangi. The sites are bush-clad and are zoned Bush  Living – which is a residential zoning in the Waitakere section of the District Plan.  It is also a Significant Ecological Area under the Unitary Plan and the removal of vegetation and trees for an access way and building platform is provided for within this overlay.

When the consent application involving the section with the kauri tree was processed, the council had communication with the local board and received the opinion of two separate arborists, ecologists, a landscape architect and an engineer. The applicant contacted iwi. Careful consideration was given to a range of options for locating the building platform that would cause the least impact on the bush, and ensuring the shortest driveway to minimise effects, etc.   Read more »

ISIS have done it now… Vatican goes to war

ISISflag copy

The Vatican’s envoy to the United Nations in Geneva has endorsed military action against the Islamic State group (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

The church has traditionally opposed force in the region.

In an interview with the US Catholic website Crux, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi said IS fighters were committing atrocities on a huge scale and the world needed to intervene.

“We have to stop this kind of genocide,” the Italian archbishop said.

Genocide?  According to Phil Goff it isn’t any of our business.  What on earth is the Catholic Church worried about? Read more »