Green Taliban

Will the Internet Party target the Asian vote?

The Herald’s Lincoln Tan explains

The migrant vote could “swing the political ballot” as the number of overseas-born New Zealanders reach over a million, a diversity expert says.

With the general election five months away, the most recent Herald-DigiPoll survey showed National could govern alone with 50.8 per cent of the party vote, while Labour was polling just under 30 per cent and Greens 13.1 per cent.

But Edwina Pio, professor of diversity at Auckland university of Technology, believes the September 20 poll could hinge on persuading migrant communities to vote.

A Statistics New Zealand survey found that 60 per cent of recent migrants did not vote in the last election. In Auckland, about 40 per cent of the population are migrants and nearly one in four are Asian.

Professor Pio said political parties did not appear willing and lacked strategies to target Asians.

“While various political parties actively seek to progress trade in the billion dollar market potential in Asian countries, there is an opaqueness of strategies for inclusivity of migrants and also a subtext of ‘we like their food but we don’t like them’,” Professor Pio said.

This is true for Labour, Green Taliban, Mana, and New Zealand First. ¬†All of those parties have expressed official xenophobic ideas and have proposed policy to keep Asians at bay within our own country. ¬† Read more »

Wanting to find oil isn’t a sacking offence, but cuddling unions is

Greenpeace, the dodgy ratbags who expatriate most of their money and avoid paying taxes here want to run a campaign to sack Simon Bridges.

They want Simon Bridges sacked for wanting to explore our countryside for signs of oil and other minerals…explore mind you not actually mine for them. They consider this to be a sacking offence.

The NZ Herald reports:

Greenpeace has launched a campaign calling for the sacking of Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges, saying “he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing”.

“On April 2, New Zealand’s largest forest park was offered up for possible drilling and mining. Then a few days later Simon Bridges admitted that he didn’t even know it existed,” says the campaign press release.

At the time of going to press, almost 5000 emails had been sent to Prime Minister John Key, calling for him to sack his minister. ¬† Read more »

Winston scolds the Green Taliban for “unsuccessful politics”

Someone’s found a couple of spare D batteries and reanimated Winston Peters. ¬†I haven’t seen him this energised since he denied Owen Glenn had given his party some extra pocket money.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has accused the Green Party of attempting to destabilise the Labour Party over its approach to Labour for a pre-election coalition agreement.

Labour leader David Cunliffe this week rejected the Green proposal for the two parties to campaign as a “Labour-Greens Government” in waiting, preferring to stick with a “Labour-led Government”. But he has said he expected to negotiate a coalition agreement with the Greens after the election.

Mr Peters said Labour was right to reject it and saw it for what it was.

“You have an attempt by one party to destabilise another party by seeming to offer friendship and collaboration in a deal before the election campaign has even started, knowing full well that the other party has not invited that and does not want that. What do you call that? I call it unsuccessful politics.

“I think the Labour Party saw it for what it was and they are probably relieved.

“I am not surprised it was rejected.”

Mr Peters said the Greens would have known what Labour’s response would be and therefore putting up the proposal and making it public was “an attempt to torpedo the strategy of another party”.

To be honest, Labour and Greens fighting in public is a bit like a couple that are only together for the kids. ¬†The love just isn’t there, and every ¬†move is one out of self interest while forgetting the children will be the ones that suffer. ¬† Read more »

Explaining is losing

Not long after I posted last evening’s article on the Greens being slapped in the face by Labour once more, the War Room called for damage control


Let’s recap

- Greens say: ¬†“Hey Labour, want to co-brand this election?”

- Labour say: ¬† “Naff off! ¬†We haven’t wanted nor needed you stinky hippies in the past, we certainly don’t need you now”. ¬† Read more »

Green Taliban fringe division gets enough funding for the John Key Nazi hate campaign

As seen on Bond Street, Wellington  (need to know the background? read our previous article)


I celebrate the fact that we live in a country where this is legal. ¬†I don’t think it is clever, but I support people’s rights to put their money together and express their own views of the world by communicating this way. ¬† Read more »

Who created the John Key poster with Nazi overtones?

We had a few ruffled feathers yesterday as the loony tunes Green Taliban wing were on Facebook trying to crowd source funding for a John Key poster with clear Nazi inferences.

It didn’t take long for Whaleoil Ground Crew to determine who the “anonymous” people behind the poster were. ¬†The artist that is receiving the money is one Bruce Mahalski.

bruce (Medium)

Read more »

Apparently we made a mistake. It is John Key that is a Nazi

So we interview witnesses and have audio and video that “strongly suggest” Kim Dotcom is using Hitler’s Mein Kampf as a lifestyle strategy guide, and how do you think political opponents react to this?

To keep the surprise, the answer is over the break ¬† Read more »

Smelly hippie really is a smelly hippie

Sheesh they think being a climate change denier should be classified as a mental health condition.

Eco loons really need to be institutionalised and medicated and given intense counselling to help them through.

She recently admitted scaling back her fashion work to spend more time campaigning on green issues.

But if anyone doubted Dame Vivienne Westwood’s eco-warrior credentials, the designer has made a rather startling confession.

The 72-year-old has revealed that her commitment to the environment means she doesn’t take shower every day, and even shares dirty bathwater with her husband.

Instead, Dame Vivienne said that she simply ‚Äėwashes her bits‚Äô each morning before dashing out of the house.

The star made the comments during a new campaign video for animal rights group PETA. In the footage, she explains she has become a vegetarian in protest at how the meat industry is causing a depletion of the world‚Äôs water supplies.¬† Read more »

Restrict sale of Kiwi properties to foreigners, says Australian Russel Norman

There are two people I wish we never let into the country in the first place:  Kim Dotcom and Russel Norman.  The latter is just such an astounding hypocrite, it hurts my brain.

Being an immigrant from Australia himself, he now wants to stop non-New Zealanders from buying Kiwi properties.  He wants to decide who you or I can sell our stuff to.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman says home ownership is declining because prices keep going up.

“In countries like Singapore there are controls on foreigners buying homes to take the pressure off the market. It’s the same across Asia and it’s a sensible policy,” he told reporters.

“If you took 10 per cent out of the demand side you’d go a long way to stabilising prices.”

Finance Minister Bill English says prices are going up because there aren’t enough houses.

“Houses are just too expensive and we have to increase supply,” he said. ¬† Read more »

Can Cunliffe bring Jones to heel in time?


David Cunliffe isn’t getting much love from Palmerston North for his lack of management skills

…it’s not a great look for Labour when one of its few consistently good media performers starts picking fights with a crucial support partner in the government it wants the public to elect.

This isn’t necessarily a problem for the Greens themselves. During a recent exchange of insults, co-leader Russel Norman said that “every time Mr Jones opens his mouth, the Green Party vote goes up, so I encourage Mr Jones to speak out”.

That might be overstating cause and effect, but there is something to the idea. When prominent Labour politicians attack the Greens from the Right, it bolsters the standing of the smaller party. It’s not unreasonable to expect that this could cause some leftist voters to bleed from Labour into the Greens, while reinforcing centrist fears of the Greens in government.

That effect is magnified when the Greens grow at Labour’s expense. This upsets the balance between the two parties. After all, a bigger Green Party can expect a proportionately bigger influence in any governing coalition.

The risk here is that while the Greens’ political brand is appealing for true believers of socialism, their message and style can be off-putting to the centrist voters.

Can be? ¬†It is. ¬† Read more »