Green Taliban

Greenpeace is an “evil organisation” – Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace


One of the founders of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, has been at war with Greenpeace since he left in 1986.

He now says that Greenpeace has become anti-human and an “evil organisation”.

Greenpeace has been branded an ‘evil organisation’ which has ‘lost concern for humans’ in an astonishing attack by its own co-founder.

Ecologist Dr Patrick Moore, who quit Greenpeace in 1986, has launched a scathing criticism of the activist group, which he insisted¬†has lost its humanitarian roots. ¬† Read more »

Greenpeace blackmailers get gutless Lego to cave in


Greenpeace, like most left wing organisations, like to use blackmail to achieve their ends.

They sail around the world using oil products for their own ships, but have recently mounted a campaign to get Lego to cease producing toys in conjunction with Shell.

The sanctimonious hypocrites insist that kids shouldn’t play with Lego with Shell logos on them.

Like a lot of other companies who are blackmailed and threatened by activists like this, Lego caved. This won’t solve the problem, now Greenpeace will be emboldened to attack and destroy the brand of others.

Danish toymaker Lego has announced it won’t renew its long-standing contract with Shell following a viral Greenpeace campaign. ¬† Read more »

The essential problem with Green (and left) messages

Check this out


How does that pass your BS detector? ¬† Not only do these people want you to believe that half of all the earth’s species have become extinct since 1970, they also use an image of a lion – an animal we all know has been extinct for some time.

Why do they do this?

Why is it that the left completely oversell their messages? ¬†It’s simply not effective. ¬†They lost an election because of it too. ¬†Nobody believed the extremes that they were selling to every day New Zealanders.

The question is:   Do they oversell on purpose, or have they started to believe their own doomsday scenarios?

Let’s say this is even true. ¬†Is it bad? ¬†It sounds bad… ¬†but is it? Read more »

Green Taliban: Ban, tax, levy, inquiries turn into Green: Love NZ for election time

new zealand green taliban logo

The Green Taliban certainly are the most cynical of them all. ¬†All year they go on about banning this, repealing that, taxing something else, applying levies or other commercial disincentives. ¬†They want to have everything that doesn’t go their way subjected to high level inquiries, and then they still can’t get their way they have used taxes to pay for a referendum and scared $1B of shareholder value from the pockets of people purchasing electricity shares.

But for the last 8 weeks of every election, these people turn into something else. ¬† Read more »

Why are the Greens the only party to do this?


This is just totally weird. ¬†The only party that has its hoardings nailed against trees is the Green Party. ¬† Read more »

After last night, not a single farmer will vote Green (still)



Russel Norman has come up with a whole new tax:  The Farmer Water Tax.  3 News has the story:

The Green Party says it’s considering a water tax on farmers, but it’s not saying how much.

Co-leader Russel Norman said on The Nation it’ll be up for the industry to decide what’s appropriate.

“It is [the Greens' intention to charge for use of irrigation],” says Dr Norman. “There should be some price. We should negotiate with industry what that price should be for irrigation water.”

It’s not the first time the Greens have floated the idea; in 2011 they campaigned on taxing farmers 10 cents per tonne of water used. But this time around, Dr Norman is remaining tight-lipped on what the tax would be.

Of course he is. ¬†The idea of a water tax is bad enough. ¬† The last thing he wants is people to know how much he’s coming for. ¬† Read more »

Rod Donald will be spinning in his grave

Via Coventry, in our comments section



Another win¬†for Russel Norman’s Marxist storm troopers, and a loss for the living thing¬†that has numerous galvanised nails driven into it.


Will the Green Party call for a high level inquiry into political hacking?

Metiria Turei showing us who's boss in her white jacket Photo/ Ross Giblin Fairfax

Metiria Turei showing us who’s boss in her white jacket Photo/ Ross Giblin Fairfax

Three days ago, after the release of Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book, the Green Party said

he Green Party is today lodging a series of complaints with the Police, Parliamentary Service, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Privacy Commissioner after revelations in Nicky Hager’s new book that alleges corruption and abuse of power.

The Green Party will today lodge complaints with: Read more »

Greenpeace going to court again pretending they aren’t involved in politics

Greenpeace is suing the Electoral Commission because the Commission has said that their advertising is a political advert and must contain a promoter statement.

Environmental groups are taking the Electoral Commission to court over a ruling on a climate change campaign.

Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, WWF and others launched the Climate Voter initiative last month.

But the Electoral Commission says the campaign counts as an “election advertisement”, and is therefore subject to rules around wording of communications and spending restrictions.

Greenpeace says the ruling could gag grassroots advocacy groups – and the organisations are planning to take a freedom of speech test case to the High Court.

Read more »

I just realised how INSANE it is to waste money on some MPs


Here is an example of someone who thinks that her clothes just end up in the shop for her to buy. ¬†She thinks that any Trademe purchases fly into her letterbox by pure magic. ¬†And I’m convinced she thinks all the food in the supermarket is grown and manufactured ‘out the back’.

She also thinks people should have jobs, but no way of getting to those jobs, back, or even move about while carrying out those jobs like dropping off blood samples to the lab, deliver meals on wheels or install solar panels somewhere.

The Green Taliban are the real enemies within.  The people who want to ban new roading because they live in a Utopian dream where nobody actually needs transport and 3D printers and 3D printer supplies magically materialise exactly where needed.

We’re also not allowed to drive to stadiums to watch sports, or just the other team’s home field to play. ¬†We’re not allowed to take our boats to the harbour, or drive to the forest or national park to go for a walk or tramp.

All new immigrants are expected to use matter transporters.  We are having difficulty building enough houses, there are calls for more houses, but once they are built, people must remain absolutely stationary.

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