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The seppos are looking at fart taxes now

We managed to defeat Helen Clark’s plans to impose fart taxes on the nations cattle.

The battle is only beginning in the US where a wider ranging fart tax is being proposed.

Last month, the President released a climate action plan designed to cut methane emissions.

If you are a cow, be afraid. Be very afraid.

The same goes for humans.

The plan outlines voluntary measures, such as a “Biogas Roadmap,” to reduce dairy sector greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020. There’s concern though that these measures merely represent the tip of the iceberg.

Agriculture accounts for only about 8 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. Within that 8 percent, the second largest source of agriculture emissions is enteric fermentation—the digestive process that leads to cow methane emissions, which are emittedin ways that are not appreciated at dinner parties. Methane emissions from enteric fermentation, while covering numerous livestock animals, are overwhelmingly from cows. Read more »

Rude and Wrong

Rodney Hide gives Russel Norman a kick in the slats for being both rude and wrong about climate change and politicising a condolence speech for the Philippines.

Out poured a diatribe of how Typhoon Haiyan has reminded us we haven’t done enough to combat climate change. We can’t afford to procrastinate: we must deal with the “climate crisis madness”. Vote Green was his message. And cut greenhouse gases.

He tried to excuse the speech by quoting the head of the Philippines delegation at the UN Climate Change talks in Warsaw. But it made me queasy that a political leader was making political points at a solemn time set aside to honour and to respect the thousands killed and a country that is reeling.

It struck me that it takes a special kind of political coldness to do that. Norman demonstrated an extraordinary heartlessness and an unappealing drive to push his own political barrow, no matter the circumstance.  Read more »

Green hypocrites the same the world over

Green taliban members are the same sanctimonious hypocrites the world over.

Gareth Hughes racks up huge air miles to lecture us on the evils of oil, Metiria Turei  bemoans poverty dressed in her outrageously expensive designer clothes and lives in a castle with massive rock walls quarries from open cast mines. Greenpeace chug around using thousands of tons of oil to stage a back firing publicity stunt (although they were probably drugged to the eyeballs it’s just as well the Russkies arrested them before they harmed themselves) against providing their fuel.

Now the UK Climate Change Ministry has been busted racking up the air miles.

Minsters in charge of tackling climate spent ÂŁ300,000 last year flying around the UK, shocking new figures reveal.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change and its quangos charged the taxpayer for more than 1,600 internal flights while lecturing the public about the need to cut carbon emissions.  Read more »

The mumbo jumbo of climate change

The Telegraph has a great article from Nigel Lawson dissing the “science” of climate change:

The IPCC’s call to phase out fossil fuels is economic nonsense and ‘morally outrageous’ for the developing world.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which published on Friday the first instalment of its latest report, is a deeply discredited organisation. Presenting itself as the voice of science on this important issue, it is a politically motivated pressure group that brings the good name of science into disrepute.

Its previous report, in 2007, was so grotesquely flawed that the leading scientific body in the United States, the InterAcademy Council, decided that an investigation was warranted. The IAC duly reported in 2010, and concluded that there were “significant shortcomings in each major step of [the] IPCC’s assessment process”, and that “significant improvements” were needed. It also chastised the IPCC for claiming to have “high confidence in some statements for which there is little evidence”.

Since then, little seems to have changed, and the latest report is flawed like its predecessor.  Read more »

Another Green lie exposed

This is the report that the green taliban won’t want you reading about when it comes to understanding the risks of fracking.

This week, the University of Texas released a study showing that fracking releases much less methane into the atmosphere than previously thought.

Sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund and nine oil companies, the study analyzed more than 489 natural gas wells, and estimated that shale-gas drilling operations leak more than a million tons of methane annually. That’s a lot, but “probably less than the Environmental Protection Agency estimated in 2011,” says The New York Times.  Read more »

Even the NY Times reckons ‘manbearpig’ is bullshit

The argument is essentially over…the BBC caved, many other media outlets are facing reality, even the railroad engineer at the IPCC has given up.

Global Warming hasn’t happened for 17-18 years. Even the warming that did occur was negligible.

Now one of the last bastions of warmist propaganda outfits, the NY times has finally thrown in the towel. But they can’t quite get there to admitting it has stopped, referring instead to a “slowdown”.

As unlikely as this may sound, we have lucked out in recent years when it comes to global warming.

The rise in the surface temperature of earth has been markedly slower over the last 15 years than in the 20 years before that. And that lull in warming has occurred even as greenhouse gases have accumulated in the atmosphere at a record pace.

The slowdown is a bit of a mystery to climate scientists. True, the basic theory that predicts a warming of the planet in response to human emissions does not suggest that warming should be smooth and continuous. To the contrary, in a climate system still dominated by natural variability, there is every reason to think the warming will proceed in fits and starts.

But given how much is riding on the scientific forecast, the practitioners of climate science would like to understand exactly what is going on. They admit that they do not, even though some potential mechanisms of the slowdown have been suggested. The situation highlights important gaps in our knowledge of the climate system, some of which cannot be closed until we get better measurements from high in space and from deep in the ocean.  Read more »

Who is to blame for the Milk scandal?

There is a great deal of press regarding the DCD milk scandal…but who is to blame?

Of course it is easy to blame the useless repeaters intent on massive headlines…which of course I did. But the real root of the issue lies with smelly hippies and the green taliban.

They have been intent on demanding our farmers be clean and green…look at this list of Labour and Green luminaries that implored the use of this ‘technology’

The Labour Party:

“We have been gratified by the support we have received for Eco-n from the Government with the very positive visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Jim Anderton.

Mr Anderton’s visit was followed by a visit from Associate Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.”

Ravensdown Annual Report 2006

and;  Read more »

Inmates take over the asylum

Not content with demanding the use of biofuels, with the results that:

  •  Rainforests have been levelled
  •  Subsidence farmers driven from their land
  •  and the world’s poor starve

Green scientists are now proposing to release aerosols all over the globe to “cure” the imaginary disease of global warming.

Solar radiation management is a type of geoengineering that would manipulate the climate in order to reduce the impact of global warming caused by greenhouse gasses. Ideas include increasing the amount of aerosols in the stratosphere, which could scatter incoming solar light away from Earth’s surface, or creating low-altitude marine clouds to reflect these same rays.

Research models have indicated that the climatic effect of this type of geoengineering will vary by region, because the climate systems respond differently to the reflecting substances than they do to the atmospheric carbon dioxide that traps warmth in Earth’s atmosphere. New work from a team including Carnegie’s Ken Caldeira uses a climate model to look at maximizing the effectiveness of solar radiation management techniques. Their work is published October 21st by Nature Climate Change.

Attempting to counteract the warming effect of greenhouse gases with a uniform layer of aerosols in the stratosphere, would cool the tropics much more than it affects polar areas. Greenhouse gases tend to suppress precipitation and an offsetting reduction in amount of sunlight absorbed by Earth would not restore this precipitation. Both greenhouse gases and aerosols affect the distribution of heat and rain on this planet, but they change temperature and precipitation in different ways in different places. Varying the amount of sunlight deflected away from the Earth both regionally and seasonally could combat some of this problem.

The Green movement is the true threat to the Earth and our environment.

Why we should tell the Greens to stick it over fracking

Sensible stuff from Fraser Nelson:

In the end, the biggest mistake you can make in politics is to judge a programme by its intentions, not its results. For more than a decade, environmental policy has been cursed with cross-party consensus because no one wanted to be seen to oppose so noble a cause. This left us a situation where aristocrats are offered subsidies for follies, and the Government was unmoved by what could be the best environmental news for a generation. Shale has helped America’s carbon emissions fall by 430 million tons in five years, more than any other country’s. This is progress that would, if we had a rational debate, be celebrated.

Rodney Hide on the ETS

ᔥ Herald on Sunday

Rodney Hide says the ETS is a scam, he’s right of course.:

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark declares me a denier, actor Lucy Lawless says I’m whacko and political columnist Chris Trotter wants to charge me with treason.

Phew. All because I say out loud what most Kiwis think: New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is a scam and a waste. The ETS taxes our elderly trying to heat their homes and then uses the revenue to subsidise multi-national Japanese companies. These companies bought forests in New Zealand. Their trees are now subsidised because they suck up CO2.

And the reason for the money-go-round? To cool the planet. Even ETS architects say it won’t make a difference. So it’s a scam. And a waste.

It is a scam. Just like all the other eco-scams perpetrated on us:

The science is settled. Yada yada. Some extraordinary number of scientists have reached consensus. Blah, blah.

It all moves me not a jot. Science is not religion. It’s not politics. Science is never settled and truth isn’t decided by voting.

Besides, I’ve already survived innumerable environmental scares. We didn’t run out of oil as was scientifically predicted when I was at school.

Nor did we suffer the catastrophic ecological collapse that was the consensus. The ozone hole has gone the way of the Y2K bug. The population bomb never went off. We haven’t run out of food. And acid rain never killed the forests.

Back in the 1970s the earth was cooling. The frightener then was the impending ice age. I kid you not. It was front cover of Time magazine. The Earth then warmed. The frightener flipped to global warming. Then the Earth cooled. The scaremongers learned the lesson. They hedge their bets now, declaring the scare “climate change”. These flip-flops all happened in my lifetime. It’s hard to take the scares seriously.

Some of us don’t take them seriously other than to counter them because some, politicians included do take them seriously unfortunately. All scams have an element of fraud to them and the fraud is in the computer models:

 [Y]es, the Earth is warmer now than it was 100 years ago. The science shows that doubling CO2 in the atmosphere would increase the Earth’s temperature by a little over one degree.

It’s warmer now than it was but the present temperature is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s been warmer. And the present rate of temperature change is, again, nothing alarming. The Earth has seen it all before.

It’s all about what happens next. That’s where the leap occurs from science to computer models. The predicted rise in CO2 on its own doesn’t produce a rise in temperature that is at all worrying. Its effect must be multiplied within the models.

The chief greenhouse gas is not CO2, but water vapour. The models are programmed so increasing CO2 warms the earth, producing more water vapour which, in turn, warms the earth even more. It’s that multiplying effect through increased water vapour that causes the “climate change” scare, not the CO2 increase on its own.

The multiplication through water vapour is found only in the models. It’s not seen in nature. That’s despite spending billions of dollars looking. Indeed, it’s quite possible that water vapour has the opposite effect and dampens CO2′s warming effect.

It’s only the computer models that produce the scary future. And that’s precisely the result they programmed to produce. The models aren’t science and the science shows there’s nothing to be alarmed about. The scare is not from the real world. It’s a computer program, programmed to scare.

And a final word about crazy, silly Lucy Lawless:

I’m happy for Eco-Warrior Lucy Lawless to ditch her purple Mercedes, downsize her LA house, and swap electricity for solar panels to heat her swimming pool. Good for her. I am sure the planet heaved a sigh of relief.

But please, Lucy, lay off encouraging the Government to take ever more punishing action that makes it harder for the rest of us to heat our homes, get to work, and have work to go to.

We want to look after our kids too. For ordinary people it’s a job and a warm home that’s at stake. Not a downsized LA pad and switching the pool to solar.