So, where now for the gun enquiry?

After the absolute slaying by the Herald yesterday (yes, I can happily admit it when they pull some good quality journalism) it’s apparent that the whole farcical gun enquiry is now a total waste of time.

Firstly – many politicians, along with a legion of media big names, have made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in to slag off guns and call for restrictions and law change.

They’ve been absolutely certain that guns are obtained from gun shops that don’t check paper work.

Some media have even gone as far as forging police PID numbers to pull stunts to prove it despite no evidence that it’s ever occurred before.

Others claimed the gangs order guns from overseas, which are dropped off the side of fishing boats in the dark to waiting organised crime wearing black balaclavas.   Read more »


Greg O’Connor needs to apologise


Will Greg O’Connor apologise to firearms owners?

The facts are now released and the reason firearms get into the hands of criminals is because they are stolen in burglaries, which Police don’t bother to follow up.

Not only that but over 80% of firearms stolen are shotguns; not the military-style weapons that the media has been splashing all over their websites.

Mind the pun – but the Police Association President has shot himself in the foot.

He’s been trying to stoke up a firearms debate and yet it’s his own members’ fault that criminal scumbags get guns!    Read more »

Just how will Police collect all guns that get banned?

There is a rumour now circulating amongst firearms users on social media that some in the Police are working hard to ban certain firearms.

Personally, I think it’s all cart before the horse. The Government enquiry has to be allowed the chance to ask how criminals are getting guns and solid answers need to be given. Remember – it’s about how criminals are getting guns.

I will point out that the Police have no empirical basis to suggest changes. Firstly, no enquiry has identified a problem with firearms or the Act, no problems whatsoever. There is a problem with criminals and guns – but that’s a different matter.

So no facts – which means Police are acting on blatant opportunism.

I suspect the Police will point the finger at other countries and suggest that New Zealand play catch up. Ban certain guns. Which is lame. Even a small kid can suggest that.

Banning guns is all well and good for newspaper headlines but I can’t see how Police will enforce it. Sure, lots of firearms users will do the right thing and hand in banned weapons.

But here is the question – just how will Police ensure the public and the Government that they have collected ALL those guns in circulation that they want to ban?   Read more »


The wooliest thinking I’ve seen for a long time

I think Jonathan Milne was rushing late on Saturday night, because his editorial is what my old sergeant major used to describe as a ‘shower of shit’.

He is trying to leap on the gun-ban bandwagon. However, he makes contradictory claims and gets basically nowhere. Obviously no one proofed it either as there are sentences that make no sense at all. Mind you, the whole editorial makes no sense.

Ours is a farming nation. Many kids grow up shooting rabbits with a .22 rifle.

No rabbit, however, is big enough to justify the guns that police find, more and more often, usually in drug raids. Military-style assault rifles, AK47s and M16s like those found in a meth lab in Takanini this week.

Personally, I can’t think of many reasons to own a MSSA. I used to, but I grew up. I can see a legitimate sporting purpose for them, however, with 3-Gun Matches as stipulated in international competitions. But what this fool is really trying to say is that we should only have .22 rifles. Clearly Jonathan Milne is not a shooter or a hunter. If he were, he wouldn’t want to see a deer shot with a .22…or, more accurately, annoyed with a .22.

Police confiscated 975 firearms in 2010/11; they seized 1504 last year.

Gangsters and drug-dealers will not, on the most part, have gun licences. But, by hook or by crook, they get their guns from those who do – and there is a quarter of a million of us Kiwis licensed to own a gun.

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Photo Of The Day

In a May 16, 1986 photo, the body of Doris Young is removed by officials after the Cokeville Elementary hostage situation in Cokeville, Wyo. On May 16, 1986, a man and his wife with a bomb took the entire student body at the town's only elementary school hostage. David Young demanded $300 million in ransom. The bomb accidentally detonated, and Young shot and killed his wife and then himself. RICK SORENSON/Casper Star-Tribune

In a May 16, 1986 photo, the body of Doris Young is removed by officials after the Cokeville Elementary hostage situation in Cokeville, Wyo. On May 16, 1986, a man and his wife with a bomb took the entire student body at the town’s only elementary school hostage. David Young demanded $300 million in ransom. The bomb accidentally detonated, and Young shot and killed his wife and then himself. RICK SORENSON/Casper Star-Tribune

The Miracle of Cokeville

Some places are branded by disaster, by the stories of one horrible day that no one can forget: Oklahoma City, Columbine, and the Twin Towers. What sets Cokeville apart is that the story of its horrible day is about what almost happened but didn’t.

Cokeville Wyoming was the sight of a parent’s worst nightmare on May 16th, 1986 when a mentally disturbed man and his wife entered an elementary school with guns and a homemade gasoline bomb.  They kept all the children in a single room while positioning themselves in the middle of it, David and Doris Young began a standoff that would last hours.

David Young, a former town Marshall, he had been the tiny towns only police officer in six months during 1979 and when he was fired, he moved to Tucson, Arizona. He and his wife returned to Cokeville in 1986 and carried out their insidious plan.  Young had a manifesto called “Zero-Infiniti” and proclaimed “this is a revolution!” as he and his wife took an entire generation – over 160 children, teachers, and school staff, he held them to hostage and wouldn’t release them until he was given over 300 million dollars and a personal phone call from the President of the United States.

The heart-stopping events in this remote town — so remote that in 1986 it wasn’t on some highway maps — made headlines around the world.

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Gunshop owner wants restrictions on private sales so he can benefit

Apparently private gun sales are a problem…so says a gun shop owner.

Gun shop owners in Dunedin say the private sale of firearms in Dunedin is ”thriving” and tougher restrictions need to be introduced to try to combat the problem.

There are ”approximately” 35,000 gun licence-holders in the Southern District, according to Dunedin police.

Centrefire McCarthy’s Streamand Field Store managing director Selwyn Shanks said since the registration of individual guns was revoked in 1984, many people had chosen to trade guns privately as they could make more money – and the internet was adding fuel to the fire.

”If you bring your dad’s old gun in to me to sell and I offer you $250 for it, but someone down the pub without a licence offers you $300, you’re going to go with the better offer,” he said.

”Otago is a rural area so there is a lot of informal trading and sale between farmers. We have no idea how many guns are out there, or if the people who have them know how to use them.”

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Obama breaks the record again as the world’s best gun sales man


Obama has to be on some sort of retainer from gun manufacturers.

How else would you his explain his constant attempts to boost their sales.

Truth Revolt reports:

October marked the sixth month in a row that gun sales have been at an all-time high.

As The Washington Free Beacon notes, last month saw nearly two million background checks performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, beating out totals from October a year ago by nearly 400,000.

So far this year, 17,584,346 background checks have been performed. Last year’s total was 20,968,547 and 2013’s was 21,093,273. With two months left to go in 2015, those two years will likely be bested.

Of course, this isn’t an exact total of guns sold, per se, but “a reliable proxy,” according to the Beacon.    Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: The Daily Telegraph. Port Arthur massacre killer Martin Bryant.

Photo: The Daily Telegraph.
Port Arthur massacre killer Martin Bryant.

A Dangerous Mind

The Port Arthur massacre of 28 April 1996 was a killing spree which claimed the lives of 35 people and wounded 37 others mainly at the historic Port Arthur prison colony, a popular tourist site in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia.

After almost 20 years behind the walls of Risdon Prison, is Australia’s worst killer. Lumbering across the concrete floor of his heavily fortified steel cage, Australia’s worst mass killer cuts a lonely and pathetic figure as he fumbles a play with a prison issue footy. At 48, Martin Bryant’s wavy blond hair is gone, the slim build of which he once boasted has given way to flab and a pendulous gut, and his entire world is confined to the Mersey unit of Risdon Prison’s maximum-security wing.

Bryant has assaulted several jail workers in Hobart’s notorious Risdon prison in the past 19 years, and was involved in an attack on a male nurse in February which left him with a fractured jaw and possibly unable to resume his duties.

The attack was the latest in a string of assaults by the vicious killer, which along with ongoing health issues have contributed to driving the cost of his incarceration into the millions. Following the assault, Bryant was moved to a different maximum security wing of notorious Risdon prison.

Bryant is now a balding, heavily overweight loner whose only access to the outside world is a heavily fortified steel screen in the exercise cage he has access to for up to six hours a day. Bryant’s only visitor has been his mother, Carleen Bryant.

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It’s official, Obama is the world’s best gun salesman

Obama and his proposed gun bans are responsible for him selling more guns than any other person in the world.

Data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation suggest that gun sales in the U.S. rose sharply in August in the wake of renewed calls for stricter gun control.

The FBI processed 1.7 million NICS background checks on gun buyers at federally licensed dealers, according to this story from That’s the highest number of checks in the month of August since NICS was created in 1998, according to the NY Daily News. Not only that, but June 2015 (1.5 million) and July 2015 (1.6 million) also broke respective monthly NICS check records.

It’s worth noting that the 1.7 million figure for August, or any of the monthly NICS check numbers, don’t necessarily correlate to gun sales, as it does not indicate how many checks resulted in rejections, or the fact that a person can buy multiple firearms during one transaction.

“Whenever there is a call for gun control, sales increase,” Larry Keane, general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told USA Today. “Unfortunately, this is a pattern that repeats itself.”

The surge in NICS checks isn’t as intense as the one that followed the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in 2012, but is more comparable to the period just before the 1994 adoption of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2014.    Read more »

Obama continues to be the greatest gun salesman the world has ever seen

The more people try and ban guns the more people want to buy them.

Since becoming president Barack Obama has seen the largest resurgence in the gun industry in living history. He quite literally is the world’s greatest gun salesman.

Renewed calls for more restrictive gun laws, following a succession of fatal shootings in the United States, immediately appear to be generating a boost for the gun industry.

Newly released August records show that the FBI posted 1.7 million background checks required of gun purchasers at federally licensed dealers, the highest number recorded in any August since gun checks began in 1998. The numbers follow new monthly highs for June (1.5 million) and July (1.6 million), a period which spans a series of deadly gun attacks — from Charleston to Roanoke — and proposals for additional firearm legislation.

While the FBI does not track actual gun sales, as multiple firearms can be included in a transaction by a single buyer, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System’s numbers are an indicator of a market upswing in the face of growing anxiety about access to guns.

“Whenever there is a call for gun control, sales increase,” said Larry Keane, general counsel for the firearm industry trade association National Shooting Sports Foundation. “Unfortunately, this is a pattern that repeats itself.”

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