This Legal High thing is just a total mess



I really don’t get the thinking where a government decides to make synthetic pot legal, keeps the real stuff illegal, and then lets local body government put in place rules to make it illegal again.

Waikato Times’ Harry Pearl reports

After months of pressure from residents, politicians and a campaign by the Waikato Times, the sale of legal highs has been temporarily banned at six Hamilton puff shops.

In a move hailed as a success, the Ministry of Health announced its decision to suspend the licences of the sellers last night, following the adoption of Hamilton City Council’s psychoactive substances policy late last month. ¬† Read more »

Cry babies of the week

Disclaimer: ¬†The mums. ¬†Not the babies. ¬†Even we wouldn’t be that mean. ¬†Except if they died and suffered Silly First Name Syndrome. ¬†Then all bets are off.

The Cry Babies: Dulcie Hooper,  Jeanna Berriman, Rebecca Powell

Credit: Christine Cornege

Credit: Christine Cornege

The Incident: 

Christine and her lovely daughter  Jasmine decided to go to the playground during a sunny summer day.  They were disgusted to find that there was no shade and the playground equipment was too hot to use.

The appropriate response:  

Avoid going to the playground during the hotter parts of the day.  Plan activities inside, or known shaded areas.

The actual response: ¬† Read more »

Feral ratbag flees Police, smacks up a house, nearly kills sleeping woman

Different town, similar MO, a feral ratbag flees police at high speed and crashes his car into a house. 

This house was occupied though, and he very nearly killed the occupant.

I wonder if I will be inundated by munters from Hamilton insulted at being described as feral? Probably not is my guess.

Paula Linn’s car spared her life at the expense of its own when an out-of-control driver smashed through her fence at 120kmh and crashed onto her Toyota Corolla.

The Ford Falcon, which was attempting to flee police, carried on into her bedroom wall at 2am yesterday.

Linn, a mother-of-two, was sound asleep until a “big huge bang” snapped her awake.

“I thought what the hell? It was scary,” the shocked 53-year-old said yesterday.

The house “shook” on its foundations.

“It was the biggest thump I’ve ever heard. Then we heard someone running along the back of the house on the deck.”

Her house sits below road level behind a high fence at the intersection of Bankwood and Clarkin roads in the Hamilton suburb of Fairfield.

The debris trail suggests the vehicle was airborne when it squashed Linn’s green Toyota in the carport.¬† Read more »

Uncle Bully Syndrome and now the Kahui Defence

The media continue to perpetrate the Uncle Bully Syndrome in the case of the pissed 9 yo maori kid…now they are allowing the mother to use the “Kahui Defence”.

Booze culture in Hamiltion

Booze culture in Hamiltion

The mother of a young Hamilton boy whose drunken antics at a skate park went viral on YouTube has explained how two more of her children were snapped in a photograph holding bottles of beer.¬† Read more »


BREAKING: Internet censorship of 9 year old drunk [UPDATED]


Of course, trying to censor the Internet doesn’t work. ¬†The video is up all over the place in various incarnations. Read more »

The Kiwi that put the 8 yr old drunk on YouTube: Hero or Villain [POLL]

Jenna Lynch and Jonathan Carson have the story of the day today.  They interviewed Bradley Goudie, the 18 year old who recorded the 8 year old boy off his face and made him famous world-wide.  (if you  missed it:  the video is here)

The man who filmed a drunk young boy at a skate park says he would not have released the video if police had acted hard and fast, and communicated that to him.

Bradley Goudie, 18, uploaded a video online which showed a nine-year-old boy at Fairfield Skate Park in Clarkin Rd [Hamilton] on Tuesday afternoon with a can of Cody’s Bourbon and Cola – 7 per cent alcohol.

The boy, who struggles to stand and slurs his speech, says “I’ve been drunk before”. He also says he was given alcohol by his aunt.

Goudie, a professional scooter rider, said he was so shocked by the apparent drunkenness of the boy that he turned his camera on him and exposed what he considered one of the biggest issues in New Zealand – underage drinking.

When he had stopped filming, he immediately rang the police.

I think I would have called an ambulance too. ¬† Read more »

Are these two things related?

David Farrar is holidaying in Hamilton.



Read more »


NZ‚Äôs dodgiest LBP Nominee ‚Äď Arshad Chatha

Hanilton Ratbag Arshad Mahmood Chatha

Hamilton Ratbag Arshad Mahmood Chatha

Hamilton really has a problem with dodgy ratbags standing for local body positions.

This guy is a real piece of work. He is on bail for violence offences.

One of Hamilton’s mayoral candidates is campaigning while on bail. Arshad Chatha is awaiting trial for allegedly punching a bailiff in 2010.

It’s not the first time Mr Chatha has multitasked with campaigns and courtrooms.

While running for the Palmerston North mayoralty in 2007, he was found guilty on a cluster of fraud charges, which led to a two-year jail sentence.

Two years earlier, following another mayoral bid, he was jailed for two months after failing to complete 200 hours’ community work for two theft convictions.

At his Hamilton East home last night, Mr Chatha said he had a “clear conscience” and his convictions were in the past.¬† Read more »

Christchurch reputation as a crime cesspit undeserved

The Press has been crunching the crime stats:

Christchurch’s reputation as the crime capital of New Zealand is unwarranted, a Press investigation has revealed.

Instead, of the five main centres, Hamilton has emerged as more worthy of the title.

Analysis of more than a decade of crime statistics shows Christchurch has fewer crimes per capita than Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Dunedin.

The Press analysed the number of offences per 10,000 people for the five main cities over the last 12 years for violent, drug-related and disorder offences. The results show that Christchurch is not the worst city in New Zealand for any of the main offences.

Only Dunedin had fewer total offences per 10,000 people. Christchurch had 773.5 total offences per 10,000 people in 2012, compared to 664.7 in Dunedin and 1149.1 in Hamilton.

Hamilton was the worst of the five main centres for many offences in 2012, including acts intended to cause injury, abduction, burglary, fraud, public disorder and sexual assaults.

Abduction no less.

Still, I reckon Christchurch is still the best place to be if you want your face caved in by someone who thinks you don’t look the right way or you’re looking at them the wrong way.

An offer from a reader, driving homeless to Hamilton

via the tipline


Re. the “streeties” issue in Hamilton. ¬†Many years ago¬†Orlando, Florida wanted to be known as a compassionate city when it
came to the homeless.¬†Rush Limbaugh took them at their word and began organising buses to¬†send New York’s homeless south. ¬†He rightly ¬†wanted to send them to a¬†place where they’d be “appreciated”. ¬†Of course Orlando chucked a¬†tanty but the hypocrisy had been identified…they want to “care” for¬†them but god forbid anymore should appear! ¬†¬† Read more »