Maori King statue to ‘honour’ Hamilton. Yes, it can get more tacky

So a bronze statue of an old maori king is to be unveiled in Hamilton, but the current King can’t be arsed to turn up for it and will send his felon son instead.  

It’s all class in Maori kingdom.

The unveiling of a bronze sculpture of the second Maori King is an historic moment for Hamilton, says the city’s mayor.

Noted Kiwi artist Gary Schofield created the sculpture of Kiingi Tawhiao Matutaera Potatau Te Wherewhero back in the 1980s, but always planned to gift it to the city to mark its 150th anniversary.

And with Schofield visiting the country and Hamilton celebrating its 150th this month, today’s the day when the sculpture will finally be unveiled at Waikato Museum.   Read more »

Christchurch is trying to take Hamilton’s STD title away

A syphilis surge in Christchurch has sparked a call for more awareness about safe sex.

In the past 18 months, syphilis cases have doubled in the city, according to the New Zealand Aids Foundation.

The jump in syphilis cases was due to gay and bisexual men having unprotected sex, Aids Foundation executive director Shaun Robinson said.

He said gay and bisexual men were “far more at risk” of contracting syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections than heterosexuals.

“87 per cent of all cases of syphilis in New Zealand are amongst gay and bisexual men,” he said.

“There is an easy way to stop this – use condoms.” Read more »

What sort of scumbag defaces a charity’s billboard to make a political point?


Key Derangement Syndrome is strong in the scumbag who defaced a charity’s billboard in order to make some sort of spurious political point.

A Heart Foundation billboard in Hamilton has been defaced in political protest.

The billboard aimed at raising awareness of heart disease as ‘New Zealand’s biggest killer’ was erected on Commerce St, Frankton in early February.

Yesterday the foundation was informed by a member of the public the blackened out image of a man representing the disease as a ‘serial killer’ had been replaced with a sketch of the Prime Minister John Key’s face.

Heart Foundation head of marketing Vanessa Winning said foundation employees and volunteers are upset the billboard has been used for political protest.

“It’s really disappointing that a charity is being targeted to score political points. I find it unthinkable that someone would vandalise our billboard, and consequently mock a seriously crippling disease, just to make a political statement.”    Read more »

And this is why the Labour Party are disconnected from NZ

They are incapable of admitting they are wrong.

In Hamilton West Tim MacIndoe benefited hugely from The Moroney Effect, the special electoral effect that increases a National party candidates majority when Sue Moroney stands against them. He did indeed increase his majority as a result.

Hamilton remained true blue on election night with both incumbents cruising to victory.

In Hamilton East David Bennett won a fourth term, beating out Labour’s Cliff Allen with a massive majority of nearly 9000.

In doing so, he became the first person ever to win the seat four times.

Meanwhile, Tim Macindoe won Hamilton West for the third time, sweeping past Sue Moroney by more than 5400 votes.

It was a tense night for the Moroney camp as Labour’s disastrous share of the party vote saw her only just squeeze back into Parliament in fourth place on the party list.

In her concession speech to party faithful at the Trade Union centre in Hamilton, she was unsure if a return to Parliament was on the cards.

Fortunately for Tim MacIndoe’s electoral prospects she is still in parliament…at the moment.   Read more »

Day one of Election Period – Sue Moroney already breaking the law

Via the tipline…



Sue has once again ignored local by-laws on election hoardings.  You’d think after losing so many elections she’d be up with the rules by now but apparently not.   Read more »

I’m sure an electronic ankle bracelet would have prevented this


Apparently, you can stop women being hurt and murdered if the person that is the threat is under some kind of electronic monitoring.  If this man had been wearing one, maybe he wouldn’t have beaten his partner’s 8 month old baby to a pulp.

Matt Bowen reports

A man has been arrested and charged in relation to a baby that was critically injured in Hamilton this morning.

“At this stage the baby remains in a critical condition and is likely to be transferred to Auckland’s Starship Hospital later today for more specialist care,” said Waikato field crime manager, acting Detective Inspector Mark Greene. Read more »


Gareth Hughes going to nerd conventions on your dime

Gareth Hughes states at The Daily Blog:

I spent Sunday campaigning in Hamilton and chatting to people about the issues facing them. It was pretty clear that more and more people are starting to realise that this Government doesn’t have the interests of everyday Kiwis at heart and are looking for alternatives.

But here is what he was actually doing…attending Armageddon in Hamilton.

10307223_10152433433112095_5192441139876633401_n Read more »

This Legal High thing is just a total mess



I really don’t get the thinking where a government decides to make synthetic pot legal, keeps the real stuff illegal, and then lets local body government put in place rules to make it illegal again.

Waikato Times’ Harry Pearl reports

After months of pressure from residents, politicians and a campaign by the Waikato Times, the sale of legal highs has been temporarily banned at six Hamilton puff shops.

In a move hailed as a success, the Ministry of Health announced its decision to suspend the licences of the sellers last night, following the adoption of Hamilton City Council’s psychoactive substances policy late last month.   Read more »

Cry babies of the week

Disclaimer:  The mums.  Not the babies.  Even we wouldn’t be that mean.  Except if they died and suffered Silly First Name Syndrome.  Then all bets are off.

The Cry Babies: Dulcie Hooper,  Jeanna Berriman, Rebecca Powell

Credit: Christine Cornege

Credit: Christine Cornege

The Incident: 

Christine and her lovely daughter  Jasmine decided to go to the playground during a sunny summer day.  They were disgusted to find that there was no shade and the playground equipment was too hot to use.

The appropriate response:  

Avoid going to the playground during the hotter parts of the day.  Plan activities inside, or known shaded areas.

The actual response:   Read more »

Feral ratbag flees Police, smacks up a house, nearly kills sleeping woman

Different town, similar MO, a feral ratbag flees police at high speed and crashes his car into a house. 

This house was occupied though, and he very nearly killed the occupant.

I wonder if I will be inundated by munters from Hamilton insulted at being described as feral? Probably not is my guess.

Paula Linn’s car spared her life at the expense of its own when an out-of-control driver smashed through her fence at 120kmh and crashed onto her Toyota Corolla.

The Ford Falcon, which was attempting to flee police, carried on into her bedroom wall at 2am yesterday.

Linn, a mother-of-two, was sound asleep until a “big huge bang” snapped her awake.

“I thought what the hell? It was scary,” the shocked 53-year-old said yesterday.

The house “shook” on its foundations.

“It was the biggest thump I’ve ever heard. Then we heard someone running along the back of the house on the deck.”

Her house sits below road level behind a high fence at the intersection of Bankwood and Clarkin roads in the Hamilton suburb of Fairfield.

The debris trail suggests the vehicle was airborne when it squashed Linn’s green Toyota in the carport.  Read more »