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Labour’s home wrecker candidate rinsed in gay ute country

Anna “Marge” Lorck got soundly beaten in gay ute country, with Craig Foss winning on the night by 5800 votes.

The tip line has been running hot with more Marge stories, and how she is graceless and undignified in the campaign.

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This woman’s attitude makes me sick

You owe me a state house…that is the basic premise of this bludger.

A Hastings mother has rejected an “unsafe” property offered to her by Housing New Zealand, after Hawke’s Bay Today drew attention to her 15-week wait for housing.

Louise Hutchinson currently lives in a motel unit with her two teenage children. She has been on the “A” priority waiting list for a state house for 15 weeks.

After Hawke’s Bay Today ran a story about Ms Hutchinson’s situation in Saturday’s edition, she received a text from Housing NZ.

“All of a sudden, I received a text on Tuesday – I believe they responded because of the newspaper article.”

Housing NZ told Ms Hutchinson she could view a vacant house on Manuka St, Mahora, and “move in tomorrow”.

However, after inspecting the property she decided it was unsuitable for her family.   Read more »

Vote Positive in Gay Ute Country


Labour’s Tukituki candidate Anna “Marge” Lorck has really embraced the Vote Positive slogan.

She is sledging Craig Foss on twitter.     Read more »

Extremely Dodgy Council Staff and Chair do not share information with Councillors

Regular readers will know that the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council staff think they can dictate to councillors how they behave. Liz Lambert, the acting Chief Executive, should have resigned over this disgraceful conduct from public servants.

Now it seems that Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson has decided to work with the staff to exclude four councillors from decisions about water in Hawkes Bay.

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Cr Tom Belford writes that he and his fellow councillors have had to request information that should be provided to them by virtue of being elected.

Instead the extremely dodgy Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson, Andrew Newman and Liz Lambert have hidden information from these directly elected representatives.

Councillors Graham, Barker, Beaven and myself have officially requested much additional financial information about the construction and financing of the dam – all ignored to date. Regional Council Chairman Fenton Wilson, our official channel to HBRIC, admonishes us for wanting to get too deep into the weeds.   Read more »

More good news, this time in the provinces

Labour’s mantra of misery continues as they talk down the New Zealand economy.

Meanwhile it looks like the crisis in the provinces, that they talk about, has come right, at least in the Hawkes Bay.

Job listings in Hastings are up nearly 25 per cent, with growth in agriculture and transport leading the way.

The Trade Me Jobs employment survey for April to June shows the whole country enjoyed high job growth, encouraging people to stay here rather than pack up for Australia.

Listings in Hastings jumped 24 per cent to 458 compared with the same period last year, while Napier flatlined at 398.

Jobs in transport and agriculture were the fastest growing sectors in Hastings, while Napier experienced a drop in hospitality and retail, offset by growth in transport and office work, the report showed.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule said it was possible the spike in jobs listings in Hastings could be attributed to a strong rural sector.  Read more »

Another potential investor pulls out of the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Regular readers will know I loathe socialism and socialists with a passion.

The worst example of socialism being promoted at the moment is the Ruataniwha Water Storage Project in Hawkes Bay, where the socialists at the Regional Council want to spend about $275m of taxpayers money to give water to 150 farmers, at the same time as turning the Tukituki River toxic.

This project has always looked like a big socialist scam, and it seems that even if 500 people in Central Hawkes Bay parade around supporting bludging off the rest of us, their council doesn’t want to invest their money in the dam.

Central Hawke’s Bay district councillors yesterday voted not to proceed with a proposal to invest $5 million in the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme, in what some submitters against the idea called a “victory for common sense”.

The council met to consider and discuss the 92 submissions that had been received, of which 75 were opposed to the proposal to take $1 million from rural ward reserve funds and borrow $4 million to invest in the project.   Read more »

Bludging Socialist Ratbag wants Dodgy Dam Built

Federated Farmers are the biggest pack of bludgers in the country. They always want hand outs for farmers, tax breaks for farmers, free water and a free right to pollute. Conor English has continued the fine tradition of bludging in his tenure at Federated Farmers.

English seems to think that farmers deserve the free right to pollute the Tukituki catchment without understanding that a free right to pollute is just a subsidy in drag.

“I found the interim decision disappointing. It said you can build the dam but you can’t use the water.

“It’s a dumb decision and very unfortunate for Hawke’s Bay and will condemn [the Bay] to Third World country status,” English said.

“That dam is finished, that dam will not be built under this current decision. I stand to be corrected on that but it won’t be built and Hawke’s Bay will continue to have amongst the highest unemployment in the country.”

The board of inquiry has come back and told the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council that they cannot turn the Tukituki toxic, but can build their dam if they don’t set N levels at toxicity.

Lets get some facts straight on this.

The extremely dodgy HBRC lead by Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullied and blustered saying that they could build a dam without managing nitrogen. They paid scientists to change their minds about whether nitrogen management was needed. The Board of Inquiry found the council’s submission to be very, very dodgy saying they couldn’t understand how the scientists who had said N needed to be managed elsewhere in the country could say N didn’t need to be managed in Hawkes Bay.

The extremely dodgy HBRC wanted to turn the Tukituki Toxic so their dodgy socialist dam could go ahead.   Read more »

Extremely Dodgy Council Vote for Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

As regular readers know the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is promoting a dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay.

The socialists on the council want to pour $275m of public money into a dam that will allow 150 farmers to make more money.

To do this the dodgy council tried to turn the Tukituki River toxic by creating a model, the extremely dodgy TRIM model. The TRIM model was concealed from other submitters, who were forced to go to court to get access to it. The Board of Inquiry found that the TRIM model was not fit for purpose, and that the council couldn’t turn the Tukituki toxic by not managing for Nitrogen.  Read more »

Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Ctd

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is full of bullies and ratbags who have made good people’s lives hell.

They have attacked first, refused to share information and have been unbelievably obnoxious towards those people with legitimate concerns about their dodgy socialist dam.

One of the biggest ratbags is Iain Maxwell.

This ratbag spent most of last year being exceptionally obstructive and difficult for submitters to deal with.

He refused to provide data and the TRIM model, and it was not until the BOI directed him to provide data that he did so. He forced submitters to pay huge legal fees to get the data released and to review the extremely dodgy TRIM model released. Yet he is such a ratbag he has requested information from submitters after the BOI came back and pointed out how dodgy this whole project is.

Council staff have flooded the tipline with stories about Iain Maxwell, and given the Board of Inquiry’s decision about turning the Tukituki Toxic he should do the honourable thing and resign.  Read more »

Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Ctd

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council tried to come up with an extremely dodgy model that would allow them to turn the Tukituki Toxic.

The TRIM model, the Tukituki River Instream Model was one of the dodgiest parts of horrible socialist scheme.

The council ratbags were a total bunch of obstructive pricks about this model, refusing to release the model to other submitters until forced to do so by the courts.

The model itself informed consent applications for the dam, and councillors, council staff and HBRIC directors made decisions that cost the ratepayers and tax payers upwards of $15m for the dodgy socialist dam.

The halfwits at the regional council thought that a model that was peer reviewed and was found not to be fit for purpose could be used at the Board of Inquiry. Compounding this halfwittedness, the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council failed to address the issues raised by the peer reviewer.

WOBH believes those ratbags responsible for promoting a $275m socialist dam using a dodgy model need to be held to account. Serious questions should be asked of Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson, and whether he is fit for purpose as chairman. An honourable man would fall on his sword for wasting so much ratepayers money.

Lets be clear. The TRIM model allowed the dodgy regional council to make dodgy decisions based on a model that couldn’t model reality. Light needs to be shone on the council ratbags so they don’t get away with using a model that couldn’t model reality.

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