Hawke’s Bay

Dodgy Socialist Dam based on Dodgy Science

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council’s dodgy socialist dam looks like it is no longer viable after the board of inquiry gave them a good kick in the slats over their one nutrient management plan.

Something exceptionally dodgy is going on, as was noted by the Board of Inquiry. Marty Sharpe in the DomPost picks up on this point.

Critically, the board rejected the single nutrient control proposed by the council. This will have a significant impact on the type of farming that can occur in the area to be irrigated if the scheme proceeds. Farmers now need to consider whether they can work within the limits as well as being able to afford water and remain profitable.

One of the plan change’s fundamental premises was that increased nitrogen levels would not significantly add to algal growth in Tukituki River catchment.

The board said the evidence underlying this premise was “equivocal, to say the least” and it agreed with opponents such as Fish and Game that the approach was “unsatisfactory and does not give effect to the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management”.

The board said it was surprised that many of the scientists now advocating the one nutrient approach had previously advised the best approach was to manage both nitrogen and phosphorous.  Read more »

Random Impertinent Questions about the Dodgy Socialist Dam

The dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay looks like it is going to fall over with the council taking several weeks to decide whether to proceed or not.

The Board of Inquiry didn’t buy into the HB Regional Council’s now discredited model that said they only needed to limit one nutrient.

This leads to a series of questions:

  1. Was the HBRC aware that their decisions were being made based on a model that had not been adequately peer reviewed and would not have stood up in the environment court because it was not released to other submitters?
  2. Why did the HBRC think it was so special it could turn a river toxic by setting N levels at Toxicity?
  3. Why did the HBRC think it was so special it could only limit P, not N, while every other river in the country has to limit both?
  4. Why didn’t the HBRC listen to staff who dissented on the TRIM model?  Read more »

The cows are rising, another injury from a Killer Cow

The Killer Cows are restless.

This recent incident in the Hawkes Bay was lucky not to result in more serious injuries or even death.

A man was airlifted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital after he was kicked in the back by a cow in Otane yesterday.

The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter flew the 67-year-old to hospital from a farm on Elsthorpe Rd, about 5km east of Otane.

Rescue helicopter pilot Jeremy Bruce said the man was in a lot of pain.

“He was lying on his back on the outside of the yards.  Read more »

Does Anyone Want the HBRC’s Dodgy Socialist Dam?

The word from Hawkes Bay is that the half-witted socialists on the HBRC are still pushing for their dodgy dam that no one actually wants. Last week Trustpower gave them the bum’s rush, and Trustpower were doing due diligence for Ngai Tahu.

Now Ngai Tahu is looking at giving it the wide berth.

Ngai Tahu is seeking answers over its involvement in a controversial Hawke’s Bay dam project now that one of the major investors has pulled out.

Trustpower Limited has walked away from the venture because it says it’s too risky and it’s not happy with the returns it might receive.

Trustpower and Ngai Tahu’s commercial arm committed their intention to the project last year by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s investment company.

Ngai Tahu Holdings chief executive Mike Sang says the Ruataniwha water storage scheme has a number of elements that are key to its success.   Read more »

Irrigation New Zealand try to polish a turd

The dodgy socialist dam got a good kick in the pants last week when major investor Trustpower pulled out of investing because even with massive handouts the dam doesn’t stack up.

So Irrigation New Zealand put out a press release saying that you can actually polish a turd.

Farmers and businesses in the Hawkes Bay need to act quickly to fill the investment gap opportunity left by TrustPower’s exit from the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

“There’s a wonderful opportunity here for Central Hawkes Bay farmers and businesses to get behind the dam to make it work. The Central Hawkes Bay community is now able to be a significant investment partner and take ownership of this project to really drive it forward,” says IrrigationNZ CEO Andrew Curtis.

The problem is that the Central Hawkes Bay farmers currently think the dam is such a big turd they won’t even sign up for the water from the dam.  Read more »

Dodgy Socialist Dam Gets it in the Chook

The ratbag socialist Hawkes Bay Regional Council’s highly dubious ratepayer subsidised dam has received a big kick in the arse. Even with preferential treatment of investors over ratepayers, major investor Trustpower has withdrawn its potential investment.

Apparently the socialist subsidies are not big enough.

dam Read more »

If only we knew his name, then we could predict how this will end


Killer Cows are rampaging again.

The Herald reports:

A man has been flown to hospital with head injuries after he was kicked in the head by a cow in Hawkes Bay this afternoon.

The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter crew was called after the 18-year-old man was kicked by a dairy cow at Ashley Clinton.

He was taken to Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital.

Lance Wiggs has it almost right

Yesterday the Green party announced that they think it would be a good idea to spend $50 million over four years to encourage kids to walk or ride bikes to school.

What was amazing was that they called for submission and then closed them and delivered a policy in 3 days. that is surely just the thinnest veneer of public consultation on policy. On the plus at least they aren’t stealing images from Peter Jackson anymore.

It is something I have been banging on about for years, but as is usual the Greens think money has to be spent.

Lance Wiggs agrees with it…sort of, but what is more interesting is his observations about how much of  a bunch of sooks and blouses we have become.

When I went to school over 30 years ago the norm was to walk, cycle or take public transport. Similarly a colleague I spoke to yesterday said that when he went to school in Tauranga 20 years that there were hundreds of bike racks at his school and it was hard to find a place to park his bike. And I talked last night to someone from Hawkes Bay, and when she went to primary school a little over 10 years ago cycling was the norm as well.

But there has been a dramatic shift to little children being dropped off by their mummies (that’s how we would have cruelly described it at school) over the last 20 years. And the result of the critical mass shifting is that it’s now deemed too dangerous for kids to cycle or walk to school. But a lot of that perceived or real danger is the very traffic caused by those car driving mummies.

It’s a vicious circle, exemplified by another conversation yesterday with someone who firstly talked about how she used to cycle in Auckland, then about how cycling in Auckland became too dangerous because of the cars and poor infrastructure, and then about how cyclists in Auckland are painful and dangerous when she drives her car. I struggled to get her to understand the causes and effects.

We need to break this circle of despair, and get people back onto the streets, walking and cycling. We are seeing this start in some cities, Wellington especially, and successes in Auckland with multi-use areas like Fort Lane and Elliot Street. The end game is that New Zealand has vibrant walkable, liveable cities, with incredible people-filled street life and places to live that attract and retain the best talent.

So it’s great to see the Greens today launched a cycling to school policy. It’s a clever start.  Read more »

Dodgy Socialist Council Cannot Get its Story Straight

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

The ratbag Hawkes Bay Regional Council want to turn the Tukituki Toxic so 150 farmers with their hands out can take taxpayers and ratepayers money to subsidise their businesses.

This is all under the guise of “economic development” but is clearly socialism to anyone except the bludgers sticking their hands out.

These ratbags are so inept that they made a factual error in their closing submission to the Board of Inquiry. They have had to grovel to the Board of Inquiry and claim that it was an honest mistake, not a total cock up.

Next they will be denying that the Waipawa River is being being polluted with sewage outflow.  Read more »

Stop the dam and clean up the river top wine maker tells Council

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river from the council treatment plant

John Buck is angry about the state of the Waipawa River and has written to the Hawkes Bay Regional Council to tell them to stop the dam, at least until they have fixed the problem of discharging sewage into river.

BayBuzz reports:

Yesterday, John Buck, owner of Te Mata Estate Winery, asked Councillor Rex Graham to share this message with other Regional Councillors …

“The blog Whale Oil, currently the most widely read of New Zealand’s blogs, yesterday carried a colour photograph of human excrement being discharged from the Waipawa effluent ponds in to the Waipawa River. The accompanying text quotes a Steve Thrush who claims that despite making adjustments the plant is still meeting the conditions of its resource consent.  Read more »