Heather McMinn

Because of Simon Power this couldn’t happen here

NZ Herald

Simon Power’s legislative meddling, by removing the defence of provocation, means that if this situation occurred in New Zealand the father would almost certainly be charged and put through the terrible trauma of a trial despite the scumbag pedo deserving the kicking:

A Texas father who beat a man to death with his bare hands after catching him sexually assaulting his five-year-old daughter should not face criminal charges, a grand jury has ruled.

Prosecutors said at a press conference that the jury determined that there was ample evidence that it was a justifiable homicide.

They played a tape of the distraught father’s desperate 911 call as he tried to save the man’s life after realizing what he’d done.

“I need an ambulance. This guy was raping my daughter and I beat him up and I don’t know… I don’t know what to do,” he sobs into the phone, so overcome with emotion that he can’t provide directions to his father’s ranch.

“I need help. This guy is dying on me… oh my God… I’m going to try to load him up on the truck and take him to the hospital.”

Lavaca County District Attorney Heather McMinn explained that under Texas law deadly force is both “authorized and justified” in order to stop a sexual assault.

Note to any pricks out there who want to try and terrorise my kids (Matt Blomfield, I’m talking about you), there is no limit at which I will stop to defend my children.