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Quitting spots on popular Radio stations appears to have become a new sport amongst some women.

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Now we know where Robert Reid’s anti Israeli diatribe is coming from: Helen Kelly

Several days ago I posted about  the leaking skull Unite Union general secretary Robert Reid’s incoherent utterances about Israel:

“New Zealand does have to have a stronger line, and make…absolutely say that what’s happening in Gaza is just beyond the pale. I mean, 1500 people dead already, 9000 injured, people locked in as David Shearer said, basically an open air prison and just being bombed every day of the week since this campaign’s been on. New Zealand has to step up and say more and part of saying more is to get over this thing about saying on one hand Israel, on one hand Hamas, the brutality, the war crimes that are happening are happening from the Israeli side and Israel has to be made to account for what is happening” 

It seems pretty obvious where his uneducated diatribe is coming from, straight from the cranium of the Council of Trade Terrorist Unions (CTU) president Helen Kelly. Anyone that states that the war crimes are coming from one side and one side only has either been sitting in front of Al Jazeera all day or being fed misinformation from somebody else. Surely there has to be nothing more embarrassing in public than repeating something that someone else has told you that is patently wrong (think Winston Peters). Read more »

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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Unions own Labour and why 20% stacks up – Observation by the Owl

Helen Kelly and Andrew Little have completely stuffed Labour. This is a party which will never recover.

It will be doomed to the backwaters and is the new Alliance Party.

I give Labour another 3 more election cycles before it fades from history.

Here are some of the parallels

Unions got 20% of the vote to elect the Labour Leader

Total people belonging to unions in NZ (actually less than 20%)

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Doctor Unions Ramp Up Anti-Govt Rhetoric

You can tell the election is nearing and the left is in trouble when Annette King and her cheerleader Ian Powell of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (their union in plain language) team up on RNZ to pour out co-ordinated criticisms with ridiculous claims of ponzi schemes, another novopay and “ crisis”.

Unions horror of a third term for the Nats has seen the Executive of the Association of Senior Drs (ASMS) under Mr Powell totally abandon any pretence of political independence or impartiality, and insert themselves into the CTU/PSA/ Labour/Green attack machine.

But I don’t think their busy hardworking membership of Senior Doctors quite know this.

Last year, the politically impartial ASMS Union executive leadership hired Lyndon Keene as its researcher. Yes, that’s Lyndon Keene, formerly Annette King’s Press Secretary   Read more »

Who are David Cunliffe’s secret two donors? [ POLL ]


A – Helen Clark, personal donation

B – Don Pryde, EPMU president, on behalf of EPMU

C – Helen Kelly – CTU president, personal donation

Pick David Cunliffe's two "secret" donors!

  • Don and Helen (B & C) (57%, 803 Votes)
  • Helen and Helen (A & C) (25%, 358 Votes)
  • Helen and Don (A & B) (18%, 248 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,409

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Labour and unions plotting on Twitter

You have to wonder why things like this get tweeted, it gives us a clear idea about the cosy relationship between the Labour party and the unions…not only do they command a strong vote in Labour’s leadership contests, but they are also paying well for that privilege.

Now Trevor Mallard is issuing instructions to his proxies in the union for voting come the election.

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Smashed Unions own Labour and it has gone past donations – Observation by the Owl

Here is an extract from Helen Kelly speech to the Labour Party conference November 2013 – source CTU website

“We want to work with the NZLP on what this means for Government and for unions .  We want a different form of this historic relationship between our two movements based on our shared outlook of sustainable development and a fair society, and on agreed expectations of what good modern Government looks like and what it does,  and what a modern union movement looks like and what it does.

And this is a relevant discussion at this time on the anniversary of the Great Strike of 1913.  It really was the beginning of the development of the dual political/industrial wings of the Labour movement and the vision of how this relationship should look 100 years on is a very relevant discussion.

It might be true to say that more recently the relationship has been transactional rather than deliberative, depicted by both parties and in the media within the narrative of winning and losing, dominance, reliance and patronage, rather than within a common vision with intersecting values driving policies consistent with achieving those values and visions to the benefit of those that live and work in the country.  In this regard we have, to some extent, failed to play to our strengths, to build the logical mutually reinforcing set of interests which are firmly based within our joint constituency and mandate.  Read more »

A reader from Runanaga writes:


Yes, see I do have undercover readers in Runanga who aren’t feral ratbags.

Our correspondent writes:

Cunners was harping on in the house yesterday about National not caring about Pike families and those hard working NZers that don’t have any money, and decried the influence of donations. 

But how did he show his commitment to the West Coast recently?   Read more »

Unions back John Key. (I’m going to need a lie down)

via The Week

via The Week

Radio Live reports

Unions are worried many Kiwis would struggle to work beyond the age of 65 if the retirement age is lifted.

There are growing calls to raise the age after Australia announced it will increase its pension age to 70 by 2035.

But Helen Kelly from the Council of Trade Unions says that ignores the harsh realities for older workers.

Helen Kelly, the champion of the true working class.   Read more »