Helen Kelly

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Candidates

It looks like poor old Helen Kelly might have been spending a bit too much time looking into her bong and not enough time thinking about the role of Local Government.

She is promoting Union candidates for local government, without actually saying how local government can achieve any of these things. Her post at The Standard

That’s why we’re not just standing candidates in AFFCO wards. We’re also encouraging other candidates to sign the Jobs That Count pledge:

I’ll be there

As an elected member of local government, I take the Jobs that Count pledge to make our towns and cities better places to live and work.

I stand for people. I will put our families and kids first, so they can live a good, full life – with warm dry housing and food on the table.    Read more »

And why wouldn’t he? I would

If you are dying from cancer why wouldn’t you use cannabis to ease the suffering?

You’d be dead before it ever made it to court anyway.

The late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes turned to marijuana before his death, his widow has revealed.

Lady Deborah Holmes said her husband was not a drug user but “in the final weeks it was the one thing that could give him peace and comfort”.

Sir Paul died age 62 in February 2013 after battling heart problems and the return of prostate cancer.

His wife told Herald columnist Brian Rudman that he was allergic to morphine and the alternative concoction of drugs “sent him off to la la land”.   Read more »

Peter Dunne under huge pressure about medical Marijuana

via righttolife.co.nz

via righttolife.co.nz

It’s just too hard to get permission, says ex-CTU boss Helen Kelly.  And Dunne says he’ll go to overseas conferences about it and talk some more.

The guidelines for considering applications from people wanting to use cannabis for medical purposes will be reviewed, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced.

Mr Dunne said the need for “fine-tuning” was inevitable, given that medical cannabis was a new policy area for the Ministry of Health and wider medical profession.

“The guidelines were set up at my request following the Alex Renton case in 2015, so far the only case where ministerial approval was granted, following an application from Mr Renton’s treating clinicians to administer the restricted product Elixinol,” Mr Dunne said. Read more »

Helen Kelly really keen to have some Marijuana now, And a referendum

Helen Kelly draws much-needed attention to the legalisation of cannabis issue.

And I agree with her. I watched my Mum die slowly from cancer. I offered to get her some weed to help, but Mum decided not to…because it was illegal. I told her at the time that there was nothing anyone could do if she did, she was dying and she shouldn’t have to do that feeling shit.

Former union boss Helen Kelly has written poignantly about the battle she and others face to obtain medical cannabis.

The Australian federal government is planning a licensing scheme to allow cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis while the issue remains a hot topic in New Zealand.

Ms Kelly was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2015 and stood down as the boss of the Council of Trade Unions in October.

She has spoken openly about her cancer journey and has said she’s been breaking the law by taking cannabis oil to manage pain.

“I am taking nothing really that can stop this cancer killing me, and in not too long a timeframe to be brutally honest,” she says in a post on the left-wing blog The Standard yesterday.

“It is my view that a good cannabis product will help me live the rest of my life in a better situation than I will without it. The fact I can’t do that shows the absurdity of the whole regime.”   Read more »


Fuddy duddy Nats need to get with the program


National are dragging the chain on medicinal cannabis…they are showing their fuddy duddy approach to politics.

All over the world liberalisation of cannabis laws are happening but here John Key would rather change the flag than help the sick and the dying.

Story reports:

Medical marijuana used to be seen as a fringe option, a mad alternative to conventional drugs, but not anymore.

These days in many countries it has already been approved to treat a number of conditions.

But that is not happening in New Zealand. It has been heart-breaking for the sick people and their families who believe it can help them.

One of those people is the President of the Council of Trade Unions and cancer patient, Helen Kelly.

Ms Kelly wants an exemption from the Government to use medicinal cannabis oil.

Read more »

I need a lie down: Helen Kelly and I agree on something


Politics and my personal feelings about unions aside, people are people, and Helen Kelly’s been dealt the card with cancer on it.   It’s not my/our way to rejoice in seeing people suffer just because they come from the wrong side of politics.

Outgoing CTU president Helen Kelly is going to ask Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne for an exemption to use cannabis oil as part of her treatment for cancer.

Ms Kelly told TV3’s The Nation program on Saturday that her cancer was progressing despite the chemotherapy and a new immunotherapy drug. Read more »

Unions consider taking government to court over giving farmers a health and safety “get out of jail free” card


Michael Woodhouse’s bill is a dog, and not fit for purpose.

It beggars belief that National is even bringing in this woeful piece of nanny-statism but they are. What is worse though, is Labour and now the unions are fighting hard on this but from different angles.

Labour won’t vote for it because it doesn’t go far enough, and so risk not putting in place the one piece of legislation that might actually improve worker safety. Their hypocrisy is there for all to see.

The unions, however, are far more consistent….they want the law passed, but they want it extended to every business and are prepared to go to court to enforce it.

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions will consider seeking a judicial review of the exclusion of farming from health safety reforms currently going through Parliament, president Helen Kelly says.

The Government changed a bill reforming health and safety law after it was introduced following intense lobbying from the farming sector.    Read more »

Comment of the Day


George is his usual erudite self:

A man is employed by a television network to host a prime time current affairs programme with the mandate to increase ratings. The outcome of this appointment results in a steady decline in this company’s prime objective. So much so he was fired and his show canned.

I know! Let’s make him New Zealander of the year.    Read more »

Talley’s not bending to union bullying – workers go on strike

Unions are destructive and so last century.  Wherever they get involved they leave destruction in their wake.

Just look at the great job they have done with the Labour Party over the last 6 years.

But things aren’t looking up for Helen Kelly and her rent a mob, they’ve been put on notice.

The Meat Workers Union says its 1000 members at Affco plants in the North Island will go on strike for two days next week.

The union says members voted overwhelmingly for the strike action at the eight meat works after the company, owned by the Motueka-based Talley family, walked away from mediation last week.

Union national secretary Graham Cook said Affco was the first company to take advantage of an employment law change which allowed employers to walk away from mediation.

“Talley’s is an outlier in the meat industry in the way it deals with employment relations and health and safety,” he said.   Read more »

Paula Bennett’s Graceless Attacks on Helen Kelly

Regular readers will know that CTU President Helen Kelly is one of the sworn enemies of this blog, and one of the left-wingers who make us get up in the morning to keep fighting the good fight.

Unfortunately Helen Kelly is suffering from lung cancer, and has been through some very tough therapies that have made her very, very ill.

She has made some over-the-top and overly-aggressive decisions that are totally out of character as Kelly is usually reasoned and pragmatic, even if she is wrong. Her staff, friends and advisors have been discretely telling people and asking them to show some compassion and forgiveness.

Which is why Paula Bennett’s graceless twitter attacks on Helen Kelly are unacceptable.   Read more »