Get ready for massive rates increases

Rates increases are on the cards for Auckland residents.

Len Brown has said that they won’t be more than the rate of inflation, but the Council will undoubtedly use the recent valuations to further ratchet up the rates in coming years…massively.

Council valuations of Auckland homes have jumped by almost a third on average, new figures reveal.

Auckland Council will tomorrow release new valuations for more than 220 suburbs across the region for three-yearly review of CVs.

The figures will show properties in 10 areas have had an increase to their valuation of 50 per cent or more over the past 12 months; including Hobsonville which has jumped by a massive 65 per cent.

Just four areas have recorded reductions in their CVs; Manukau Heads, Kawau Island, Great Barrier Island and Rakino Island.

The new valuations will apply from next year and have an impact on rates for 2015.

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Len Brown’s fix for property isn’t…at all

With Len Brown all cock a hoop about attempting to build 39,000 houses inside 3 years there is something that he might like to ponder.

– it’s a 3 yr interim solution;

– notified Oct 2013;

– 6 month consent process to March 2014;

– winter season to undertake documentation, tender to contractors, funding application to financiers incl valuations 3-4 months to Jul 2014;

– earthworks season starts 1 Oct so wait till then before can start physical works;  Read more »

Celebrating losing

Cactus Kate nails it.

The headlines in all the major papers and the tv news all proclaimed the great moment.


Coming fourth is like kissing nana and she slips her tongue in.

Oh and since this is Olympic coverage, Free Tibet you cheating, lying, lip-synching bastards.

Where is the consistency from the Greens?

Scoop: NZ Olympic officials must lift muzzle on athletes

Batshit crazy, raving loony Green Keith Locke is upset because athletes travelling to the Olympics have been muzzled.
[quote]”This is an affront to free speech which is guaranteed by New Zealand’s Bill of Rights and Our Olympic officials are not entitled to take that right away.[/quote]

Yes quite. I support you Keith, really I do, but I just have got to ask, why then did you vote for the Electoral Finance Act which the Human Rights Commission called a “dramatic assault on our rights”.
[quote]”This week, after a storm of protest, the British Olympic Committee chopped out a clause in its contract, that athletes ‘are not to comment on politically sensitive issues’.

“Of course, one of the most ‘politically sensitive’ issues in China is the suppression of dissent.

“Our Olympic officials should not be imitating the Chinese regime by muzzling Kiwi athletes who might be disturbed by some of what they see in China.[/quote]

Oh Keith!, I support you, I agree entirely but isn’t just a little bit rich coming from you and your party when you passed a law also suppresses dissent on politically sensitive issues.

You know I kind of pisses me off that Keith Lockes of the world care more about human rights for everyone except Kiwi’s. Is it too much to ask for some consistency from the Greens?

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Are they fricken' insane?

Hat tip: LGF

Only Poms would do something so fricken’ dumb.

A MASSIVE mosque that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the Olympic complex in London to be opened in time for the 2012 Games.

The project’s backers hope the mosque and its surrounding buildings would hold a total of 70,000 people, only 10,000 fewer than the Olympic stadium.
Its futuristic design features wind turbines instead of the traditional minarets, while a translucent latticed roof would replace the domes seen on most mosques. The complex is designed to become the “Muslim quarter” for the Games, acting as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators.

More like a hub for bombers, terrorists and nutters. Oh well you reap what you sow.

At least the authorities won’t have far to go.

Some commentors at LGF had this to say;

Good to gather them all in one place.

Like #2 sez, a mosque for 40,000 and this little chromium switch here, …

Great place for a work accident.

Oh wow, just stick an army of terrorists right under the noses of the games. Reminescient
of the German 1972 games anyone?