The truth about Orlando

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Today’s face of the day, Shawn Ahmed, is an openly gay liberal Muslim in Canada with a huge online following. Shawn made an attempt on Twitter to bridge the gap between the gay community and Islam after the Orlando terrorist attack

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What happened next led him to comment that he felt broken.

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The Australian National Imams Council confirms that the punishment for homsexuality is death

Imam Yusuf Peer. Picture: Chris McCormack

In the last three days Australians have heard two Australian Imams expressing their views on the gay community. Both Imams hold executive positions within the Australian National Imams Council so we can reasonably expect their views to be representative of Islam rather than their personal opinions, as they have been chosen to speak on behalf of the Muslim community in Australia.

A group called Muslims for Progressive Values in Australia are trying to undo the damage the two Imams and their President, Shady Alsuleiman have done, by claiming that the three men’s view is not the official Islamic view. While I appreciate them wanting to make Islam seem like a progressive religion it clearly isn’t. If it was there would be no need to form a group called Muslims for Progressive Values now would there?

There are ‘ progressive’ christian groups who think abortion is okay but that does not mean that they can legitimately claim that what the Pope and two of his bishops say about abortion is not the official Catholic view. Likewise the progressive Muslim group have no authority to claim that the Australian Imams council is not telling the truth. They should be honest and say that they do not believe that as they are ‘progressive ‘ but yes, that mainstream Islam does believe that homosexuals should be killed.

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Face of the day

Eva Brunne Bishop of Stockholm

Eva Brunne
Bishop of Stockholm “World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space,”

Today’s face of the day is one of those people who make you want to bang your head against a wall. She has taken the Christian habit of turning the other other cheek and turned it into an art form. She is Sweden’s first openly gay bishop and she wants to appease an ideology that punishes homosexuality with death. She wants to take down the symbols of Christianity to appease an ideology that massacres Christians.Not only that but she wants to make room in a Christian building for Muslims to practice their supremacist and Infidel and Kafir hating ways. Her naivety is terrifying. This is Sweden the rape capital of the world. How could she not notice what Islamic immigration has brought to her country?Does she really think that appeasement will save her and her church?

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Poms are a little bit gay. No real surprise

The wonders of surveys and statistics suggest that Poms are a little bit gay.

Half of British young people say they are not 100 per cent heterosexual, according to a new survey.

When asked to plot themselves on a scale of sexuality, ranging from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively gay, 72 per cent of adults and 49 per cent of people aged 18 to 24 chose a position other than completely straight.

The survey, released today by respected pollsters YouGov, found only four per cent of adults class themselves as completely gay, with just under a fifth putting themselves somewhere in between the two extremes.

With each generation, people appear to see their sexuality as less set in stone.

Of 1,632 people surveyed, 60 per cent of heterosexuals and 73 per cent of homosexuals supported the idea that sexuality is a scale.   Read more »

LGBT March in Sweden going ahead without left Wing support

Stockholm Pride Festival -visitsweden.com

Stockholm Pride Festival

I have never understood Left Wing and Liberal support of Islam. They tend to be strongly against religion particularly Christians yet have this incomprehensible soft spot for Islam.

Left Wingers have an important part in our society. They have historically stood up for minority groups, women’s rights and human rights. They believe not only in equality but sometimes go so far as to attempt to give one group more rights than others in an attempt to address what they see as an imbalance. So called positive discrimination is one of their buzz words for example.

I am right wing but I appreciate the need for balance in a society.

In Sweden as has been written about before the Left Wing are now at a cross roads. They have been forced to choose between the LGBT  community and the Islamic community. They have chosen Islam. This is shocking. It is a total betrayal of all that they stand for. The very people that historically they have protected they are now throwing to the wolves.

This is a historic moment. The wilful blindness to all that Islam stands for is incomprehensible. Once Sweden becomes an Islamic caliphate all the groups that the Left wing have traditionally represented will be thrown under the bus. They will have helped Islam achieve the Nanny State that they have always dreamed of but it will be a Nanny State under Sharia law.

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The religion of peace in action in Auckland

I wonder if the so-far silent LGBT community over Islamic atrocities against homosexuals will now find their voice to speak out, after the same attitudes have been imported to Auckland.

Or will it be business as usual from the liberals…tolerant of Islam but howls of outrage about anyone else?

A Muslim man repeatedly beat his teenage daughter with an umbrella when he thought she may be gay, and had a photo of a man having his throat cut hung up in the lounge.

The man and his wife – who both have name suppression to protect their children – today pleaded guilty to a raft of child abuse offences when they appeared at Auckland District Court this morning.

He admitted 16 counts of abuse, including hitting and slapping his six children, and striking a child with a horse whip, while his wife pleaded guilty to two counts of assault on a child.

One of his victims was aged just 5 at the time, and another an infant aged 1.

Details of the abuse meted out on the children — all aged under 15 at the time — have been revealed in a summary of facts document, released by Judge Charles Blackie following the court appearance today.

The man, 45, has six children. The woman, 25, is mother to three of them, the eldest of whom is now aged 14. They all lived together in their home in Auckland.  Read more »

A Gay perspective on Islam


I have given this article the title  ‘A Gay perspective on Islam’, but after re  reading both the blog post quotes and the advertisement I realised that both have failed to link Sharia Law ( Which is Islam ) to the way homosexuals are treated in Palestine, Syria and Iran. It is this liberal failure to gloss over the root cause and to instead pretend it is a terrorist/autocratic thing that deeply concerns me. Why this fear to say what is so obvious? Saudi Arabia is held up as an almost perfect example of Islam and we all know how they treat women and gays.

The rights of LGBT people in Saudi Arabia are unrecognized. Homosexuality is frequently a taboo subject in Saudi Arabian society and is punished with imprisonment, fines, corporal punishment, capital punishment, whipping/flogging, and chemical castrations.


I think people are confused because they see Islam as a religion and separate from politics/government. It is the fact that religion and politics are the exact same thing in Islam that is the problem. The Islamic activists are very honest about this. They say Islam is Sharia and Sharia is Islam. Historically and now there is no shortage of hard evidence that this is the case, so why are the victims so afraid to name their oppressor? I think that the below advertisement is great but it is like the victim of child abuse speaking out against the social worker who placed them with the pedophile rather than speaking out against the pedophile who abused them.

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Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson shares his views on religion, faith, politics and homosexuality

Willie Robertson appeared on Larry King Now and shared his views on religion, politics and homosexuality…plus gives us some insights into the family business.

One year after “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson was blasted for graphically discussing his controversial views on homosexuality in GQ, Larry King grilled his son Willie on the family’s beliefs.

“We stood by our father. We stood by him as a family again,” Willie Robertson said on “Larry King Now.” “What I want people to know and what we’ve said over and over and over is that we love everybody.”    Read more »

Is Labour willing to pay the price for a gay party leader?

As you know, I’ve been a proponent of Gay Marriage and as far as I’m concerned gay people are people.  They can be good or bad, nice or nasty, or whatever.

But when you select a political leader, the fact Grant sleeps in the same bed as Alf and they do what people that love each other do does become an issue when it affects the support base of your party.

Labour Party leadership hopeful Grant Robertson is relaxed about David Cunliffe supporters raising the issue of him being gay. “I’ll be judged, I’m sure, on my ability to reflect Labour values,” he has said. But just how receptive would the New Zealand public be to the idea of a gay prime minister?

Perhaps a more important, initial consideration would be the effect on Labour’s base. The fears are that an openly gay parliamentary leader might fail to connect with Maoridom and with socially conservative, church-going Pasifika voters, and add to the disconnect the party is already experiencing with provincial working- class voters.

The West Coast, one of the few remaining Labour provincial redoubts, is a good example of this.

In 2011 the local MP, Damien O’Connor, described the list MP selection process as being run by “self- serving unionists and a gaggle of gays”.

In many of these demographics, however, it’s hard to get a proper fix.

The breakdown of a 2012 Colmar Brunton poll on same-sex marriage showed, somewhat predictably, that 70 per cent of people aged under 55 were in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry, while those who identify with a religion were split evenly on the issue. Interestingly though, rural and small- town respondents were in favour by 59 per cent to 33 per cent – just slightly less than the overall average of 63 per cent to 31 per cent.

Perhaps the best example of this unpredictable provincial dynamic is Georgina Beyer, who, at the 1999 general election, won the typically Right-leaning electorate of Wairarapa, and became the world’s first transsexual MP.

New Zealand as a whole is remarkably tolerant of people’s life’s choices as long as they’re good bastards.  And when gay people are idiots, they frequently sheet it home to homophobia, it’s not the same thing.   Read more »