Hone Harawira

A year in, what has Kelvin Davis done for Northland?


The Christmas Island detention centre is in a state of chaos after riots broke out, according to Labour’s Kelvin Davis.

Mr Davis, who recently visited the island, says violence broke out after a guard allegedly punched a detainee in the face after being asked about the death of a refugee, days after escaping from the centre. Read more »

New Zealanders live in an “incredibly benign strategic environment”?


A New Zealand man has been named on an Islamic State (IS) “kill list”, leaked by hackers overnight.

The group, who call themselves the Islamic State Hacking Division, released personal information of hundreds of members of the military and government – mostly from the United States.

The information says the man in question lives in Auckland, but his father says that is incorrect.

He says his son currently lives overseas and was shocked to see his name on the list.

“Yes I am [worried]… more so for the fact that he’s got absolutely no connection to the military.” Read more »

Hone Harawira gets Obama’s attention and doesn’t ask for Dotcom to go free

Hone is still looking for relevance, but blows his chance to help his mate Dotcom out by begging for a free trade agreement to be scrapped.

I guess he’s still sore about missing out on the big bonus he was promised if he got the Internet Party into parliament.

In characteristically casual fashion, Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has written an open letter to the President of the United States asking him to drop a major global trade deal.

It starts: “Hey hey, mah bruddah”.

In the statement, Mr Harawira asks Barack Obama to reconsider endorsing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement because of fears from Maori it will mean making claims under the Treaty of Waitangi impossible.

“Maori aren’t even allowed to look at the TPPA before it gets signed off, and from what we hear it’ll compromise our sovereignty as Maori and as New Zealanders,” it reads.

“And we hear this TPPA will take priority over our Treaty, and that we will be denied the rights guaranteed to us by the Treaty and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. And that sucks!”

Mr Harawira briefly describes the treaty for Mr Obama and says Maori have been struggling to reclaim their land and rights for 175 years and the deal would only make that harder.

“So how about givin’ us a break?” he asks.   Read more »

Eating kereru ‘appropriate…’ – Hone Harawira

via ODT

via ODT

Now he would say that.  He’s the epitome of one law for all, and one law for Maori.

The leader of the Mana Movement Hone Harawira says it is appropriate for kereru to be eaten on special occasions.

The native pigeon was served at an iwi leaders’ hui on an Ohakune marae in 2013 and Government ministers were among the guests. Read more »

People prefer Hone over Steve


Another delightful little insight from Colmar Brunton is what the public think of “leading” political figures as Prime Minister. Read more »

A win for common sense

Hone Harawira’s “feed the kids” bill has been defeated in parliament.

The Mana Movement leader introduced it before last year’s election, campaigned on it, and then lost his seat.

It would have lapsed if Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei hadn’t picked it up.

The bill would have provided government-funded breakfasts and lunches in all decile one and two schools.

It gained strong support from opposition parties and child welfare advocates, but the government never accepted it.

“We would be providing meals that are provided by the vast bulk of parents and caregivers already,” Prime Minister John Key said when the bill first came to parliament.

“We should expect parents to feed their children properly and the vast majority of them do.” Read more »

Internet Party spending causes further embarrassment

Pam Corkery 2014

Kim Dotcom’s failed Internet Party has been dealt another humiliating blow.

Final election returns reveal $3.5 million was given to the Internet Party by Dotcom. It ended up getting 34,094 votes – that means Dotcom spent $102 per vote.

The election returns reveal the party’s explosive press secretary Pam Corkery was paid $15,000 for her 15 weeks’ work – that’s $1000 a week.

Party Leader Laila Harre was paid $66,000 – more than $4000 a week.
The party spent more than $1 million on election related advertising, including $122,000 for a YouTube parody of Prime Minister John Key and US President Barack Obama. It also spent $21,000 on T-shirts. Read more »

Hone got the money but he kept most of it in his pocket

Hone - At The Trough

In his return to the Electoral Commission Mr Harawira declared he received $105,000 in donations and spent just under $23,000.

Read more »

It’s called democracy Kim

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 8.43.47 PM

Failed Puppet master Kim Dotcom is trying to say that our democratically elected government is not making the tough decisions with the mandate of the voters but is controlled by America. Obviously our attacks on The Internet Party still smart as back then we said he was the puppet master both funding and controlling Laila Harre and Hone Harawira.

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It’s not your house…get out

The state house bludgers of Glen Innes still think they are living in their own houses…they are not, they are living in our houses and for some reason they think they shouldn’t have to move.

They’ve even roped in a political sell out in their battle.

Simon Collins, as usual, is pimping the poor again:

Former MP Hone Harawira has been called in to try to ease tensions in Glen Innes after a rock was thrown at a removal man trying to move a state house out of the area last year.

Mr Harawira, who was arrested at an earlier protest against the house removals in 2012, introduced the state tenants’ group last week to the man who has bought nine of their houses and wants to take a further 30 – Ricky Houghton of He Korowai Trust in Kaitaia.

Their arrival surprised the protest group at their regular Tuesday night meeting at Glen Innes Primary School and two members walked out.

Mr Houghton said those who stayed expressed their anger about his trust buying their homes.

“For the very first time, I saw and felt their frustration and their fear,” he said. “It just made me cry, but I was not crying because of my situation, I was crying with them.

They were crying too.”

His mission followed a halt put on house removals after a series of violent incidents. Housing NZ chief executive Glenn Sowry said none had been removed since protesters blocked a removal truck last October.

“The blocking of this last scheduled relocation from Torrington Crescent followed a series of increasingly dangerous incidents at earlier house removals, including the destruction of a removal truck engine, and a contractor being knocked unconscious by a rock thrown at his head.”

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