Hone Harawira

No love lost between Peters and Hariwira

Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira is issuing an 11th hour call to arms, asking voters to ignore the calls from National, Labour and NZ First to support his Labour opponent Kelvin Davis.

The Mana leader has been targeted in the last days of the campaign, with John Key, David Cunliffe and Winston Peters all endorsing Mr Davis.

Mr Harawira has also claimed that the Maori Party may be telling supporters to vote for Mr Davis. The Maori Party has said strategic voting was considered, but ultimately dismissed.

Mr Harawira issued a statement this morning asking voters to “hold fast to their mana” again the party leaders who have “ganged together” against him.

“I call on our people to answer them in the strongest way possible, by making sure that every one of your whanau gets down to the polling booths over the next 48 hours and votes for me”, Mr Harawira said.

“Now some party leaders want to take away their right to freely choose their next MP, and that’s just not right.”

He again defended his arrangement with the internet Party and its backer Kim Dotcom, saying it was the best way to get more Mana MPs into parliament.

Hasn’t quite turned out that way, has it Hone?  At 1%, it’s just you.  At 1.2% it’s just you and Laila, and Laia isn’t Mana.  So it doesn’t look like you got there at all – except for the nice nest egg you sold your soul for.   Read more »

Poor Hone. Sold his soul to Dotdevil. Regrets… oh yeah

any likeness to people being discussed is a remarkable conincidence, yet this is not photoshopped.  perhaps these are their doppelgangers?  (oddly enough, a German word)

any likeness to people being discussed is a remarkable conincidence, yet this is not photoshopped. perhaps these are their doppelgangers? (oddly enough, a German word)

Mana leader Hone Harawira claims the National, Labour and Maori parties are all out to unseat him by throwing their weight behind Labour’s Kelvin Davis, leaving him fighting for his political life with only two campaigning days left.

Well, he’s got that right.   No need to claim anything, it’s true.   Read more »

Ructions in Internet Mana are spilling over, fighting over weed

Cannabis usually chills people out, except in the case of the bastard political child of the Internet and Mana parties it is causing friction.

And we are way past a fraction too much friction.

There has been a major breakdown in the Internet Mana party.

Emails obtained by 3 News show Mana leader Hone Harawira lashing out over the Internet Party’s pro-cannabis policy with one of his trademark expletive-laden rants, blocking an advertising campaign and saying he is “sick of all this s**t about weed”.

The ad includes a pitch to decriminalise cannabis with the words “police no longer wasted on weed”.

Mr Harawira has said he does not support cannabis for personal use, however the Internet Party wants to see it decriminalised.

When it comes to marijuana the Mana and Internet Party leaders are diametrically opposed. Mr Harawira hates it, but for Internet Party leader Laila Harre, cannabis reform is a personal priority.

She said she has made a personal pledge to champion the issue if she is elected.    Read more »

Hone confirms he’s been hiding

…and still pretending this is absolutely normal during the last 3 weeks of an election campaign.   This, from The Nation yesterday:

Patrick Gower: Welcome back. Internet Mana was formed with one goal in mind — that’s to change the government. The polls suggest that’s a tough road right now, and the alliance itself has been having some tough times with some internal divisions. So, good morning to you both, Hone Harawira and Laila Harre. I’ll start with you, Hone Harawira. Where’ve you been?

Hone Harawira: I’ve been up north and really enjoying getting around to see as many people as possible. Been to Dargaville, been to Whangarei, been to Wellsford, to Te Hana, to Ruawai, to Te Kao, I’ve been to Ahipara, I’ve been to Kaitaia. It’s the John Hore song.

And you’ve been on leave as well. That’s right, isn’t it?

Harawira: I took a bit of a break because of the accident. Just going hard out, hard out, hard out. Decided to take a couple of days, but still all in the north.

So you had a holiday up north?

Harawira: You don’t get a holiday, even in the north, so I stayed home rather than go away to anywhere else.

But you must be the only leader who has taken leave during the election campaign. Read more »

Kim Dotcom gets another free hit – this time from Fairfax

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom cast an early vote [yesterday afternoon] in an effort to inspire Kiwis to get out and vote – preferably not for National.

The Internet Party founder was one of a group of New Zealanders who cast their vote during the first day of early voting.

Not surprisingly Dotcom said he gave his party vote to Internet-Mana and his electoral vote to Internet Party leader Laila Harre in her Helensville electorate.

He cast an early vote as part of the Mobilise campaign that encouraged people to vote.

Yes, the mobilize.org.nz “campaign” that was described by the NZ Herald as “non-partisan” – a claim they withdrew from the on-line version of the article after Whaleoil outlined the farcical nature of it.  mobilize.org.nz is sailing very close to the wind to provide incentives to vote, it only mentions Internet Mana or “its component parties” and has an authorisation statement from the Internet Party on the web site.

I mean, HELLLOOOOO, anyone actually awake here?

Whaleoil contacted the Electoral Commission about this, and they have acknowledged our inquiry, but have yet to provide comment on this situation.

In the mean time, other churnalists happy for some copy are regurgitating the idea mobilize.org.nz is to encourage “anyone” to vote…. yes, sure… as long as it is for Internet Mana. Read more »

The thin veneer is peeling off the Internet MANA “movement”

Georgina Beyer, bless her cotton socks, is not for sale:

issue74Internet Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has gone rogue and come out swinging at her party’s so-called visionary, Kim Dotcom.

She says [Kim Dotcom] is pulling the strings and is in politics for all the wrong reasons – including revenge.

Internet Mana’s the party that’s big on going big – big names, big productions, big personalities. But now it seems it’s got big problems too.

“Who is pulling the strings? Well, the big man himself,” says Ms Beyer.

Ms Beyer, a former Labour MP and New Zealand’s first transgender MP, is Mana’s candidate in the southern Maori seat of Te Tai Tonga.

She believes Dotcom is tearing her party apart. Read more »

Hosking wonders why people aren’t running from Kim Dotcom

I’ll answer it before we start:  1) greed, 2) utu, 3) wishful thinking

for a person to admit to criminal activity, far less criminal activity at the highest level of German politics, defies any sort of reasonable explanation. And just to cap off an eventful day, the party’s spin doctor in the form of Pam Corkery completely and utterly loses any form of decorum , dignity or professionalism that job might under normal circumstances entail.

If the video in which Kim Dotcom incites chanting “f*** John Key” didn’t alarm you, perhaps his admission of hacking the German prime minister’s credit rating does. And if per chance it doesn’t, you’re not normal.

Dotcom is dangerous, plain and simple. Among the many mysteries that have come out of this absurd association Mana has with the Internet Party is why on earth someone like Laila HarrĂ© ever thought in her wildest dreams this would ever be anything other than a complete fiasco is beyond me. HarrĂ© is an experienced practitioner. She has seen how solid, professional parties work. What she ever wanted with this lot I don’t get.

Thing is, Mike, that these people think they are smarter than Kim.  They think they can use him.  Of course Kim gives them trinkets and promises them what they really want, in exchange for their souls.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Kelvin Davis is getting the word out

One of our readers took a bit of a Tiki Tour through Te Tai Tokerau and was pleased to discover a lot of Kelvin Davis signs:


With all the distractions surrounding Dirty Politics, we all have kind of taken our eyes off Te Tai Tokerau, the “life or death” electorate for the Internet Mana “movement”.

If Hone Harawira doesn’t make it back as a sitting MP, their dreams all fall apart.

I still can’t figure out why he hasn’t declared the $500,000 he got from Kim Dotcom on the registry of pecuniary interests?  He has to within 10 days.

I might look into that some more.  Something’s not right.

Hooton on Labour’s Next Leader

Matthew Hooton has written an article in the NBR talking about who could be the next Labour leader.

He speaks of centrist candidates Stu Nash and Kel Davis as potential leaders if they can win their seats.

Depending on how their electorate races go, two names would emerge: Labour’s candidates in Te Tai Tokerau and Napier, Kelvin Davis and Stuart Nash.

Both live and breath Labour values but are reasonably centralist, in the John Key mode.  Both have played for the parliamentary rugby team, drink beer out of the bottle, are married to women and have kids.

If Mr Davis makes it back to parliament, he will have defeated the formidable Hone Harawira and kept Ms Harre, Ms Sykes and Mr Minto out.  By working hard at the local level over two elections, Mr Nash will have overturned National’s massive 9108 majority from 2008.  Both will have done it by getting National voters to tick red.

In Mr Davis’ case, he would become the first Maori leader of a major political party.  For Mr Nash, he would be seeking election as prime minister in 2017, exactly 60 years after the last Nash, his grandfather Walter, took Labour to power.  Moreover, in Labour’s centenary year, the grandson of Michael Joseph Savage’s finance minister would be leading the party towards power.  If they worked together, a Nash/Davis ticket would be a dream team.

Read more »