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Discrimination is discrimination even if it seems like a good idea

Apartments available for rent in Rotorua, only to women.

Apartments available for rent in Rotorua, only to women.

At first glance these apartments may seem like a good idea but, as a woman, I had to ask myself how would I feel if the shoe was on the other foot? What if I wanted to rent one of these apartments and they only rented to men? What if I was a Muslim and they only rented to Christians? What if the apartment block was owned by two homosexual men and they said that they would only accept tenants who are gay? What if you were Maori and were told that the apartments were for Chinese New Zealanders only? When you look at the bigger picture it is clear that discrimination is discrimination whether it benefits you or not.

A Rotorua apartment block that will be let only to women may be in breach the Human Rights Act.The apartment block of one-bedroom apartments, which is still being completed, is being marketed as a safe, private place for women who want to live alone.Property manager Richard Evans said there had been a lot of interest in the properties and positive feedback. They are listed for $280 a week each.

…But a spokeswoman for the Human Rights Commission said anyone who was providing housing or other accommodation had to comply with the Human Rights Act and could not discriminate on the grounds of sex.

The only exceptions were in shared accommodation or institutions such as hostels or retirement villages.

…Lawyer Thomas Biss said the offer seemed problematic.

“If you are advertising for a flatmate where you are living in the house then you can specify a female flatmate.  But generally a property manager could not simply only deal with females.”

Men can visit the apartments but cannot be named on the tenancy agreement.


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Sexual abuse victims and Christians fight the Human Rights commission

The Human Rights commission in America has labelled  victims of sexual abuse and concerned Christians fear mongers for their emotional plea to lawmakers to undo a new bathroom policy. The policy allows individuals to use public facilities based on their gender identity rather than their actual biological gender.

OLYMPIA, Wash.—A group of women who say they are former victims of sexual assault are making an emotional plea to Washington state legislators to reverse a bathroom policy that they say leaves them and their young children vulnerable, exposed and unsafe.

Let me be clear,” Triller Haver wrote, adding:

I am not saying that transgender people are predators. Not by a long shot. What I am saying is that there are countless deviant men in this world who will pretend to be transgender as a means of gaining access to the people they want to exploit, namely women and children. It already happens

-The Federalist Blog

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The Human Rights Commission is essentially poked


Let me explain. First, read this:

New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission is taking issue with a questionnaire on New Zealand beliefs which has been compiled by state broadcaster TVNZ.

The questionnaire accuses the broadcaster of using loaded questions in its so-called “KiwiMeter” study of New Zealand values.

One of the questions says: “Māori should not receive any special treatment.” Read more »

More proof the Human Wrongs Commission is not fit for purpose

The Human Wrongs Commission say that Kiwi backpackers cannot be denied accommodation.

If we needed more proof that they are not fit for purpose it is this nutty pronouncement.

Backpacker accommodation which refuses entry to a person based on their nationality could face legal action, a New Zealand Human Rights Commission spokeswoman says.

A business providing goods or services, including accommodation, was required to comply with the Human Rights Act, the spokeswoman said.

The business was not allowed to discriminate on any of the prohibited grounds set out in the Act, unless a statutory exception applied, she said.

It was reported last week that many backpacker hostels in Blenheim banned Kiwis from staying because they were messy, aggressive and did not pay for their rooms.

Swampy Backpackers owner Raewyn Dempster said she was told by the previous owners not to allow New Zealanders to stay.

“It’s a well-known thing. But we give people the benefit of the doubt,” she said.   Read more »

Politically correct council hoist by their own petard

In the good old days toilets and changing rooms were pretty simple. We lived in a world where it was acknowledged that there were only two genders, male and female. Nowadays however, the number of genders is constantly being updated and extended. What used to be incredibly simple, has now become incredibly complex. Where common sense once ruled, political correctness has taken its place. A person’s right to change in a room surrounded by people with the same biological body as themselves is now under attack. Nothing illustrates the insanity of political correctness quite like this story.

Imagine the outrage if the ad said “No pooftahs”

The Human Rights Commission is a bit upset, but nowhere near as upset if the ad had specified “No pooftahs”.

A room-for-rent advertisement in Wellington that specified ‘no heterosexuals’ has been criticised by the Human Rights Commission.

The advertisement, which was listed on Trade Me on Thursday, included the line: “We don’t want to live with a couple, a heterosexual person, or someone who is loud at night, or drinks/does drugs/party[s] a lot.”

The line had been removed by Sunday. Attempts to contact the people behind the listing through Trade Me were unsuccessful.

It was for a four-bedroom house in the suburb of Newtown, which the existing flatmates described as a “queer, transgender, vegetarian household”.

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The hypocrisy of the Human Rights Commission

The terror attacks in Paris were entirely predictable.

So too are the terror hugging state organisations rushing, not to condemn the attacks, but to make sure we don’t blame Islam for them.

Look at our own Human Rights Commission working hand in hand with the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand issuing a joint statement about the attacks in Paris.

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Tattooed Charles Manson look-alike refused entry to a bar, wants to go to the Human Wrongs Commission because of hurty feelings

scribble face

Another contender for Cry Baby of the Week.

An artist was refused entry to a bar because of his facial tattoos, despite offering to hide them with makeup.

Jesse Wright said he felt “degraded” by his treatment. He is considering making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

The 22-year-old was with a group of about 30 friends when he tried to enter The Rockpool pool hall on Hereford St, Christchurch, about 9pm on Friday.

Wright, who was celebrating his birthday, said he was singled out by bouncers, who had concerns about tattoos on his face. They thought he might have gang affiliations.    Read more »

Two Politicians, two very different parties but a common belief in a ‘ Fair go ‘

After the story of the Student teacher hit the headlines I approached three politicians for comment and their responses are below. Two of them have a common belief in a ‘fair go’ for the Student teacher which is heartening to see.

Labour Party’s Spokesperson for Education, Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins,Labour Party’s spokesperson for Education.

I don’t comment on specific employment matters.

On the general issue, I would expect all trainee teachers to be given full support to complete their qualifications. They should not be discriminated against based on gender, race, sexuality, past employment, or future employment prospects.

– Chris Hipkins

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Surely 6 feet is enough for your political grave


Colin Craig just won’t shut his big mouth.

He continues to speak to media when he states he won’t be issuing any more statements or taking any questions.

His leadership debacle is rumbling on and all he is doing is making his already deep political grave even deeper.

Take this comment to Fairfax:

Craig said he would need to discuss MacGregor’s request to be released from the confidentiality agreement with his lawyers. He was not ruling it out.

“She’s offered the opportunity to perhaps lift some confidentiality and we might not be opposed to that.”

On MacGregor’s statement about inaccuracies, Craig said he had received no correspondence “that anything I’ve said is inaccurate”.

Good grief. He starts by saying he would need to discuss her request and then says he has received no correspondence…did he miss the press release that everyone got? Presumably he also missed the letter from MacGregor’s lawyers requesting release from confidentiality.   Read more »