Barfoot & Thompson swing into damage control mode

Via the Tipline

At the Fortune Fountain in Takapuna, ironically next door to the big Barfoot & Thompson offices!

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Most of South Auckland in huge exodus to Te Aroha


Part of a large chicken shed near Te Aroha is on fire this morning.

Fire north communications shift manager Scott Osmond said the fire service received reports of the fire on Te Kawana Rd, a rural area just outside of Te Aroha, at 6.50am.

“It’s a fire in a large chicken shed, it’s part of the shed not the entire shed,” Mr Osmond said. Read more »


Trademe ‘ sexist ‘ Gift finder tweaked, after online petition launched

Trade Me's Gift Finder tool is attracting some unwanted attention. Photo / file

Trade Me’s Gift Finder tool is attracting some unwanted attention. Photo / file NZ Herald

In response to an online petition criticising Trade Me’s Gift Finder tool as “sexist” Trademe has tweaked their tool so that it will cater better for the non ‘ girly girl.’
The new tool was presented to the author of the petition and she was invited to search for an appropriate gift for a girl who liked building.
Suggested gifts included…

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Darwin claims another


The Backburner at Australia’s SBS writes

A Brisbane man has died of dehydration today after refusing to consume water following the revelation that technically water is halal certified.

Forty two year old Brisbane local Keith Sheen, a noted opponent of what he believes Halal to mean, brazenly refused to consume water or any drink containing water to protest Halal certification. He also vocally expressed his outrage that two-thirds of the planet he inhabited was composed of what he called ‘the Muslim liquid’.

His body succumbed to dehydration earlier this morning. Read more »


Aspiring Labour politician’s working man stunt goes horribly wrong.

We all know how it goes. The Labour party politician wants to impress us with his working class roots.

Some leave their collar open to say ” Hey, look, no tie I’m just like you. ”


Some wear a plaid shirt to say  “Hey I’m just a working class stiff ”

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 10.13.40 AM


This guy however channeled Tim Shadbolt and his concrete mixer.

He rolled up his sleeves ( physically not metaphorically ) and grabbed a wheelbarrow full of manure and …

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Let’s come up with some new adjectives to describe the MSM

When Cam was the Editor of a MSM newspaper the MSM still referred to him as Attack Blogger Cameron Slater or Controversial Blogger Cameron Slater or Right Wing Controversial or attack Blogger Cameron Slater. Many of the e-mails taken by the hacker were working e-mails from when he was employed as an Editor and were between him and his many contacts and sources.

After a respected High Court Judge declared Cameron a Journalist the MSM still refused to call him a journalist. When Nicky Hager used information stolen from Cameron it was not reported as a writer of a book based on a Journalist’s stolen information but as a respected Investigative Journalist reporting on a nasty attack blogger! No doubt the fact that Nicky admitted to deliberately leaving out of the book all the journalists who regularly worked with Cameron and shared information with him ensured that he got nothing but positive press about his commercial venture. After all, he protected their skins, so they had to return the favour or be tarred with the Dirty Politics brush.

No doubt when Freed starts giving the MSM a good old fashioned thrashing, pants down they will still refer to him as a Blogger using one of the above adjectives.

No doubt even as they are forced to lay off journalists and tighten their collective belts while giving away even more copies of their outdated and behind the times product they will continue to get a sense of satisfaction from their adjectives.

Well I say why should they have all the fun?

Time to start a collection of adjectives of our own.

                                                          Dead tree media

Dead tree media

Dead tree media

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Perception versus Reality

                                                  Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism PERCEPTION


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Where are they now?

I do enjoy those ‘ Where are they now? ‘ articles about child actors don’t you? It is always interesting to see how they turned out later in life.

I really enjoyed the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory when I was a kid and all the memorable characters. It was not a politically correct show by any means as the Oompa-loompas would never get past the censors these days as I am sure someone would be offended. The main characters as I remember them were…

1 Willy Wonka
2 Charlie Bucket
3 Grandpa Joe
4 Augustus Gloop
5 Violet Beauregarde
6 Veruca Salt
7 Mike Teavee
8 Arthur Slugworth
9 Oompa-Loompas

I decided to do some research to find out what happened to some of the more memorable ones.

Augustus Gloop

Veruca Salt,

Arthur Slugworth

Oompa-Loompa number 4.



Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt is a girl who wants every, single thing: the second person to find a Golden Ticket, and the third to leave the tour. A selfish, rotten brat who shows her family no mercy and has absolutely no regard for other people’s property, Veruca frequently bullies her parents to purchase a variety of different objects for her; but when she interferes with the trained squirrels used by Willy Wonka to select the best nuts to bake into chocolate bars, she is judged as a “bad nut” by the squirrels, she is discarded into the adjacent ‘garbage chute’, and her parents follow. All three are later seen leaving the factory “covered in garbage”.


Veruca loved sugar and made her daddy buy her whatever she wanted so perhaps it will come as no surprise to anyone to discover who she became as an adult.

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Face of the day


Have you heard of aggressive advertising?

One example is throwing a brick through someone’s window with a note attached saying, Dave’s Window repair ph 0800brokenglass

Apparently on the West Coast someone threw a hedgehog through a window. They didn’t mention if a note was attached but if it was I wonder what it would say?

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Text of the day

Russel Norman is determined to score a hit on John Key and has pledged to ask him question after question about Cameron Slater.

Yesterday a Black Ops operative ( Wellington branch ) ‘ obtained ‘ a copy of the following text.