On the matter of phone calls, TXTs and Prime Ministers

Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater Portrait Session

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Face of the day


The Internet Party want us to take them seriously. This is their Mascot being serious.

The Internet Party want us to take them seriously.
This is their Mascot being serious.

If I didn’t know that this was the Mascot of The Internet Party I would think that it was some kind of  a joke. A cat wearing goggles and snorkel?


This is going to attract the YOUTH vote?


Hmmmm…. perhaps I should suggest some suitable mascots for the other parties   Read more »

I resent Hagar…

…for not sending me some comps.

The idea I have to go out in traffic and buy what is already mine to start with is rather grating to be honest.

Come on Hagar, email me an electronic copy.


Another threat in Gaza exposed

Sometimes I visit the Political section of the Trademe message board to see what people are talking about.

Today I was astounded to find out about a new threat in Gaza.


Hummus, be afraid be very afraid....

Hummus, be afraid be very afraid….

So what do people think about this new threat?   Read more »


Wind-Blown onto the front steps of Parliament…

by blokeintakapuna

Phone conference interception – Highly Confidential Transcript.
(Not to be shared with ACC, MFAT Staffers that know Goof, or Boag)

MESS: Thanks everyone for joining me in this rather urgent phone conference, but before we start, let’s just make sure everyone is tuned in – so let’s have a roll call of who is here… Russel, Kelly, and of course myself – Messia… David – are all here… you there Trev? Yep – All present and unaccountable… check! I know we were all looking forward to meeting in person again and also having more shakes at Mickey D’s as we try and organise our Party, but it seems recent events have somewhat steamrolled our agenda and strategy, requiring urgent new tactics and strategies because of the recent emergence of these new political parties. But hey, if us 3 are here at the same conference table – where exactly are you Trev – you sound like you’re stuck in traffic?

TREV: Bloody scary ride in today I can tell ya. I thought I had my new bike pants on, but it seems I grabbed those bloody faulty Chinese lycra’s with the reverse weave reversed – and with this bloody strong Southerly and me still on my pickled cabbage and curried egg diet, my lycra’s blew up like a spinnaker down-wind, giving me some extreme windage – blowing me and my bike through 4 intersections and 3 Stop signs. People were sticking their heads out of car windows to see the spectacle – but they soon were pulling their heads in and winding up the windows I can tell ya!

KELL: Thanks for that Trev. You’re just all class. Hey before you change out of your lycra’s, can we borrow you for a meeting I have later with ACC? They’re trying to dry up a very lucrative slushie of mine and I think you’d make for a great negotiator in this instance…

MESS: Of course you can, just remember the trickle down rules.   Read more »

A positive initiative by Auckland City Council

Uniting unwanted pets with new loving owners is a great idea.

via Twitter

via Twitter

Now, as you all know, Whaleoil is well connected.

9th floor?  Just peanuts.

We have a contact inside the GCSB that know someone at the NSA that knows someone at DARPA, and they can see into the future.

Look what Auckland City Council will tweet as their next pet of the week tomorrow?   Read more »

‘Hand of God’ spotted by NASA


via NASA, oddly enough.

Looks like a virtual reality glove to me.

Probably just Steve Jobs then.

Oh…. “Hand of God”… gotcha now.

George Bush victory speech

Unexpected phone call

Via the tipline


Listen you lot.  You’re going to get me in trouble if you keep this up…  *chuckle*


Be careful out there